CHEATED OUT OF MURLOCS?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

16. nov.. 2020
87 267 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - My little fish creatures never seem to catch a break.
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  • Top damage: 54

    Philerino SwifterinoPhilerino Swifterino12 dager siden
  • “I need to catch a break” says Kripp as he picks up two mcgurgles with brann murlocs on board with the previous turn picking up two primal fins and brann lmao

    Harrison ZhuHarrison Zhu12 dager siden
  • I'm starting to wonder how accurate those percentage chances are, because low percentages seem to actually happen far too often.

    SheyD78SheyD7814 dager siden
  • every match i watch you pass up the poison buff minion and then you lose, I just dont understand why that minion means nothing to you on murlocs?

    DJ TechnoGuruDJ TechnoGuru14 dager siden
  • Kripp, I think Nuffle is pissed with you.

    aaleveraalever15 dager siden
  • The "minions hanging out at one HP" thing is soooo trendy right now!!!

    SkarfakeSkarfake15 dager siden
  • Does kripp hate tavern tier 6 or am I just overthinking? He had 10 mana, tier up cost 7, and the discover a murloc battlecry in the tavern. He’d have two chances to discover amalgadon right?

    MrTiemosMrTiemos15 dager siden
  • Blizzard HQ: "hey, kripps losing... Unleash murloc ultimate luck edition to him!"

    Bruno SouzaBruno Souza16 dager siden
  • I think Kripp is overvalueimg stats and not realizing he keeps losing or almost losing fights because he doesn't have taunt. He missed two chances to give amalgadon taunt with the Annoy module at 10:23, and argus (+selfless) at 15:20. And then his positioning at the end even without taunt is definitely questionable. There's so much to consider so I can say there's a definitive right order. However, I will say that there's no way that the big poison unit goes second because of how bad it is against the opponent's possible amalgadon. These are just my thoughts. I love Kripp's youtube videos and he's the reason I got into Battlegrounds. Just hit 10k yesterday

    PlaywithKripperino KripperinoPlaywithKripperino Kripperino16 dager siden
  • I lost a nomi elemental build to a juggler demon build for 1st last week. Dude had a 0.1 chance of winning. Didnt play battlegrounds for a week.

    Ouroboros70Ouroboros7016 dager siden
  • RNGesus was on Milhouses side this game

    NyundaaNyundaa16 dager siden
  • Honestly,the amount of misplays this game was immaculate,he didn't pick up a single selfless/argus when everybody and their 3k mmr grandma know you pick up every selfless once you got enough stats

    Tilt MongerTilt Monger16 dager siden
  • Hazitgoan?

    Олра ГребливОлра Греблив16 dager siden
  • Unlucky

    silvergenerationsilvergeneration16 dager siden
  • I stopped using the Tracker - it started to depress me. :)

    Manuel BüschgensManuel Büschgens16 dager siden
  • He didn't take Argus to make a Taunt, that's his Noob play again. Sometimes you have to think better

    The 13The 1316 dager siden
  • This is literally how most of my matches go, just unlucky. Taking a break helps

    Phire17Phire1716 dager siden
  • Salterino s back bois

    WujekAlucardWujekAlucard16 dager siden
  • Should have taunted the amalg . Pirate first attacks are crucial and giving them a dedicated target which they die to is essential

    Randomice rRandomice r16 dager siden
  • Скрытопульная игра

    Вадим СапетныйВадим Сапетный16 dager siden
  • Well that was unlucky even by your standard holy!

    Lolo GrammeLolo Gramme16 dager siden
  • I was looking at the defender of Aurgus at 15:15 and thinking your gonna pick that right? Having even one taunt on the divine amalgadon will help right? Loses next round because the one scenario that makes him lose, happens lol.

    zoltansagedzoltansaged16 dager siden
  • Did the damage taken force luckerino into retirement? This has to be the unluckiest ever

  • Holy jesus, the level of never lucky man... it's like watching a nightmare.. holy crap

    Man NilaMan Nila16 dager siden
  • Trust me Kripp, you don’t want to play poker. You’ll start to realize how shitty variance can be in the short term and it can affect you on your long term play. If you think it’s frustrating to run bad for example here, it feels 100x d shittier when you’re losing money and your opponent is gloating like he made a genius play and doesn’t realize how lucky they were to hit that 2 outer on the river.

