GOLDGRUBBER IS STILL THE STAT-CHAMP! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

3. okt.. 2020
120 355 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - In a battle of stats, it's not Dragons, or Elementals who comes out on top. It's the Grubber!
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  • rockpool gamer

    (° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)(° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)26 dager siden
  • Rockpool fatality. It all comes full circle...

    Chris NguyenChris NguyenMåned siden
  • Top damage: 106

    Philerino SwifterinoPhilerino SwifterinoMåned siden
  • you ment pogo?

    MrMorriganMrMorriganMåned siden
  • The lag is unbearable

    DeicidiumDeicidiumMåned siden
  • Rockpool Hunter was the MVP

    Grom HellscreamGrom Hellscream2 måneder siden
  • Attack first meta, there should be two separate win rates based on who attacked first.

    Daniel HoldsworthDaniel Holdsworth2 måneder siden
  • Krip was so lucky to win that game.

    lucus lopezlucus lopez2 måneder siden
  • Toxic streamer 🧪☠️

    Filip SkocelasFilip Skocelas2 måneder siden
  • Bob: How many Rockpools would you like to start with? Kripp: Yes.

    CyrylCyryl2 måneder siden
  • The rockpool hunter murloc from the beginning to the end xD

    Adrián Hervas de MiguelAdrián Hervas de Miguel2 måneder siden
  • shoutout to the golden rockpool from the start of the game being the last one standing for the win

    Callan TimmsCallan Timms2 måneder siden
  • Been having a lot of strange matches lately. Kinda same things I seen in one of your videos. This one game someone didn't have any mobs on the board turn 3. Yet they took no damage. Round 2 they did face AFK. I played them again turn 5 and they had more mobs on the board then me with buffed up stats and kicked my ass. Is there ways to glitch this game to get more coins? Keep running into armies with insane amount of stats and creatures by turn 5 to 6. And their not playing heros like nef ect.

    De Bad WolfDe Bad Wolf2 måneder siden
  • came across the most overpowered Goldgrubber deck today, Reno Jackson on Tier 5 on turn 8 with 2 Gold Nomi, on turn 12 he had 2 gold Nomi, gold 112/112 Rag and gold 186/186 Goldgrubber, 90/90 poison divine shield taunt Amalgadon and 2 x Normal 92/89 Crackling Cyclone

    Jason BellardJason Bellard2 måneder siden
  • Title: Clickbait Video: Murlocs TLDW

    KyleKyle2 måneder siden
  • The rockpool wiiins!

    Giovanne RicoGiovanne Rico2 måneder siden
  • That's the most insane murloc start ever xD

    Robber VandenduppenRobber Vandenduppen2 måneder siden
  • So Kripp, would you call 10:32 the Point of Nomi Return? :)

    SittingOnEdgemanSittingOnEdgeman2 måneder siden
  • When the rock pool hunter murloc wins at the end 👌🏽🤙🏽

    TheSugar58TheSugar582 måneder siden
  • Still no Ragnaros for you? That's sad, I've played him 3 times and gotten first place every time.

    PanthrorPanthror2 måneder siden
  • can we get rid of amalgadon we now have a 1/1 poison so it's okey ... poison divine shield is shit (it's okey to have a few champs or a compo that focus on divine shield posion , but not every fking heroe)

    Roger GuillemRoger Guillem2 måneder siden
  • Screw Goldgrubber, when is Rockpool Hunter gonna get nerfed? OP, OP!

    H0lyMoleyH0lyMoley2 måneder siden
  • Oh look, this goldgrubber is almost as big as elementals are, wow!

    Дмитрий ЧеховДмитрий Чехов2 måneder siden
  • At the very end I was thinking wow must’ve been a low chance for the opponent to win, with that ghast coiler who knows. Just to see he was actually highly favored LOL

    Dane BrumfieldDane Brumfield2 måneder siden
  • 17:00 Notice you're taking in and out minions in a circle-ish path, which wastes time, if you take the minions in a straight line the mouse will "travel" less pixels, thus saving time. (p.s. Yea I know it's psychological defect)

    TheCategorTheCategor2 måneder siden
  • Kripps dog didn't bork in this video However, Kripp did say "sleepy doggo" at 5:12

    Borkerino KripperinoBorkerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
  • 19:08 "Did spam in poisonous now!" Look at your board dude! You just won because of that shitty dumb poisonous build. Your opponent just tried to counter.

