DARKMOON FAIRE NEW XPAC + CARD REVIEW! - Hearthstone Darkmoon Faire

22. okt.. 2020
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Hearthstone Darkmoon Faire - Let's have a look at what the next expansion has in store!
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  • Kripp has been consistently helping me deal with my insomnia for years. Good job, kripp ResidentSleeper

    Dio BrandoDio Brando26 dager siden
  • 4:32 worth mentioning that the darkmoon rabbit is designed as a 10mana cost card to disrupt evolve/summon mechanics involving 10 cost things. but i mean if you evolve or summon this randomly you still get to kill at least 1 thing, up to 3 things potentially, since it's rush poisonous cleave. i like that it's being added.

    Adam CarltonAdam CarltonMåned siden
  • @Kripparian Do you know if the new C'thun can be buffed by the original C'thun cards in wild?

    Ray GrecoRay GrecoMåned siden
  • How does corrupt work with reduced mana cost?

    holysnackpackholysnackpackMåned siden
  • It's just a wee rabbit...

    Bec querelBec querelMåned siden
  • honestly this expansion is looking like its gonna be really good. this will be the first expansion i will have pre purchased besides kobolds and im gonna have alot of packs this time. i really hope i get yogg

    Gaming With The GodGaming With The GodMåned siden
  • I might make a return to hearthstone through this expansion

    NumdegasedUHCNumdegasedUHCMåned siden
  • i am gonna bet they ll give 1 more atk to Kiri if not +1atk and +1health... the card is pretty fair but 2/2 is terrible. I bet on a "lurker below" threatment xD Solar Eclipse is nice btw... turn 4 Kiri, turn 5 lunar eclipse, turn 6 solar eclipe + starfire. 10 damage draw 2 cards :3

    j kamj kamMåned siden
  • Darkmoon Rabbit might be an interesting one to rez with Nzoth

    ShwarzinatorShwarzinatorMåned siden
  • Their best expansion. Hopefully got better? Old gods was the pinnacle of hearthstone. There’s a lot of weight on this expansions shoulders

    zachary nybergzachary nybergMåned siden
  • 4:50 ah yes. Another evolve troll

    AsadadufAsadadufMåned siden
  • The problem with the rabbit is it's never going to make it into constructed/duels(in arena i guess it's ok, but even there you have better options) because 10 mana is a big commitment and in Battlegrounds they just nerfed Deadly Spore to T5 because a poisonous minion for every composition is very powerful, so adding a cleave effect to it makes it competeley busted even for a T6 minion(a minion that straight up kills 3 minions outside of DS), especially when the rabbit is a beast and with some buffs from Goldrinn/Mama Bear it may survive for a second attack.

    Jimmy MessiJimmy MessiMåned siden
  • Will you PLEASE stop playing battlegroundsd now? I miss watching your videos.

    Battery ExhaustedBattery ExhaustedMåned siden
  • Play more ladder pleeeeeasse BGs are such a snooze

    ari sari sMåned siden
  • This set will bring weekly nerfs. These cards are to fun looking to not be nerfed. Control is king especially for the Ecrap part of the game. If they leave them alone they look like fun. Sigh...

    mhump23mhump23Måned siden
  • Haven’t watched Kripp in a while. I forgot how unbearable his pronunciation of Hearthstone is.

    Winter WatchWinter WatchMåned siden
    • HURT

      Bec querelBec querelMåned siden
  • I'd like to take the time to acknowledge that this is the first time that Blizzard has straight up said the darkmoon faire had some old god shit, up until now it was just HEAVILY implied. It also seems unlikely that WOW will ever give more lore on the faire and it seems this hearthstone xpac will be where the majority of lore associated with it will ever come from

    NerdbrainNerdbrainMåned siden
  • I've always wondered where the "C" is in expansion? Shouldn't it be "XPAN"?

    SmashSmashMåned siden
    • The C is from paCk. Xpac = Expansion Pack.

      Jediya AdarJediya AdarMåned siden
  • YogSaron.... Remember Pavel? Esports use rng.....

    Bumsti LPBumsti LPMåned siden
  • New sound?

