DOMO IS STRONGER THAN RAG?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

12. nov.. 2020
119 815 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - The ultimate Domo vs Ragnaros showdown!
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  • nice job! but check my channel

    Chr1stofChr1stof3 dager siden
  • Gotta love the comment sections on his channel 🤣🤣

    JonatanJonatan17 dager siden
  • gogo Domo :)

    Toliy GamesToliy Games17 dager siden
  • What kind of an extension is Kripp using to track the matches? I saw somewhere that it's Firestone, I installed it but it's not the same, can someone help me out? Thanks 😁

    Katarina PopovicKatarina Popovic17 dager siden
  • 13:40 super bad choice to skip the nomi but go for the brann/buff combo. Nomi would've been way more useful for the next few turns.

    WowguyWowguy17 dager siden
  • Kripp won 6 out of 17 rounds this game which is 35.29% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino Kripperino17 dager siden
  • "Guess we know who the real boss is". Yup Golden Crakling Cyclone is. And yeah don't buy anymore Elementals when you have two golden Domos. But a win is a win I guess....

    Paul GratonPaul Graton17 dager siden
  • This is bs. Little rag has the advantage of giving bigger buffs. Domu has the advantage of targeting who gets the buff. As for showdown it's dependant on the elementals found and if you find same number of elementals.

    Team TayTayTeam TayTay17 dager siden
  • "Is the card solely dedicated to snowballing in a game about snowballing stronk? Answers will surprise you!"

    MagpieMagpie18 dager siden
  • 21:20 -15 "turn 17 full domo build beats 4 litle rags, guess we know who the real boss is" (i don't know why this reminds me of Ram Ranch)

    Puncherino KripperinoPuncherino Kripperino18 dager siden
  • so mr streamer does stacking one card work?

    dima petrovdima petrov18 dager siden
  • Whats that?

    Angel AlanizAngel Alaniz18 dager siden
  • I never got golden Domo at all beside 2 Domo.

    BigEholixsBigEholixs18 dager siden
  • 10:10 That 8/4 hitting lightfang is the key of this game (from 8th place to 1st place)

    jk Lijk Li18 dager siden
  • "DOMO IS STRONGER THAN RAG" * Litterally stop buying a single elemental after he hit 2 GOLDEN domo * .. bruuh

    Man NilaMan Nila18 dager siden
    • Dude after he got double golden domo he was only offered one wildfire and a lava which gives +8/+8 which he would have to sell the lightfang for to play which was +10/+10. Plus domo actually carried this game so you can't say he didnt put in work

      KaiKai15 dager siden
  • 1:17 what's that?

    Never LuckyNever Lucky18 dager siden
  • Failure to Magnetizerino

    ItsneightItsneight18 dager siden
  • Domo is stronger than Rag? Well considering how many rounds Kripp tied I guess not.

    ThanatosThanatos18 dager siden
  • PERHAPS. THEY. PAIN! 11:11

    Brent BayBrent Bay18 dager siden
  • Where the hell is Whatsthaterino???

    SperminescenceSperminescence18 dager siden
  • I love the way he says " enjoy"

    kazuhiro kobayashikazuhiro kobayashi18 dager siden
  • lol that magnetize fail

    VL (YBlvr)VL (YBlvr)18 dager siden
  • Man has two golden donors and skipped two elementals on the last buy

    Frankie RovelloFrankie Rovello18 dager siden
  • Never punished for over buffing 1 minion wtf?? How many times did that crackling cyclone MISS hitting a poisonous??? l m a o RNG god

    FKUCLAFKUCLA18 dager siden
  • As I watch this, I won a game where I was able to get 2 golden Domos. First by using Reno’s hero power. I was then able to find a triple Domo and just buff a Cave Hydra for a stupid amount of cleave damage.

    Mitchell SergioMitchell Sergio18 dager siden
  • i got once 300dmg hydra with al akir xd

    neekeri alabamaneekeri alabama18 dager siden
  • petition for kripp to make more duels videos

    SinbadSinbad18 dager siden
  • Rag is terrible. Usually steer clear of him. Majordomo is great tho, gives that consistent buff exactly where u want it.

