CAN PURE MECHS WIN ANYMORE?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

27. okt.. 2020
104 950 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Karate Kripp has a few lessons for you today.
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed4 dager siden
  • pure mech....sees 2 poison minions.....oh

    Justin ParkerJustin Parker11 dager siden
  • Spoiler no

    sadassadasMåned siden
  • Pretty ridiculous how GOOD this mech build is. He got what like 4-5 Replicating Menace, the early golden Sensei and another one later, with the two Deflect-O-Bots. That's like the dream outside of a huge Foe Reaper. And he still couldn't even win.

    BarthBarthMåned siden
  • Just do 20% less damage the first 5 turns and boom problem solved and you can't even exploit it

    Vincent PouridasVincent PouridasMåned siden
  • 17:31 Did anyone else feel like selling the senseis was a massive betrayal?

    lethargic trolllethargic trollMåned siden
  • can any1 explain to me why he sold the first metaltooth leaper and played the vanilla anoyomodule rather than just magnitize it? seems to me like itd be better stats and easier to triple? he coulda sold the 2/2 elemental if he needed the gold

    ManaManaMåned siden
    • Totally agree. That was stupid. And annoying that almost no one cares.

      Fredde JFredde JMåned siden
  • My best mech builds have all started and finished without junkbot. It's far from a core card, akin to a hyena. It works in the build if you need it, but there's probably better cards you'll swap for later

    Logan MyallLogan MyallMåned siden
  • No more salt episodes ):

    LukeLukeMåned siden
  • Why buy another spore? Baron is worth two spores with the divine shield unit. Kripp could’ve placed first if he bought the baron instead of the second spore.

    LMIP7777LMIP7777Måned siden
  • Mechs and especially cobalts used to be the scourge of battlegrounds, who would think I now cheer for them to get top 4.

    HiddenWenHiddenWenMåned siden
  • They should do a retrain of sensei, iron master, tier 4 magnetic give all mechs 2/2 at end of phase. Make it look like a robot Yoda in a backpack

    zoltansagedzoltansagedMåned siden
  • ComplainAboutLastGamerino having a field day with this one

    Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of InvestigationMåned siden
  • Can we just put everyone at 50HP and Patchwerk at 60HP please?

    William PetersenWilliam PetersenMåned siden
  • I'm just going to enjoy Kripp playing Battlegrounds for a while. He can handle the frustration. I can't tolerate the imbalance and unfairness of recent patches. I hope they address the issues rather then abandon it. Because the core gameplay loop is great. But multi-queues and animation lag have ruined it for me.

    andromidiusandromidiusMåned siden
  • Would improving the quality of early game's rolls solve the damage problem though? Mostly speaking it's all about bad RNG, so why not implementing something like the first auto-roll each turn is guaranteed to have at least 1 minion of the current tavern tier? Or blizzard would actually be smarter and categorize the minions into 2 hidden types: Core and Support; then tag them with either (or both) and give some algorithm to ensure there would be a healthy balance between them with the rolls.

    Blake HuynhBlake HuynhMåned siden
  • Can pure mechs win? Yes, in a weak lobby.

    KratatchKratatchMåned siden
  • My idea to fix the damage problem: have the players gain 1 armor for having a golden unit survive. Up for discussion how dumb the idea is. :)

    Mattias HickingMattias HickingMåned siden
  • Battlegrounds > Duels

    Théo MITRAILThéo MITRAILMåned siden
  • Short answer? No. Long answer? Dies to ghoul.

    USB ChunkysausUSB ChunkysausMåned siden
  • Very interesting build, loved it! So fun.

    A. SettjeA. SettjeMåned siden
  • To the damage problem, I think tokens should not be count in the damage fase, If you have only tokens and Win, then you do only your tavern rank as damage

    David ThiagoDavid ThiagoMåned siden
  • 6.28 why not magnetize the mech instead of selling it :/

    Alex WeberAlex WeberMåned siden
  • The current damage system is bad even for the player who wins. They usually can't get a full build going before everyone is dead and they end up wishing for a tie at the end just to get that extra round where the fireworks happen and you have a fully maxed out board.