    Андрей ОбрубовАндрей ОбрубовMåned siden
  • The only good thing modern WoW did was make darkmoon faire amazing

    Noel HernandezNoel HernandezMåned siden
  • We have Sí Las, Darkmoon 😂

    HebouxHebouxMåned siden
  • Duels is trash. Remove Wild cards.

    Smelly cuntSmelly cuntMåned siden
  • Ah yes. Wild cards are back in Standard game modes. What a joke of a company.

    Smelly cuntSmelly cuntMåned siden
  • I'm curious how corrupt will work with mana discounts, or increased mana costs

    gferrol118gferrol118Måned siden
  • They have F-uped the game with million shit mechanics that aren't well thought through. Corrupt? Shit. Wheel of yog sauron? Shit. Rotate minions? Shit. Glad I've stopped playing the game. It seems I'll stop watching it too.

    Ivan DelacIvan DelacMåned siden
  • what happens if yogg saron casts the pyroblast thing that hits players with pyroblasts until one dies and it happens that its two mages with iceblock ?

    Pedro NevesPedro NevesMåned siden
  • Silas is pronounced: Sy-Liss

    CigarCigarMåned siden
    • I came to the comments section looking for the one about his pronunciation of this card and was a little sad I had to scroll down so far to find it. Here's a Thumbs Up from me to get it a little higher.

      Sam FedorkaSam FedorkaMåned siden
  • Wooow hearthstone

    DagznDabzDagznDabzMåned siden
  • First thing came to my mind: C'Thun spell mage N'Zoth Zoolockk or Highlander Yogg clown fiesta Mage Priest Rogue Y Shaarij random Corrupt deck

    Krantz CapricornKrantz CapricornMåned siden
  • Absolutely butchers silas pronounciation

    Jason MJason MMåned siden
  • When you reduce uncorrupted version like 2 mana is it become corrupt after you play 3 cost? I want to explore..

    fatih okyazfatih okyazMåned siden
    • Probably not since the card is transformed. I seem to recall that transformed cards (Shifting Scroll, Shifter Zerus) no longer keep mana reductions.

      Gaussian EntityGaussian EntityMåned siden
  • C'thun seems overpowered in wild for shaman. Guaranteed 60+ damage dealt split between all enemies every turn

    ThisnamesucksThisnamesucksMåned siden
    • Too slow. Expect to see Kael'thas Druid again assemble the C'thun turn 6 then play it turn 7 lol

      Gaussian EntityGaussian EntityMåned siden
  • I can't wait until Kripparian's contract expires...

    Captain ManloveCaptain ManloveMåned siden
  • The cards are cool and all, but I would not pay 150 gold for each run in duels

    CrownitCrownitMåned siden
  • But kripp won't play, sad

    Vagelis SpyropoulosVagelis SpyropoulosMåned siden
  • Darkmoon Rabbit would be a good battlegrounds tier 6 card

    VijaygarvVijaygarvMåned siden
  • C'thun being in hyper-draw aggro Demon Hunter is going to be so much fun to face.. Can't wait, really. I hope they buff it a little more, in fact.

    Koala BearKoala BearMåned siden
    • @Gaussian Entity Yeah, DH will abuse it for sure, and in wild any and all aggro decks receive an amazing finisher..

      Koala BearKoala BearMåned siden
    • @Gaussian Entity say that to wild shudderwock shaman.

      Vhacker GamingVhacker GamingMåned siden
    • Seems like sarcasm lol. In any case, I'm definitely seeing C'thun getting nerfed by like 10 or 15 damage. 30 damage is far too much and impossible to play around so if a deck comes that can assemble C'thun quickly, it will get nerfed.

      Gaussian EntityGaussian EntityMåned siden
  • I love this corrupt mechanic. It really helps control decks which dont really exist rn

    Hogg156Hogg156Måned siden
  • How come hes speed running?

    austin asdaustin asdMåned siden
  • Why is this expansion coming so early? I thought it was every four months

    Andy DaltonAndy DaltonMåned siden
  • 9999999 armor druid/warrior/shaman finds this new C'tun very cute.

