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Hearthstone Duels - Kripp's thoughts on the current state of Duels and how it may work out in the future.
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal MohamedDag siden
  • more of talking like old times kripp! much love bruh

    Darkspear LiveDarkspear Live13 dager siden
  • Possibly they could scale rewards in Heroic Duels based on both wins AND MMR, or maybe they could just go to the arena system for it. Either would be good.

    Trondor Does StuffTrondor Does Stuff25 dager siden
  • I just need Bob's Tavern to tinker with my deck and I'm happy!

    SelduSeldu26 dager siden
  • It will still end up as netdecks. People will watch streamers and play whatever is 'hot' and craft what they need to.

    junitsujunitsu27 dager siden
  • uhhh, lmao no kripp, people will just craft those 15 netdeck cards or they won't play the mode. Top ranks will STILL be samey netdecks, standard or not lmaoooooooooooo

    MutantCarrotMutantCarrot27 dager siden
  • I'm not enjoying duels at all tbh Its even less fun than standard.

    Adrian MeredithAdrian Meredith28 dager siden
  • This mode is dead if they keep it where players need a full collection to play well.

    UnityGuy123UnityGuy12328 dager siden
  • Ah yeah, is so funny play u full g lengendary deck vs the guy that use silverback patriach

    Jaruh CazJaruh Caz28 dager siden
  • I've been playing hearthstone on a budget for 6+ years. I dust cards when they rotate out of standard :( There was never an indication that cards would be brought back to be used in a different, unique way. I don't think it's good. And I don't think most players have large collections like you Kripp. Far more players have small collections, so I think your point of "everyone playing the same thing" couldn't be further from the truth. Agree with everything else though. Great video

    Lone HawkLone Hawk29 dager siden
  • If I have to use the cards in my collection, I'm not playing duels. I'll play battlegrounds, I'll play tavern brawl, I'll play some arena. I bought the battle-pass, but I'm never going to buy the full collection of hearthstone cards, and I don't need more 'freemium pinch' in my life.

    AlexAlex29 dager siden

    ChristianChristian29 dager siden
  • Haven't started the vid yet, I predict he'll say it s too rng and unfun to play when you lowroll (as criticism, probably not just that)

    Coolbeard WoWCoolbeard WoW29 dager siden
  • net decking is a part of every card game. just deal with it. not everyone has the time to make up a deck out of thin air, finetuning it for 3 hours and then the real game begins with the deck. so that is why content creators and websites are good. their job is to make the 3 hour shortcut so the player can enjoy the deck.

    Akos FeherAkos Feher29 dager siden
  • Hi Kripp, i'm in the same boat, hopefully it doesn't sink

    Simon FSimon F29 dager siden
  • If ranked really matches based on mmr i won't touch it. Artifact tried that and failed catastrophically (just the mode). Also i think it'd be better if you could only choose from 3 heroes at the start similar to arena or battlegrounds (yea 2 or 4). And 3 wins in casual needs to go toward the 10g.

    cycledancecycledance29 dager siden
  • It’s crazy to think after 6 years of watching kripp he’s almost at 1 Million subscribers.

    Chris LightChris LightMåned siden
  • yeah so i deleted every wildcard to br able to play most of the new cards.. so the gamemode wont be accesible for me

    Robin SpanierRobin SpanierMåned siden
  • I love these talking videos!

    Michael de GMichael de GMåned siden
  • How about adding more lives in this game mode,like 4-5 lives maybe? Or like gaining lives for hitting win thresholds. Makes runs last longer getting more treasures as well

    Hamburgers 420Hamburgers 420Måned siden
  • The community loves talking videos...Meanwhile I miss those custom card reviews.

    Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • Yeah matchmaking by MMR SUUUUUCKS! I tried getting into BG again after some months. I got smashed at 0 rating. ZERO RATING! If that rating means nothing, why have it in the first place??? Just show my freaking MMR instead of it.

    MSTMSTMåned siden
  • I think you're wrong about netdecking and the collection thing. When people don't have the cards, they can't afford to experiment and just netdeck the one best deck. I know because I've done that multiple expansions because I don't have the dust to experiment or try other decks a lot if at all.

    Wywern291Wywern291Måned siden
  • Hey question, how do I open cards in the fireside gathering before the expansion??

