DJINNI VS DJINNI! WHO WINS?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

18. okt.. 2020
114 953 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Welcome to the new Djinni highroll casino meta.
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  • That last turn was awful he made 0 improvements to the board didjt use poison hust threw the game

    Snuffle bunnsSnuffle bunnsMåned siden
  • 9 apm

    Abdulaziz AlhamarAbdulaziz AlhamarMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • stop blaming the lag, its not the lag

    cluelessme7cluelessme7Måned siden
  • Alternate Title: Popular Streamer -- Who Should Know Better By Now -- Throws Game

    peterpeterMåned siden
  • Someone has to say it: "Looks like the Djinni is out of the bottle!"

    CabbageFoot16CabbageFoot16Måned siden
  • What a djinnirant

    Dylan ZandDylan ZandMåned siden
  • Gentled Djinni: Summon another random Elemental tier 5 or below (and add a copy to your hand). There I balanced him for you blizzard, I'll await the check in the mail.

    Jim TickaJim TickaMåned siden
  • Djinni won.

    TheData ThiefTheData ThiefMåned siden
  • Why does he bother buying primalfins when his Amalgadon already has divine shield, poisonous, and 50/50 in stats??

    Cameron DiBenedettoCameron DiBenedettoMåned siden
  • Always melts my heart when kripp says "thank you so much" when he's offered something by Rania

    Nicolò AldrovandiNicolò AldrovandiMåned siden
    • @Bolek SSG yeah Bro Just leave this comment at meme Channels Not on a Modest Gamer who actually Stands in two strong feet in His Life and Stop being Jealous of functioning relationships 😂

      joshua dworschakjoshua dworschakMåned siden
    • @Bolek SSG Loving your wife = “simping” apparently

      DavidDavidMåned siden
    • @Bolek SSG get your bad memes out of here incel

      AceAceMåned siden
    • Siiiiiiiimp

      Bolek SSGBolek SSGMåned siden
  • Kripp is too much of a boomer,man.He almost failed to put Nadina on the board ,when he could have done it 30 secs earlier,cause he had no other play anyway.

    Ouro BorosOuro BorosMåned siden
  • I'm waiting for boomerino apmrino

    Rafael VedovatoRafael VedovatoMåned siden
  • SAS: "who dares"

    eshel ahrakeshel ahrakMåned siden
  • *puts amalgadom further up front* good *puts amalgadom back in the middle* hold why you need him at the frontlines *1 second left* *puts nadina second* logical but whats the point of amalgadom is so far to the right *tries to put amalgadom back in the frontlines when time has clearly ran out* "cant you guys see? This lag makes the game unplayable im gonna lose now thanks to the lag. What do you mean im retarded and didnt have to put amalgadom back in the middle and i had plenty of time but chose to move the last 2 seconds with lag?"

    Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
  • Do you like that they run political ads during your videos? I dont think you even know who they are. They run ads for the state I'm in.

    MrWolfgang129MrWolfgang129Måned siden
  • I just dont get why he keeps doing the same mistake, he knows the game lags and has the brain capacity to do the moves a couple seconds earlier, but still he leaves it to the last second and messes up because of it.

    sugibuddersugibudderMåned siden
    • @Mahikan Nakiham said it all

      Kevin SchwarzKevin SchwarzMåned siden
    • That's an indicator he doesn't really have the brain capacity actually. Dog is better than him and doesn't wait until last second.

      Mahikan NakihamMahikan NakihamMåned siden
  • That wasn't lag, that was boomer apm and you know it.

    EdEdMåned siden
  • What’s that?

    weavergradweavergradMåned siden
  • Preparian here

    Sindri MyrSindri MyrMåned siden
  • I cant watch this bullshit 3 amalgams and lil rag from a 5 drop

    Kingerino KripperinoKingerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • we need a new lagarino the kripperino

    IIM7MD Q8IIM7MD Q8Måned siden
  • I feel like I have to restart the browser after watching a Kripp video.

