EUDORA IS THIS CONSISTENT?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

14. okt.. 2020
122 157 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Eudora is one of the most mysterious heroes right now. How can such a weak hero perform so well??
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  • I like how he acknowledges how boomer he is, makes the slow playing more bearable unlike Trump and others.

    KumaKuma22 dager siden
  • If he bought brann and sold lightfang he would’ve won 4 turns earlier

    Snuffle bunnsSnuffle bunnsMåned siden
  • When I play eudora I get murloc tidehunters and alleycat all the time, nothing valuable haha But I kinda love it still

    KlaroxyKlaroxyMåned siden
  • You don't say " I have to be honest" just to follow it up with bragging.

    Andreas BergerAndreas BergerMåned siden
  • My experience has been you dig every turn after the 1st then you get a crappy golden 1 star that discovers nothing that was worth the effort and games are so short now that you won't get a second one or it's too late to be impactful.

    Brandon MyersBrandon MyersMåned siden
  • just did this and got gold imprisoner, then i lost really hard

    Arthas NorthwindArthas NorthwindMåned siden
  • bullshit eudora is so much luck. I get my golden minion on tav 4 -> get the shitty 1/1 divine shield -> get shitty 5 with low health

    The PorcupineThe PorcupineMåned siden
  • Krip has a super calming voice, plus informing about battlegrounds haha

    Reiana CooperReiana CooperMåned siden
  • I am no longer offended when they call me a kripple

    reanimated6reanimated6Måned siden
  • Smug Krip at end is smug

    Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
  • I think that charge/rush minions can be implemented in Battlegrounds in 1 simple way: they attack first before other minions (if both sides have multiple charge/rush minions, then the charge minions do the usual attack queue among themselves before non-charge/rush minions can attack). Thoughts?

    Boomkruncher325 ZzshredBoomkruncher325 ZzshredMåned siden
  • 15:48 Lil Rag: This is my realm! Kripp: ok

    GranataGranataMåned siden
  • 18:33 More like boomers can win too if his wifi costs a fortune. You aren't a boomer .You are a great player 👍👍. But I want that you please don't buy counting the numbers and sell afterwards all together. I can't follow that .

    Gamer SamraatGamer SamraatMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • 14:08 gets nadina 1 turn earlier and picks djinni instead

    zaroguezarogueMåned siden
  • The snipes at the end were illegal.

    Ayrat KhalikovAyrat KhalikovMåned siden
  • Kripp has said approximately 937 words this game. Words per minute: 49,5. The video with the higest word count is: "EUDORA IS THIS CONSISTENT?!" at 937 words. The video of the least amount of words is: "EUDORA IS THIS CONSISTENT?! " at 937 words. How do i do it?: I download the auto generated subtitles and count the words with a word counter. Keep in mind: - Swearwords is not detectable. - Some words do not get detected. - Sometimes bob says stuff. - Sometimes there is [Music] on. - Kripp can mumble.

    Wordcounterino KripperinoWordcounterino KripperinoMåned siden
    • We needed you dude.

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • 18:23 -15 thumbs up "okay guys, boomers can win too"

    Puncherino KripperinoPuncherino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Kripp's last 5 seconds of his last round is maximum zoomer(?) apm. impressive

    Jeff KJeff KMåned siden
  • 11k ranking? So why does the Al-akir use the hero power on the 2/2 instead of the poisonous? I mean the 2/2 will die to just about anything and trigger the deathrattle. Where as the 3/2 poisonous would potentially take out 2 characters (depending upon divine shields)

    Mike BMike BMåned siden
  • Kripp complaining about Rag activating his hero power on 9 gold is hilarious considering he himself gave him 5 kills on 5 gold but didn't notice or comment on it. That's a 1/4 right there, not that unlikely he picked up 15 more in 5 other turns if he played against other boards like Kripp's, with lots of tokens and shitty 1 power minions with reborn.

    SirMcAwesomeSirMcAwesomeMåned siden
  • Spoilers: Hank broke his back with how much carrying he did.

    LogogoFromKeronLogogoFromKeronMåned siden
  • I can see him getting older and older

    Alexander ValievAlexander ValievMåned siden
  • im so confused why he complains about lag every single game. ive played a few games recently and no lag at all.