    Owen ArreOwen ArreMåned siden
  • I like talking videos personally

    Domineque McCoolDomineque McCoolMåned siden
  • I wanted to play it but then I saw I needed to invest 80 euros for it. Never looked at it agaiin.

    PendozaPendozaMåned siden
  • Well, i think adding more health or lifes is not all that good for game I think best way to balance matchmaking there is use manacurve of yours and opponent decks So aggro gonna compete against aggro at 0-0, and control decks against control So fun is gonna be saved

    Noob SaibotNoob SaibotMåned siden

    Moralischer FischMoralischer FischMåned siden
  • Talking suckss

    Андрей ОбрубовАндрей ОбрубовMåned siden
  • a little fun to play if you have a lot of cards, boring to watch.

    Leonardo DantasLeonardo DantasMåned siden
  • I’ve been playing HS for years. Buy the mega bundle every expansion. And have basically zero wild legendaries because I dust them (because I don’t play wild).

    Winter WatchWinter WatchMåned siden
  • Most of cant even play it yet, and theres a review...

    SamuelSamuelMåned siden
  • if you want to feel like your playing then play and don't pass your first 5 turns

    Derik MuckerheideDerik MuckerheideMåned siden
  • I love duels, I finally feel rewarded for my wild collection. Wild was getting to competitive for me.

    Félix-Arthur GrenierFélix-Arthur GrenierMåned siden
  • Wooohoooo more battlegrounds

    Jeremy BrewerJeremy BrewerMåned siden
  • if people have more cards there will be more diversity if the gamemode were balanced. Not the other way around. They would just dust the useless cards and craft the meta cards.

    MrGryndorMrGryndorMåned siden
  • Give everyone access to all the cards via a discover draft from the wild card set!

    John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden
  • more talking videos please.

    Shawn ThorntonShawn ThorntonMåned siden
  • Blizz designers still suck what else is new

    IamMeIamMeMåned siden
  • More tal kvideo please!

    IamMeIamMeMåned siden
  • Fuels are pay to play, just because people will use the best cards regardless of their collections completions

    TheSugar58TheSugar58Måned siden
  • I don't care how many game mods they build. If u have to buy these heavily overpriced cards it's bullshit for me. That's why I play battlegrounds

    PainchillerPainchillerMåned siden
  • Tl:DW of the video - I want to smash noobs because it looks cool on stream. No MMR system will mean that bad players will have 0-3s and 1-3s. Now that would be the inability to experience duels to the full extent. 3-3 = 5 picks, that is enough to get treasures and have 50% of the deck being drafted

    1 11 1Måned siden
  • Just a random thought here: What if player HP scaled with deck size? This means that with a smaller more optimized deck you would have less health with more control. More heath would mean you have a bigger randomized deck, but can take a few more hits. There's a lot more to deviate here. Just a thought and hopefully the wizards at blizzard are already brainstorming this.

    Ricky TafoyaRicky TafoyaMåned siden
  • How do you play duels? It says i have to pay $100 to enter lmao

    Jøaquin CJøaquin CMåned siden
  • I wonder if they could have a pass for like $1-$2 per run that would give you access to the full current duel set, or at least a selection of it to help those without much of a collection themselves. Maybe even if you have less than 50% of the current set it's available for purchase on a per run basis. Would that even be a good thing or would Blizzard just tell you to buy more card packs.

    SheyD78SheyD78Måned siden
  • "I've been 0-3 before" *clicks off video

    Matthew LeonardMatthew LeonardMåned siden
  • Blizzard: We made it possible for you to disenchant cards from past expansions and adventures to get dust for standard. Also Blizzard: We just made an entire side game mode where you wish you still had the old cards from YEARS ago. And it's inheritantly hard to balance because we never planned many of these cards to be played together.

    PhustrKlukPhustrKlukMåned siden
  • Hi Kripp, You are absolutely correct. I agree with your points. However, your comment about going 3-3 in this game mode feeling bad stuck out to me. Duels and Arena are sum zero games. In a set of 5 players, If you want to go 12-0 to have fun, four players need to go 0-3. You can argue, well just git gud. But I would argue the net sum of fun is quite negative overall. I agree wholeheartedly that this is hugely problematic for the reward system as well. I think duels should move away from the arena, 12 win top end, 3 loss you are out format. I am not sure what the best solution is. Maybe, win as many games as you can in 10 games. This would allow people who love their deck to keep playing it and experiencing the mode, even while racking up losses. Additionally, I think MMR would function much better in this environment. Thank you for the video.

