DUELS = NEW GAME MODE!!! - Hearthstone Duels

22. okt.. 2020
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Hearthstone Duels - Constructed meets Dungeon Run meets Arena! Let's gooooo!
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  • U can't play this mode unless u bought the early acess thing?

    HmoOoD XHmoOoD X20 dager siden
  • iraqveteran8888

    Barbra kahnBarbra kahn21 dag siden
  • Poor vegans.. don’t age, now you gotta experience all the shit the world has to come

    Luka MagicLuka MagicMåned siden
  • I come back after a year and your nearly at 1 mill geesh man

    bob rossbob rossMåned siden
  • I dusted all of my NAX cards, am i just F*cked now!?

    Newsky79Newsky79Måned siden
  • Kripp goes to shool at sholomance.

    junitsujunitsuMåned siden
  • Sad, I was hoping for 2v2

    NOTH INGNOTH INGMåned siden
  • Onyx Magescribe into double flash heal?

    Wizard101GuyWizard101GuyMåned siden

    Wizard101GuyWizard101GuyMåned siden
  • NAXX OUT PogChamp

    OscarOscarMåned siden
  • 80$ to try a new gamemode???

    Travis WoolstonTravis WoolstonMåned siden
  • :'''' how are you still playing hearthstone krip, i used to watch you back in 2013. Doesnt it feel like a waste by now? :p

    FumphaFumphaMåned siden
  • i think you said scholomance wrong my dude

    Mr BigMr BigMåned siden
  • FFS it is pronounced "SKOL-O-MANCE" - like school, not shole.

    Cyril FiggisCyril FiggisMåned siden
    • He's explained that, actually, it isn't.

      theparagonaltheparagonalMåned siden
  • The entire mode is a big bait and scam by Blizzard. They are only doing it to make people use money to craft older cards and punish people who already dusted them. Its horrendous and they don't offer players a complete collection when they draft the duel deck. Another punch to the face of new players. I will just stick to Battlegrounds, fuck Bli$$ard and their greed.

    Kan KanenasKan KanenasMåned siden
  • I think he would have been fine, but it does seem like a mistake to bring out Thaddius just as your opponent would be reaching their mind control turn.

    colinfuncolinfunMåned siden
  • I like checking in every once in a while to see if Kripp has learned how to pronounce Hearthstone correctly. Status Report: He has not.

    Carl CoxCarl CoxMåned siden
  • It’s behind a 100$ paywall. I hate blizzard

  • Watching kripp crafting a deck with new cards he havn't played before in 2020 is like watching my grandpa making a dubstep spotify playlist!

    Kevin DahlbyKevin DahlbyMåned siden
  • I didn't like battle grounds but this duels things looks pretty fun to me.

    Eli NopeEli NopeMåned siden
  • ایرانیای عزیز اینو چک کنن noworld.info/video/video/0YbVdracxLixmNU.html

    Behnam zarakiBehnam zarakiMåned siden
  • ...only costs 50 CAD/99CAD to purchase....

    Negative IvesNegative IvesMåned siden
  • miley cyrus

    Barbara JeanesBarbara JeanesMåned siden
  • So basically duels isn’t worth it if you were a dumbshit like me and disenchanted all your wild cards?

    Yorick de RooverYorick de RooverMåned siden
  • cripple is just a sell out shill for blizz. he no longer as any ass whatsoever.

    knotkool1knotkool1Måned siden
  • I was all in until the $45 investment requirement.

    Jeff KJeff KMåned siden
  • All these people shaming those who deconned wild cards, sorry we all dont have hundreds of dollars to spend on a card game

    Jittery JaredJittery JaredMåned siden
  • Trash game mode. Just trying to get people to spend gold / dust / money on Wild packs and cards.

    Smelly cuntSmelly cuntMåned siden
  • Hurtstune duls sonds fon

    FergulixFergulixMåned siden
  • Shoallamance?

    Da Orange CzarDa Orange CzarMåned siden
  • I'm hoping for hearthstone on xbox/Sony please god

    Jason MillerJason MillerMåned siden
  • You have to pay 40$ to play this mode?

    Traves GoacheeTraves GoacheeMåned siden
  • I thought this was a free mode..... I would have to pay £69.99 to play 👎🏾💩💩💩💩💩 absolutely no chance I'm paying that much for a game mode I Don't even know if I enjoy.

    Jake MccallJake MccallMåned siden
  • This looks like a lot of fun! ...but introducing a game mode that benefits from you paying for packs from a 5-year old expansion bloc..... seriously, it can use your collection, sure, but the sensible thing would be to only use your collection of Base, Classic, and whichever sets are _currently_ in standard. It's ludicrous to make players as powerful in a brand new 2020 game mode as they have sunk money into 2014 cards......