    Masoud SedMasoud Sed2 måneder siden
  • ...

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino Freemerino2 måneder siden
  • REMOVE POISON FROM BATTLEGROUNDS it's overpowered bullshit INFINITE ATTACK in a game mode entirely based around raw stat values

    Richard JonesRichard Jones2 måneder siden
  • My 150/480 Garr awkwardly passing by... :D

    RulakfulRulakful2 måneder siden
  • How do you go double rockpool hunter finish and not name the video for it. I am dissapointed. Poor rockpool is never gonna have another game like this.

    joesamsallyjoesamsally2 måneder siden
  • Conclusion: goldgrubber is good when you have 6 poison units...

    Josh Burden Gardenaz FurritosJosh Burden Gardenaz Furritos2 måneder siden
  • 4:29 absolute no combination to "loss or tie" how is that possible ? that kripp wasn t at 100% win?

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataro2 måneder siden
    • Guy has overall 26 dmg if he starts, Kripp has total 30 health on board. If Spawn hits 2-2 and Steward hits any of 4/3,4/4 or 3/4 murloc it's already over 50% for tie or win for Noz. There are also other combinations how could Kripp lose there.

      DonFreeqDonFreeq2 måneder siden
  • this is not game to play any more..this game is not game....when u play murloc hero, there is no murlocs, when u play demon hero-theres nodemons...its apsolutly unplayable, not enjoyable at all

    Reflex LukaReflex Luka2 måneder siden
  • conclusion... goldgrubber is good when you have 5 golden cards..... imagine that

    Apophis051Apophis0512 måneder siden
  • Just played a rag game. Got lucky and got a triple goldgruber into a lightfang my 2nd turn at tier 4. I then had to leave my game for 30 minutes because of real life issues (all 8 players still in the game), came back and found myself in 1st place. Insane hero.

    David LawrenceDavid Lawrence2 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or do murlocs not feel the same without megadon? I miss galactic murlocs a bit.

    William MartinWilliam Martin2 måneder siden
  • 73.4% lethal at the end, poor guy

    jk Lijk Li2 måneder siden
    • Yeah and over 11 in 12 to win or draw xd Kripp stills trashtalks him even though he improved in 2 turns from 0% equity to 90% equity. I guess once again worse player wins.

      DonFreeqDonFreeq2 måneder siden
  • I heard you liked Rockpools so we decided to rockpool your rockpools - Xibit "probably"

    William MartinWilliam Martin2 måneder siden
  • Wow kripp didn't give respect to the last remaining Rockpool Hunter on the board at the end.

    dark nephysisdark nephysis2 måneder siden
  • At 2:27 "Rockpool Gamer" is an accurate prediction of the ending

    Gustavo ZandonáGustavo Zandoná2 måneder siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino Awayfromkeyboardino2 måneder siden
  • Kripp will never hit 1m subs. Same boring content for years, he'll be the next dead streamer

    Smelly cuntSmelly cunt2 måneder siden
    • @Ronald Lam good one

      Smelly cuntSmelly cunt2 måneder siden
    • At least he has people watching him unlike you. Mr. Boring Man.

      Ronald LamRonald Lam2 måneder siden
    • @TawnyCypress79 I stopped at the 2 minute mark to watch the Minecraft Live updated instead. So no, I didn't stick around buddy boy

      Smelly cuntSmelly cunt2 måneder siden
    • If you think it's boring, then why the hell are you watching it. And why wouldn't you just let other people enjoy it? You didn't have to create this comment.

      TawnyCypress79TawnyCypress792 måneder siden
  • Rockpool gamer won the game.

    Gabriel FrenchGabriel French2 måneder siden
  • Where’s luckerino when u need him kripp played prob the luckiest game I’ve ever seen.

    Canon CoriellCanon Coriell2 måneder siden
  • Goldgrubber here, Elemental there... NOBODY GIVES CREDIT TO THE 2 GOLDEN ROCKPOOL... they had carried the game man.

    Mr BreakmindMr Breakmind2 måneder siden
    • Try the comment directly below you... read the comment section you lazyass

      Major MarketingMajor Marketing2 måneder siden
    • Tbf if that grubber hadn't been there to absorb the windfury guy Krip would have definitely lost.