    Augusto ValentiniAugusto ValentiniMåned siden
  • So considering that wasnt a pure mech build in the end, then the answer is no pure mechs cant win anymore

    Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
  • This click bait is getting out of hand. "Pure Mechs" yet your first minion is a dragon smh

    Garabaldy GarminigavitchGarabaldy GarminigavitchMåned siden
  • I like it when he complains that he had it or could have won it when he literally had 8% chance to win.

    hades773hades773Måned siden
  • At 6:25 why not sell the water droplet and magnetize onto the 4/4? Is the extra body/gold worth the 4/4 in stats on a keepable divine shield? If so, why is it more worth it? To me, the extra 4/4 is worth more than the gold and triple opportunity.

    Cameron HendricksCameron HendricksMåned siden
    • also omegalul at "Pure mechs". I still loved the video, but I would say the end game was anything but pure mechs

      Cameron HendricksCameron HendricksMåned siden
  • Had a perfect pure mech game with Millhouses wife and it was just like a puzzle falling into place

    Cederick JohnsonCederick JohnsonMåned siden
  • Been so long since kripp played mechs

    SyetacticSyetacticMåned siden
  • That build worked Just because no one found the 5 tier elementals i believe

    guilherme bertoliniguilherme bertoliniMåned siden
    • I had an exact same game but with millhouse placed 2 with crappy mech build. Top1 guy had 5 lil rag triple djin and 2 poison div amalgadon so I ffd after the first lose

      XDesit00XDesit00Måned siden
    • Yes, didn’t see a single nomi or djini. Instead the lobby had hydra and foe reaper and starter poison murlocs , such old school.

      Swapnil KashyapSwapnil KashyapMåned siden
  • All that they need to do is raise everyone’s health to 50 how is that hard to do?

    Jonny BJonny BMåned siden
  • Why is your chat so combative against you when you bring up major flaws about the game? Do they not play battlegrounds? Have they not even seen through you how it has changed for the worse? For me battlegrounds was the last straw as I deleted and swore off blizzard for life. Ruining battlegrounds the same way they ruined the rest of hearthstone (and WoW too!) combined with their horrid business practices just leaves an acrid taste in my mouth. I'm glad you are still making content though, as I do watch you every day, and am excited for every new video. Thanks for sticking with it even when lot's of us can't!

    ScottScottMåned siden
  • I think we the community should make a pool where we chose what changes we want in the next patch for battlegrounds. I have 2 things I want to be changed and is move Sensei to tavern 3 and MAYBE move Junkbot to tavern 4 again. Junkbot might be tricky because he might become too powerful with its stats but honestly is doubtful in this meta. Sensei is just terrible as a tavern 4 unit and it has been like that since ever. If we split tavern 4 into 3 sub divisions like low tier ,mid tier and hight tier ,our Sensei has been in low tier for ever . He is outclassed by everyone right now. He is outclassed even by the mech that buffs from tavern 3 . I want sensei to stay in battlegrounds and be actually good. He IS a tavern 3 minion.

    Andrei ManeaAndrei ManeaMåned siden
  • Does anyone else notice that kripp constantly talks about the damage problem but never a fix for it?

    Hacienth ThomasHacienth ThomasMåned siden
    • He wishes you would notice, after saying it 1000 times: "Many suggestions have been presented, at this point I don't care which they choose, just pick one and implement it." Wierd how that works...

      Max GMax GMåned siden
  • Kripp won 7 out of 14 rounds this game which is 50.00% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • 50/50. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • Tiredarrian

    Collin MurphyCollin MurphyMåned siden
  • Can pure mechs still win? I guess I’m about to find out

    JordanPJordanPMåned siden
  • I mean, nobody ran elementals, and an almost perfect mech build still lost to a suboptimal murloc build. If that's not an indication that mechs should be buffed, idk what is.

    pao126pao126Måned siden
  • why sell a mech to then play module straight? at 6:30

    Benjamin MortonBenjamin MortonMåned siden
  • Mechs need a way to be played outside of the deathrattle build.