    EaodeEaodeMåned siden
  • You shouldve chosen the Princess treasure, because it would summon Thadeus if either Fuegen or Stalag died, and would summon two Thadeus' if they both died.

    hazeulquiorra95hazeulquiorra95Måned siden
  • kripp played so much battleground he doesn't know how to play a run anymore lmao

    Laurence ZhuLaurence ZhuMåned siden
  • So basically, you cna't play that mode if you don't have any wild cards?

    David LievreDavid LievreMåned siden
  • It looks a lot like Arena, except you have to get cards from your collection instead of getting it randomly. I guess for experienced players, it's kind of better to mitigate the randomness to only treasure... but for anyone not having a full collection (and that can be experienced too), it's a bust. I love Kripp videos and I watch all of them, but I'll probably not watch any of these duels.

    MrTjafaasMrTjafaasMåned siden
  • Damn. No new battlegrounds video today. *sigh*

    ShammoShammoMåned siden
  • Who cares about naxx when you have scholomance, i agree that you need a bigger collection for this mode but the power level of old sets is too low compared to modern. Standard players should be fine.

    WoqtWoqtMåned siden
  • Looks fun but seems too balanced in terms of passives. No thanks. Stupid modes should just be that: stupid.

    Mäxchen MusterhausenMäxchen MusterhausenMåned siden
  • What's up with Kripp always waiting 30 sec doing absolutely nothing and then trying to trigger 10 different actions, when the timer has already ran out?

    AdephxAdephxMåned siden
  • So it's pay more to have more cards, and then pay more to win more things. Oh, and if you tag a Zephrys, most likely from picking the Mage "free" deck, you're guaranteed to win? And if you didn't get Naxxramas, you don't have those cards in your collection, so you're boned anyway.

    Ylliaster GamesYlliaster GamesMåned siden
  • They should start bringing out an app per game not everything into one game.

    Ru ChRu ChMåned siden
  • How much is it in $ for NA players to get this early access? For me was £69.99 to get the packs and access... That's more than any AAA* game on release at the moment... To play casual beta mode? I'm sorry but that's a bit OTT given the current economic climate.

    Charles InnocentCharles InnocentMåned siden
  • You need wild cards? Oh, joy.

    NazNazMåned siden
  • Please make this a full series! It looks so good!

    Ranner84Ranner84Måned siden
  • he played twice against the same druid lol

    Pedro NevesPedro NevesMåned siden
  • I KNEW this was going to be its own mode when there was outrage when the expansions without this style released lol

    Spiritual NoobSpiritual NoobMåned siden
  • Hearthstone “Dools”... pretty sure there should be a “U” in there somewhere.

    Simon RussellSimon RussellMåned siden
  • I just rewatched “the purity of the cards” and lost my mind laughing

    Nikki Bikki BopNikki Bikki BopMåned siden

      Nikki Bikki BopNikki Bikki BopMåned siden
  • Where is Skipperino!? :(

    ColossalDonut5ColossalDonut5Måned siden
  • This game mode is fun, in theory. But in reality it won't work for 90% of the player base. You need a large collection of both standard AND wild cards to compete. Most people aren't going to have that.

    Billy BegoodBilly BegoodMåned siden
  • Death to Battlegrounds!

    Apolitical JunkieApolitical JunkieMåned siden
  • Wait,,, NAXX is out?

    ハマッドハマッドMåned siden
  • I love Kripp but god damn i hate the way he purposely mispronounces words. The way he pronounces scholomance pisses me off and he has to know its wrong, there are trailers of the creators pronouncing it.

    Bo AsayBo AsayMåned siden
  • To many cards for me to care about collecting them. I loved hearthstone when it came out I would have 50% or more of the up to date cards. Now that's just impossible without paying hundreds even thousands of dollars

    Aaron Van AlstineAaron Van AlstineMåned siden
  • It always amaze me how slow kripp plays.

    João ReigotoJoão ReigotoMåned siden
  • 80 euro pay wall to test ...

    XmexdXXmexdXMåned siden
  • rip hurtstone

    Taintedscar69Taintedscar69Måned siden
  • New mode seems interesting! I just don't like them nerfing the passives and treasure cards, because they're the most interesting part of Dungeon Run. Here, they feel like just a small add-on to the game. I get that treasures being op might make draw RNG too important, but they have no excuse for nerfing the passives!

    DanilegoDanilegoMåned siden
  • He's playing like he's seeing every card for the first time lol

    Kannan PillappanKannan PillappanMåned siden
  • soooo BORING... I literally fell asleep twice in my secretlabs chair trying to watch this video.

    ItsneightItsneightMåned siden
  • This mode has Kripps name written all over it.

    Cj CarpenterCj CarpenterMåned siden
  • Gotta love all the complaints from the moochers who refuse to spend money on a game

    Mathew GonzalezMathew GonzalezMåned siden
  • Deck mounting = boring

    Bruno MenezesBruno MenezesMåned siden
  • First run as turalyon and I got 7 wins with spells cost 1 less and minions that cost 2 and under have poison. Seems strong but its only 1 run. Looking forward to more ahead!