    BobMarleyChitiBobMarleyChitiMåned siden
  • I love it. Looks like I gave them some inspiration with my Fun and Fortune at the Darkmoon Faire set I did a while back. Lots of spying, spinning, and corruption. Love it.

    TheSupaLunaTheSupaLunaMåned siden
  • this looks like is gonna be a great expansion

    GrastTubeGrastTubeMåned siden
  • late game oriented expansion, YES.

    MrKrayonaMrKrayonaMåned siden
  • The art work for Silas Darkmoon looks almost like he has two sticks connected to his arms (his staff and the tent seam), kind of like some puppets have. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much, but I always got the feeling Silas was in cahoots with the Old Gods

    D WD WMåned siden
  • So c'thun has turned into Exodia. Nice.

    Master of BossninjasMaster of BossninjasMåned siden
  • Damn they really turned Exodia the forbidden one into a card

    Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden
  • Old Gods are back in town!

    maximal99334maximal99334Måned siden
  • Love how hyped up kripp is in this video! We're ready!

    Checka5Checka5Måned siden
  • R.I.P wild. Any of the old golds with infinite shudderwock.

    Tom W.Tom W.Måned siden
    • toss in a brann or a murmuring with lightning bloom

      Tom W.Tom W.Måned siden
    • Omg C'thun Shudderewock... Thats like the ultimate win condition

      Hogg156Hogg156Måned siden
  • I’m seeing shield slam lethals with Silas and that Outlands 2 mana “deals damage it takes to your hero” demon.

    NanoWasabiNanoWasabiMåned siden
    • @Tony DawningGet ready for Brann + Silas + Double Northshire + Spirit Lash + Circle of Healing mill OTK

      Gaussian EntityGaussian EntityMåned siden
    • You can also make opponent go full Northshire.

      Tony DawningTony DawningMåned siden
    • Sounds like Death Wish with extra steps. Man Hearthstone does come full circle, pun intended.

      Gaussian EntityGaussian EntityMåned siden
    • Omg you're right. Thats an odd warrior win condition and its SCARY!!!

      Hogg156Hogg156Måned siden
  • “Not just in standard, but also in the new Duels format” RIP Arena

    NanoWasabiNanoWasabiMåned siden
    • Duels is pure garbage because they expect you to have cards from outdated expansions. Forcing you to buy more packs or spend dust that's already hard to get.

      Smelly cuntSmelly cuntMåned siden
    • It will be....OK in Arena, but not great. Odds are it'll get you one card, but it **might** get you two. It won't win the game, like in Standard or Duel.

      Terrafire123Terrafire123Måned siden
  • Esports HS? Lul Screw esports and just print fun cards like Yogg

    Okurin GamingOkurin GamingMåned siden
    • Esport HS died in 2018 or so.... I don't even know if they still have something going, it's completely of the radar for me and I used to watch that scene

      Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
  • pretty sure it's draw if it cost more or less than the card you just drew.

    Aaron WischAaron WischMåned siden
    • @Gautham Dixit :D

      Aaron WischAaron WischMåned siden
    • @Aaron Wisch my bad im the one who misunderstood what you said 😅

      Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden
    • @Gautham Dixit umm that’s exactly what I just said

      Aaron WischAaron WischMåned siden
    • nope. You have to guess if its more or less than the card you drew and if you guessed right you draw it. It would be incredibly stupid if it worked the way you think it does.

      Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden
  • Why is this battleground streamer even reviewing cards?

    FoxMattyFoxMattyMåned siden
    • Old habits die slowly

      Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
  • Noice

    Shamlise GShamlise GMåned siden
  • The incredible consistency in blizzards new content for hearthstone is keeping me extremely interested in cognitive strategy games :)

    Sean TurnerSean TurnerMåned siden
  • Darkmoon Rabbit. Coming soon to Battlegrounds at Tavern Tier 3.

    EetTheMeakEetTheMeakMåned siden
  • blizzard seems damn lazy to do the text of these cards. some of them don’t explain shit

    paulopauloMåned siden
  • I always play Wild and see the old gods all the time, I still have C'thun Druid and N'zoth control decks. But this looks pretty cool...

    Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • It would be cool if the cards like Chaos Gazer that "Corrupt" your opponent's cards actually worked with this new Corrupt mechanic.

    danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • Soft exodia and more draw? Are pedulums coming next?

    duncan sullivanduncan sullivanMåned siden
  • Rabbit + oakheart in wild is OP

    Sam FarrellSam FarrellMåned siden
  • we finally have an exodia

    jovan ongjovan ongMåned siden
  • A fun and interactive combo for this expansion: as a Demon Hunter, cast Blur and play Yogg on the same turn and then get the 5% chance to cast Pyroblast until someone dies. Because you’re immune this turn, you can’t die and are guaranteed to win. Interactive, isn’t it?

    TheDurpyWeegeeTheDurpyWeegeeMåned siden
    • @Sam Farrell Blur costs 0...

      TetTetMåned siden
    • Yogg costs 10...

      Sam FarrellSam FarrellMåned siden
  • Druid is going to be disgusting with that monty rabbit...

    sander suijkerbuijksander suijkerbuijkMåned siden
  • In this patch, they let Yogg take the wheel

    Wojciech WilimowskiWojciech WilimowskiMåned siden
  • I have never cared so little about a future expansion. This looks way too meme-heavy.

    HitchensImmortalHitchensImmortalMåned siden
    • constructed is a meme at this point so why not?

      Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden
    • Really? RNG fun is the only reason to play HS. Competitive HS is a joke.

      古代の存在者古代の存在者Måned siden
  • This might not be the correct forum, but will there be changes to battlegrounds as well with this expansion? I could totally see Silas Darkmoon as a hero with a hero power that costs 2 mana rotating the board to your liking. Would probably be a either way overpowered or way underpowered.

    DwarfydruidDwarfydruidMåned siden
    • that rotating mechanic would probably kill battlegrounds

      Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden
  • They printed the Monty Python rabbit

    phillip sandersphillip sandersMåned siden
  • Dunk Tank corrupted version should be Dank Tank.

    Nathaniel PrawdzikNathaniel PrawdzikMåned siden
  • Praise Yogg!

    BbonnoBbonnoMåned siden
  • I wonder if C’thun will play good in Quest mage.... if those spells counted towards the quest itself, I could see this being pretty powerful... not to mention if you return C’thun to your hand and play it a second (or third) time....

    KnightHawk FilmsKnightHawk FilmsMåned siden
  • hearthstone isnt hearthstone unless yog is somehow involved.

    ubadman1ubadman1Måned siden
  • By the time you draw and play the C'Thun-pieces as well as find C'Thun a Warrior will be at 50 armor, a hunter will have smorc'd 90 damage to your face, a Priest will have killed you using your own minions, a Warlock will have zoo-killed you two times over, same with Shaman and Rogue/Demon Hunter will both have a 50/2 weapon equipped to kill you.

    ErikErikMåned siden
    • There is one deck in Standard that I can see assembling the pieces before turn 10: Kael'thas Druid. Having Polkelt set up the Overflow with cheap spells on the ready and you can probably do it on 7 mana even.

      Gaussian EntityGaussian EntityMåned siden
    • maybe they'll add some support cards like a minion that draws a cthun piece.

      Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden

    GameGod7GameGod7Måned siden
  • y'shaarj looks so fucking cool... and SPIN THE WHEEL YOGG BABYYYY

    Richard JonesRichard JonesMåned siden
  • whoever made that Yogg card art is really bad, that card looks ugly af

    Deal101Deal101Måned siden
  • Question: why do the eclipses have a rarity as though they can be collected? Do we have instances of other generated only cards with a rarity? I know the Fantastic Treasures don't have one, Tail Swipe doesn't have one...

    MrDrStevensonMrDrStevensonMåned siden
    • @one viewer then I better fire up the combo machine

      MrDrStevensonMrDrStevensonMåned siden
    • i think it is part of collectable set.

      one viewerone viewerMåned siden
  • The madmen literally made Exodia.

    M&MM&MMåned siden
  • Darkmoon Rabbit proofs it again....someone at Blizzard is a huge Monty Python fan.

