24. okt.. 2020
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Hearthstone Duels - Building Paladin without Robes is a different adventure altogether.
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed5 dager siden
  • Blizzard should nerf this hero power. Its unbalance. Cost 1 hero power can summon divine shield minion on every turn

    GURU MUDAGURU MUDA9 dager siden
  • Reno’s looking...buffer

    James SlomianJames Slomian9 dager siden
  • Sludge belcher, not good

    GhostGhost10 dager siden
  • Post links to your decks in the future please. I'm not gonna watch some narcissist on youtube. Nothing personal though. All youtubers are narcissists.

    LeavethebuildingLeavethebuilding18 dager siden
  • palaxpensive

    R RR R21 dag siden
  • This mode is not fun or enjoyable at all and it never was even against ai...why don't they make a mode that takes skill and strategy rather than a clown Fiesta that makes people look autistic when they play

    Vincent PouridasVincent PouridasMåned siden
  • I honestly HATE Duels... changing/nerfing the treasure cards to suit pvp is just dumb. The solo content with the treasures was so much fun but now we will never be able to go back and play it. Leave it to Hearthstone devs to completely RUIN something fun.

    ItsneightItsneightMåned siden
  • I kinda wish so many games weren't skipped, I wanted to see what happened on the loss to the wax rager rogue.

    cmerk100cmerk100Måned siden
  • I really wish Robes of Gaudiness never existed in duels at all, time to remove it pls.

    Jessica FoxJessica FoxMåned siden
  • Personally I don't like this format. Following a whole run through like a minute of each game makes the video feel very disjointed and inconsistent - like I'm tabbing between clips of different Kripp videos. But regardless, thanks for all the hard work and the content!

    SittingOnEdgemanSittingOnEdgemanMåned siden
  • Duels... So glad I'm getting punished for disenchanting all of my old cards. Fucking money grubbing assholes. Think this may have been the thing that broke the camel's back for me regarding activision blizzard and hearthstone

    AbeltensorAbeltensorMåned siden
  • why does blizzard struggle soo much with balancing their games?

    Brian BBrian BMåned siden
  • full ruuuns please kripp

    Breno FernandesBreno FernandesMåned siden
  • 24:31 for the "Yep, three in a row... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooow"

    Clemente BiancalaniClemente BiancalaniMåned siden
  • Seeing a trend amongst the paladins... A fashion trend

    MrTiemosMrTiemosMåned siden
  • if kripp had his last opponent's deck, he would be praising the game for how fun it is.

    Renato PasconRenato PasconMåned siden
  • The thing that really gets me is that they nerfed the treasure that started you with an extra Mana, but left robes alone which basically does the same thing except even better.

    KlausKlausMåned siden
  • Let people read the text when there is new stuff

    Alast736Alast736Måned siden
  • 14:35 well it's the early access version and it was stated as such ...

    thank91thank91Måned siden
  • Take a shot every time Kripp says robes.

    Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • Holy shit, this is pure blizzard. Who tf thought that robes should be included?

    AjaxOutlawAjaxOutlawMåned siden
  • Show us the beginnings! This isn't the 500th game of arena that we're bored with, its new content and we want to see all of it!

    KrumpdaddyKrumpdaddyMåned siden
  • Can we get a full video like trump please watching this like that sucks

    zSarp GameszSarp GamesMåned siden
  • If u see this I hope u have a good day

    Kopadoodle Is meKopadoodle Is meMåned siden
  • Here's the link to the full twitch VOD :

    GullffossGullffossMåned siden
  • Im not a fan of the editing.. I want to see the early games to....

    dennis werthdennis werthMåned siden
  • Yo Kripp the rogaine really do be working

    Datheavyguy I guessDatheavyguy I guessMåned siden
  • 27:11 deja-wu

    vezpovezpoMåned siden
  • I like the choice to show each bucket/treasure pick throughout the run even when a game is skipped. It really helps with following the evolution of the deck over time.

    Hermi MonkHermi MonkMåned siden
  • just upload whole runs man i want CONTENT

    KatakaKatakaMåned siden
  • Heartstone xp

    GakuseiChattoGakuseiChattoMåned siden
  • "This feels like shit." Ahhh Hearthstone...

    PollyphemeusPollyphemeusMåned siden
  • It's not even enjoyable to watch Kripp losing against robes, there's no schadenfreude or anything. It's just feels shit, you want to at least see some kind of competition.

