ELISE GOT MEGABUFFED?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

8. nov.. 2020
175 194 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - The new Elise is actually insane. Play every time!
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  • Eh pay to win trash

    Faisal MohamedFaisal MohamedDag siden
  • he lost bc of his boomer apm bruh

    ウマイシウマイシ12 dager siden
  • Stats matter and so does luck of the draw. Just cause the other guy pulled poison for minimum 3 amalgadons before ending up pulling a total of 6 amalgadons and two maexxna (yes i misspelled that) I can hit tier 6 by turn 10 live 5 turns and have nothing above a tier 4. Dude had stupid luck to win.

    chris kirkchris kirk13 dager siden
  • Trashtalking about ur fault. U just lost, scaling stats vs poisons... at least someone punished ur ego

    Jan BřezinaJan Březina15 dager siden
  • Lol GG man!

    420Priest420Priest18 dager siden
  • That elemental transition was the most retarded shit I've ever seen. Wow getting 3/3 for 3 gold that half the time misses instead of going for golden selfless and poison murlocs. That was winnable game.

    GaiacheckGaiacheck19 dager siden
  • Deserve loosing this one. instead of having 5 murlocks with triple bran. decided to go 4 and rag. Next time lets do 1 and 5 minions to scale it.

    Kher4mKher4m19 dager siden
  • Should have sold rag and stopped wasting rolls on useless stats to get battlecry rolls for amalgamons instead.

    I'm NobodyI'm Nobody19 dager siden
  • 21:30 should have taken poison get rid of two non-poisonous taunts, scaling stats againts poison had no sense. "Not much I could do my ass"

    Rafał ChwałaRafał Chwała20 dager siden
    • Nope, thats not why he kept the taunts. He kept the taunts so his opponents ds/p amalgadons would run into the taunts before running into his own amalgadon, or any of his other minions. His biggest enemy was the ds, to win he needed to break it in the least destructive way possible.

      LoopeyLoopey11 dager siden
  • Kripp says “okay dude, okay” at 10:30

    Okayduderino KripperinoOkayduderino Kripperino20 dager siden
  • Looks like Murloc's back on the menu, boys

    D.L. JenningsD.L. Jennings20 dager siden
  • He played so badly late game, he deserve the lose

    ShokeRShokeR21 dag siden
  • yeah... go life vs psn ~~ next time sell brand and place more murlocs with psn. maybe one ghul. so easy.

    LiLa LaunebärLiLa Launebär21 dag siden
  • 22:11 "Stats do matter" Right before facing board with 5 poison minions one of which had divine shield with no token makers or cleave. The way it worked out, his 5 largest minions and his smallest minion could have had infinite attack and hp and it would have made zero difference. I wouldn't be surprised if his top 4 minions having +1000/+1000 didn't change the odds the slightest.

    monkey555554monkey55555421 dag siden
  • So manny missplays i hurt my brain.

    Kim IburgKim Iburg21 dag siden
  • That is quite simply the wrong way to play her

    Kim IburgKim Iburg21 dag siden
  • Genie has been spawning cards not from the card pool and unweighted by tavern tier frequency since day 1. They just moved it back to 6 to cover for their ineptitude in not fixing the bug and hoped no one noticed.

    ThanatosThanatos21 dag siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. I feel like Kripp had a bit of an identity crisis in this video though. He couldn't decide on if he wanted to be murlocs or elementals (his two favorite factions lol). When you have a tripple bran just forget the rags and keep rolling for buffs/poison/amalgadons!

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino21 dag siden
  • So much hate in this comment section. Seems like your audience changed quite a bit since bg came out. Just wanted to show some support, you’re the only twitcher I care about, since 2014 or something. And my girlfriend too. We just love how real you and Rania are, no memes and screams, just a regular dude who happens to be smart and entertaining. Please never change ✌️

    Jacopo VillaJacopo Villa21 dag siden
  • I really think that Battlegrounds needs more keywords, especially something to counter poisonous (outside of Divine Shields). Stats just doesn't matter in the end, it's all about those Divine Shield Poisonous minions, it's rather dull how you can just pivot into that if you didn't get enough stats.