    NevermindNevermindMåned siden
  • I wonder if they have to nerf this again

    Andrei ManeaAndrei ManeaMåned siden
  • Your slow play is getting ridiculous kripp

    daedralord1daedralord1Måned siden
  • Kripp it was a boomer Play 😐

    woops woopswoops woopsMåned siden
  • Intro: "Djinni so OP" *Drops Djinni over shitty mechs*

    Knut HaraldKnut HaraldMåned siden
  • Waits until the last second to do sth... Blames lag

    lewstlewstMåned siden

    Roger GuillemRoger GuillemMåned siden
  • Tbh that was boomer apm

    Benjamin CobbaertBenjamin CobbaertMåned siden
  • Will he ever get sick of this game ? I don't think so .

    Marcello GalloMarcello GalloMåned siden
  • ....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • Kripp : *Takes 20 secs to choose where to put nadina when there is 18 secs left* It wAs LaG

    Polaar NamePolaar NameMåned siden
    • As much as I agree he should've chosen faster, he should still be allowed to expect 2 seconds is enough for the game to notice he moved nadina.

      Costumed CreeperCostumed CreeperMåned siden
    • ^ this, plus he really need to sort out the lag somehow. I can't watch these videos anymore.

      Eduardo WallénEduardo WallénMåned siden
    • Jesus christ that pissed me off so much he sat there for 15 seconds ARGH CHRIST

      Joshua BeattieJoshua BeattieMåned siden
    • @The Devil easy for you to say. Kripp's mind is making more battle simulations than bob's buddy in the time that he is given thats why he never has enough time to play his cards right. Boomer apm? More like unfair time limit. Blizzard just doesnt want you to think at all

      Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
    • @The Devil could have, or it could hit a low atk taunt, then one that kills it. That kills 2 minions, put it further back, it's shield is popped, Nadia refreshes, it gets to kill 2 more, 3 in total. It isn't the brainless decision the op suggests

      Michael RichardsonMichael RichardsonMåned siden
  • spoiler: djinni wins

    Callum O'HanlonCallum O'HanlonMåned siden
  • Top damage: 51

    Philerino SwifterinoPhilerino SwifterinoMåned siden
  • What in the world is with that Djinni RNG? 3 Amalgadons and 2 Lil Rags???

    SnuskedundretSnuskedundretMåned siden
  • Find it a little surprising how a company like blizzard that charges us ridiculous prices for a digital card game, can't seem to deal with f'ing lag issues. Like, come on.

    I am AlucardI am AlucardMåned siden
    • @Amplify true

      I am AlucardI am AlucardMåned siden
    • They know they can get away with murder because the sheep will pay them money either way.

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
    • Reason I don't play Arena: it costs gold.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video.

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
    • 그녀의 옷과 몸매가 너무 아름다워

      1orna R1orna RMåned siden
  • Hey guys, haven’t played battlegrounds in a while. I like this new card that gives you lil rag and analgadon everytime it dies! Very cool

    박채연박채연Måned siden
    • Normally it gives you 80% of the time bad cards. but kripp only gets the best cards and is unlucky 99% of the time :)

      Malte SreMalte SreMåned siden
    • *analgadon* lul

      Sandor CleganeSandor CleganeMåned siden
  • How are u so Damn Lucky? I always get sellelmentals

    Timmy TurnerTimmy TurnerMåned siden
  • Why are you not in the tournament?

    GgeneousGgeneousMåned siden
  • Keep posting losing games too so we can learn

    rannierunsfastrannierunsfastMåned siden
  • 18:54 -12 taken "guess we'll go for the second place on this one" bonus: 20:07 lag hits harder than any hero

    Puncherino KripperinoPuncherino KripperinoMåned siden
  • def boomer apm

    Geno XflameGeno XflameMåned siden
  • gotta love that boomer apm

    morvek tharmorvek tharMåned siden
  • 13:37 suffering from success

    KanubaiKanubaiMåned siden
  • at 2:31 Kripp says "alright, dude, alright," which is close enough for my purposes and I'm counting it

    Okayduderino KripperinoOkayduderino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Galakrond into Djinni today and the first thing the Djinni gave me was Little Rag. Yeah... I got first.