    Andrew PriceAndrew PriceMåned siden
    • Good idea regarding to racking up losses. However, I think the most simple fix would be to scrap the MMR feature. Make it based completely on wins. The majority of players in the game mode playing aggro most likely know that they are not making it to 12 wins, they just want their 4-5 wins for a gain in MMR. Removing MMR would most likely cut down on the aggro, possibly in combination with starting each match at 30+ health. This would make it less of a “grind for MMR” game mode, and more of a play for fun game mode i.e. people playing slower decks to have longer drawn out battles or “duels.” Imo this would completely fix the game mode; that is assuming they balance the Heroes, Hero Powers, and treasures.

      SeanSeanMåned siden
    • Really like the idea of moving away from having 3 lifes and just having an even amount of games to play and have the game be how many wins can you get

      KongaiiKongaiiMåned siden
    • Legends of Runeterra "Expedition" mode which is a lot like arena but instead of ending the run in 3 losses you lose the run when you lose twice in a row and you get 2 runs per ticket. This way you can lose a lot but still get to play and you get 2 chances at making decks with very good rewards. I think Hearthstone should take some inspiration from more F2P friendly games like this

      MarconatiorMarconatiorMåned siden
  • Blizzard needs to ditch their obsession with hidden MMR matchmaking. It has ruined standard ladder, and it's going to ruin this game mode if they keep it. Rank matchmaking and win/loss matchmaking is the only fair method here.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • this mode really makes me regret dusting all those wildcards lol

    La VilLa VilMåned siden
    • "Laughs in Wild player"

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • They need to allow people to collect non-standard cards at a VASTLY increased rate than now, which values them the same. I'm talking reducing their dust crafting cost by 80-90%.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • There’s no game footage. I’m sorry but that’s lame.

    Lee CrottyLee CrottyMåned siden
  • I love kripp's talking videos!!! S2

    VallleforVallleforMåned siden
  • Looks like fun. Too bad my wild collection is non existent.

    Billy BegoodBilly BegoodMåned siden
  • The reality of the math of a zero sum game (negative if you include draws) is that regardless of the matchup system the average result will be 3-3. You’re focused on how it feels for the top players, but you also need to consider how it affects a new player. A company like Blizzard wants to grow their player base, and matching up a new player with high MMR players will be dreadful for them. Let alone the costs for new players to buy wild packs/cards.

    Evan ChowEvan ChowMåned siden
  • Hey Kripp! I watch almost all of your Battlegrounds videos. I haven't played battleground in a long time, but still, the small number of cards in the pool is easy to remember and be in the loop. But with the constructed cards, it is just absolute nonsense for me! I just don't remember what those cards are doing so I have no idea what is happening on the screen! That is why I can't watch your Duels videos!

    Ilya RubinchikIlya RubinchikMåned siden
    • The more you watch the more you’ll get it!

      David BennettDavid BennettMåned siden
  • I really dislike it uses your collection, especially considering that WILD cards are in the current rotation. Lots of long time players have disenchanted their wild cards so they can play standard and new players don’t really have a way to try and get cards for old sets without spending lots of money. If the game mode has actual rewards for succeeding in Duels then they need to develop a different system so players can be on a more even playing field

    goof ballgoof ballMåned siden
  • I want more talking videos Kripp, u a smart fucker when it comes to games, why not make the best of it

    existence is painexistence is painMåned siden
  • I didn't realize Duels had the MMR matchmaking. That really sucks and seems completely self defeating. The appeal of the mode (from someone who hasn't played it yet) seems to be the late rounds where both players have insanely OP decks and treasures. Implementing a system that pulls people to not reach that point just makes Duels feel like Arena but you draft freely from your collection rather than from three random cards. If I was the sole mind in charge of Hearthstone I'd be doing my best to get people to reach the lategame more often, not less.

    masterplusmargaritamasterplusmargaritaMåned siden
  • You describe it a bit like, if mmr is used, i cant get averages of much more than 3 wins, even if i'm really good. But if you can get averages of 7 wins, you will cause other people to drop even lower! Without mmr the problem gets worse! My impression with arena was: The average result is 3 wins, but 3 wins is no fun, so the weaker players stopped playing arena, it became harder and harder. I had averages between 5 and 6, and then i dropped to 4, and then below 4, and then i stopped playing arena. The average is always 3, and if 3 sucks, the game mode sucks for almost everybody. If you had 5 lives, and fun even if you got less than 5 wins, all would be good, right? Similar problem as in the Battlegrounds btw, most rounds end before you actually start to play..