    InsideInside21 dag siden
  • Elise is one of my favs now

    Alder WeghierAlder Weghier21 dag siden
  • Proof: Size does not matter boyz. Also, did the dude buy fake comments for this channel ? Why there are so many kripperino boys in the comments 🤣.

    HoriaHoria21 dag siden
  • Holy shit you played bad.... Why did you continue buying stat buffets?!

    cocaineinmyveincocaineinmyvein21 dag siden
  • he had more poison than you and more divine than you...you should have hard rolled for a ghoul and selfless...stats didnt matter one bit and you knew that for several turns.

    BodhisfattvaBodhisfattva21 dag siden
  • Boomer brain... he had more poisonous than you had shields. Wtf are stats going to do.

    m0ntheg3rsm0ntheg3rs21 dag siden
  • I once went against a guy with full poison murlocs, except for a non poison 130 attack Tidecaller. The 130 attack went against my 150/150 elemental and my opponent lost because of it. Moral of the story: always poison your murlocs, kids!

    DanilegoDanilego21 dag siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino Awayfromkeyboardino21 dag siden
  • I tried Elise murlocs today. Guess what. My ass still bleeding.

    Martin SholtzMartin Sholtz21 dag siden
  • Wow, Kripp, PLEASE GET SOME SLEEP… you look exhausted

    Iris WaldenburgerIris Waldenburger21 dag siden
  • Anyone notice the dust on the lens?

    Known asKnown as21 dag siden
  • Dislike, you had several opportunities to get poison and you did not use it in murlocs? Wtf???

    Natalia HiginioNatalia Higinio21 dag siden
  • Isn’t this game dead? Why does Krupp not play other games.

    Myron ZhaoMyron Zhao21 dag siden
  • Kripp next game: my opponent has a ghoul, i need more divine shields!

    ApazApaz21 dag siden
  • I want to yell at Kripp so hard, stats arent gonna beat divine shield poisonous, get a damn ghoul, stop buying stats

    TheGuyWhoCantFlyTheGuyWhoCantFly21 dag siden
  • Why would you not lvl on turn 2? You can discover an above average t2 and probably buy a t2 on turn 3 if you do so. Turn 4 double buy and turn 5 lvl+buy/discover or both if you got some tokens along the way...

    León PetrichLeón Petrich21 dag siden
  • Kripp: Poison doesnt matter this Game Also Kripp: Loses to Poison

    Nicht_DaniNicht_Dani21 dag siden
  • Kripp: 28%, of course he had to get lucky. Also Kripp: Wins a 22% and doesnt even say a single thing about it

    Nicht_DaniNicht_Dani21 dag siden
  • Max Winerino gets first loser with triple bran. Elise has not been buffed enough!

    interestinginteresting21 dag siden
  • "I don't need poisons. I have stats." -faces a 4 board of poisons. Loses. "I don't need poisons. I have stats. Listen." -loses again to a 5 poison board. Oooook guy.

    Taskun56Taskun5621 dag siden
    • he didn’t need poison. His stats were high enough he just got dsp cheesed

      IpilotAnEVAIpilotAnEVA21 dag siden
    • All of his murlocs had higher attack than the oponent's highest health minion. Poisonous would have added nothing.

      Derrick CroweDerrick Crowe21 dag siden
  • Doing rag shenanigans with a golden Brann caused you to lose. Just drop the rag and go full battlecries.