    Mikkel JensenMikkel JensenMåned siden
  • LMAO I’ve got bunch of golden 1-star minions last game. Apparently Kripp got lucky. I wouldn’t call this ‘consistent’, but it was fun considering my expectations.

    Viktor KopeykinViktor KopeykinMåned siden
  • She is only good if you get lucky change my mind

    Irena SłomaIrena SłomaMåned siden
  • Does anyone other than kripp actually lag in game? Because the game has never lagged on me even once. So either i'm in the minority here, or kripp overblows things as usual.

    Tomtenisse PowercoolTomtenisse PowercoolMåned siden
  • I got a 7 gold nomi with galakrond’s greed, luckiest thing that’s happened to me in this game

    Sean OakeySean OakeyMåned siden
  • "Never skip dig day" skips first dig?

  • Hank taking no prisoners in this one

    PeaPeaMåned siden
  • I have had one top 8 game w Eudora but every other game has been top 3

    Thelegendof 24Thelegendof 24Måned siden
  • i gotta say it, i got click baited thinking he was going to get a golden Lil'rag from Eudora, shame on you kripp for making that thumnail and shame on me for falling for it like a fool

    Gaston ConsortiGaston ConsortiMåned siden
  • So all I have to do to beat Jandice is get 2 Amalgadons give them both poison and wind fury and then get Nadina to refresh the divine shield? Seems easy enough

    The Preacher 36The Preacher 36Måned siden
  • why does kripp favor lil rag over brann?

    Jonathan WongJonathan WongMåned siden
  • i don't know why your game is so laggy mine never lag

    UVA MichaëlUVA MichaëlMåned siden
  • 17:36 the lag doesn't seem so bad

    Sampsa Kares VideographySampsa Kares VideographyMåned siden
  • Hey, anybody got an idea, how could Sir FInely (with rag hero power) get Foe reaper beeing at tawern 3 himself? it was like 8 gold turn ._.

    Jakub SzymczykJakub SzymczykMåned siden
  • I played Eudora yesterday. I got two golden Ghouls as a reward for digging. I did not win.

    kishobakishobaMåned siden
  • i've played Eudora 3 times, and was first out every time. 1st: dig 1: shifter zerus, dead 2nd: dig 1: unstable ghoul, dead 3rd: dig 1: shifter zerus, dig 2: harvest golem, dead

    rebbyrarebbyraMåned siden
    • If you can manage to survive digging zerus is op op imo, is like being able to reroll your dig every turn, gotta have a good early tho

      Patata EsplosivaPatata EsplosivaMåned siden
  • ahahahahah couple videos ago kripp was "rag always activates at 7,sometimes on 8" and now "wow,rag on 7?i know sometimes on 8 but on 7...and this guy on 9 is lucky" duuude.

    Mike ShamanMike ShamanMåned siden
  • Dude i high roll eudora all the time xd

    zxkredozxkredoMåned siden
  • ок

    Paul TruePaul TrueMåned siden
  • i gave her some times in the last weeks. first dig was basicly all time a trash tier 1 or trash tier 2 t minion...

    MrKhamul93MrKhamul93Måned siden
  • who else got jebaited by the golden rag in the thumbnail

    benbenMåned siden
  • Every hero are consistent if you high roll

    Tenshi堕落Tenshi堕落Måned siden
  • Kripp you gay

    Mega MegazorMega MegazorMåned siden
  • The RNG on the last round tho... even the hits, they were all perfect, like wtf

    DatKraZ CanadianDatKraZ CanadianMåned siden
  • last 2 Eudora games I got only Tavern 1 minions. Except once, I got a Shifter Zerus, which gave me Tavern 1 minions 3 times in a row (should have cashed it in) where I died in 6th

    Tim BeerTim BeerMåned siden
  • Talking about underrated Heroes right now: You should really give Lich a try. In this stumble to 5 and snowball out of control Meta the get a free coin each turn hero power is absolutely bonkers. Had great success with her lately at around 8k EU - I don't think I missed Top 4 even once.

    MasterWurmMasterWurmMåned siden
  • My first ever ydora yesterday and i got a golden pogo right off the bat.

    firmak2firmak2Måned siden
  • Best Intro’s ever 👌🏻👍🏻 nice Job Kripp

    Marcel FullyMarcel FullyMåned siden
  • Noice

    Jimmy GreenJimmy GreenMåned siden
  • Shit at the last round he almost gave me a heart attack he played so slowly he could have thrown the game.