    Glenn StavemGlenn Stavem18 dager siden
  • Kripp when he loses any 60+% matchup: "omg so lucky" Kripp when he wins 9% matchup: *silence*

    Bob BoboBob Bobo18 dager siden
    • yeah he be doin dat XD

      Abdulaziz AlmubarkAbdulaziz Almubark17 dager siden
    • You must be new here

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen Verschaeve18 dager siden
  • The 1 adapt nerf to amalgadon , is why bigger than I thought

    nhpkm1nhpkm118 dager siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. But he does say that it is a "little past Nomi" (aka too late) at 13:34

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino18 dager siden
    • @Moleass I’m planning on evolving I just have been busy

      Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino18 dager siden
    • I dont think he will ever say hydra is too late ever again !

      MoleassMoleass18 dager siden
  • No one cares about the turn 16 Lightfang, give me the turn 18 Zerus

    João VitorJoão Vitor18 dager siden
  • Can we just point out how unlucky Kripp was for finding elementals and he still pulled this off.

    KarnoKarno18 dager siden
  • Same shit dd

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuire18 dager siden
  • Gotta love Kripp. I think it isn't fair to say he has Boomer APM, he just goes complete brainfart AFK for 30 seconds straight, then when the clock hits 7 seconds he's like "I SEE THE PLAY!", tries to shove 3 plays in after the clock has hit 0 already and gets mad when some of them don't go through because he TOTALLY did that in time. Goddamn lag!

    Don KorbDon Korb18 dager siden
  • 11:10 PERHAPS. THEY PAIN. - Majordomo Socrates

    JINJIN18 dager siden
    • Wise words

      Geoff BoutcherGeoff Boutcher18 dager siden
  • He said the microbot screw him but he didn bought more

    kitby11kitby1118 dager siden
  • that one miss play with the mech was very costly, most of the early late game c/would have been wins, just saying :)

    Mads NielsenMads Nielsen18 dager siden
  • This game was pretty awesome. Top 3 were was the titanic battle of the elemental buffers. Majordomo vs Rag vs Nomi

    Evilcake911Evilcake91118 dager siden
  • You ignoring the quad Zerus board really annoyed me. Espically when you complain about losing when the odds are even slightly in your favor and you lose.

    Cole McEggCole McEgg18 dager siden
  • perhaps, they need a lesson in pain.

    Constantine KasyanovConstantine Kasyanov18 dager siden
  • Too soon. You have awaken me too soon, Executus.

    Requiem100500Requiem10050018 dager siden
  • 6 Domos against 4 Lil Rags is a bit unfair. How about 6 vs 6, let us see how that one plays out @kripp

    Yasser ALGYasser ALG18 dager siden
    • @Yasser ALG I completely agree. Rag allows you to distribute the stats much better, with Majordomo, you risk your big 400/400 mega-windfury super-charged elemental just running into a 1/1 poison plant and dying instantly. Rag is also a lot less awkward when you know your opponent has a divine shield taunt. I have had a lot of situations with Majordomo where I wanted to put some crappy minion in front to pop the shield, but then it would steal an entire round of buffs. There's a reason rag is tier 6, with similar stats to majordomo

      unluckygamer69unluckygamer6918 dager siden
    • @unluckygamer69 I have not considered tiers in my case. If you do, then sure 6 vs 4 might seem fair. But head to head, Rag is better

      Yasser ALGYasser ALG18 dager siden
    • It's not really more fair though, considering rag is much harder to get.

      unluckygamer69unluckygamer6918 dager siden
  • Where’s whatsthatterino kripperino ?? :o

    Sebastien Ollquist-CartierSebastien Ollquist-Cartier18 dager siden
  • I do think that lil rag is not very strong and very unreliable, maybe since they nerfed elementals so much they should make it so lil rag and maybe even the 3/2 elemental never buffs the minion that is played

    A FuzzionPlayerA FuzzionPlayer18 dager siden
  • Can anyone tell me what the program is that he uses, im kinda new to hearthstone

    VucxoVucxo18 dager siden
    • @Vucxo might have been 5 years ago, now its too expensive. Its a shame, I really like the game.