    Miguel romeroMiguel romero21 dag siden
  • Krippy, you gotta brush those teeth

    Pax PricePax Price21 dag siden
  • hahahahaha stats do matter hahahahahahah what a joke

    Mc SimonMc Simon21 dag siden
  • trying to add elementals to buff your murlocs your wasted so much gold... statistically just going for murlocs with your T-brand was better

    SargadanasSargadanas21 dag siden
  • Threw, also remove amalgadon

    Matthew EdwardsMatthew Edwards22 dager siden
  • i love it when the game starts with kripp complaining about the previous one

    remuN1GremuN1G22 dager siden
  • djini still a stupid rng card

    Kingerino KripperinoKingerino Kripperino22 dager siden
  • This video should be called “Kripp desperately tries to find the amount of HP needed to survive a poisonous attack”

    Nicholas SwansonNicholas Swanson22 dager siden
    • @Finn TW also selfless/rivendare and ghoul - stats were pretty much useless at that point lol

      Mitul SahaMitul Saha20 dager siden
    • So bad lmao, could've just had 2 small poison units and won

      Finn TWFinn TW20 dager siden
  • Yes she did

    ArexArex22 dager siden
  • You can lvl on round 2 and you geht two T2 drops on Turn 3.

    Niko MüllerNiko Müller22 dager siden
    • You stay on T1 an extra turn to maximize elises hero. 3 gold buy a minion, 4 gold buy a minion, and every subsequent tavern you can tier up and discover a minion. It maximizes Elise.

      LoopeyLoopey11 dager siden
  • Not starting the video with "Für Elise" is such a wasted opportunity. How has this been missed?

    El DuderinoEl Duderino22 dager siden
  • "I need stats" ... "I don`t need poison" ... he says... Poison win the Game :)

    Vobs05ZeroVobs05Zero22 dager siden
  • I did try elise.... 8th place. Felt bad. First placed with a couple heroes immediately afterwards.

    Not ImportantNot Important22 dager siden
  • Elise got megabuffed? Yes, when you decide to go murloc and proceed to get a murloc from almost EVERY hero power trigger

    Stefan de JongStefan de Jong22 dager siden
  • "I need stats, I don't need toxfin"... Instantly gets crushed by poison comp, oh the irony.

    Mellow SanMellow San22 dager siden
  • and here i was thinking Im a natural. just played bg yesterday for the first time in months, got Elise, and made 1st place. why did i have to see this video.

    xxTaKe2xxxxTaKe2xx22 dager siden
    • dont worry, this video is unrelated to elise. its just god roll murlocs ruined by lilrag.

      pmkaboopmkaboo21 dag siden
  • Can someone explain what "literally way ahead" means?

    eltjeaueltjeau22 dager siden
  • Yet another perfect example why poision is cheat and doesn't belong to BG....

    ComissarYarrickComissarYarrick22 dager siden
  • Nice boomer apm once again, baffling how you always want to do everything in the last f'ing minute.

    I am AlucardI am Alucard22 dager siden
  • I'm confused, why would you want (by turn 3) 2 one-drops and a two-drop instead of 2 two-drops and a one-drop? I know sometimes you don't roll the 2nd two, but most round 2s end in a draw anyway... seems like a scam

    QI1994QI199422 dager siden
    • So you can make the most out of Elise hero power. When you stay on taver 1 an extra turn, you can tier up and discover a card every single turn starting at turn 5. You can't do that when you tier up right away, the math won't work out.

      LoopeyLoopey11 dager siden
  • imagine poisen wins and you roll 4 times

    AwavssAwavss22 dager siden
  • talk about making mistakes and still winning

    GraplesyrupGraplesyrup22 dager siden
  • Thats what you got when you dont get poison ،،

    Aziiz .hAziiz .h22 dager siden
  • 10:05 nerf pirates? Then wins and goes against what he just said annoys me

    KeriysKeriys22 dager siden
    • @Derrick Crowe lmao no he wasn't

      KeriysKeriys21 dag siden
    • ... He was being sarcastic. Pirates aren't strong.

      Derrick CroweDerrick Crowe21 dag siden
  • He needs to sell the rag and get a ghoul, anyway poisonous should be totally removed from the bg. Stats does matter, what’s the fun of late game full of divine shield and poisonous minions, after elemental got nerfed a lot of players still trying to search murlocs the whole game and this isn’t fun at all, that is stupid and disgusting, pirates mech and demon need to get buffed.

