AND THEY ALL CALLED DEMONS USELESS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

17. okt.. 2020
126 199 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Well they mostly are useless... just not quite all of them.
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  • krip is so cute being surprised by lags, he is so used to play on good pc countless profes good pc benefits more than skill, mb not so much in hs though

    Евгений ХорешкоЕвгений Хорешко27 dager siden
  • where is that battlemaster kripperino ?

    SomeoneX64SomeoneX64Måned siden
  • Your Battlemaster would have even beaten the Garr on its own. Nice.

    boshman11boshman11Måned siden
  • And indeed they are, as shown in the video KEKW

    Felipe SáFelipe SáMåned siden
  • 18:50 Kripp momentarily channels the spirit of Jerry Seinfeld

    Jacob HernandezJacob HernandezMåned siden
  • Kripp: DEMONS Also Kripp: Sells off every demon he has constantly and plays menagerie.

    Alex MeyerAlex MeyerMåned siden
  • Did he buy the murloc turn 1 just to take it from the pool from someone else?

    Daniel ReynoldsDaniel ReynoldsMåned siden
  • I love you kripp don’t you ever think I don’t bruh no homo

    Richard YanezRichard YanezMåned siden
  • we need a krip to show how many stats lil rag adds each game hes played

    Kingerino KripperinoKingerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • The only demon worth using because it works in a vacuum and requires no demon synergy. Just like goldgrubber is the only pirate worth using because it doesn't need any pirate synergy. Both demons and pirates are in shambles. What is the end game demon build? Demons have no synergy with themselves outside of soul juggler, and that doesn't scale. Malganis doesn't scale. Nothing they do scales outside of units that have a hard stat cap because they use your life!

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • The game is broken, everyone rushes 5 to get elementals, no chance to win against them late game, making all other build useless

    MrAlexMrAlexMåned siden
  • What do you mean “they buffed pirates recently” ?!?!? Did I miss something?

    Iris WaldenburgerIris WaldenburgerMåned siden
  • Again clickbait...what's up lately, really thought it was a demon build. You've gotten carried before by it..

    Cristian CiupeCristian CiupeMåned siden
  • I cried when he skipped the shifter triple

    Даниел АтанасовДаниел АтанасовMåned siden
  • 14:30 he misses triple zerus tho

    Chipz PUBGMOBILEChipz PUBGMOBILEMåned siden
  • all the vids recently should be titled "hi i again got insanly lucky with rag and amalgadons".....thats the whole fucking meta right now. how can you title a vid "and they call demons usless" when you literly played 1 demon (or 3 of the same one) the entire game?

    kristina isakovkristina isakovMåned siden
    • lets see you win with an ACTUAL demon build ( malganis...jugglers...momma imps) and no amalgadons then you can sat they are not usless kripp

      kristina isakovkristina isakovMåned siden
  • We weep for the loss of Battlemasterino. For he would celebrate here. Also, learning a ton about how to play Milhouse from this. Holy crap his plays are big brain economy stuff.

    Osric24Osric24Måned siden
    • Completely agree. I used to suck paying millhouse. But the more I watched Kripp, the better I became. He’s now up there as one of my most consistent heroes. He’s awesome with elementals too.

      RedForLife68RedForLife68Måned siden
  • What happened to Skipperino Kripperino

    Rafał MarciszRafał MarciszMåned siden
  • I like how the intro doesn’t fit with the video at all

    drpeppydrpeppyMåned siden
  • 6 unit Mendelssohn

    HEX#123370HEX#123370Måned siden
  • *and by demons I mean triple lil rag triple amalgadon brann menagerie with 1 battlemaster

    Németh Kristóf ZsoltNémeth Kristóf ZsoltMåned siden
  • Demons are useless and you 2

    Be GaBe GaMåned siden
  • Yeah… I'm unsubbing after this clickbait. Literally just 1 demon and no reason to mislead.

    PersonPersonMåned siden
    • Won't be missed

      Ihor MakaraIhor MakaraMåned siden
  • 99% of the video is a 35+ dude Who complains about a childrens card game and how unlucky he is, ignoring the fact that he was highrolling like crazy.... Lol

    Tarabas Zi ComradeTarabas Zi ComradeMåned siden
  • Hearthstone seems to be falling apart the last month or so. Spaghetti code is getting out of hand, and the lag gets worse.