    TheArmyofHadesTheArmyofHadesMåned siden
  • Man, screw this Jandice + Pogo crap. Board is so not top spot worthy (hadn't had Kalec for all that long from the stats), yet the Pogos get her second spot and gave her a very real chance of getting first.

    Jaxson BatemanJaxson BatemanMåned siden
    • They are removed tonight

      FeministabortionFeministabortionMåned siden
  • those snipers who put selfless hero 4th at 14.25 to lose a matсh against Kripp, ugh

    Андрей КуланАндрей КуланMåned siden
  • nice placement from yogg...

    Tho WelTho WelMåned siden
  • .....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • The attacks on the last round were absolutely unethical

    MrChrille1111MrChrille1111Måned siden
  • i never get the lags you are getting :)

    WoodbearKWoodbearKMåned siden
  • 7:24 Says a guy who (just few days ago playing Jandice) having just 3 minions (and winning!) to get BS Lil Rag on turn 6 and BS Nomi on turn 7 :)

    TheCategorTheCategorMåned siden
  • It's fun how kripp komplains about rag being active on 6 after he ran his hole token board on turn 3 into him

    ErikErikMåned siden
  • I hate eudora. It’s even more random than the game already is.

    NotReallyABlessingNotReallyABlessingMåned siden
  • In this game Kripp spent a total of 144 Gold On Minions: 72 On Tavern Tier: 31 On Tavern Refresh: 31 On Hero Power: 10

    Golderino SpenderinoGolderino SpenderinoMåned siden
    • we're gonna be rich

      KnoW uR RightSKnoW uR RightSMåned siden
  • One early lightfang witha mixed board, gets the second one soon after. complians about other players getting to lucky...

    Peter MagroPeter MagroMåned siden
  • That final turn was pog

    Adam LAdam LMåned siden
  • Kripp won 10 out of 14 rounds this game which is 71.42% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • 13:35 a good one

    MrDsfiMrDsfiMåned siden
  • that jandice quit BGs forever after this game

    arthur sbarthur sbMåned siden
  • I missed 50x 50/50 coinflips in a row not in game but rl so tell me what I am if 12 misses is only considert unlucky (wasted only 300€)

    Tobias HartyTobias HartyMåned siden
    • The chance for that is 1/1,125,899,906,842,624 or 0,0000000000000355% I do not believe you.

      CambriaCambriaMåned siden
  • Why did he take the microbot instead of the token murloc at around 4 minutes?

    Jesus ChrisJesus ChrisMåned siden
  • My best games lately are with Chenvaala and now he is actually being buffed too...

    Caspar MichaelCaspar MichaelMåned siden
  • Yeah I've also been pretty consistent with Eudora. Consistently digging one drops and two drops at tavern 5.

    Artur PushkinArtur PushkinMåned siden
  • I might be the only one but I doubt that I am I don't have any lag problems while playing battle grounds not even 1 and don't say it's because I don't get stats high enough my golden nomi would like to disagree

    AlexAlexMåned siden
  • 18:22 i hate when he does that, he believe he played well, but he actually got blessed by god like rng, and not punished while skipping 5 lightfangs in total...

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
    • @Walker Is that you that's a monstruosity to say! u are a true kripparrino fans

      zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
    • Light fang late game is garbage

      Walker Is that youWalker Is that youMåned siden
  • Meanwhile my Eudora runs: I see you just taverned up to 4, can I offer you this golden Scallywag? (4 Eudora runs in a row). Well at least I can get a 5 drop. Discovers the shittiest 5 drops in the game (usually strongshell, twilight emissary, murozond, or junkbot).

    Sean SangSean SangMåned siden
    • @CamelLivesMatter it’s fine

      A_PersonA_PersonMåned siden
    • @A_Person Oh ok. I read it again. My bad.

      CamelLivesMatterCamelLivesMatterMåned siden
    • @CamelLivesMatter He isn’t talking about the Eudora Hero Power, he’s talking about the discoveries he could get from playing the triple

      A_PersonA_PersonMåned siden
    • Murozond is amazing though. It give you golden cards. You get 2 golden cards with a brann.

      CamelLivesMatterCamelLivesMatterMåned siden
  • total click bait video, in the thumbnail it clearly shows udora like "hero power = lil rag gold"

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
  • how many of you died every time this kripparrian skipped multiples lightfangs?