      SinbadSinbad18 dager siden
    • @Sinbad yeah I’ve only been playing battlegrounds, still not sure if the rest is worth playing pr grinding for

      VucxoVucxo18 dager siden
    • @Vucxo stay in bg unless you want to play the card version of a pc gacha game

      SinbadSinbad18 dager siden
    • @Vucxo np and welcome to hearthstone :)

      WildbriarWildbriar18 dager siden
    • @Wildbriar thank you

      VucxoVucxo18 dager siden
  • nomi is objectively stronger than both of them, and neither of these should be played unless you're playing quite a lot of eles every turn you have them.

    thatepicwizardguythatepicwizardguy18 dager siden
    • Nomi is only stronger in a full elemental build though, and only if you get him early enough. Majordomo and little rag are a lot more flexible. I quite frequently go mechs and just add majordomo or little rag to the build as finishers. But yes, when Nomi lines up he has much, much more potential for scaling.

      unluckygamer69unluckygamer6918 dager siden
  • I just had a similar build today before watching this video but with ~98/94 4 star cleave elemental instead of 3 star divine one and got first ^^

    Nathaniel FlauknerNathaniel Flaukner18 dager siden
  • DAMNNN what a showndown! nice comp

    Bruno BassoBruno Basso18 dager siden
  • so 6 domo > 4 rag....sounds about right...

    bkteerbkteer18 dager siden
  • domo is the algorithm the biden administration is using to literally steal the US election

    Jod LifeJod Life18 dager siden
    • Good point bro

      Victor Matas MendozaVictor Matas Mendoza16 dager siden
    • wut

      SinbadSinbad18 dager siden
  • Whoa, Kripp buffing a Crackling Cyclone with Domo? First time I’ve seen that play.

    Viss 90Viss 9018 dager siden
    • Who hurt you?

      Denis517Denis51718 dager siden
    • And he got 1st. Hope he understands the power of Domo now

      rehan shahidrehan shahid18 dager siden
  • Kripp drew so much lol

    a guy from nza guy from nz18 dager siden
  • 20:38 Kripp skips the most powerful triple in the game. I bet chat was furious.

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson18 dager siden
    • @Leo Segovia Three Nomis just form a golden Nomi. But three Zeruses can be anything. They can even be a golden Nomi!

      John JohnsonJohn Johnson18 dager siden
    • Those are some weird Nomis

      Leo SegoviaLeo Segovia18 dager siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino Awayfromkeyboardino18 dager siden
    • Sadge

      Rusty OPRusty OP14 dager siden
  • at least this time he played domo for real

    Igor DalavechiaIgor Dalavechia18 dager siden
  • Kripp has not been very talkative this game. The only topic present was the game itself. The most mentioned phrase was "magnetize".

    Topiccino KripperinoTopiccino Kripperino18 dager siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... first place. His last non-first video was one video ago, in MILLHOUSE’S BAG OF TRICKS! where he got 2nd as Millhouse. His last bottom four video was 107 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino Kripperino18 dager siden
    • LOKO

      Eleu Dalla noraEleu Dalla nora18 dager siden
  • The real boss is 35% :D

    SerYoGa Trash ChannelSerYoGa Trash Channel18 dager siden
  • I love how he just ignored having 2 amalgams

    Luiz DanielLuiz Daniel18 dager siden
  • 0:49

    Леонид ТрофимовЛеонид Трофимов18 dager siden
  • Hey, Kripparrian, hows it going? Guys here. Today we wanna take from you Kripp a game where you went all-in suuuuper hard on Domo!

    TodayIwannaGiveYourinno GuyserinoTodayIwannaGiveYourinno Guyserino18 dager siden
    • Lol, I have not seen you comment before, but you may be my favorite Kripperino hahaha

      George FeltonGeorge Felton18 dager siden
  • Domo = Domination.