    SharkAcademySharkAcademy16 dager siden
  • Mega lool

    ShadrinShadrin16 dager siden
  • Kripp broke the saltmeter in this game. It is unmeasurable.

    R YR Y16 dager siden
  • I lost about 1500 rating recently from this kind of rng.

    D WD W16 dager siden
  • krip lost by not picking the toxfin and poisoning one more murloc. +health was useless

    interestinginteresting16 dager siden
  • I've been on hiatus a while but I see that the add-on is still making kripp salty as ever. Seriously just delete the damn thing

    simonbas6simonbas616 dager siden
  • 15:25 skip de argus and die because not have a taunt for the cleave

    Filipe DiasFilipe Dias16 dager siden
  • Giant fin

    Big PoppaBig Poppa16 dager siden
  • If you average the terrible combat luck with the amazing tavern luck, you actually get a pretty average RNG game. 3rd place would be fitting as a result.

    Vestingjeans 624Vestingjeans 62416 dager siden
  • The gaming mechanics of Hearthstone aren't probably even trying to achieve genuine randomness. I guess the holder of gaming data from Bob's Buddy -addon could somewhat verify this.

    AAJAA5AAJAA516 dager siden
  • Where is that chancerino kripperino when we need him(he's dead I know)

    Menega007Menega00716 dager siden
  • He could have picked up the argus but is too greedy as usual

    Antoine WalkerAntoine Walker16 dager siden
  • kripp so good at the game, they had to nerf him and disguise it as rng

    DogeDoge16 dager siden
  • Is there a kripperino measuring the amount of salt in each videos?

    Matteo OoOMatteo OoO16 dager siden
  • hackers!!!!

    andreygunz179andreygunz17916 dager siden
  • LUL

    Michael DicksMichael Dicks16 dager siden
  • Ok krip Ok..... This made me mad as well This time i give it to ya, thats bullshet.

    Tarabas Zi ComradeTarabas Zi Comrade16 dager siden
  • Hey krip, Please give us your honest opinion about the new battlepass scam from Blizzard.

    Was git AbWas git Ab16 dager siden
  • Literally just happened to me. Golden brann. 2 poisonous divine shield amalgs. Took 3rd.

    Leighton DoddLeighton Dodd16 dager siden
  • On an unrelated note, imagine skipping all the selflesses for your murloc end game.

    TheStrongestBakaTheStrongestBaka16 dager siden
  • Shouldnt have skipped the toxfin discover. Then the 80 80 pirate would have died.

    ArohkArohk16 dager siden
  • krips tavern RNG >>> krips combat RNG

    Noah DavisNoah Davis16 dager siden
  • Does he ever win anymore?

    TaraquisTaraquis16 dager siden
  • Kripp needs to uninstall the odds calculator tool. For his own mental health and salt level in chat

    goShinigamigoShinigami16 dager siden
    • @goShinigami youre a virgin

      Jason AJason A13 dager siden
    • the salt must flow

      AwoudeXAwoudeX14 dager siden
    • @TheSpoonKing Kripp literally lost turns or roped out often enough because he was so focused discussing the bad rng he got. Especially since they added the average dmg feature. Also he is very biased towards his perception of how often he has good or bad rng (confirmation bias that he gets unlucky a lot, while he mostly does not recognize a streak of good rng, it is just human, but surely does not help) Also I feel like the calculator is somewhat in a gray area for illegal additional tools. Usually the rule for those are "everything that you could do yourself, counting and writing it down and keeping track of cards etc. is fine. However, I don't think any person could simultaneously play the game with the timed turns AND calculate like a 100 or 1000 possible turns to figure out the odds of that fight. Most people couldn't even do it with unlimited time, thus the tool is not really fair imo. But whatever. I feel like it doesn't help him at all, since he is already mostly right about the rough odds of the fight, and if proven otherwise, it is more than clear that he was wrong and he notices it anyway without looking at the specific odds

      goShinigamigoShinigami15 dager siden
    • It's too important for actually being able to determine the game state.