    Ulrich vor dem EscheUlrich vor dem EscheMåned siden
  • I'm surprised he didn't mention how especially unfair First versus Second is in those first few games. Not as a rule, mind you. I once played against a shaman who used the coin and the Mana booster to play his treasure on turn one. I was dead by his turn 4.

    Chaise MauriceChaise MauriceMåned siden
  • About the 3 win arena, no that's not true, it's supposed to be 2.5 wins on avarage, as with a 50% win rate you should go 1-1 then 2-2 then after the next game you either win or lose, but if you win, the other guy loses so it's a total of 5 games per closed arena run, divided by 2 aka = 2.5 wins

    CeilingPandaCeilingPandaMåned siden
  • To the point that you need less cards than standard, yes, it's singleton and less cards, so yeah :)

    CeilingPandaCeilingPandaMåned siden
  • Sometimes if I dont have much time I just watch your intros, I think it's such good content there, if I want gameplay I can watch your stream ;) Thanks for this content :))

    CeilingPandaCeilingPandaMåned siden
  • that argument against netdecking is idiotic. you could apply the same logic to constructed and you'll quickly see how poorly that works out

    Alex BrennanAlex BrennanMåned siden
  • I hope they use the arena matchmaking system in heroic matchmaking

    drpeppydrpeppyMåned siden
  • I dislike Duels even more than I do Arena. I've gone either 0-3 or 1-3 so far, and it doesn't even give experience to the class you play (still level 29 DH, here).

    Sven BohuSven BohuMåned siden
  • if everyone had all the cards we would all netdeck - yea right actually if u have all the cards ud play more diverse, if u could only afford 1 deck u would netdeck

    KleineQualleKleineQualleMåned siden
    • no thats not how people work they just netdeck the best build ad nausem

      Geno XflameGeno XflameMåned siden
    • Yeah. It sounds like Kripp was making two bad assumptions about peoples collections: - That the collections varied between people. Despite the complaint people had being that they had dusted all their wild cards to build their collection of standard cards. - That the collections are fixed. Instead of people netdecking to decide which cards to craft. Letting people use wild cards, but only if they have them in their collection, sounds like a case of someone trying to squeeze more money out of players. Even when it damages the game mode. Just wait until Activision/Blizzard start offering a subscription that gives you access to a full collection for deckbuilding.

      BilateralropeBilateralropeMåned siden
  • Hey, I also like your talking videos! Makes me fall asleep even sooner :)

    Suppre EsSuppre EsMåned siden
  • Kripp's reasoning is wrong about wild cards being used in Duels. 1) Netdecks are going to happen, they exist for wild already. 2) Diversity won't happen people, if they want to play this game mode, will craft the necessary cards as per point 1. 3) Most people still play Hearthstone even if they play Duels as their main game They will keep at least their standard cards, and will need more cards (Wild) just to play this mode. Kripp's reasoning about the balance with ranking, and winrate is correct. However, it's even worse for people who don't have Wild cards to use, you're going to be missing powerful ingredients to play with in Duels, and your winrate will be lower for this. The real problem with this move to make players use wild cards in Duels is that previously Blizzard has established a precedent in how you should collect your cards. By introducing Standard they've told players that at no point in the future will we back track, and force upon the player base the necessity to maintain the Wild card collection. They've just completely backtracked on this unwritten pledge, and that's pretty low. As a mostly F2P player (I've spent a little when deals seemed worth it to me), I've dusted cards worth real money in order to maintain an up to date Standard collection with the promise that I would not need the wild cards in order to play Hearthstone. While this is true to an extent (I don't need them to play Standard) introducing a new game mode which currently requires Naxxramas cards, it's a set which I've completely dusted, feels like a betrayal to my loyalties playing this game for 5 years. I've also invested a lot of time into Arena, and daily quests, to maintain 10k+ gold, and 30k+ dust in order to be able to play the best Standard decks available, and now I'm required to play cards in Duels that I've previously dusted? It's just wrong of Blizzard...