    Sebastian BartonSebastian Barton22 dager siden
  • You didn't lose because you were unlucky, juste playing stat wasn't smart, it's easy to counter with poison and divine shield

    N. BeerN. Beer22 dager siden
  • it makes no sense that there is NO freaking murloc on 6 ?!

    Niklas MeierNiklas Meier22 dager siden
  • Amalgeddon scam!

    Hiddensquid0319 GGHiddensquid0319 GG22 dager siden
  • Kripp keeping Rag and Brann instead of poisoning murlocs was so painful to watch..

    Koala BearKoala Bear22 dager siden
  • So its reely funny, when you bild stats all Game, and 4 4 poison murlock kill your 100 100 creature. Very logical, and not bullshit at all

    Данил МуромецДанил Муромец22 dager siden
  • I discovered a new Kripperino comment They are expanding their work fields

    The DovahkiinThe Dovahkiin22 dager siden
  • So why isn't poison removed from BG yet? It's so stupid.

    SnuskedundretSnuskedundret22 dager siden
  • should have taken the spore instead of that selfless/// attack with Brann, then spore=better chance

    Minar AhmedMinar Ahmed22 dager siden
  • The yogg would have died if kripp won the first encounter , UNLUCKY

    Polaar NamePolaar Name22 dager siden
  • I'm at 9700 mmr and I didn't know you were supposed to play elise like that. Informative intro and awesome start to exemplify that!

    PlaywithKripperino KripperinoPlaywithKripperino Kripperino22 dager siden
  • wow the comment section under this particular video makes up for all the Toxfins Kripp ignored in the game

    Constantine KasyanovConstantine Kasyanov22 dager siden
    • Everyone down here acting like they've never made a misplay before.

      Known asKnown as21 dag siden
  • The rag was kinda trash. Coulda just loaded stats and had divine shields added or something instead of rag and even dropping brann earlier. Whatever tho

    thatepicwizardguythatepicwizardguy22 dager siden
  • For whatever reason, NOworld doesn't like the original comment I posted - there's a pretty epic rant starting from 2:22 at the beginning here.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino Kripperino22 dager siden
    • @Markus Farron maybe i should convert to kripperino soon.

      Vhacker GamingVhacker Gaming22 dager siden
    • Dude you're like one of my fav Kripperinos. At least Top 3. Gets me every time reading your name. XD

      Markus FarronMarkus Farron22 dager siden
    • Toolatethecommenterino also great rant!

      Vhacker GamingVhacker Gaming22 dager siden
  • Nice stats lul.

    Jackson SmithJackson Smith22 dager siden
  • Krip at 6:35: Murlocs are pretty good again. Let me have my fun. Me: Mom! Krip is forcing murlocks again! XD

    AldredAldred22 dager siden
  • 1:19 I'm not convinced of this. With Kripp's method you have a strong turn 2, but on turn 3 you will only have two tier one minons and a tier two minion. With the traditional leveling scheme, in exchange for a weak turn 2, you get two tier two minions and a tier one minion. I'd rather have the stronger board going forward.

    synchronium24synchronium2422 dager siden
    • I think Kripp's explanation is poor but the strategy is correct for a different reason. You will have a stronger turn 2, ok turn 3, ok turn 4. Whatever, those are turns where you barely take damage. If you were to level like normal, then on 7 gold you level to three, discover a 3 and float a gold. On 9 gold you level to four, discover a 4 and float a gold again. It's much more gold efficient to level on these odd turns because then you're making maximum use of all your gold to get stronger and you can get there faster. If you manage to land just a single token to sell, you can level on 8 and 9 gold, maintain a full board and slap down tier 4 and tier 5 minions way ahead of the curve.

      MarcusTheAbsoluteMarcusTheAbsolute21 dag siden
    • Wait I'm still not seeing it. Turn 1 (3g) Buy 1 T1 minion Turn 2 (4g) Level Turn 3 (5g) Buy 1 T2/T1 minion. Hero power T2 minion Turn 4 (6g) Buy 2 T2/T1 minions Turn 5 (7g) Level. Hero power T3 minion. Roll Vs. Turn 1 (3g) Buy 1 T1 minion Turn 2 (4g) Buy 1 T1 minion. Roll Turn 3 (5g) Level. Hero power 1 T2 minion. Turn 4 (6g) Buy 2 T1/T2 minions. Turn 5 (7g) Level. Hero power T3 minion.