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
  • My friend lost all faith in Eudora when he got righteous protector from BOTH his digs

    LusthusetLusthusetMåned siden
    • RIP

      Hunter ChewningHunter ChewningMåned siden
  • You got the best rolls and best attacks in this game with your amazing skill and knowledge at the game, great job :D

    JoshJoshMåned siden
  • Your fourth Lil Rag actually wasn´t worth it because it just absorver over half of the buffs

    Matías EspinozaMatías EspinozaMåned siden
  • anyone else feel kripp underrates garr? with a double lil rag it can scale like crazy

    Erik RoachErik RoachMåned siden
  • Someone call an ambulance! 18:02 But not for me

    SubbySubbyMåned siden
  • Yes it's strong... 1/1000 cases... That dragon carried him, of course Eudora is good if you don't get micro machines and sh*ts from it every single times XD

    AldredAldredMåned siden
  • I pick eudora everytime bc of that sweet chance to high roll like this. But I get 1drops half of the time and two drops the other half

    Tito LoungeTito LoungeMåned siden
  • Not boomer apm and the photo finish. Just beautiful. Great video krippo

    Alex MartinezAlex MartinezMåned siden
  • That last round was absolutely disgusting. The average damage was 9. Amalgadon sniped the two pogos and a plant popped a divine shield.

    PaliderPaliderMåned siden
    • For some reason, I found watching Kripp's reaction to this pretty hilarious

      jmbrentnalljmbrentnallMåned siden
    • @shmuel s You are right, looked on the wrong side

      EtienEtienMåned siden
    • @Etien 9 damage on a loss, not on a victory

      shmuel sshmuel sMåned siden
    • @shmuel s nope that was the previous round. On the Winning screen 18:35 you can clearly see it's 9

      EtienEtienMåned siden
    • Avarage damage was 10-16

      shmuel sshmuel sMåned siden
  • was it a mistake not to dig turn 1 vs. curator?

    Elliot BradyElliot BradyMåned siden
    • The results-oriented camp says no. I would’ve given it some thought, but made the same play since there’s no token, and you don’t want to be a minion down going forward. You want to be a minion or two up, so you can live to dig another day.

      Bobal27Bobal27Måned siden
  • I was worried he'll rope before final battle and mess up hard ngl

    Yuri-chanYuri-chanMåned siden
  • Boomer APM goes unpunished :D 17:30

    Popsicle UnicornPopsicle UnicornMåned siden
  • The boomer apm

    Edward GreigEdward GreigMåned siden
  • Its definitely time to buff light fang again I dont think anyone ever thought +2/+2 was Op.

    Matthew StaffordMatthew StaffordMåned siden
  • The lag isn't a problem for everyone. I have no significant lag. Not even when I play on my phone.

    ConundrumConundrumMåned siden
    • Same. I sometimes play on my work laptop which is a brick with a screen. No problems at all.

      RoloFilmsRoloFilmsMåned siden
  • I also always do well with udora

    JamSessionSound SJamSessionSound SMåned siden
  • That attack first into divine poison windfury into both his big pogos was noice

    Dane BrumfieldDane BrumfieldMåned siden
    • i screamed

      YvngMan JYvngMan JMåned siden
    • I would uninstall if this happened to me. If I had this casino installed in the first place, of course.

      Slay Princess and Impregnate DragonSlay Princess and Impregnate DragonMåned siden
  • 18:01 never lucky kripp.. never lucky..

    CptFilopoulosCptFilopoulosMåned siden
  • This is how I always play eudora shes my favorite hero

    paul hawkinspaul hawkinsMåned siden
  • “Eudora doesn’t work for others but it works for me.” It’s called luck, bro. Stop bragging.

    Kevin LeeKevin LeeMåned siden
    • Yeah, especially the last round, everything would have crumbled if he went second.

      Ander FuAnder FuMåned siden
  • Arrogance on the intro is off the scale , I love it lol

    Paul AllenPaul AllenMåned siden
  • Im just amazed HOW the hell can u play this shit game for few years I just cant imagine Kripp I miss the old Kripp the nolife Kripp ...

    Pejtu JokerPejtu JokerMåned siden
  • Am I the only one not affected by lag or something?

    TrumpetingOtterTrumpetingOtterMåned siden