      TheSpoonKingTheSpoonKing16 dager siden
  • our lord and savior kripparian has blessed us with murloc this fine day

    RyanRyan16 dager siden
  • Has anyone else noticed how kripperoni has had almost excactly 949.000 subscribers for like... a really long time now? I mean, within the same margin of a thousand

    andreas svenningsenandreas svenningsen16 dager siden
  • Sooooo that Millhouse got fucking 6 Caps. Incredible. Meanwhile I can't even get double T1 minions consistently.

    PwndatronicPwndatronic16 dager siden
  • "Enjoy"

    meLikeSalad_meLikeSalad_16 dager siden
  • the avg damage only makes him more salty

    Pablo G.Pablo G.16 dager siden
  • Why do these mummybots keep saying "kurwa" when they die

    kekwkekw16 dager siden
  • Im begging to believe hearthstone tracks who we watch on NOworld. I’ve lost so many of these games where I have a low percentage of a chance to lose. Over and over again.

    NickNick16 dager siden
  • that moment when you realise that he would have survived if he would have picked up that argus KEKW

    Matti SandinMatti Sandin16 dager siden
    • He would have survived if he didn't get so absurdly unlucky combat wise though

      TheSpoonKingTheSpoonKing16 dager siden
    • I was looking at that argus

      Higher beings, these words are for you alone.Higher beings, these words are for you alone.16 dager siden
  • 1.8% more favoured. (You did ask.)

    Spanner1971BSpanner1971B16 dager siden
  • and he cry like baby again!!! oh mommy, I'm so unlucky! will there be at least one video where he will lose with dignity?

    Xom9kXom9k16 dager siden
  • Foe Reaper, going first: "What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss friend?"

    Darkmage1293Darkmage129316 dager siden
    • Oh my god I read that in his voice

      Daniel EllisDaniel Ellis16 dager siden
  • this is the video, this video we need the luck counter kripp

    Dottie The kiwiDottie The kiwi16 dager siden
  • Its been a good year or two, get to 1mil subs already.

    CzBIitzCzBIitz16 dager siden
    • He's actually losing subs. I'm not sure why but he's been stuck around the 950k mark for like 2 years

      fadencefadence16 dager siden
  • Well you could of Argus the divine poison 🙃 but yeah bad luck man

    Anri’s SolAnri’s Sol16 dager siden
  • 10:57 pure gold

    MrDsfiMrDsfi16 dager siden
  • Can u pls discuss abt new rewards progression track and how it's worse than previous system. I know ur pretty close to Blizzard... So I don't mind if u don't do it.

    adiddeviladiddevil16 dager siden
  • You got super lucky with the cards and unlucky with the fights, sounds fair to me, i'd say 3rd place is pretty much what you should expect :)

    x10018rox10018ro16 dager siden
  • Kripp just experiences my normal gameplay

    Arif ÇakırArif Çakır16 dager siden
  • Lost as soon as he didn't give Amalgadon taunt.

    Lord CorgiLord Corgi16 dager siden
    • just giveint it to brand would make difrance but well could also taunt maexna Amalgadon taunt there would make same result he needed Amalgadon to hit 2 big pirates

      xZorgoxZorgo16 dager siden
  • I would love to hear your opinion about the New reward System

    Laci SimákLaci Simák16 dager siden
    • @Matthew Edwards ty

      Laci SimákLaci Simák16 dager siden
    • @Matthew Edwards the system is fine, but add more rewards damnit, you are strangling f2p even more!

      SinbadSinbad16 dager siden
    • He said he thinks the system is nice in the sense that it has incentive for modes other than constructed, but that the gold and xp offered are real bad. Check his twitter

      Matthew EdwardsMatthew Edwards16 dager siden
  • This is so funny

    tim Timtim Tim16 dager siden
  • Anyway, does anyone actually like the new xp system or does everyone universally agree it's a horrendous pile of shit?