    G MoneyG MoneyMåned siden
  • Hearthstone is not random. Blizzard has never publicly stated the game is running off of RNG. The players said that. The game runs off of 100’s of pages of coding. When you noticed the game screwing you, it wasn’t rng, it was an algorithm. Blizz’s goal is a 50% win-rate. Why? Human Psychology. Humans quit things that are either too easy or too hard. Quitting players means less revenue. The game will try and end your win streaks! Match-ups are rigged. The game searches for classes that oppose yours. Switch classes and you will get new match-ups. Try it, you’ll see it’s true. On a win streak? The game will search for opponents that run cards that oppose yours. Want to see for yourself? Make a secret mage deck. Within 3-5 games you will be matched up against flare or secret eater. Play a deathrattle deck, you will be matched up against Priests running mass dispel within 3-5 games. Go ahead and try it, you’re going to see it happen and say, “WTF, it does happen!” Ever get mad against that magical top-deck from your opponent? The game rigs the card draw too. Similar to playing Mario Kart. When losing late, the game gave you the magic mushroom to catch up. The game will try to help the losing player catch up. The game analyzes what cards are in the decks. Think. Does Blizz care who wins? Nope. It is a business. Profits pay the salaries and stockholders. They use human nature and 100’s of pages of coding to make a fun, profitable, rigged game. Has Blizzard ever said the game is random? Nope. Even the cards that say “discover” aren’t random, the game chose those cards based on what’s happening in the game. Ever play Zephris? It instantly assesses the game, it basically exposes the coding. Blizzard will never say the game is random because it would open them up to liability issues with tournaments and prize money. Like I said, the game is fun, but it’s also a fraud.

    Computer-BlueComputer-BlueMåned siden
  • Not even going into video deeper. I think that Amalgadons are also mech in this clickbait xD

    MirisadMirisadMåned siden
  • Seeing that Ghoul brought me so much pain. Regardless, they should make Undead a tribe for a Battlegrounds expansion.

    PocketCookiePocketCookieMåned siden
    • I've been wanting an undead tribe for ages. That it hasn't come with Lich King or Baz'hial being a tribal hero has never felt quite right for me. Zombie tokens, damaging other minions/ the board, reborn.

      FlyingDwarfmanFlyingDwarfmanMåned siden
    • Duuude, that would be awesome, deathrattles that damage other minions, BUT also berserker type minions that buff themselves or others when damaged or summon other smaller minions like Imp Mamma

      Orlando RodríguezOrlando RodríguezMåned siden
  • The moment I heard him saying "pure mechs" I jumped to the end to check if he was lying as always. Yep. Another clickbait. 1 spider, 2 spores, 1 divine shield girl. Oh and 3 mechs. Sure, 3 are enough for a "pure mech" build.

    Alma VoladoraAlma VoladoraMåned siden
    • Before the last fight he had 5 mechs, obviously you discard your support units if you need to win.

      Christoph WitteChristoph WitteMåned siden
  • Very cool game. 10/10 :D

    Mads JohnsenMads JohnsenMåned siden
  • Little surprised that "welcome to the dojo" wasn't the title of the video.

    I am AlucardI am AlucardMåned siden
  • My approach to fixing the damage: cap it at not more than 3x tavern tier. fixes too much early game damage, while still allowing 18dmg late-game hits.

    GStreetEntertainmentGStreetEntertainmentMåned siden
    • @pizza87760 I would completely agree with you, the problem is Blizzard likes very simple solutions so that new players don’t have to learn a large amount of rules, and while I feel that isn’t complex, I already play the game so it wouldn’t be a very difficult change to adapt to. A new player may be confused by the game plus the extra rules, so blizzard would most likely make it extremely simple even though this would work better

      A_PersonA_PersonMåned siden
    • Multiply everyone's Tavern damage by 2, add hero armor (lasts only that round) equal to your tavern x 3. Golden minions reduce armor by their tier before damage is done. Much less damage early, rewards earlier tavern ups, ensures late game never drags on.

      pizza87760pizza87760Måned siden
    • Problem with that is zerus becomes useless. Everyone will tier up quickly to get djini and rag and amalgadons. My solution was to take a pre decided damage before any one round decided by the player, and only for one round (irrespective you win or lose, so if both players decide to do that, both would take some damage). This way every player gets a shot at making some kind of build and not die arbitrarily.