      MuddusMaximusMuddusMaximus21 dag siden
    • Turn 3 you have 2 tier 2 unless you get a token start and you don't get much choice of what they are. Also I think kripps point wasn't that you are super strong on turn 3 just competitive, with the ability to tavern up quickly and still buy a minion and that minion be of the higher tavern. Buying a minion from higher tavern usually cost 4 (roll + minion)

      josef woodendjosef woodend22 dager siden
    • I was thinking the same thing listening to him explain the new strategy. Staying Tavern 1 wastes 1 gold and the opportunity to have 2 tier-2 units.

      MuddusMaximusMuddusMaximus22 dager siden
    • And you have one gold for a roll on tavern 3, rather than tavern 1 I was thinking the same you just stated

      Victor Suarez RuizVictor Suarez Ruiz22 dager siden
  • its weird shes was one of my favor she she was released... and i never get her...

    Nucleuiiz QTEXNucleuiiz QTEX22 dager siden
    • btw my first game with her i had a triple boom, and at lvl 5 discover was a baron, gg

      Nucleuiiz QTEXNucleuiiz QTEX22 dager siden
  • threw last game and lowered chances by not getting spore replacing with bran

    FKUCLAFKUCLA22 dager siden
  • Thanks for the good analysis. I usually only watch your first 2-3 min where you analyze your run/the changes.

    jean-lévy Noualjean-lévy Noual22 dager siden
  • that fucking yogg lmao the secondhand salt is too much

    (° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)(° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)22 dager siden
  • More videos about "BG"s again?! That was fast people got tired of Duals! :-(

    Chris BennChris Benn22 dager siden
  • You can talk wonders of any hero when u get that lucky with minion pool noob

    Rafael GonzalezRafael Gonzalez22 dager siden
  • Baron river + 1 mana divine shield deathrattle was game... tb kripp

    Mowha HSMowha HS22 dager siden
  • Poison ruined the game for me, its just no fun building a tribe to have a 1/1 poison just eat through everything.

    David BonnabelDavid Bonnabel22 dager siden
  • That yogg had 14 6-drops on his final board. Like wtf happened. Wheres his perspective

    Fatty AbernathyFatty Abernathy22 dager siden
  • I got 8 place like 5 times in a row and I wondering where my luck goes I just find it in this video

    Greed Is badGreed Is bad22 dager siden
  • why would u keep that stupid rag when u have a golden bran to get stats.... LOL and it backfired so meny times buffing the buff slot

    Boba FitBoba Fit22 dager siden
    • As well as all those buffs that were working so well to show up for him. He had a run then a draught. It is part of the game that sucks and he backed the draught up with rag. It makes sense if you dont think you are perfect.

      chris kirkchris kirk13 dager siden
    • Once again the opponent wasnt massive poison on kripps first loss. Does the previous turns just not matter to you? Just the last 3 turns only? Yall dumb as hell.

      chris kirkchris kirk13 dager siden
    • So never take rag cause buffs backfire possibly. Never not run a card that more than half of are already out in play. Good strats for someone under 7 k

      chris kirkchris kirk13 dager siden
    • @chris kirk it dosnt, any +2+2 buffer is +6+6, thats the worst buff, rag was a 4/4 and buff's backfired, wasting 3 gold when he coulda buyed something better

      Boba FitBoba Fit13 dager siden
    • @Boba Fit rag was supposed to build with the djinn. It also made sense until the guy who shouldnt win won 3 in a row. Attack pattern screwed kripp on an easy round win giving the other guy time to pull amalgadons that all pulled poison and the guy pulled two maexxna. All after a win that should not have happened.

      chris kirkchris kirk13 dager siden
  • On a side note. I don't know if people are aware but some smaller content creators are having all their ad revenue ceased by NOworld for 'invalid views' (bots) despite comments clearly showing a healthy community viewership. NOworld is basically stealing their earnings because they can, due in part to a 'new algorithm' that claims all views are 'invalid'. Somehow it is the content creator's responsibility to curate those invalid views, despite having no tools from youtube to do so, no capacity to do it, youtube refusing to define exactly what an 'invalid view' is or how to combat them, and an obvious legitimate viewer base. I'm kind of hoping some of the larger channels might make some noise about it to defend those who are essentially helpless and being driven broke. Get behind it fellas, or your favourite channel could wind up being next.