    Jordan NealJordan NealMåned siden
  • I bet on Djinn

    penpinpenpenpinpenMåned siden
  • Kripp: waits 30sec to start his turn Game: starts when the turn ends Kripp: :O

    Don DarkoDon DarkoMåned siden
    • Kripp: surprised Picachu face

      Irena SłomaIrena SłomaMåned siden
    • 그녀의 옷과 몸매가 너무 아름다워

      1orna R1orna RMåned siden
    • @kobisjeruk I mean he does spend 20 seconds just playing a minion and moving another while he’s on 0 gold. It’s exaggerated but not as much as you think it is

      [Ecchi][Ecchi]Måned siden
    • He didnt wait 30sec to do stuff. That was highly exaggerated. But he did floof around near the end and blame it on lag and not realizing hes facing the same dude as last round. He had no chance anyway, not with that 'weak' board.

      kobisjerukkobisjerukMåned siden
  • Whoever gets a Djinni or two first wins. Battlegrounds sucks right now.

    justin actonjustin actonMåned siden
  • At this point it is safe to think that djinn text is like: Deathrattle: summon an amalgadon and add it to your hand

    Man NilaMan NilaMåned siden
    • When I play it, it is: summon a Refreshing Anomaly and add one to your hand. (with the occasional: summon a Tavern Tempest and add one to your hand. It will 100% add a Refreshing Anomaly to your hand).

      peterpeterMåned siden
  • BRUh I fell so bad in was me biggleswort and I died so fast that is so sad I can't believe though Jews in a game with u!

    Video MakerVideo MakerMåned siden
  • Do you feel it? That smell of bullshit? THIS is the smell of balance...

    Mark MylabrisMark MylabrisMåned siden
  • Boomer APM + Lag = REKT!

    Etheria O M F G cataEtheria O M F G cataMåned siden
  • Last part was not lag, quit making excuses kripp

    Excali BirBExcali BirBMåned siden
  • Kripp won 8 out of 15 rounds this game which is 53.33% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Imagine if nomie was an elemental and djini gave it to u left and right. It would be god damn broken.

    Math BeautyMath BeautyMåned siden
    • @Math Beauty Easy fix. Just turn it into a little rag, like a towel.

      Tomtenisse PowercoolTomtenisse PowercoolMåned siden
    • @Tomtenisse Powercool if they do that it should no more carry the the name of ragnaros though.

      Math BeautyMath BeautyMåned siden
    • Should probably make lil rag a non ele.r

      Tomtenisse PowercoolTomtenisse PowercoolMåned siden
  • I have noticed that kripp subscriptors have been falling down, he was at 955k and now only he is only at 951k, I wonder why is that? His content is as consintent as usual

    Omar Israel Munoz ReyesOmar Israel Munoz ReyesMåned siden
    • A lot of reason... First he's doing a lot of beginner mistakes lately (in this one the lack of freeze on turn 9 with a Nozdormu and a Tavern Tempest while going up against 1st place elementals is just mind boggling.... But freezing for 3/1 micromachine on turn 11, yeah...). Add to that a lot of clickbait titles, the constant complain about the lag and most of his videos relying only on what's broken in BG, the quality of the content is dropping. Dogdog might not be as fun to watch as Kripp getting salty all the time but at least his videos are interesting. It may only be my opinion but I also just unsuscribed. Having a repetitive content, while playing poorly and complaining is not what I'm looking for.

      Paul GratonPaul GratonMåned siden
    • So as a fan of kripp that unsubscribe but like to peek how he is doing, imho people Just move on. Kripp video were less an issue verse I was just done with hearthstone. And with that my love of krippa video sort of faded. I imagine for a good amount of people that is why

      ChibiRuahChibiRuahMåned siden
    • Eh, people fall out of content creators, and hearthstone is saturated, everyone who knows of it knows of it, no need viewers to be gained really. Also youtube purge accounts that are inactive.