      Swapnil KashyapSwapnil KashyapMåned siden
  • Poor tier 5 Junkbot

  • Damage problem in BG fixes: -1) any spawned minion DURING the fight will count as 1 damage \ zero damage. -2) deal damage based on NUMBER of minion survived at the end PLUS the hero level. -3) deal X damage fixed based on wich TURN you are: ( from 1 to 5th turn = X dmg \\\ from 6 to 11 = X dmg \\\ from 12 to higher = X damage) -4) you have a number of Lives, something similar to DUEL mode, for exemple you have 10 lives -5) increase starting HP by 20 (this will makes the problem of ultra speed levelup so to counter this u will also increase level up cost) -6) deal damage based ONLY on minion rarity : common 1, rare 2, epic 3, legendary 4, spawned ZERO.

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
  • I've been saying for a while now that they should reduce damage from minions to just a flat 1 damage per minion. It shouldn't matter what tier they are from.

    Noob SlayerNoob SlayerMåned siden
  • how about uploading some non-bg games?

    Ryuudo123Ryuudo123Måned siden
  • Did kripp said "what' s that?" To raina?

    gamaran 0713gamaran 0713Måned siden
  • That misplay with the tiger...

    adam wuilmartadam wuilmartMåned siden
  • Facepalm on selling the tiger, his explanation saying it is an okay play later clearly mean it’s an oversight.

    Ander FuAnder FuMåned siden
    • Yeah. I think he was explaining why not magnetizeing the sensei.

      Black PlatedBlack PlatedMåned siden
  • long time ago in a galaxy far far away... kripp is salty cos cobolt refresh today... cobolt refresh is a cool build

    Apophis051Apophis051Måned siden
  • Been thinking this ever since pack rat was the big issue, just make any creatures summoned during battle do 0 stars of damage. A tier 3 win with only tokens left would do 3 damage. Nerfs deathrattle builds a bit, but it would help stem the bleeding mid-game, and would incentivize actually keeping the creatures to have alive rather than hoping your boat/cobra dies so you do more damage.

    Drake LanglotzDrake LanglotzMåned siden
  • How I would fix bgs would be to reduce the hero damage by 1 aka lvl 1 does 0 extra damage lvl 2 does 1 esc I feel as it wouldnt make a substantial difference but the early game would prevent a bit less damage and over the course of 10 rounds that's like 10 extra hp to keep around to extend the game just a couple more turns

    K*fierce SceneK*fierce SceneMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this vidro

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • I love when games start with Kripp still complaining about the last one.

    Mr BreakmindMr BreakmindMåned siden
    • Kripp has a horrible sense of chance.

      Daniel O'NeillDaniel O'NeillMåned siden
    • Lol so true

      420Priest420PriestMåned siden
    • Oh, you like every video, a man of culture, I see.

      Hell_TVHell_TVMåned siden
    • I would love a compilation of those games. Just short clips of him getting hit for 19 “I had a 38% chance to lose!” Then on to the next clip

      Jake HarrisonJake HarrisonMåned siden
    • Mysterious bullshit games

      RichardTheSlothRichardTheSlothMåned siden
  • Fixing the damage problem? Just raise the cost of tavern upgrades. That will fix so much! Less upgrading on curve, less higher tier minions early game, less damage from the tavern, maybe with a little tweaking, late game builds can be made early game instead of searching for the best minions on curve till we find a tier 5 or 6 direction. Maybe raising the health of heroes per 1,000 rating will make the higher rank games last a little longer, but not effect the lower rating newer players.

    Jarvis DxJarvis DxMåned siden
    • At this point, tier 3 and 4 are kind of dead tiers, more like barriers that keep players from getting the good minions in 5 and 6, but don't have any significant minions or impacts on the game. If you raise the tier cost, heroes like Galakrond, Toki, and such will be a lot more viable. There are viable ways to get a low tier building going, (parrot/spawn) (party elemental) (murloc/selfless/poison) but they so easily outclassed by power tier players.

      Jarvis DxJarvis DxMåned siden
  • This video is proof of how underwelming junkbot is. Kripp had basically the perfect junkbot board and still chose to pass on him

    Marvin AfonsoMarvin AfonsoMåned siden
    • Yeah the only way junkbot is remotely usable is with an early hero power rag or mukla

      SoFly2H2DSoFly2H2DDag siden
    • The perfect junkbot board is the one with no junkbot on it, cuz it sucks.