    Mike ShamanMike Shaman18 dager siden
  • No

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino Golderino18 dager siden
  • Domo with huge cleave or divine shield poisoned amalgam is fun.

    canh nguyencanh nguyen18 dager siden
  • Play it how you like it because when your happy it makes the video fun to watch. People need to realize you show them great play moves, you experiment on different ways to win, and show them also what doesn't work. Some of them need to understand why, but it gets old telling them I imagine. Lot's of love to your wife and you!!!

    A. SettjeA. Settje18 dager siden
  • He didn’t even blink at the 4 zerus board

    Blake LiuBlake Liu18 dager siden
    • Time stamp?

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen Verschaeve18 dager siden
    • Streamer version of the thousand-yard stare. Dude's seen some shit in his life.

      MazraMazra18 dager siden
    • @RichardTheSloth really pisses me off tbh, makes me not want to watch sometimes

      Cole McEggCole McEgg18 dager siden
    • He can trow shit and freak out losing a 1/3, yet doesn't give a shit when seeing stuff like that. It really makes me sad sometimes.

      RichardTheSlothRichardTheSloth18 dager siden
  • Rag is overrated imho. Nomi and Domo are much better. Rag is only better if it's late and you haven't gotten Nomi or Domo yet.

    Lord CorgiLord Corgi18 dager siden
    • well nomi is only good for a pure elemental build. Domo and Rag can be splashed into anything. And if you hit domo early enough you get some free stats aswell (+1|+1 per turn per domo)

      Mauer01Mauer0118 dager siden
  • Kripp doesn't say Jesus in this video. It was most likely because kripp is following the elemental gods instead of the holy Trinity. We have experienced this before when elementals first launched and now we get it again post majordomo buff. The demonic streak is 2.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino18 dager siden
    • I hope he will get back on right path.

      Slavo MajovskýSlavo Majovský18 dager siden
  • That guy got so unlucky

    ethohalfslabethohalfslab18 dager siden
  • "Damn that guy reaaally hated the golem" I loved that so much XD

    ZanatorZanator18 dager siden
  • rag is way too slow now, they should nerf him a small bit and send him back to tier 5

    Lil heezyLil heezy18 dager siden
  • "guess we know who the real boss is" 35.7% to win 50.6% to lose KEKWait

    Gastón RobaynaGastón Robayna18 dager siden
    • What does KEKW and POG mean xD

      The 13The 1314 dager siden
    • @Gastón Robayna irrelevant, since the game he described still took place. And there are 2 tiers between them so yes, two golden domos are more common than 4 rags

      P CergicP Cergic17 dager siden
    • Just a reference to majordomo normally being the boss you kill before ragnaros.

      Finn TWFinn TW17 dager siden
    • @arnaud thouvenot true, also missplaying with the mech cost him quite a lot. Still... We are here for the memes and making fun of Kripp KEKL

      RichardTheSlothRichardTheSloth18 dager siden
    • @arnaud thouvenot because 6 domos it's also average. Right

      Gastón RobaynaGastón Robayna18 dager siden
  • With that luck party elemental might as well have it's effect be give +1 +1 to every elemental played this turn lmao

    xLegend 89xLegend 8918 dager siden
  • 0:06 how I am telling my friends that I banged last night

    Tamerlan BurgumbayevTamerlan Burgumbayev18 dager siden
  • Feelt like the intro was at 1.25x speed

    Emil Edelmann JørgensenEmil Edelmann Jørgensen18 dager siden
  • The 2 minion build

    Jinstronda 2Jinstronda 218 dager siden
  • Kripperdomo Exesaltus "None may challenge the living salt!"

    Sindri MyrSindri Myr18 dager siden
    • The BGs one says "Perhaps they need a lesson in pain" So maybe this could be "Perhaps they need a lesson in salt"

      Felipe MendezFelipe Mendez18 dager siden
  • Domo is more consistent, but if you get the ball rolling with Rag, you are Iin business. I personally am Domo Dude all day.