      Tiger the LionTiger the Lion2 måneder siden
  • I heard you like rockpools

    Fated4GloryFated4Glory2 måneder siden
  • Sooooo, nobody's going to point out the click bait title? Fine, I'll do it.

    Why bother ?Why bother ?2 måneder siden
    • cringe comment smh

      Başak TahtalıBaşak Tahtalı2 måneder siden
  • "Stat champ"? More like, Lag Champ.

    Tony DawningTony Dawning2 måneder siden
  • *Kripparian* : "Nice try, kid" *also Kripparian* : "Oh shit, he was massively favoured"

    D1vineD1vine2 måneder siden
    • @TrucksR US Pretty important to note his playstyle tho. Sure, he made a pretty full on transition to being BG exclusive when it comes to HS, but he still plays like he used to in constructed - he has fun. He picks characters that are much below the meta, he plays risky, he goes for end game builds. His many attempts at making Lord Barov good alone should be proof of that. Should Kripp care about being the best - he'd play like the best, but instead, he plays just as he used to in constructed - doing what he and his viewers enjoy and I respect that.

      D1vineD1vine2 måneder siden
    • TrucksR US yes but he also intentionally doesn’t raise his main that high because he hates the meta at that mmr so he plays a lot on smurf accounts so his main doesn’t get too high

      Noah McCurryNoah McCurry2 måneder siden
    • @Ethan Horton 10k mmr is not that much for how much he plays, at least I think, I only watch his vids mainly, but I have like 700 games and I was 10k. I suck ass at the game, btw, just a bit of consistency. I got stuck for a while at 8k, then went up. He's lower MMR than guys who don't even play BG like Firebat and Zalae who are 13k. Up to like 12k was mainly about time spent playing rather than knowing what you're doing

      TrucksR USTrucksR US2 måneder siden
    • He was overconfident (90% the last 2 rounds) and wasn't thinking about how his opponent could flip their build to counter him. But he was already in an established good position- could he have done anything to counter the counter even if he knew it could happen? Would countering the counter make him weaker if the opponent couldn't counter?

      J PageJ Page2 måneder siden
    • @zuzzone gelataro kripp is an entertainer first and foremost. dog is 4k mmr higher than kripp, so of course hes better. unfortunately, kripp is still a better player than you so u have no right to complain about his skill.

      Ethan HortonEthan Horton2 måneder siden
  • Ragnaros playing Dragons is actually beast, got my first perfect game this patch with it

    maddy1221221maddy12212212 måneder siden
    • @Deus Ex Machina Everything is good with him. He's by far the best hero in the game. It's not the dragons that made you win. It's rags broken hero power.

      Gopal SGopal S2 måneder siden
    • @Raffaele Spalluto I had 2 perfect games with dragon rag, so yeah, dragons are so good with him

      Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machina2 måneder siden
    • Dragons and ragnaros go away lol XD. Anyway kalegos and nadina still the best

      Raffaele SpallutoRaffaele Spalluto2 måneder siden
    • I buffed the 2/4 dragon (non Golden) and the 2/1 dragon with reborn and divine shield so much that they became 36/40 and 42/41. The lobby died to these 2 dragons, not even elementals could even get through. Ragnaros is the best hero with dragons, he gives those buffs that they needed to become Tier 1

      Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machina2 måneder siden
    • GoldRobin I won by buffing a righteous protector to like 30/30.. rag is so broken

      Tim SheehanTim Sheehan2 måneder siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. I definitely smirked at that cockiness at the end of the video, wbu?

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • We need a toolaterino nomirino

      bammy maxwellbammy maxwell2 måneder siden
  • Skipped all those selfless heroes...

    Jonathan WongJonathan Wong2 måneder siden
  • first

    speakerlordspeakerlord2 måneder siden
  • I know it's a good video when Kripp is salty right off the bat.

    Jarekx2007Jarekx20072 måneder siden
  • Fishy elementals you got there kripp

    drpeppydrpeppy2 måneder siden
  • Kripp won 10 out of 15 rounds this game which is 66.66% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • Nice I like this

      Shavit ZurShavit Zur2 måneder siden
  • In the last round, it looks like the main way Kripp wins is if he attacks first, and then the opponent's windfury elemental attacks the Goldgrubber at least once, as opposed to trading with two poisonous minions. There's a 1/6 chance of the windfury, or 16.66%, which is close to the estimated 17%. There are also some fringe cases that make the calculation more complicated (e.g. Coiler summons Sneed's summons Maexxna), but that's the general idea.