    Alex MartinezAlex MartinezMåned siden
  • I already see a major flaw in this gamemode. You need cards from previous xpacs. Such a small amount of the community doesnt dust their old shit.

    Lunatic LancerLunatic LancerMåned siden
  • Pretty sympatic tavern brawl... Oh wait! It's the new gamemode. Fuck...

    enderspleefenderspleefMåned siden
  • "what would bring you back to hearthstone?" they asked I said "how about less than a $1000 a year to stay competitive, I have to dust every card I don't need to make one deck " Blizzard: (tonedeaf as ever) "heeeey surprise new mode! its totally free! you still have those naxramas cards right????.......???? do none of you have phones?????"

    BuzzaB77BuzzaB77Måned siden
  • Well...its really nice to watch some hearthstone duel cause I'm sure as hell not spending 40$ for this shit

    Blue MonsterBlue MonsterMåned siden
  • Time to start watching Kripparrian again

    Solomon GumballSolomon GumballMåned siden
  • NAXX OUT? PogChamp

    Known asKnown asMåned siden
  • Does Kripp mispronounce things on purpose to troll his viewers?

    kassokilleri2ffkassokilleri2ffMåned siden
  • 80 fucking euros???

    TheDippaDappaTheDippaDappaMåned siden
  • Dude, that game mode looks awesome!

    MakariusMakariusMåned siden
  • Ok, I'm getting concerned, is he forgeting how to read?!? :D

    csodatatucsodatatuMåned siden
  • You can tell it's been a while since Kripp has stepped out of battleground. lol

    SQW0SQW0Måned siden
  • Looks like it costs $80 to play. Hard pass.

    Jake SurnameJake SurnameMåned siden
  • If early access is for 40$ that means it's not "for free"!

    DaschiroDaschiroMåned siden
  • Heart stone. Heart stone. Heart stone.

    Pete NamlookPete NamlookMåned siden
  • hirtstone

    Elliot BradyElliot BradyMåned siden
  • It looks like a lot of fun. But I'm afraid my collection is too limited.

    mcstoicmcstoicMåned siden
  • I don’t understand why people can’t understand that it’s literally half a deck. Most standard cards are just better, and you don’t have to craft that many cards too. Oh, but “hurrdurr collection bad”

    Brenden LimBrenden LimMåned siden
  • Thx blizzard for making my old cards that I all dusted worth something :)

    FrozenRapFrozenRapMåned siden
  • Blizzard be like: here’s a cool new game mode. Okay it’s just a combination of two current game modes but look! If you spent hundreds of dollars many years ago and didn’t dust that shit, then you have a crazy advantage! Please give us more money!

    KillianKillianMåned siden
    • Also we locked the beta behind a $40 pay wall. Enjoy!

      KillianKillianMåned siden
  • Why would this game mode require gold when I already payed for and kept my wild cards… seriously??

    RwpRwpMåned siden
  • Came here for skippero dude, disapointed. Anyway Skipperino capuchino: 9:26

    Astana VistaAstana VistaMåned siden
  • So they learned from their mistake with Battlegrounds and now make new modes that require you to buy packs like Constructed

    Requiem100500Requiem100500Måned siden
  • So you have to have a wild collection for this? I guess they don't want people to play this mode then.

    Van RottnVan RottnMåned siden
  • Bruh, you stole a silenced minion.

    BercilakBercilakMåned siden
  • .

    Shamlise GShamlise GMåned siden
  • I love how his second fight with the druid ends with the druid looking at his Thaddius being like: wait what is this card even? His opponent is probably not someone from back in the days of Naxx, or he wouldn't've used that board clear. xD

    Tor BergqvistTor BergqvistMåned siden
  • Boy sure looking forwards to being forced to pay like $100 just to play this MINIGAME semi-seriously again!

    MALICEMALICEMåned siden
    • Better times that number by 5

      Goats MiserableGoats MiserableMåned siden
  • so lame

    LiLa LaunebärLiLa LaunebärMåned siden
  • Blizzard doesn't seem to realize that the reason dungeon run and other similar solo adventures were so popular is because they didn't use the collection

    King CrimsonKing CrimsonMåned siden
  • Great, so I have to have cards to play. Whole reason I only like Battlegrounds right now

    ExtronsExtronsMåned siden
  • Oh, that feeling when you lose and enemy BM you, so annoying, I forgot it. BG is a lot better than this I think

    Bla zeBla zeMåned siden
  • Hopefully he doesnt drop BG for this garbage

    Young DouYoung DouMåned siden
  • He really didn’t take the reborn on deathrattle with a taddius deck

    Renan GuzzoRenan GuzzoMåned siden
    • The rush help him a lot tho

      Made KrisnaMade KrisnaMåned siden