    RubberKidney -RubberKidney -18 dager siden
    • Someone should do the math on it! It was just 20 minutes ago, that I finished a game where I had early rag... But it buffed the minions so often I was just cycling through and those sellementals and 1/3s just work better with domo.. Rag is only viable when u have 6 minions set forever and get the tavern tempest real often I feel. Quick overview why I like domo more: -targeted buff -focused buff, so 1 strong minion might carry you through midgame -you get him much earlier and he is easier to triple -works better with gold efficient elementals (both 1 stars) -domo is good in the round you get him (since it's earlier and you buff +1/1 garantueed) while rag in my experience takes 2 to 3 turns before his stats actually matter, because you usually get him when your opponents have strong minions and full comps most of the time around the turn you get him

      DR7DR718 dager siden
  • Try buffing domo if you have nothing else. You can keep him the whole game!

    Matt SenkowMatt Senkow18 dager siden
    • @Matthew Fedoseev aw fuck why have I never thought of that, decent call

      TheCraicDealerTheCraicDealer17 dager siden
    • Yes, and domo can also buff itself if you place him to the far left. That’s what I do if I get early domo without any cleaves/divine shields

      Matthew FedoseevMatthew Fedoseev18 dager siden
  • Arrived nearly when all the *inserterino anythingo* kripparino accounts

    Hunter RickettsHunter Ricketts18 dager siden
    • *kripperino

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino18 dager siden
  • In a parallel universe: Minordomo Big Rag

    Waater .TWaater .T18 dager siden
    • @Waater .T more like IRONING 👍

      Isaac GutierrezIsaac Gutierrez16 dager siden
    • @PlaywithKripperino Kripperino is this irony?

      Waater .TWaater .T17 dager siden
    • LMAO

      PlaywithKripperino KripperinoPlaywithKripperino Kripperino17 dager siden
    • @Lookitupfam ah.

      Waater .TWaater .T18 dager siden
    • Lieutenant Domo?

      fudaldeathfudaldeath18 dager siden
  • Mag is stronger with brann

    daedralord1daedralord118 dager siden
  • The only reason Domo is stronger because he awakened Lord Rag TOO SOON!

    VijaygarvVijaygarv18 dager siden
  • ✋🤚

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino Freemerino18 dager siden

    Satanrino KripperinoSatanrino Kripperino18 dager siden
    • He got FIRST!

      VijaygarvVijaygarv18 dager siden
  • So we finally got the showdown. Domo versus Lil Rag. Enjoy.

    How Does Kripperino End The IntrorinoHow Does Kripperino End The Introrino18 dager siden
    • @Ihor Makara that's how you pronounce little

      ウマイシウマイシ12 dager siden
    • you and skipperino synergize like crazy

      Isaac GutierrezIsaac Gutierrez16 dager siden
    • Do u like Magic mushrooms?

      No13ody WBPNo13ody WBP16 dager siden
    • He said Little Rag

      Ihor MakaraIhor Makara18 dager siden
  • Memento Mori

    Mementomorino KripperinoMementomorino Kripperino18 dager siden
  • I love you, fucking Beautiful

    Alberto CalderónAlberto Calderón18 dager siden
  • No complaints from Kripp at the beginning this time.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino Kripperino18 dager siden
  • Kripp took first damage on turn 3 this game (3 damage)

    First Damage Takerino KripperinoFirst Damage Takerino Kripperino18 dager siden
  • 0:38 Skipperino the Kripperino 0:51 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino Kripperino18 dager siden
    • Benis

      bool.exebool.exe18 dager siden
    • @Skipperino Kripperino did you consider it as a compliment ?

      FortHubFortHub18 dager siden
    • @FortHub Google Translate and pick your language

      Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino Kripperino18 dager siden
    • @Skipperino Kripperino how does it translated in google

      FortHubFortHub18 dager siden
    • ...penis...

      Giordano SantilliGiordano Santilli18 dager siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidk18 dager siden
    • @Victor Matas Mendoza I will not jeopardize my fellow comrade

      Freeman GFreeman G16 dager siden
    • @Freeman G tell me please

      Victor Matas MendozaVictor Matas Mendoza16 dager siden
    • I know your secret

      Freeman GFreeman G17 dager siden