EARLY NOMI = BREAK GAME?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

15. okt.. 2020
145 558 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - This should show you just how powerful Nomi can be.
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  • i like the fact that even in 8600mmr 7 of 8 players play elemental build and the one who doesnt ends up in 8th place 😂

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne29 dager siden
  • 每次都不賣掉那隻黃色垃圾 幹

    蔡奕晨蔡奕晨Måned siden
  • Hav't played Hearthstone in atleast a couple years. Is Arena and normal game mode still popular?

    Adam NicholsAdam NicholsMåned siden
  • What is that overlay at the top he uses?

    Mark PFMark PFMåned siden
  • Kripp coaching his wife on Oba's map makes me wish he'd come back. Heist was only mostly broken!

    Will JohnstoneWill JohnstoneMåned siden
  • I've had this same shit happen to me it's always that card too

    Chris JacksonChris JacksonMåned siden
  • Might the lag be a region thing? I am eu and i dont face this lag, at least not in that magnitude

    fev0rfev0rMåned siden
  • At least you're able to play. Tablet player here and after 3 days of not even being able to load into hearthstone, I was able to get on for 2 matches before it infinite loaded on me.

    Mr unikid’s ChannelMr unikid’s ChannelMåned siden
  • That Nomi bug happened to me multiple times. Reported it in the forums and still not fixed in 18.4.2

    foreshadow20foreshadow20Måned siden
  • This bug was still before patch, many times i saw it :/

    Lolinkstas TaLolinkstas TaMåned siden
  • Pick AFK, get shifter into Nomi on turn 4. Think you definitely won this lobby. See no elemental for 5 turns. Get top 8.

    KraakesolvKraakesolvMåned siden
  • That shit happened to me also. Apparently, if there are elementals on Bob's side of the table the first time Nomi buffs, they're not getting the buff.

    Stevan MilanovicStevan MilanovicMåned siden
  • my earliest nomi was with 6 mana w galakrond it was sweet. not for my enemies

    Gyula PogányGyula PogányMåned siden
  • I like watching you but sometimes I feel you do complain a little too much for how lucky you do get sometimes, some people can't even restart during a game because it takes too long but still keep up the vids, I need someone to watch after dogdogs videos

    Arron basArron basMåned siden
  • i have never gotten any lags or the elemental bug, but i have seen the elemental nomi bug since release.

    BenchixBenchixMåned siden
  • 16:17 🐢🐢 I am Mal'Ganis 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 I AM A TURTLE 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    SurlockG nomeSurlockG nomeMåned siden
  • Half an hour before I saw this video, I had an early Nomi run myself. Nomi from a triple and the next triple gave me a Lil' Rag and for a while I had two Nomis. That game was over way too quickly, I had barely time to enjoy myself. 😁

    Audrey WinterAudrey WinterMåned siden
  • "is that how they fixed lag" ? No they didnt , its actually worse than it was pre patch

    Arron O' NeillArron O' NeillMåned siden
  • I always thought Krip was undervaluing Nomi and elementals in general, and if he's just now noticing the bug I was right.

    Jim TickaJim TickaMåned siden
  • This happened to me aswell and there were 3 options . Iam retarded enough so i cant read the effect properly . 2. Iam blind. 3 blizzard.s fault and ofc was the 3rd one

    Bartender BobBartender BobMåned siden
  • the last time i got an early nomi+rag, my game had 2 pogo queens and i played them 3 times in 4 rounds, i died on like turn 8 while having a whole board of 1x/1x elementals.... I dun want to play this game anymore until pogo is gone

    matthew Yumatthew YuMåned siden
  • yeah, that bug with Nomi was happening before the patch

    Mitch LacasseMitch LacasseMåned siden
  • Your 7:30min bug has been happening to me since the beginning of elementals. It fixes itself after 1 refresh.

    ThingsAppendedThingsAppendedMåned siden
  • What do you expect from Blizzard? They are quickly becoming the worst game company in the world by far.

    colinfuncolinfunMåned siden
  • i mean its not hard to grasp that nomi was going to be insane by looking at it and the other elementals, you have it +3 other generators while murlocs were insane as it was with only board buffers+1 generator and 1 out of the 3 elemental generators is permanent 1+ elementals extra per turn, theyre just murlocs on steroids without megasaur

    Joseph NolanJoseph NolanMåned siden
  • Idk if this is the first time kripp has seen this bug, but my friend and I would get this literally every game before the new patch, (didn’t get fixed by the way). We assumed that’s how it was intended based off its consistency of not buffing the first elementals in the shop as you use first buffs

    TkTkMåned siden
  • Wait, this is such an old video

    AlexanderAlexanderMåned siden
  • Kripp won 11 out of 14 rounds this game which is 78.57% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Faced the Nomi bug right after release...was always in there, will always be in there

    Devilfish6666Devilfish6666Måned siden
  • The Nomi Bug happens for me too :(

    Klara PeterssonKlara PeterssonMåned siden
  • had a Nomi bug game two days ago, died instantly couse I sold all my minions to get UNBUFFED elementals. GG Blizzard

    Gergely DarmosGergely DarmosMåned siden
  • Anyone else watch all of krips videos in 2x speed?