    AlterworldsAlterworldsMåned siden
  • Kripp won 11 out of 14 rounds this game which is 78.57% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Demons meaning poison Murloc’s plus battlemaster

    Izzy FortnerIzzy FortnerMåned siden
  • Sleep Time 😴

    ArthurArthurMåned siden
  • "demons"

    Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
  • They should introduce overload cards. Locks up gold on your next turn.

    ATF GarageATF GarageMåned siden
  • It really bothers me when the timer is out and he still gets like 3-4 seconds of doing stuff, and the last action haven’t registered and he still calls it bullshit, like bruh...

    Xsentor AgaXsentor AgaMåned siden
    • True, but I find it frustrating as well because the game tricks you into believing you can still do stuff even though the turn is over already. I don't understand why they just block all inputs immediately when the timer is at 0.

      Liam ZeyleLiam ZeyleMåned siden
  • Demons need to be almost completely changed, if they’re going to be based around getting damaged they need to be far stronger.

    Sean DolanSean DolanMåned siden
  • Unless you high roll with them they are one of the worst minion types in battle grounds tho

    Sean LeeSean LeeMåned siden
  • Kripp......What have you done!? You’ve resurrected the forbidden.... ......The dead meme 😱💀

    Wally WestWally WestMåned siden
  • Ever since there is a chance to have pretty much no poisonous on the enemy side, i always go for the 200+ hp Battlemaster Dream. Nothing is more satisfying than winning with garbage units just because your minion is ridiculous

    gallaros9gallaros9Måned siden
  • Demons don't need anyones pity...they aren't bad...they just wanna spent more time with think being bought and sent in pointless battles is fun?

    DerGuteHutDerGuteHutMåned siden
  • I'm just gonna say it: Kripp got carried by Annihilan Battlemaster this game.

    Markus KummerMarkus KummerMåned siden
  • Kripp bait

    Bastien ArataBastien ArataMåned siden
  • Reads video title Fast forward to the end of the video I see one demon two murlocs two amalgedons a bran and a lil rag Alright Kripp well played truly a Demon Board to win with Nice clickbait

    AnonymAnonymMåned siden
  • Maybe, if Kripp and Trump teamed up, they could finally defeat their biggest enemy: The Rope. xD

    DraedajaDraedajaMåned siden
  • Nice clickbait

    Jk_UnlessJk_UnlessMåned siden
  • Still waiting to see them demons

    IoannisIoannisMåned siden
  • "the demons, they are out there, don't ignore them" is wierdly deep...

    jeand207jeand207Måned siden
  • i just pulled of the bomb deathrattle build for the first time with eudora I got golden baron on lvl4 and 2 kangor's apprentice on level funny

    Carl LandsbergCarl LandsbergMåned siden
  • And after all that, the Battlemaster was still barely one fifth the size of a decently scaled Garr.

    MarcusTheAbsoluteMarcusTheAbsoluteMåned siden
  • .....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • My favourite demon build :D

    penpinpenpenpinpenMåned siden
  • To quote Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: "Mostly Useless."

    Darkmage1293Darkmage1293Måned siden
  • All tribes are good if you high roll hard enough

    NickNickMåned siden
  • i see you have a 300 HP taunt, lets just use any poison card to get ryth of that. the poison mechanic is kind of game ruining

    Flex-Flex-Måned siden
  • AND THEY ALL CALLED DEMONS USELESS! - says Kripp in the thumbnail and play literally 1 demon and a bunch of elementals&murlocs - so demon useless or what? i dont get it

    Каждому СвоёКаждому СвоёMåned siden
  • Demosn with the demon hero is still a 95% to come top 4.

    Peter MagroPeter MagroMåned siden
  • Man why is dragon build so hard to do now

    CO 2CO 2Måned siden
  • Carriedino Battlemasterino would be proud, wherever he is.

    MagistricideMagistricideMåned siden
    • F

      Noah McCurryNoah McCurryMåned siden
  • Pirates are nerf bs of the insane lag. I never play pirats for that reason. I just get tilted every time i lag.