      Galactic123Galactic123Måned siden
    • @Federal Bureau of Investigation Tavern 4 is the premier mech tavern, so I think it might see some play there, kinda like Security rover. Good card if you get it early and can build around it

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen VerschaeveMåned siden
    • i wonder if it would be good at tavern 4

      Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of InvestigationMåned siden
    • @MasterWurm It used to be on 4 though. Pretty sure it never saw play on 5, short of minor experimentation. It's barely better than waxrider anyway.

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen VerschaeveMåned siden
  • To fix damage problem remove the base damage added by your tier level and just base on cards in play

    The PhriekThe PhriekMåned siden
  • 8:27

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoMåned siden
  • I think removing the tavern level.damage would add maybe 1 to 2 turns to the game That would go a long way to improving the game

    Jason KeyJason KeyMåned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this game. But that ginormous cleave/domo combo-wombo at 14:56 was fun to see :)

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Frey Vestergaard I think it was about a month ago

      Matthew SkeateMatthew SkeateMåned siden
    • 당신은 언제나처럼 예쁘게 보입니다!

      Sébastien BARBARASSébastien BARBARASMåned siden
    • Do you remember when he last said it?

      Frey VestergaardFrey VestergaardMåned siden
    • Your day will come bro, I trust on you

      Miguel romeroMiguel romeroMåned siden
  • OK Kripp, as a Solutions consultant I am going to offer a few ways to fix the damage problem and you can take that to devs to see if they are willing to consider any of them. 1). Double player health (this is the easiest solution and probably the least effective as at later levels the damage you tend to take are just walloping and doubling health will likely only add 1 or 2 more rounds to the games.) 2). Remove Hero levels from the damage done and only calculate damage based on the cards left. (This would need to be tested for it's reliability though I think it would curve out the early and mid game damage and push players to go for higher tiers faster. This in turn would get you to the later stages of the game quicker where large damage can really end games with 1 or 2 losses). 3). Halve all damage done and round it down, with 1 being the minimal damage you can do in a round. (This method would extend games in the most reliable manner. However, this would change the game play considerably as most players would opt in for scaling builds which otherwise would not be achievable due to the pace of the game.) Now you can mix these methods as you see fit to find a proper balance. That all being said you are approaching the solution improperly. You need to first address the goal. Is the goal simply to extend the number of rounds? Is the goal to "have fun" (whatever that means because some players may love the current iteration of the game) Is the goal to preserve game longevity over time and provide for more revenue for your company? What is your primary goal and how do you address it should be your approach. If you can't define the goal properly, then the solutions you have available will not achieve that goal.

    Jacob JohnsonJacob JohnsonMåned siden
    • @ItMeDuck im also leaning towards this. making damage taken consistent is the way to go. my take is still take minions alive count but make them all one star damage. this still leaves some variance in damage but not the wild "10-30" possible damage taken shit. once they make damage consistent, they could just adjust how long games take by tweeking the starting health.

      NoNamedPlebNoNamedPlebMåned siden
    • @ItMeDuck Oh I like this one, kinda how TFT handles it, forcing damage to start small and ramp slowly

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen VerschaeveMåned siden
    • Remove damage from token cards and remove or lower damage from cards spawned by deathrattles.

      Ezeckel ReichertEzeckel ReichertMåned siden
    • I'd like to add one more to this. - Damage is always turn count + your hero damage, minions wouldn't matter. This would mainly remove the 40 damage on turn 9 issue, and make the games longer. I really can't say how this would affect the overall playstyles and meta though. Edit: one more thing that came into my mind is the potential of weapons/passive attack damage hero powers getting added to BGs with this system.

      ItMeDuckItMeDuckMåned siden
  • that twas a pretty clutch ghoul gotta give the 1st place guy props

    YvngMan JYvngMan JMåned siden
  • "Pure mechs" aaand one draconic scaly (or later one spidey) boi.^^

    oppidumsaxacumoppidumsaxacumMåned siden
    • and later later, 2 spores and a selfless hero.

      goldfishprimegoldfishprimeMåned siden
  • At 9:59 kripp says Jeez. This freezes the holy streak of 1 created by last video. A half Jesus exclamation is not acceptable!

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Um Grande Nada We still should maintain respect for all parts of the Trinity and yes we want Jesus!

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Jeroen Verschaeve Who is god? I want Jesus!

      Um Grande NadaUm Grande NadaMåned siden
    • He did say 'oh my god' when he saw the cleave though!