    KarnoKarnoMåned siden
  • Could you maybe upload full length??

    no nameno nameMåned siden
  • So robes is not fun to play against but wax is?

    Facundo GorlaFacundo GorlaMåned siden
  • was an easy prediction. when your hero power summons a fuckin goody two shields i would concede as well

    DeicidiumDeicidiumMåned siden
  • salty chorincles is back ?

    AimfordAimfordMåned siden
  • To be honest, I much prefer the Battlegrounds videos, Kripp. Food for thought. Cheers

    SynTVSynTVMåned siden
  • Why not show the WHOLE run? The pointless cuts serve no purpose.

    Chris BrownChris BrownMåned siden
  • Well robes will be hotfixed out, already confirmed by blizz

    Timur SultanovTimur SultanovMåned siden
  • i mean it is fun. kripp just needs less salt in his diet.

    JhazzrunJhazzrunMåned siden
  • The poison trinket is crazy powerful too, though perhaps not to the same extent as the evil robes.

    John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden
  • Lets be honest here, i cant see difference between standard/wild ladder and this new mode, ur just constantly getting ur ass fucked by agro decks, but yeah, u can be fuckes by waves of ragnaroses, cool

    TrangulumTrangulumMåned siden
  • Not really a fan of how much these matches are cut

    MeaftuckMeaftuckMåned siden
  • Wow I wish I could see any ACTUAL content, kripp. *skips over every duel to just get to the part where he choses cards*

    Ashton BaileyAshton BaileyMåned siden
  • Booooooriiiing..... booooooriiiing.... Duels is booooooriiiing...

    adiddeviladiddevilMåned siden
  • I miss battlegrounds...

    KhasidonKhasidonMåned siden
  • Also wtf is this? Give us all the matches in entirety pls! I would watch

    Kilo FoxtrotKilo FoxtrotMåned siden
  • Never feels good when you get your victory robed.

    NekoyoSamaNekoyoSamaMåned siden
  • Robes of Gaudiness - REMOVE from duels! So obvious to do and it really shows lack of foresight for them to even leave them in unchanged in the first place!

    Kilo FoxtrotKilo FoxtrotMåned siden
  • 19:02 weasel tunnerino kripperino

    TriceratopsTriceratopsMåned siden
  • I would like some of these, as full runs. i know its not for youtube to put out a lot of big ones, but just a few would be nice to see :)

    Luckynumber slevinLuckynumber slevinMåned siden
  • So many people have 60$ dollar to pre order??, i other Buy New console

    Radócz GyörgyRadócz GyörgyMåned siden
  • Well, that hero power is beyond broken.

    Iliya.VIliya.VMåned siden
  • Blizzard: Makes a good game mode. Players: YAYYYY Also Blizzard: Manages to fuck it up by adding 100lbs of dogshit in the form of robes and unbalanced hero powers Players: Stop playing when they realize the mode is shit Blizzard: Surprised Pikachu face.

    tygonmastertygonmasterMåned siden
  • I'd prefer to see the whole run, good video though!

    Devin BowmanDevin BowmanMåned siden
    • The whole run is available on his Twitch anytime. Also I believe full runs of arena/dungeons/brawls got less views, so not so worthy putting it on full on YT.

      VampKyivUAVampKyivUAMåned siden
  • Please do not waste your time, or ours, on this game mode Kripp.

    EdEdMåned siden
  • !! FLY INSECT !!

    SurlockG nomeSurlockG nomeMåned siden
  • 80$ for salt generator pepeLaugh

    O OO OMåned siden
  • Robes OP, but wax rager+pala is kinda broken 2+high wins=op shit

    Tia GenTia GenMåned siden
  • Paladin is easy, warlock is tough.

    S GillS GillMåned siden
  • Paladin is quite boring at this mode. U just use hero power with divine shild minion every turn.

    Кухаришин ОлегКухаришин ОлегMåned siden
  • pala hero power pretty decent

    Tia GenTia GenMåned siden
  • I love that people still remember Dennis after all this time lmao

    Mira miMira miMåned siden
    • Yeah, it's a meme from around that time. Basically, he met a player named Dennis who hit him in the face with Holy Smite on turn 1. He met Dennis a few more times with similar interactions as well. If you search something like "kripp dennis" you should find videos showing the origins of it

      Mira miMira miMåned siden
    • I actually forgot what this one was about. Something with Beta Hearthstone I think right?