    Shane CaddellShane CaddellMåned siden
  • Kripp finally found the Nomi bug. It’s been there since before the last patch

    Gwydion MLGwydion MLMåned siden
  • I'm starting to suspect the QA department is non-existent at Blizzard. Warcraft III Downgrade, BfA, Shadowlands fuckery and even Hearthstone, based on simple math and only 20 variables, is not resistant to bugs. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW?

    KendovKendovMåned siden
  • I lost a bunch of rush nomi games where the minions i had frozen for nomi wouldn't receive the buff just like at 8:00

    Jac PowersJac PowersMåned siden
  • Huh, Kripp’s very close to 1 mil

    Mintzer0Mintzer0Måned siden
  • I had that nomi bug about a week ago. Just didn't want to give buffs on the before my first reroll

    Henry JohnsonHenry JohnsonMåned siden
  • This Bug ist not New!

    Vani TV ExklusivVani TV ExklusivMåned siden
  • Dunno how, but I got 0 lags and I mean 0 LAGS, with phone and 4g. But when I’m playing on my computer with a gadamn Ethernet the game is laggy as hell

    pierre ruttienspierre ruttiensMåned siden
  • The Nomi bug is redonculous

    Dane BrumfieldDane BrumfieldMåned siden
  • 5:10 Kripp talking about oba's cursed trove lol

    FurgelFurgelMåned siden
  • yeah nomi doesn't apply to the first elements in the shop, but on the next ones you role - "good job blizzard"

    WhaverEscapesWhaverEscapesMåned siden
  • Thats a bug in the game since the elementals where introduced, im surprised they didnt fix it

    Constantin - Vlad IacobConstantin - Vlad IacobMåned siden
  • if you freeze and wait a turn they will be buffed, happened to a friend of mine yesterday aswell

    Martin StennekMartin StennekMåned siden
  • Same bug happened to me when the patch first dropped, sadly it’s not something new. Good to see it happen to someone else though 👍🏻

    Nicholas McDonaldNicholas McDonaldMåned siden
  • I will never cave in to those AFK arena ads. Nice vid tho

    Carl EidCarl EidMåned siden
  • I quit hearthstone. the game is laggy, unbalanced, the keep adding ridiculous balances changes and heroes just for the sake of youtube highlights to attract players. it is even lagging on my computer now. blizzard really needs to step up their shit. Until then, I' m out

    ShokeRShokeRMåned siden
  • Nice Match. I had the same bug recently. New Nomi didn't buffed the Cyclone on the board. Is it fixed now?

    B. BrunnerB. BrunnerMåned siden
  • Elementals are still broken

    ennuiedennuiedMåned siden
  • Had that bug on a golden nomi from Reno. Absolutely fucking hate blizzard for putting out a wip type of BG. Just make a beta or pbe server cuz these bugs are fucking garbage

    JesusFallstoHellJesusFallstoHellMåned siden
  • I've got early nomi recently and there was no fking elementals after that to scale, 5th place..

    AlanAlanMåned siden
  • Last two games with eudora I got dragonspawn lieutenant and ghoul. Golden Ghoul was particularly useful for my board full of 2/2 minions.

    saimon174666saimon174666Måned siden
  • Play among us with toast PLS. I promise you’ll love the game.

    SpectreSpookSpectreSpookMåned siden
  • "Reads title* Me: Yeah early Nomi is pretty insane, those elementals would be HUGE *Sees video* Me: Oh, literally breaks the game.

    KillateralKillateralMåned siden
  • The nomi bug was there last patch.... its not new

    philipp schusterphilipp schusterMåned siden
  • 4:54 that slight attempt at backseatgaming rania though :D :D :D

    galdranorn vikingsdottirgaldranorn vikingsdottirMåned siden
  • had a game with eudora and on turn 6 had a golden nomi and by turn 12 had a golden lil rag, without a doubt the most broken game I have eve played. By the end Everything in the tavern had +70 +70 and lil rag it self was a 500 500

    Regal EagleRegal EagleMåned siden
  • happened to me also with that bug... it cost me the game..

    Sup BoiSup BoiMåned siden
  • What game is he talking about around 6:00?

    Connor LilliottConnor LilliottMåned siden
  • 8:30 This bug happen all the time on the first elementals minion you buff, if you refresh next minions are not bugged.