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen VerschaeveMåned siden
    • Kripp has been underwhelmingly mild with his faith lately!

      Giordano SantilliGiordano SantilliMåned siden
  • Battlegrounds is just fun and not a pay to win mess like constructed is. Why can't they just experiment more on it? Say, give heroes 10 more HP and see if that ends up being better or worse.

    xLegend 89xLegend 89Måned siden
  • Kappa

    Alexander BrownAlexander BrownMåned siden
  • 6:34 probably the worst play ive ever seen. “Why not magnetize? Cuz I want buffs on the divine shield” ????

    Snuffle bunnsSnuffle bunnsMåned siden
    • @Fredde J He didn't want to keep the leaper. That's the whole reason why. Leapers aren't really cards to triple and with one more in the pool he has a higher chance to find another to use as a buff

      Kyle NitkaKyle NitkaMåned siden
    • @Kyle Nitka and what do you mean with that....?

      Fredde JFredde JMåned siden
    • it was a pretty straight forward play

      Kyle NitkaKyle NitkaMåned siden
  • How about this for a dmg fix idea, tier 1&2 minions (still including tokens) deal 1 dmg tier 3&4 deal 2 dmg and tier 5&6 deal 3 dmg, base tavern tier damage stays unchanged. That way even with a full board of tier 6 minions at tavern tier 6 can deal tops 27 hp

    Joe RiggioJoe RiggioMåned siden
    • @Vaedrath it's true tokens do suck but I thought of this when I took 28 damage once before on turn 9 against a high roll pirate so now I'm firmly on team burn the current damage system

      Joe RiggioJoe RiggioMåned siden
    • i say just make summoned minions do 0, like krip won with 6 1/1s and did 11 to the dude, just make him do tavern damage

      VaedrathVaedrathMåned siden
  • "Pure Mechs" with 3 mechs and 4 poison

    Drew DakrisDrew DakrisMåned siden
    • He did play mechs as his main build, but just like with any other build, you might want to switch out some of your cards with poisonous once you reach the end of the game, especially switch out your scaling cards (just like he did here).

      Frey VestergaardFrey VestergaardMåned siden
    • any build with a non self buffing support unit will sell it before the last fight

      arnaud thouvenotarnaud thouvenotMåned siden
  • It's starting to get mad annoying listening to him complain about the same thing every single time we get it bro the damage is fucked

    Mack BryanMack BryanMåned siden
  • 6:43 I don’t understand the explanation? If he magnetized the 3-3 it’d have divine shield

    Mehdi JaouharMehdi JaouharMåned siden
    • It is only a matter of if you want +3/3 on your divine shield or not. He chose not.

      Fredde JFredde JMåned siden
    • @Max Louhio see you're kripp. you'd sell a different card and magnetize onto the leaper. the leaper would be the magnetized card. It'd just make your divine shield taunt minion stronger at the cost of like a party elemental.

      daseadaseaMåned siden
    • You can only magnetize mechs. If he didn't do this play, the sensei couldn't buff anything.

      Known asKnown asMåned siden
    • And buff a leaper? Not exactly great plan. He could've even tripled the magnetize boy and strap it into even better card with all it's buffs intact

      Max LouhioMax LouhioMåned siden
  • Battlegrounds is so boring right now. Want to win? Play elementals. Don't want to win? Play anything else.

    Billy BegoodBilly BegoodMåned siden
  • 6:25 selling that tiger cost kripp the game at the end, the +4/+4 would be enough to survive the attack at 18:10

    Tobias BrunnerTobias BrunnerMåned siden
    • @Tobias Brunner I realised that I was wrong and left in point was that any small buff could have been just as good

      Илья БушковИлья БушковMåned siden
    • @Илья Бушков hahahah 12 btw hahah i can't handle to lose an argument and can only insult others.

      Tobias BrunnerTobias BrunnerMåned siden
    • @Fredde J you pooped your pants.end of discussion

      Илья БушковИлья БушковMåned siden
    • @Илья Бушков You are wrong. Brunner is right. End of discussion.