      LLMåned siden
  • That was depressing as hell.

    dumnordumnorMåned siden
  • No way this format will ever be remotely balanced, unfortunatly

    DaCruiseDaCruiseMåned siden
  • 5 loot hoarders, l lolled so hard.

    I am AlucardI am AlucardMåned siden
  • "Have robes. Get lucky. Done." Or you know, start churning out an unlimited number of Wax Ragers on turn 3. Honestly, like dungeon run, at game 10 or so you should have 50 or 60 health. The games should last, not whoever draws their treasures early.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • The least fun game mode I've ever seen. Good job Blizzard.

    DramakilzUDramakilzUMåned siden
  • 9:16 I paid for this shit^^ with my precious time dude. Enjoyed it tho as I did the last 5 years

    defdendefdenMåned siden
  • Am dat like înainte să văd

    MrTzucuntMrTzucuntMåned siden
  • Some say he is still bitching about robes to this day

    Adam JankowskiAdam JankowskiMåned siden
  • Gimme a thumb if you are also annoyed by those shitty Afk arena ads. They truly suck... God... They are so annoying...

    defdendefdenMåned siden
  • .

    Shamlise GShamlise GMåned siden
  • Salt...delicious

    Jack HuyevichJack HuyevichMåned siden
  • 19:02 Weasel Tunneler cameo

    BagelBagelMåned siden
    • Damn dude that's accurate as fuck

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
    • Lol

      Alex CAlex CMåned siden
  • Love the editing on this one, good job Rania!

    MH DuckyMH DuckyMåned siden
  • *Pushing 40 bucks worth of Early access no one needs* Fixed that title for ya...

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuireMåned siden
  • What's the point of watching these when the editor just skips the games?

    noodlesRawsome24noodlesRawsome24Måned siden
  • I love Kripp, but I'm sad that we're getting so much Duels content. Duels are boring. You still have to use P2W cards. Battlegrounds, for the most part, puts people in a fairly level playing field other than the massive amount of RNG. The only thing P2W about BGs is having 4 hero choices rather than 2.

    NejGAMENejGAMEMåned siden
  • Robes is definitely Blizzard-tier design. Make a bunch of random small benefit treasures, then make one 10 times more powerful than the rest.

    Lambda FunctionLambda FunctionMåned siden
    • @ssjlucario I am just saying that there is two treasures that are exactly the same, but one of them is worse in every way.

      GreindesGreindesMåned siden
    • @ssjlucario I think he was comparing Robes to the shitty treasures

      Some Random GamerSome Random GamerMåned siden
    • @Greindes But that's just 1 less discount on spells, which aren't exactly the most powerful cards. Robes makes Ragnaros 4 mana. That alabastor cost 3. Do you see now why it's busted?

      ssjlucariossjlucarioMåned siden
    • Isn't there a treasure that makes spells cost one less and another one that makes spells that you drew cost one less for a turn?

      GreindesGreindesMåned siden
  • Km

    side datsside datsMåned siden
  • All the Robes players should go to the High roll jail.

    Alexander SolodovnikovAlexander SolodovnikovMåned siden
  • thanks for showing me this. I thought about getting the pre-order to get the early access to this mode, but, that ending convinced me not to get the pre-order, that doesn't look fun for me, not at all

    Mitch LacasseMitch LacasseMåned siden
    • Preordering is dumb to begin with, don't reward this kind of scummy behavior.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • robes have been removed 18h ago.

      pmkaboopmkabooMåned siden
  • stallag and feugen in every deck?-.-

    TheCotziTheCotziMåned siden
    • @John Gleeman Thats true but playing them every deck isnt cool for the viewer

      TheCotziTheCotziMåned siden
    • They are really effective with the paladin hero power at least.

      John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden
  • Duels just seems so unbalanced to actually be a fun game mode

    YoyohannaYoyohannaMåned siden
  • 22:29 best moment in a while nice!

    VecsiaVecsiaMåned siden
  • Sick editing rania. Ofc yes i wanna watch the last 2 seconds of his battles with the enemy conceding. Thank you so much rania for removing the whole game but including those last 2 seconds. You are the best!

    Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
    • @Endoperez Then in that case i would prefer if she just skipped straight to kripp getting treasures. Wtf is the point of adding the killing blow on his previous opponent??? Its seriously annoying and stupid

      Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
    • no joke, that was literally how I hoped these would be edited. I want to see the treasures he picks, and seeing the game end lets me keep track of Krupp's wins and losses. All the games aren't interesting, focus on the ones with a story is better.

      EndoperezEndoperezMåned siden
  • There's a reason PvE Dungeon runs worked; treasures, cards, and hero powers were so completely unbalanced at times, but because it was a computer opponent, you didn't have that same fear of worrying about bullshit treasures/cards being completely unbalanced against you. Even when I went up against an opponent with a really hard gimmick, I thought, "I just didn't get the right treasures/buckets to face this guy" instead of, "This is impossible with this class".

    Monstercloud9Monstercloud9Måned siden
    • @MarcusTheAbsolute - EXACTLY. Now... think of this mindset across ALLLLL video games and consider this statement: "Internet gaming RUINED video games". Only the older crowd remembers how much fun playing against an AI was and how video game developers only had to worry about actual good content, story, graphics, etc. Instead of doing what they do now... figuring out what loot boxes are going to sell the best.

      ItsneightItsneightMåned siden
    • Yeah, this is why I'm not excited about this mode at all. Dungeon Runs were fun because you could try whatever, like the two elixirs where one drew you tons of cards at start of turn and the other shuffled 1 cost copies of minions you played into your deck. So you'd eventually just churn out a hand of 1 cost minions and refill every turn. Was it effective? Not very, but you knew more or less the power level of your opposition and even if you didn't get the two pieces together, you could have some fun. There is no fun to be had in an environment where your opponents are always playing to win and will thus pick the best thing instead of the most fun thing.

      MarcusTheAbsoluteMarcusTheAbsoluteMåned siden
  • ایرانیای عزیز اینو چک کنن

    Behnam zarakiBehnam zarakiMåned siden
  • whines about robes as he wins with only waxrager+hero power....yep sounds like krip

    MabujoldMabujoldMåned siden
    • @Joseph Nolan Rager and poison minions ring are one step below the robes in terms of strength.

      John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden
    • one card that isnt always a guarantee to start with and can be polymorphed/devolved before killing it vs one treasure that affects your entire deck and makes it beyond broken, such a comparison good sir

      Joseph NolanJoseph NolanMåned siden
  • Whoever thought robes was a good idea at blizzard should have a stern talking to, those games hurt so bad to watch

    Michael ParrishMichael ParrishMåned siden
    • That person probably got a promotion. The robes are consistent with Blizzard's idea of balance.

      hkgcgsdhjgdhkgcgsdhjgdMåned siden
  • Really liking the new duels content, feels like it suits your big knowledge better than battleground! :)

    LukasLukasMåned siden
  • Can you give these a little more game volume? I guess it's fine when Kripp's talking but whenever he stays quiet it's weirdly silent

    Ramiro JaumeRamiro JaumeMåned siden
  • Honestly arena > battle grounds > duels > ranked

    Shavit ZurShavit ZurMåned siden
  • they should add bob encounter when u lose, like doctorbob on the rescue for fallen not dead duelist

    Dd_Lulo 004Dd_Lulo 004Måned siden
    • @Drew Wheeler Schoolnurse Bobi, with it being quite clearly him in a wig

      Cal DunphyCal DunphyMåned siden
    • Bob just changes his profession from barkeeper, to warmonger, to combat medic 😂

      Drew WheelerDrew WheelerMåned siden
  • 0:16

    Paul WalkerPaul WalkerMåned siden
  • Oh god these vids give me massive arena nostalgia

    billi catato -billi catato -Måned siden
  • I did it mother, my comment on twitch at 17:28 made it into a Kripp video. Where does one go once they have reached the peak... only time will tell...

    Moe JundiMoe JundiMåned siden
    • Welcome to the club

      Aster RavenbloodAster RavenbloodMåned siden
    • I was there too i found it hilarious

      Dornalious DeCambraDornalious DeCambraMåned siden
    • He asked you for more prophecies and you responded with monkaS. I was there. I saw.

      DevthemageDevthemageMåned siden
    • Nice, should be proud of yourself.

      Labasta de LuaLabasta de LuaMåned siden