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson2 måneder siden
    • @John Johnson True, double attack and order doesn't matter. Yeah I made a mistake. Good point.

      DonFreeqDonFreeq2 måneder siden
    • @DonFreeq I think it's a 1/3 chance to win if he goes first, which means a 1/6 chance overall. If he goes first, the chance the windfury elemental doesn't hit the Goldgrubber is 5/6*4/5=2/3, so 1/3 of the time, it hits the Goldgrubber, wasting an attack. There are also some Coiler shenanigans, but those are pretty unlikely.

      John JohnsonJohn Johnson2 måneder siden
    • Kripp can't win if he goes second and if he goes first he has 1/6 chance to win, but it's still not guaranteed because of possibility of Coiler wining against trippled Maexna. Overall he had below 8,5% to win it. Too lazy to put in into simulator for exact values. Funny enough dude twice lowrolled 1 in 6. Just typical "skill" win from Kripp.

      DonFreeqDonFreeq2 måneder siden
    • It's likely primarily that he needed Goldgrubber to hit at least twice (not trade 1/1 on a poison), and he needed to take out the elemental on the right before losing his amalgadon, as it traded favorably with all of his other poisonous minions

      ArchtochesArchtoches2 måneder siden
    • Also, it would have been better for Kripp to move the Goldgrubber and the bigger Rockpool further to the left, since they can kill the taunt elemental and survive. I'm not trying to call out Kripp's misplays, it's just interesting to me to look at the game closely.

      John JohnsonJohn Johnson2 måneder siden
  • Tee hee Overlay at the beginning says “stil” instead of “still”

    Keith JamesKeith James2 måneder siden
  • this man could have 7 divine shield poisonous mega windfury 300/300 stat minions and still think he might not win against 2 poisonous

    Joseph NolanJoseph Nolan2 måneder siden
    • Ikr

      Freeman GFreeman G2 måneder siden
  • That last fight didn’t even seem that lucky but I guess it must be the snake and the fact that his bubbles got wasted

    Potato PotatoPotato Potato2 måneder siden
    • Hitting two minions that aren’t the goldgrubber is the win condition there. He got unlucky and hit the goldgrubber though.

      QuadLamb031275QuadLamb0312752 måneder siden
    • It was mostly the fact that the windfury got wasted on the gold grubber. If it didn't it could have taken out two enemies. Enough to make a difference in a game of one for ones.

      Jey TognimonJey Tognimon2 måneder siden
  • I had a start like this a couple days ago. I had double golden rockpool and double golden warleader

    Warren KinnamanWarren Kinnaman2 måneder siden
  • Kripp: Goldgrubber is the stat champ Pogo's mom: is my son still just a joke to you?

    Lambda FunctionLambda Function2 måneder siden
  • Gold Grubber has nothing on Nomi.

    KratatchKratatch2 måneder siden
  • At 10:42 Kripp says Jesus. He was mostly telling his Father in heaven about how powerful his opponent is. These elementals are really sparking more of a need for Jesus in Kripp's life. The holy streak is now 4 videos with a Jesus exclamation.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • best kripp ever

      Kail PeñaKail Peña2 måneder siden
    • @Jesus Christerino Kripperino oh yeah i remember now... the golden age... before the eclipse, also known as the 9 demonic streak

      Giordano SantilliGiordano Santilli2 måneder siden
    • @Giordano Santilli actually it was 6 and Kripp just couldn't make it to the holy number 7.

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • @David Lee i think it was five, but there may have been a longer streak when jesus christerino still didn't exist

      Giordano SantilliGiordano Santilli2 måneder siden
    • Is 4 the longest streak so far?

      David LeeDavid Lee2 måneder siden
  • Why use hero power first round?

    Maxmilian ericssonMaxmilian ericsson2 måneder siden
    • Trading what's usually 2 or 3 health (in this case 4 because mill house) for a +1/+1 on an early card and then getting 2 rerolls to think about freezing

      Kree AccolaKree Accola2 måneder siden
  • They need to just delete pirates from the game. They're so bad. Whoever designed them was just terrified of making them good, and then someone comes along and makes elementals. Blizzard-tier balance.