      Fredde JFredde JMåned siden
    • @Илья Бушков starting your argument with insults always gives of a good impression and i am even more impressed that you managed to make another statement without any explanation again. So then tell me why he would do that. He could just sell a 2/2 (sure he looses the chance of a triple, but even selling the 2/1 would be better in my opinion) and just magnetize the tiger for an extra 4/4 buff on the taunt divine shield which he definitely needs at that point. So now tell me why selling the tiger was such a good play.

      Tobias BrunnerTobias BrunnerMåned siden
  • The damage problem is so fucking easy to fix it actually makess me angry seeing that they havent done it yet , just remove the tavern tier damage , duhhhhhhhhhhh , thats like 20 extra ho oper player per game , such a fucking obvious easy fix , done

    Arron O' NeillArron O' NeillMåned siden
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    • My man!

      Ahmet TalhaAhmet TalhaMåned siden
  • I kinda wonder how viable mechjordomo is. Get a divine shield taunt minibot with tokens, a majordomo and then spam elementals to buff deflecto. Then when you get it, you can also stack a nice cleave

    TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegianMåned siden
  • Criparian here

    Sindri MyrSindri MyrMåned siden
  • Welcome to the Dojo the robot need mojo.

    TheOneAboveAll 1985TheOneAboveAll 1985Måned siden
  • How did jandice have 2 minions turn 1

    Isaac CoughlanIsaac CoughlanMåned siden
    • Buy murloc tide hunter, flip one of them for other card

      a guy from nza guy from nzMåned siden
  • And.. you know, sometimes mechs can hold on. But pure mechs? Well, have a look.

    How Does Kripperino End The IntrorinoHow Does Kripperino End The IntrorinoMåned siden
    • He said that last part so quiet I thought he just went, "Well...".

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • This was as pure mechs as it can get. There is no little rag or majordomo to buff mechs is what he ment.

      Mauer01Mauer01Måned siden
    • @Daniele Cogotti He had Maeexxna for most of the game and dragons before that. It was never 'pure mech.' The most he had was 6 for a single round which can happen in most games.

      goldfishprimegoldfishprimeMåned siden
    • @goldfishprime That was pure mechs, he changed the build only for a round

      Daniele CogottiDaniele CogottiMåned siden
    • Pure mechs include 3 other poison minions and a selfless hero these days.

      goldfishprimegoldfishprimeMåned siden
  • I'm Kripp Harrison, and this is my Hearthstone stream. I work here with my dog and my wife, Rania the Succubus. Every battleground run in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years - you never know WHAT my opponent is going to triple

    Twitcherino Pastarino KripperinoTwitcherino Pastarino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @benyamin saki he's vegan, he's aging a lot faster because of high daily dose of antioxidants

      DrJimmableDrJimmableMåned siden
    • @Tomtenisse Powercool there is a lot of misinformation out there. Trust only in your kriperinos

      Twitcherino Pastarino KripperinoTwitcherino Pastarino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Twitcherino Pastarino Kripperino That's definitely contrary to what i've been lead to believe.

      Tomtenisse PowercoolTomtenisse PowercoolMåned siden
    • @benyamin saki contrary to popular belief kripp harrison did not start his battleground business as soon as he got out of the womb

      Twitcherino Pastarino KripperinoTwitcherino Pastarino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Looks 30

      benyamin sakibenyamin sakiMåned siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... second place. His last non-first video was two videos ago, in MOLTEN ROCK WORLD RECORD?! where he got 2nd as Jandice. His last bottom four video was 81 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • This account made me realize recently that he’s been posting not just continuous firsts which he used to post mostly firsts. I like this more it’s more interesting. It also probably has to do with the meta as he can’t just murloc to first 80% of his games.

      Jake HarrisonJake HarrisonMåned siden
  • 0:59 Kripp does complain about his opponent's "ninety-nine out of a hundred high roll" at the start of this game.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Jesus this is so meta. Get a life.

      David DuBayDavid DuBayMåned siden
    • actually he just answered the questions from chat, but is kinda salty in between.

      DarkGrundiDarkGrundiMåned siden
    • Thank you for your service

      Unlicensed Youtube CommenterUnlicensed Youtube CommenterMåned siden
  • 1:00 skipperino

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  • Today's fact: 'Digging a hole to China' is theoretically possible if you start in Argentina.

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    • we’re losing this kripperino... rest in peace

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    • Im from Argentina and already commented in the previous one.. I hope you recover bro

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    • Repeaterino Facterino

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