    ARIGAARIGAMåned siden
  • Why does he tell about new patch if that game is definetely on old one? Ginny is still on 6th tavern. So maybe they fixed that bug in new patch

    Роман РябининРоман РябининMåned siden
  • This bug ain't "new". It happened to me EVERY time I played Nomi since Elementals got released. They still haven't fixed the Bigglesworth Bug though, where the game freezes if you get a golden from a dead opponent..

    Klodd 53Klodd 53Måned siden
    • @Klodd 53 scaling was pretty fun though lol edit wait I was thinking of something else.

      Kryyn the MeeksKryyn the MeeksMåned siden
    • @Martin Stennek We don't want the game to be too enjoyable right ?

      Klodd 53Klodd 53Måned siden
    • @Kryyn the Meeks I've seen they at least got rid of PvP scaling after one NOworldr singlehandedly fucked them up because of it ..

      Klodd 53Klodd 53Måned siden
    • What do you expect from a small indie game company

      Martin StennekMartin StennekMåned siden
    • Blizzard quality. The latest prepatch for WoW is ridiculous lol

      Kryyn the MeeksKryyn the MeeksMåned siden
  • I've had that Nomi bug even before this patch

    Jacek SzulistJacek SzulistMåned siden
  • Happened to me too

    Jonny BJonny BMåned siden
  • 6:00 Kripp being sexist

    FravioFravioMåned siden
  • the fact that this is the first time youve seen this bug blows my mind it happends all the time

    PatrickPatrickMåned siden
  • That Nomi glitch is not new. It's been there since the card was introduced. In my experience it's consistent, too; if you don't play an elemental after playing Nomi and before you see an elemental in tavern, buffs won't be applied until the next reroll on the turn you picked up Nomi.

    MrTTnTTMrTTnTTMåned siden
  • Kripp is alway so greedy lol

    MikkelMikkelMåned siden
  • In this game Kripp spent a total of 135 Gold and earned 24 Gold Spent: On Minions: 84 On Tavern Tier: 20 On Tavern Refresh: 21 On Hero Power: 10 Earned: Selling Minions: 24

    Golderino SpenderinoGolderino SpenderinoMåned siden
    • @Dracosia Boccanegra Yeah end of turn gold. I thought there was already a Kripperino but I couldnt remember properly. Theres so many little Kripperinos running around these days :)

      Ben CastleBen CastleMåned siden
    • I think he was just referring to gold left over at the end of the turn. But there is already a Kripperino for that

      Dracosia BoccanegraDracosia BoccanegraMåned siden
    • @Ben Castle wasted gold would be kind of subjective, unless you only mean the objectively wasted gold like selling a minion with 10 gold

      UxcisUxcisMåned siden
    • Can you do wasted gold also? Or does that exist already..

      Ben CastleBen CastleMåned siden
  • When u got nomi you should have sold a elemental and played the 2/2 to counter bug. Nomi need a roll first to get it starting

    Randomice rRandomice rMåned siden
  • Remember that "old" Blizzard saying from a few years back, "It's done when it's done"? Hahahaha yeah... Might as well pull the plug on this shit-fiesta of a company boys.

    SnuskedundretSnuskedundretMåned siden
  • Does krip not play regular hearthstone anymore or draft? Visiting from a year ago it's all battlegrounds now lol

    DevilDevilMåned siden
  • Happened to me too smh

    Jeremy SoleyaJeremy SoleyaMåned siden
  • I still don’t understand in the game why for example the schreder pops a 2 cost card when he dies but what is considered a 2 cost card ? He can get us micromachine which is tavern 1, I dont get it. Also, sneeds gives us a legendary cards. What are legendary cards in battlegrounds ? (Like I mean some of the new cards created for BGs that sneeds get us are not legendaries so wtf ? :o

    Sebastien Ollquist-CartierSebastien Ollquist-CartierMåned siden
  • I knew that Nomi bug much earlier, thats a big problem Blizzard fix that

    The 13The 13Måned siden
  • LMAO I had the same exact bug with nomi first turn I played him

    Gabriel FrenchGabriel FrenchMåned siden
  • Strange... i dont have the lag.. ( never.. )

    DavidDavidMåned siden
  • Turn 5 Nomi?

    BigEholixsBigEholixsMåned siden
  • If this was a new patch, why is Gentle Djinni still tier 6?

    liljon619liljon619Måned siden
  • Who the heck does kripp talk to while he's playing the game??

    ThundaThundaMåned siden
  • Lmao this indie game co is next level. Every single video from kripp for the longest time has at least one game restart. Wtf is this trash game

    Pwnin BoundariesPwnin BoundariesMåned siden
  • I am really surprise that you just know the bug Krip 🤣🤣

    Rain DanceRain DanceMåned siden
  • Hate to say it but that nomi bug isn't new. Had it happen to me last patch with a lil rag missing like 3 buffs

    HyrodeHyrodeMåned siden
  • I almost died because this Nomi bug happened with a golden (reno) nomi

    Vítor2814Vítor2814Måned siden
  • Is Garr really that bad the Kripp sold it?