    Lambda FunctionLambda Function2 måneder siden
    • New content being the new OP thing is just how it goes

      Groovy GregGroovy Greg2 måneder siden
    • @Lambda Function I think the only way they slow the meta down right now is by increasing health totals or modifying the damage formula (i think discoverable weapons as a 4th slot could be a fun addition if they end up adding up).

      ArchtochesArchtoches2 måneder siden
    • @Archtoches I think that's fine, I want them to slow the game down, and as far as I can tell they just contribute to speeding it up.

      Lambda FunctionLambda Function2 måneder siden
    • I dunno, I think some of them are main-stays, but they came in at a low power level and they weren't particularly fun to play, so people went back to demons/beasts/mechs really quickly because it won games (and the losing strategy wasn't particularly fun), elementals are really strong for now, they want to see how they are over a long time, and will probably have to reign them in with the next update they have to BGs. Lag being a problem probably makes the APM pirate build not as good as it was before the buffs starting making the game fps drop like crazy, new mechanics have made pirates unplayable right now. That being said, removing pirates would also lead to the loss of Deck Swabbie, Freedealing Gambler, *Goldgrubber* , and the almighty BOAT (which can probably afford to go tbh, having someone cheat an early boat out with zerus and have it die to end the board and spawn 12 more dmg worth of stuff isn't fun.) which are fairly well mainstays in the meta, even if you aren't building pirates.

      ArchtochesArchtoches2 måneder siden
    • deleted cancer that is divine shield and poison and you will have pirates be better

      AmadeusAmadeus2 måneder siden
  • Hi Kripparrian!!! I think you have the best voice delivery on youtube. Thank you! To many hyper loud youtubers screeching in their videos.

    A. SettjeA. Settje2 måneder siden
    • A. Settje agreed

      Michelle ManleyMichelle Manley2 måneder siden
  • So how will elementals get erred?

    bionic80bionic802 måneder siden
    • I can see them pushing Nomi to 6 (although most buildarounds are on 5), and then maybe making Rag a static +3/+3 to balance him out with 1/2 star elementals, and make getting the 5/6 drops worse.

      ArchtochesArchtoches2 måneder siden
  • 0:42 yes

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino Kripperino2 måneder siden
  • Day 22 of asking Kripp to play Galakrond. Please. I have to feed my family and if no one uses my hero power I don’t make any gold. My children are eating half the recommended deals a day. Please...

    GalakronderinoGalakronderino2 måneder siden
    • Galakronderino Nice, means he’s actually trying.

      P LP L2 måneder siden
    • Freeman G (;_;)

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino2 måneder siden
    • P L some absolutely blessed messengers have told me that Kripp has played Galakrond twice on his live-streams, once at 7th placeish and one at 4th placeish (I don’t remember exactly). But that’s still an improvement rate of 3 spots which means his next game should be a win!

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino2 måneder siden
    • Aaron Schaff thank you :)

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino2 måneder siden
    • This could never happen, I feel sad. Not only must Kripp pick Galakrond, he must also win with it... That's quite the task.

      P LP L2 måneder siden
  • Kripparian with no salt is just an old vegan.

    Jeremee LocklinJeremee Locklin2 måneder siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... first place. His last non-first video was one video ago, in NOMI vs LIL RAG ELEMENTALS?! where he got 2nd as Hooktusk. His last bottom four video was 40 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev. This game, Kripp plays murlocs/menagerie. His last murloc video was four videos ago in MURLOCS CAN FUSE WITH ELEMENTALS?! where he played murlocs as the Lich King.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
  • Today's not fact: *Most frostbite cases happen in a desert*

    Doctor Penguin 《TV》Doctor Penguin 《TV》2 måneder siden
  • Ye

    SvensgaardSvensgaard2 måneder siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidk2 måneder siden
    • God praise you

      Renan GouveiaRenan Gouveia2 måneder siden
    • Damn

      Freeman GFreeman G2 måneder siden
  • 0:42 Skipperino the Kripperino 1:06 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Troy SnellTroy Snell2 måneder siden
  • hi

    ShadowSausageShadowSausage2 måneder siden
  • Ok

    Qweras85Qweras852 måneder siden
  • Today's fact: The stage before frostbite is called "frostnip".

    Facterino CommenterinoFacterino Commenterino2 måneder siden