    SheyD78SheyD7822 dager siden
  • The new togwaggle is cancer as well, 2/1 versus just 2/0

    D. LeD. Le22 dager siden
    • @Iris Waldenburger I mean it obsoletes King Mukla and Rakanishu not to mention the line of the is neither interesting nor fun to play against.

      D. LeD. Le21 dag siden
    • Yeap, played it earlier today... easy 1st place. Ridiculously broken. It was a game without elements and without murlocs

      Iris WaldenburgerIris Waldenburger21 dag siden
  • Stats didn’t matter. He needed more divine shield

    Sir ZachariaSir Zacharia22 dager siden
  • "stats do matter"

    Excali BirBExcali BirB22 dager siden
    • Yea that was weird, his minions were big enough and they had poisonous I don’t get it. His only play was baron and selfless which he did get but didn’t settle for it saying “stats do matter” OmegaLUL

      Your NIGHTM4REYour NIGHTM4RE17 dager siden
  • When does Kripp play Hearthstone again?

    BobbyCar HaterBobbyCar Hater22 dager siden
  • guide how to dumpster a highroll

    f0kes _f0kes _22 dager siden
  • "I need stats" No, you need divine shields!

    Sergii KhaperskovSergii Khaperskov22 dager siden
    • @chris kirk Likewise

      ThrallsbuddyThrallsbuddy11 dager siden
    • @Thrallsbuddy thank you for being so civil btw. Sorry if i dont come across that way at times...

      chris kirkchris kirk11 dager siden
    • @Thrallsbuddy still dude i have done what you are all saying and it has failed. It is also luck of the draw. Just cause you saw a selfless multiple times does not mean those were different selfless heroes. There are multiple and they can show, but have you ever thought, "Man i should take that card. No one else is and i can get multiple." Then 10 turns later you still have the single card for a tribe no one is running and can not find a duplicate. Never had that happen? I have run dragon with 7 other people running elemental and took 8th cause all of them had at least 2 golden elementals while i had none gold cause all i found were sellementals and party elementals after a full dragon run. Couldnt find demons that no one ran, couldnt find pirates that no one ran. Found trash elementals and i am tier 6 with no one above tier 4. Second guess all ya want there is no guarantee in this game.

      chris kirkchris kirk13 dager siden
    • @chris kirk it's a tier 2 card there's plenty of them. but even 1 with 1 baron would be equal or better than his build. he tried to get max health to survive poison lmao

      ThrallsbuddyThrallsbuddy13 dager siden
    • @Thrallsbuddy if you take the card you see it does not mean it is going to keep showing. What if those selfless heroes were all the same card? Then he woulda taken it and not seen it. Had this same issue. He got screwed early to a loss that agouldnt have happened giving the other person an chance to win and he pulled how many amalgadon? No one should pull 6 amalgadon without being capable of stealing cards in some way.

      chris kirkchris kirk13 dager siden
  • The critics are out in full force tonight I see and it hasn’t event been two hours. Not saying they aren’t right but half the comments I read are talking about? I guess it’s the election hangover or something.

    Braden StewartBraden Stewart22 dager siden
  • Sorry I have missed a bunch of episodes. I am dealing with some irl problems and need a couple more days.

    Where Should Kripperino Have Said JesuserinoWhere Should Kripperino Have Said Jesuserino22 dager siden
    • Take all the time you need where should kripparino said jesusarino. We

      punkhippepunkhippe22 dager siden