      L EL EMåned siden
    • as youtubers say all the time "If you didn't know, there's a youtube glitch going around that sometimes unsubscribes you, so *PLEASE* check to make sure you're one of the small percentage of people who watch my videos who are actually subscribed. You might think you are subbed but actually aren't!" not sure if that's 4k subs down but idk

      Costumed CreeperCostumed CreeperMåned siden
    • His "content" is more repetitive than another game of solitaire, just copy paste the last video

      FlyhigherFlyhigherMåned siden
  • First every kripp vid I saw live so cool!!

    Ryan ButlerRyan ButlerMåned siden
  • Put up a few bad beat videos... never lucky...

    Nick DowningNick DowningMåned siden
  • I wish there were 50k more hearthstone players

    HahaYesHahaYesMåned siden
    • I wish there was 0 Hearthstone players.

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
    • @Uxcis I'd watch Kripp even if it was a video of him painting his fence.

      Ajay MuralidharanAjay MuralidharanMåned siden
    • @Ajay Muralidharan have fun watching kripp when there's no bg lol

      UxcisUxcisMåned siden
    • I play other CCG's, and hate HS, ao I hope it crashes and burns. Love Kripp tho.

      Ajay MuralidharanAjay MuralidharanMåned siden
    • who plays hearthstone anymore lol i just can to see Kripps face

      ObeisancesObeisancesMåned siden
  • What'sthaterino where are you?

    InfinityInfinityMåned siden
    • Never appears when Kripp says it.

      Alexandre BrumAlexandre BrumMåned siden
  • Djinni dropping an amalgodon that refreshes shield bro is an interesting interaction I didn't expect

    Ellino Sama Kun TanEllino Sama Kun TanMåned siden
    • Unlike Djinni, boat doesn't actually give you the minion though. If boat is busted everyone would be playing it.

      Muffin 3107Muffin 3107Måned siden
    • @Kristjan Arnarsson yes hence why it’s been busted from the beginning but no one fixed it or said anything

      Iris WaldenburgerIris WaldenburgerMåned siden
    • @Maksymilian Hainberg ??? boat can summon 6 drops if you're not on tier 6

      Kristjan ArnarssonKristjan ArnarssonMåned siden
    • shield bro kekw

      Sandor CleganeSandor CleganeMåned siden
    • Also works with the boat, but only if you're level 6 cause this card works properly...

      Maksymilian HainbergMaksymilian HainbergMåned siden
  • DJ Inni - Kripperino saved my life

    Jordan AultJordan AultMåned siden
  • I have an idea on how Mukla could be good. What if he have bananas to you = to tac tier +1, and your opponents get 1 big banana that costs 1?

    AlvikusAlvikusMåned siden
  • At 11:52 Kripp says an ultra long Jeeeeeeeesus! It was over a second long! I'm glad to see Kripp thank Jesus for his luck but I am also disappointed with the lack of a Jesus exclamation at the end about lag. Overall, good video and nothing to be ashamed of Kripp.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • As soon has i heard kripp say the powerful long Jesus i went down to the comment section to find yours

      kerbaton batonkerbaton batonMåned siden
    • @Costumed Creeper Very true brother Creeper.

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • it was the perfect time to say our lord's name, but I agree we can't complain about the exclamation that went over multiple seconds.

      Costumed CreeperCostumed CreeperMåned siden
  • Awwww yeahhhh! Now THAT'S a build!

    Tony MioniTony MioniMåned siden
  • Ooohhhhh so it’s a bug. I just thought they made him op as shit. I tried to get him early on the hero that turns one minion golden and that carried me to 1st place lol. 2 free minions from all tavern tiers is bonkers

    Gabriel AbdiGabriel AbdiMåned siden
    • It is a bug

      GreindesGreindesMåned siden
    • No bug.

      ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZMåned siden
  • Indie company kekw

    Ming TsaiMing TsaiMåned siden
  • No

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoMåned siden
  • Djinni gave him 3 amalgadons and lil rag before half the lobby was dead... seems balanced to me

    Michael ParrishMichael ParrishMåned siden
  • Step 1: watch video Step 2: win game! LetuccceeeeeeMannnnnnnnn

    Sean TurnerSean TurnerMåned siden
  • Djinni gave me 4 ragnaros. Is this normal? I swear ever since the last hotfix I've been getting some crazy drop from djinni Edit: I just realized that now Djinni can spawn more Djinni. Thx for the "BALLANCE" Blizzard, now it's easier for elementals to go GALACTIC

    EduardoEduardoMåned siden
    • @GLA coiler can't get coiler, and that was intended so this seems like a mistake. Although the chance for djinni to get djinni forever is lower (maybe?) than coiler getting coiler, it's still problematic. Also really strange that it can give tier 6 minions from a tier 5 card whilst not being tier 6 itself. And by this I mean not the deathrattle part of it, but the fact you also get that card makes it kinda problematic, it should probably get limited by your tavern tier. But I kinda feel djinni is getting a big rework or gets replaced which is arguably a rework. So enjoy it while it lasts..?

      CalvinAzCalvinAzMåned siden
    • @Alex Martinez i think they made it so, cards, both minion and spell, cant discover themselves, and deathrattle is not counted as discovery

      GLAGLAMåned siden
    • @Alex Martinez Well, the 5/5 battlecry dragon can

      ShypeShypeMåned siden
    • @Alex Martinez somehow they screwed it up and now Djinni is putting itself in his own drop pool.

      EduardoEduardoMåned siden
    • Wait really? I thought there were no minions in the game that could give the same minion from battlecries or deathrattles. Good "fix"blizz

      Alex MartinezAlex MartinezMåned siden
  • 0:54 Skipperino the Kripperino 1:03 Skipperino the recuriterino

    Tristen AhoTristen AhoMåned siden
  • for once im early on one video of kripp, so i just wanted to say hi and keep the good job

    aspol15aspol15Måned siden
  • 0:37 Skipperino the Kripperino 0:54 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Benis

      bool.exebool.exeMåned siden
    • 🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔

      Troy SnellTroy SnellMåned siden
  • Oh shit here before the kripparinos

    AkireinaAkireinaMåned siden
  • Last time I was this early, Pogo was still not meta

    Blake HuynhBlake HuynhMåned siden
  • Not sure but I think this djinni on tav 5 is busted am I right

    silverslategreysilverslategreyMåned siden
    • Wow what makes you think that lmao. Keep in mind it shouldn’t give minions of higher tier unless you are 6 already. Indie company said so prior to the patch

      L EL EMåned siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... second place. His last non-first video was three videos ago, in POGO-LESS JANDICE IS STILL PRETTY LEGIT?! where he got 2nd as Jandice. His last bottom four video was 70 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Dejan Gru he can skip to the end of the video.

      Hideyoshi KinoshitaHideyoshi KinoshitaMåned siden
    • I kinda miss the videos where he just gets served into bottom 4 tbh something about 70 continuous videos of top 3 spots is slowly but surely growing a bit stale

      Ellino Sama Kun TanEllino Sama Kun TanMåned siden
    • How do you know,vIdeo uploaded min ago

      Dejan GruDejan GruMåned siden
  • so early i beat skipareno so :54 for skipareno 1:03 for skip recruitereno

    Tristen AhoTristen AhoMåned siden
    • Not cool stealing his job like that man

      Bilal RafiqueBilal RafiqueMåned siden
  • Spoiler : Djinni does

    OscarOscarMåned siden
  • What up brother love u so much get it up

    Michael SnyderMichael SnyderMåned siden
  • Kripp is the best Hearthstone streamer around.

    Empty1Empty1Måned siden
    • Also the saltiest

      P LP LMåned siden
  • poo

    Karmit The FrugKarmit The FrugMåned siden
  • third

    zorrozorroMåned siden
  • Today's fact: The Himalayan Honey Bee, the largest of the honey bees, makes a hallucinogenic honey that tribes collect.

    Facterino CommenterinoFacterino CommenterinoMåned siden
    • Ive seen you post this one before

      a guy from nza guy from nzMåned siden
    • Fastest Kripperino in the west

      Zeigler_Zeigler_Måned siden
    • so fucking fast

      zorrozorroMåned siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidkMåned siden
    • @Derrick Crowe thanks

      idkidkMåned siden
    • I admire your commitment.

      Derrick CroweDerrick CroweMåned siden