    DerGuteHutDerGuteHutMåned siden
  • Wait, that means C'THUN IS EXODIA

    Wolf SchadowWolf SchadowMåned siden
  • New C'thun is quite literally exodia

    IDROdIDROdMåned siden
  • Wait, he has not touched standard in how long and is reviewing cards?

    akbmfmakbmfmMåned siden
    • 90% show the cards, 10% review the cards

      Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
  • Nzoth plus rabbit... rabbit suddenly looking at least somewhat better

    TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegianMåned siden
  • Little off topic but, anyone else just get 600 BG rating from getting 8th? literally, entire lobbies were Leaving on turn 1 for hundreds of rating. It wasnt out for long but if you played the whole time then you could easily have gotten 10k rating. Feelsbadman

    Rhys BonwickRhys BonwickMåned siden
  • Finally ramp druid is good...

    Jan PJan PMåned siden
  • Old Gods was my fav xpac too, so I'll probably return to the game after, idk, that xpac which had the legendary that gave you a random deck.

    nope. ashnope. ashMåned siden
  • first

    Thomas SynthsThomas SynthsMåned siden
  • but its a 5 mana card you cant play a 6 or more cost card to corrupt it then play it you only get 10 mana

    nemesisnick66nemesisnick66Måned siden
  • 4:31 this Rabbit reminds me Monty Python

    Luka MatheusLuka MatheusMåned siden
  • Not yet, at least.

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoMåned siden
  • What happens if your deck only has 2 cost cards when weighing?

    Alex DongerAlex DongerMåned siden
    • based on how its worded, you don't get a choice for the same amount so you would never draw the second card no matter what you guessed

      Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden

    Mecha'thun and the Cult of DeathrattlesMecha'thun and the Cult of DeathrattlesMåned siden
    • @Aussy Welch Dude we don't even need Bargain Bin Exodia have you seen the flavour text for the new C'thun on Hearthstone's official website, we have legit Exodia now. "My grandfather's deck has no useless cards!"

      GalloneGalloneMåned siden

      VijaygarvVijaygarvMåned siden

      Mecha'thun and the Cult of DeathrattlesMecha'thun and the Cult of DeathrattlesMåned siden
    • @Mecha'thun and the Cult of Deathrattles I have a question, regarding Cult names. How can I get my Nomenclature done like Regi’lbin and Octa’von? Great lord, please induct me in the cult

      VijaygarvVijaygarvMåned siden
    • @Aussy Welch I laughed

      Lee CrottyLee CrottyMåned siden
  • 8:32 you already know this is gonna get the dragonqueen alextraza nerf from 0 to 1

    Ayush SharmaAyush SharmaMåned siden
    • @Desmond the Moon Sloth oh you rite

      Ayush SharmaAyush SharmaMåned siden
    • @Desmond the Moon Sloth yeah good point.

      one viewerone viewerMåned siden
    • @Guido Mista yes it does, it's a 10 mana card that makes corrupt cards cost 0 for that turn and that turn only. If they make it to where they cost 1 instead of 0 its it's useless.

      Desmond the Moon SlothDesmond the Moon SlothMåned siden
    • @Desmond the Moon Sloth not really

      Guido MistaGuido MistaMåned siden
    • No cause it's for that turn. Makes the card totally useless lmao.

      Desmond the Moon SlothDesmond the Moon SlothMåned siden
  • Yogg yes!

    coxie2foxycoxie2foxyMåned siden
  • How is no one getting the Monty Python & the Holy Grail reference from the Darkmoon Rabbit?

    Glitch QuitchGlitch QuitchMåned siden
  • We will no longer be reviewing cards just for standard format. Not really, people barely acknowledge arena for card ratings. Zero acknowledgement for any other game mode they ever put in the game. Doubt this one will change the formula.

    PollyphemeusPollyphemeusMåned siden
  • way to much expansions, dont know wtf is going on anymore

    Axel GrayAxel GrayMåned siden
    • @Rique Oak he’s just stupid bro don’t worry about em

      LIIGHTLIIGHTMåned siden
    • It is the same number of expansions every year, no idea what you’re talking about

      Rique OakRique OakMåned siden