    Koala BearKoala Bear16 dager siden
  • okay no lie, this game was bullshit

    AzurdenAzurden16 dager siden
  • Preparian here

    Sindri MyrSindri Myr16 dager siden
  • 15:14 - If he takes that Argus, he wins. I already knew when he skipped over it :D

    Ádám MészárosÁdám Mészáros16 dager siden
    • ​@Darkmage1293 Correct order was: bagurgle, maexxna, then murlocs in lowest to highest hp order, Brann, then last is Amalgadon with taunt. If he did that, His Amalgadon would have killed the first 3 enemy minions, he also kills enemy Amalgadon with just bagurgle/maexxna, then he just couldn't lose it against the last 3 remaining minions. Kripp plays really shit sometimes, then just cries about it. :(

      Ádám MészárosÁdám Mészáros16 dager siden
    • That cleave didn't help either. His opener would've broke the shield on the amalgadon and he'd be up one minion, which might've been enough.

      Darkmage1293Darkmage129316 dager siden
  • Lol played murlocs 3 times in a row got 1st all three times

    Shayan MirshojaeShayan Mirshojae16 dager siden
  • Where is chancerino kripperino. We need his services now. Was one of the best in the community.

    Swapnil KashyapSwapnil Kashyap16 dager siden
  • You’re a sell out

    JonJon16 dager siden
  • Imagine complaining after winning the round because you dealt 1 less damage than average minimum.

    P LP L16 dager siden
  • 0:28

    Ruslan ShudrikRuslan Shudrik16 dager siden
  • tracker can't be right

    Marc ClausellMarc Clausell16 dager siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino Awayfromkeyboardino16 dager siden
  • Everyone talking about not taking toxfin but the REAL mistake is not taking ARGUS. Taunt is always more valuable than stats in the late-game to guarantee attacks (completely preventing the last round scenario from happening).

    I don't even know.I don't even know.16 dager siden
    • Against pirates for sure

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen Verschaeve16 dager siden
    • i don't know kripp only seems to see taunt as a way to use strongshell.

      RevalusionRevalusion16 dager siden
    • I agree to this, but still this game was a crime. Blizz's algorithms just raped a customer ))

      A. CrowleyA. Crowley16 dager siden
  • Kripp at least twice had the chance to taunt up the amalgadon or anything else but he doesn't. gets recked by cleave -> stupid game. yeah, well, seems legit....

    ichduersieesichduersiees16 dager siden
  • Seeing that thumbnail of Giantfin... it brings me back to the times when battlegrounds was new and the only murloc hero power would give you minions deathrattle summon a 1/1 murloc. Ah, what a useless hero.

    Hudson GroveHudson Grove16 dager siden
    • What do you means it was the best hero ever

      Renan GouveiaRenan Gouveia16 dager siden
  • Hey kripp you gonna post a video on the new battlepass scam?

    Αβραάμ ΣαββιδηςΑβραάμ Σαββιδης16 dager siden
  • I wonder if Kripp will talk about battlepass in a NOworld video.

    Hunter ChewningHunter Chewning16 dager siden
  • If you'd chosen that toxfin at 15:36 instead of the bagurgle you'd have tied the match you lost. How could you possibly justify +4 hp to 5 minions that already have an average of 55ish HP over another poisionous? I was like "toxfin obviously, he's gotta take the toxfin..." and then you took the bagurgle! And heyyy whaddaya know, next round you lose because your last Murloc without poison was the one to hit the 77hp pirate! Don't you do this for a living? "CHEATED OUT OF MURLOCS?!" - yea, but you were the one cheating yourself!

    MoppstaMoppsta16 dager siden
    • True, but also the attack rng was terrible and he would have won if his divine shield breaker wasn’t sniped and then his non poison guy attacked into the only minion that it couldn’t kill

      Bannock MeatballBannock Meatball16 dager siden
  • Just played divine poisonous murlocs as George and took 1st place.

    Karl TrinkKarl Trink16 dager siden
  • What is the thought process behind selling the Bagurgle to buy the fellfin when the deathrattle provides the same buff as the battlecry but the Bagurgle hits for 12 as opposed to the 4 from the fellfin

    Aaron KlaersAaron Klaers16 dager siden
    • I pressed play and he answered my question

      Aaron KlaersAaron Klaers16 dager siden
  • Toooop....👍🧨🤣

    AvesaAvesa16 dager siden
  • Heartstone cardpacks are lootboxes and should be treated the same way by the law as EA.