    Roger GuillemRoger GuillemMåned siden
  • 14:26 am i the only One who wanted to see this triple happening?

    MatchaMatchaMåned siden
  • Floating watcher needs to go back to 3

    roberto gomezroberto gomezMåned siden
  • Top damage: 70

    Philerino SwifterinoPhilerino SwifterinoMåned siden
  • 1st time in history i see kripp trippling an amalgadon on purpose

    Jiang Hong QuanJiang Hong QuanMåned siden
  • Did they change the battle master voice line?

    Ryuukai LRyuukai LMåned siden
    • It's the voice line from Pit Lord right? I don't remember what it was before actually..

      Liam ZeyleLiam ZeyleMåned siden
  • It was good efficient to get rid of the 1/1 right? Play 1/3 the roll and buy anything by selling 1/3

    James WrightJames WrightMåned siden
    • Then*

      James WrightJames WrightMåned siden
  • This is Demon not Demons

    Elliot_SucksElliot_SucksMåned siden
  • That wasnt a demon build it was menagerie

    Irena SłomaIrena SłomaMåned siden
  • Kripp is expressive in a way that would allow speech and sentiment analysis to look at each of his streams, determine which games he won and how interesting the game ended up being. Use the timestamps to auto edit which pieces should be uploaded to NOworld. Rania has a damn PhD in CS, and I think AI. I wonder if that is how/why all the Kripp comment bots exist. If this is true, they are both geniuses and I'd like to work for both of them.

    Shion HartShion HartMåned siden
    • I should correct myself. I believe her focus, or area of research, is in AI, within CS.

      Shion HartShion HartMåned siden
  • 18:28 at this point, Kripp realizes his boomer moment of the match is imminent.

    Boomerino KripperinoBoomerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Will the real Carriedino Battlemasterino please stand up, please stand up

    Ming TsaiMing TsaiMåned siden
  • 1 demon has held up through the ages lol

    cupandbowlcupandbowlMåned siden
  • dude won as a Six minion Steven

    MallratMallratMåned siden
  • Well, at least a demon made it to the final draft

    ErupriorErupriorMåned siden
  • dat was one of the best games in a long time.

    ZetsuZetsuMåned siden
  • I just got the Reno hero power on murloc guy and decided to use it on a nomi I found. Early game demons into late game elementals for the win . Honestly didnt see too many elementals at first and got to 5 health lol

    Tyler LeeTyler LeeMåned siden
  • It would be nice if demons got *something* but atm all they rly get is pings and a couple tokens. Maybe give them some of the Demon Hunter cards or some healing and they'd be alright

    Friendly Neighborhood ChickenFriendly Neighborhood ChickenMåned siden
  • When did Kripp start to talk like "Its just a question". In witch new video was it he acknowledged that he did it. Made me smile and think how I myself sounds sometimes and the little chock you get when you realize it. It gets vorce with age, boomers. :)

    krautbrainkrautbrainMåned siden
    • 18:49

      krautbrainkrautbrainMåned siden
  • Hes playing 1 is that title

    SexyJabbaTheHuttSexyJabbaTheHuttMåned siden
  • Day 43 of asking Kripp to play Galakrond for an episode. This... does put a sad expression on my face. My comrade has fallen in battle. However, he only fell to a worth foe in the form of famous battlegroundser Kripp, and he came in second place. See, Galakrond is P O W E R !

    GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
    • @Eric The Mad scientist I think it would be S tier or at least high A tier if it cost zero but.... have you noticed Malygos? It’s the same tavern tier, sure, but Malygos is what, D tier?

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
    • your hero power should cost 0 because...f#*k it

      Eric The Mad scientistEric The Mad scientistMåned siden
    • @Daniel O'Neill he hasn’t made a video of it. And I don’t want to give up sorry :/

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
    • If there's a video of him playing Galakrond in the last 43 days I must have missed it. And no, stream doesn't count.

      NevermindNevermindMåned siden
    • Daniel O'Neill it’s just a meme bro.

      PartTime BirdPartTime BirdMåned siden
  • "I'm using a demon build" "You mean demon*s*?" ""

    CouchPotatoCNPBCouchPotatoCNPBMåned siden
  • Wheres the demon build?