    TheBigMan0706TheBigMan0706Måned siden
  • It's not a new bug, I've had it happen to me a few times last patch, always Nomi

    Aron Janstad WrightAron Janstad WrightMåned siden
  • This bug was there before this new patch...it happened to me quite much and it was disgusting...hope they will notice it

    dragos dumitrescudragos dumitrescuMåned siden
  • ....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • This bug was there before the recent update as well. The thing is the first nomi buff happens to all elementals that are NOT there in the old man's shop. So, if you play nomi and try buffing elementals make sure there are none present in the shop during the first buff.

    DivyanshMandhaniDivyanshMandhaniMåned siden
  • Had the Nomi bug twice yesterday, and thought I had misunderstood something completely. Somehow glad to see I wasn't crazy.

    theowlboytheowlboyMåned siden
  • I get this Nomi bug every single time on 1st turn I start playing elementals (if there are elementals visible in shop at the time). The buff doesnt apply to the visible ones, but starts. He could have avoided it if he sold and played one sellemental on tavern with Senseis. It has been up since previous patch. It does not care which elementals. On the side note I never had lag this big I had to restart, but then again I do not play this long (just a few games at the time). I suspect memory leak somewhere.

    rajahavarajahavaMåned siden
    • It's happening to tons of people with different kinds of PCs. Even I get it on my brand new ryzen 7 with like 30gb ram and a 2070 equivalent. This is a card game how the fuck

      scumbag trillionairescumbag trillionaireMåned siden
  • This bug exist since patch:) first elemental on nomi tourns never get buffed xD

    MontanaDGMontanaDGMåned siden
  • mutli million dollar company fixes lag in game produced by mass buffs by eliminating buffs

    Alberto SaraAlberto SaraMåned siden
  • 2:11 Cause getting that like 5 drop highrolled is something that Eudora just does consistently Yeah, sure. If you highroll. But then again, if you highroll, you do it with whatever hero you have. It's not the same as getting 12-15 damage by turn 6 as Eudora to get a golden 1 drop into a Junkbot, strongshell or voidlord.

    Anton BorissenkoAnton BorissenkoMåned siden
  • Lol kripp only just knew about the nomi bug

    Leonard YoungLeonard YoungMåned siden
  • Remember that blizzard is a small indie companies and that the battlegrounds mode is still in beta

    Archaon HedgeworthArchaon HedgeworthMåned siden
    • They’re huge dummy

      Lil AmhLil AmhMåned siden
    • I just can't understand this how these huge I mean small Indie Companies like Blizzard and Activision and Ubisoft,... Have games they have a huge player base for and support. Makes tons of money is still new and gets updated all the time but they can't fix the most basic and game breaking things in there game yet. They release full 50 Gb (warzone) updates and ad over a million skins of whatever. I mean how can Hearstone a card game lag so bad and how can they not have fixed this already with the assets and time they have had I just can't understand. But you even see this in movies where "every frame" is worked on for literalt hours, choosing the shot, adjusted lighting, visual effects. Rewatching it then adjusting it some more over and over again by literal hundreds of people over the span of multiple years. Yet there are still props in image that shouldn't and entire story lines of images are just impossible or plain retarded. Sure organising and making a film is hugely complex and is bound to go things wrong and it's logical that even in the final product there are still some mistakes of things that could be better optimized. But how some concepts make it to the end where they should be shot down the moment someone mentioned or showed it as almost everyone sees it makes no sense or is stupid. Yet is some how makes it into the final product. I just don't get it but it happens, it happens a lot of you look around. I guess my image of them being organised and actually communication is to utopian and I probably get into a similar situation one day on my work where things are supposed to be proffesional and good unlike school project for example.

      Natan thesecondofhisnameNatan thesecondofhisnameMåned siden
  • This has happened to me today, was wondering why they are not getting the stats.... lmfao Blizzard.

    Ádám MészárosÁdám MészárosMåned siden
  • So nomi doesn't buff amalgadon?

    Fabijan BarićFabijan BarićMåned siden
  • Notice that early nomi is better than early kaclegos(not considering Nadina). For kaclegos, you still have to buy enough dragons after getting it in order to start buffing. while for nomi, you don't have to get yourselves 5-6 elementals before start buffing. you can just keep playing elementals to buff elementals even your board don't have elementals.

    jk Lijk LiMåned siden
  • oh I hate this bug so much, it happens all the fucking time..

    Danil VoikoDanil VoikoMåned siden