    Andreas BergerAndreas Berger16 dager siden
  • At 13:40 Kripp triples his Warleader. 21/39 + 9/11 + 5/5 (buffed by the hero power) ends up being 28/52. Can someone explain the math behind this?

    Boris GrabovacBoris Grabovac16 dager siden
    • It wouldn’t be +5/+5 because the base stats of the 3rd minion aren’t added when you triple, just the buffs on it. So it would actually be +2/+2, which gets you 52 health. As for attack, Antoine explained, the warleaders buffed each other, so their actual stats were 19/39 and 7/12, so 19+7+2= 28

      Conor BConor B16 dager siden
    • The warleaders were giving eachother +2 attack so upon tripling they lose that bonus

      Antoine RousseauAntoine Rousseau16 dager siden

    zuligansvidiouszuligansvidious16 dager siden
  • Kripp won 6 out of 13 rounds this game which is 46.15% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino Kripperino16 dager siden
  • Yeah sometimes you are in our world kripp Hitting 3-5 times a >5% chance is tough.

    Eric OverbeckEric Overbeck16 dager siden
  • 2:16 -3 taken 100% 2:56 -3 taken 87% 4:28 -4 taken 6.5% 6:40 -9 taken 99.5% 8:07 -17 taken 100% 16:27 -11 taken 1.8% "F%CK!"

    Puncherino KripperinoPuncherino Kripperino16 dager siden
    • Pog Kripperino

      InfinityInfinity16 dager siden
  • Saltiest murlocs ever :-D

    Tomáš SedlákTomáš Sedlák16 dager siden
  • Damn those murloc rolls were Uber lucky. Too bad 4 hp

    Wally WestWally West16 dager siden
    • Yeah he was 4hp because he leveled to 5 when he couldn't afford to.100% loss with 8.4% chance to die that fight average damage 13-18. With 13 he'd be at 8hp, so he would have died regardless.

      Thumb ThumbThumb Thumb13 dager siden
  • So much salt in one video. It's delicious.

    crunkskunk12crunkskunk1216 dager siden
  • "I need to catch a break dude" -Kripp after finding Brann, two primalfins, amalgadon and 2 Bagurgles in 2 turns

    Arvid StrömbäckArvid Strömbäck16 dager siden
    • @Andy Spendlove it does happen. It (losing to opponents that have sub 10% chance to win) seems to be happening a lot more often since last patch. I know it most likely confirmation bias, but Jesus that shit is tilting when you end up seeing it 4-5 times per game.

      Michael McduffeeMichael Mcduffee16 dager siden
    • It happens. Especially when you play as many games as he does, you're bound to experience statistically unlikely games like this every once in a while. The thing is, they just feel so bad that they have a bigger than normal impact on you, leading you to confirmation bias when they happen again. I just think it's funny when he says he "deserves" better. That's the gambler's fallacy. Just because you had one super unlucky combat doesn't mean you "deserve" to be immune from them for the rest of the run or anything.

      Andy SpendloveAndy Spendlove16 dager siden
    • He can get all the luck in the world with tavern rolls but what good is that if you're still going to lose a 1.3% chance match right after. I give Kripp a hard time for complaining but this time I have to admit the combat rng was some next level bullshit. Pretty sure most people would be raging.

      SirMcAwesomeSirMcAwesome16 dager siden
    • I am always against his negativity... But dude this game was outrageous, i never seen someone as Lucky and unlucky atthe same time as This guy. Holy moly

      Tarabas Zi ComradeTarabas Zi Comrade16 dager siden
    • @EtherealG True, made the comment before finishing the video. Actually insanely bad rng toward the end, saltiness justified

      Arvid StrömbäckArvid Strömbäck16 dager siden
  • Not picking that last poison and picking the buff was a huge mistake. He knew he was facing against big pirates, if he picked poison he would have at least tied there even though he was heavily favored.

    sefa sertsefa sert16 dager siden
    • #ToxfinrinoSkipperino

      Constantine KasyanovConstantine Kasyanov16 dager siden