    Mike ArsenMike ArsenMåned siden
  • Does boomerino already exists?

    Rafael VedovatoRafael VedovatoMåned siden
  • Battlemaster with bran is good, but demons still suuuuck. You needed poison to win, and it’s impossible to get a poison or divine demon.

    David MarakDavid MarakMåned siden
  • His build had a grand total of one demon

    Mohammed ShahinMohammed ShahinMåned siden
    • Technically, Amalgadon is a Demon

      Tiger the LionTiger the LionMåned siden
  • HS Battle grounds has made a lot of advancements in scaling your board but less than non in unity placement. Which unfortunately means the game is lacking elements of counter play.

    NyJoanzyNyJoanzyMåned siden
  • I miss when he used to play arena but I'm not complaining :)

    Marcello GalloMarcello GalloMåned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. Gotta love the carry tho :)

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
  • 19:26 22/22 Millhouse Mastorm, the biggest I ever seen.

    Mr BreakmindMr BreakmindMåned siden
  • Putting replicating menace on a mechano egg is a terrible idea.

    danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • Not always, it can be a way to give it power above 0

      Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
  • 16:49 suffering from success

    Mark DombrovanMark DombrovanMåned siden
  • 18:50 "What? I played it!" - yeah, after the rope was completely out and your turn was over, but sure Jan, let's go with that.

    Jay JonesJay JonesMåned siden
    • @C00Cker My point exactly. He went down to 6 minions instead of 7 because he was greedy, when getting the first attack is very important.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • @danielmaster87 It was the final match tho..

      C00CkerC00CkerMåned siden
    • Im surprised he even bought it with 0 seconds on the timer

      Abaddon ChokblaarAbaddon ChokblaarMåned siden
    • "No way I'm doing this in time." Doesn't do it in time. "WHAT?!" Called it but still surprised.

      NevermindNevermindMåned siden
    • "I restarted like two games before, maybe one game before, the lag is just atrocious!" says Kripp, as he fails to play a card because time runs out and he blames it on Blizzard, despite there being absolutely no lag at the moment whatsoever.

      Beta FactorBeta FactorMåned siden
  • Why did he not pick kangor's apprentice? He had a golden egg and that spawns a 16 16

    PlaywithKripperino KripperinoPlaywithKripperino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @danielmaster87 Kripp is afraid of cleaves. He almost never uses them.

      peterpeterMåned siden
    • @Lunatic Lancer Yea that's true, but ig a 6/6 on top of the 16/16 makes it even better

      Liam ZeyleLiam ZeyleMåned siden
    • @Liam Zeyle yes, amalgadon counts as a mech, but it will literally summon a 6/6 which will do about as much as a 1/1

      Lunatic LancerLunatic LancerMåned siden
    • @Liam Zeyle If he was going menagerie, he should have used the Foe Reaper from Zerus. What a waste.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • I asked myself the same, he not only had the golden egg, but also the Amalgadon which counts as a mech as well.

      Liam ZeyleLiam ZeyleMåned siden
  • Battlemasterino still in his hearth

    PantruCarlos ArenasPantruCarlos ArenasMåned siden
  • If Kripp wants to get the Djinn. He better start playing Galakrond 😂 A certain Kripperino will be happy. And yes this video Battlemaster surely take the stage by being a good carry.

    Winston TjWinston TjMåned siden
    • :D

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden

    Lunatic41521Lunatic41521Måned siden
    • He didnt say its a demon build lmao, just said demons. Only one viable demon in the game, pretty obvious

      Nick GeffenNick GeffenMåned siden
    • Kripp isn't the best at making title.

      Fachri EPFachri EPMåned siden
    • Welcome to kripp's channel where murlocs are every tribe and kripp doesnt care about his regular viewers

      Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
    • ye like always clickbait is hard, but at least he had 2 demons^^

      ZetsuZetsuMåned siden
    • It’s literally just a Battlemaster and we already know about Battlemaster carries and we love them, he probably would’ve gotten more clicks if he just said it was about a Battlemaster :/

      Caleb MurrayCaleb MurrayMåned siden
  • 13:39 -11 "get CARRIED!"

    Puncherino KripperinoPuncherino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Damn you have such a dead channel you are losing subs by the day how sad ;(

    Lunatic41521Lunatic41521Måned siden
    • Dude, he had *8 million* views in the last 30 days. That's easiliy over 10k USD on adsense alone. Sure, the channel is stale and it's certainly ain't growing, but come on.

      DayferDayferMåned siden
    • @danielmaster87 yeah almost one million with that little views

      Lunatic41521Lunatic41521Måned siden
    • Not sure where you get your information... There are websites that track these kinds of things, and the subscriber count has only shifted a few thousand since the beginning of 2020. It's technically a downward trend, but we're talking a much less than 1% change over 10 months. That's not a very concerning statistic.

      Derrick CroweDerrick CroweMåned siden
    • He's repeating the same content for a year now, it's amazing how many people keep watching

      Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
    • He's almost 1 mil subs.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • demons still useless. xD this is more a murloc game. ~~

    LiLa LaunebärLiLa LaunebärMåned siden
  • That double amalgadon, double lil rag shop was disgusting.

    Harry StoddardHarry StoddardMåned siden
    • "Reaally tough one though"...

      The Blaze FlareThe Blaze FlareMåned siden
    • @danielmaster87 lol

      Harry StoddardHarry StoddardMåned siden
    • @Harry Stoddard I actually meant to reply to someone else.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • @danielmaster87 Yeah sure. I'm just talking about the shop happening to have all those at once. Crazy lucky.

      Harry StoddardHarry StoddardMåned siden
    • It's better in these situations to just wait for next turn instead of potentially screwing up your board.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • Blizzard shouldn't have broken the rope.

    HindSighterinoKripperinoHindSighterinoKripperinoMåned siden
    • @David Bergmann look for the rope in the video it’s not longer there, only it’s shadow remains

      HindSighterinoKripperinoHindSighterinoKripperinoMåned siden
    • I don't get it haha 🍄

      David BergmannDavid BergmannMåned siden
  • 9:31 Kripp ask how a Galakrond got a Genie? hmmm..... I'll let a certain Kripperino explain why.

    P LP LMåned siden
    • :D He used pro Galakrond skillz!

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
  • Surprisingly, no, save for a Zerus he bought and never used at 8:50

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoMåned siden
    • @andrew rees Yeah I was wondering whether this is the case or not never tried or had the opportunity myself I think.

      Natan thesecondofhisnameNatan thesecondofhisnameMåned siden
    • @samdunkaroos doesnt work like that. The zerus shifted to another minion and cannot be tripled into a golden zerus. You need to grab all 3 zerus in one turn or play the zerus on the board.

      andrew reesandrew reesMåned siden
    • He also missed tripling it when he got two in the shop a few rounds later

      samdunkaroossamdunkaroosMåned siden
  • The rope is missing. Sure, the shadow and flame is still there. But the rope is not. How did Blizzard break the rope ?

    BilateralropeBilateralropeMåned siden
    • @Bilateralrope i have no clue, but i do not remember anything resembleing removing the rope.

      one viewerone viewerMåned siden
    • @one viewer Was the change in the patch notes ? If not, it's a bug.

      BilateralropeBilateralropeMåned siden
    • really? i thought it was design choice because at the end bomb does not explode to end turn, so i thought they removed it and left shadow of it. is it really broken?

      one viewerone viewerMåned siden
    • @MarcusTheAbsolute Yeah, but if you're still playing constructed in 2020, you're kinda fucking yourself. Hall of fame, standard, nerfing old/common cards, all of it's always been about milking as much as possible.

      TrucksR USTrucksR USMåned siden
    • @TrucksR US Yeah. Unless you also want to play constructed. In which case the gold you spend on BGs to avoid the unplayably bad heroes (which is like half of them) subtracts from the gold you have for packs every expansion. Which is why I choose the route of giving Blizz the middle finger and not buying their p2w pass. I might be stuck at 8k MMR for the rest of my life but at least I'm not paying Blizz to further incentivise their extortion for winrate.

      MarcusTheAbsoluteMarcusTheAbsoluteMåned siden