    WeAre2IQWeAre2IQMåned siden
  • I've started watching kripp a lot more since battlegrounds and duels. For some reason I can't get it out of my head that he looks like a McDonalds-esque villain.

    KevinKevinMåned siden
  • Nnooooòo no talking head!

    Anton BerievAnton BerievMåned siden
  • I like that they put at use our collection even tho I am a ftp who lost once his account and had to restart, but the thing is some of us don't like to play Wild as we lack the real big things from some classes on every expansion but I like how I will get wild cards I worked my ass off to get to use on Duels Mode; even more so if we take on consideration that you only need one copy on Duels. Give 4 Hearts as starters and then let us gamble on our griddy bet at the deck-building phase. Unrelated note: NERF animations (yeah still with the same s**t) BUFF the gameplay. Or give us a new item on the options menu to disable them.

    SkarfakeSkarfakeMåned siden
  • The mode seems very aggroey wilhcih is an issue since I’m a control player mix that with rng is a problem for me

    Devin FishDevin FishMåned siden
    • aggro never goes pass 4 wins

      Geno XflameGeno XflameMåned siden
  • New game mode, same Kripp's complaint about not enough health.

    Kaio VieiraKaio VieiraMåned siden
  • Idea: when you lose a match, heart does the blinky blink, and you have to beat an AI player to restore the heart. Losing to the AI confirms the heart loss. This counteracts losses to aggro without necessarily letting bad decks progress. The AI difficulty could be calibrated to adjust to the meta. Alternatively: every 3 wins, play against a dungeon run boss, maybe a particular villain against your chosen class. Giving an AI a higher health pool also slows down aggro, and gives players time to get to play their deck. It also fulfills the fantasy of "looting" treasures and getting to use them in PvP.

    GalenGalenMåned siden
  • Great insights from the Krip.

    ashtynalbert rippashtynalbert rippMåned siden
  • They should add bobs tavern

    Daniel RDaniel RMåned siden
  • I like talking videos more

    Meme KnightMeme KnightMåned siden
  • Criparian here

    Sindri MyrSindri MyrMåned siden
  • I kind of feel like they crammed mmr ratings into the new mode because they're like "We put a lot of effort into making this, what can we cram it into?" rather than because it makes sense for the mode

    rageoftyraelrageoftyraelMåned siden
  • When Kripp says "Not for me" when the mode is aimed at people like him. Whom are massive Hearthstone Hype-Beasts. Especially because he can afford to have all the cards from the earlier expansions and still have competent cards for current standard xpac. You know the game is fun but in a trash place. Made for whales, and the biggest whale is saying #NotForMe. Hahaha

    KnoedissKnoedissMåned siden
  • My issue is that it's just Dungeon Run. Playing against the computer or playing against another person has no impact on the mode.

    Nick SchaefflerNick SchaefflerMåned siden
  • These skipperinos are getting faster every day

    Lucas O.Lucas O.Måned siden
  • Considering you have played a lot of games in the past I would love once a week if you were to reminisce about what certain games that are no longer around used to be like. I would KILL for an hour long dark age of Camelot history lesson.

    DecemberDecemberMåned siden
  • What if you could gain "health" back, as in remove losses. Like if you get 2-3 wins, gain a "health". This would mean classes like Priest and Paladin that can really high role would actually have a chance to play, as you mentioned, Priest almost always turns into a sudden death scenario, but this could provide it that little extra time it needs. Alternatively, make the first 2 matches against an AI, or maybe bring Bob into the game mode as well.

    Ethan TuckEthan TuckMåned siden
  • long time YT viewer, most say i enjoy the BG more then duels vids. its also for me the fact that i can copy more easily the play style to BG rather then duels. always love the content regardless. Ps @rania thanks for being amazing !!!!!!!

    Tuomas BeemsterTuomas BeemsterMåned siden
  • I honestly think it should be a you need to pick between the 3 card pools 5 times

    ObfuscateObfuscateMåned siden
  • So you want an extra heart, an anti aggro treasure before your first game, and you want treasures / additional cards to be even more impactful such that luck is even more important than skill?

    Jake SurnameJake SurnameMåned siden
  • I use the Kripp talks vids to help me sleep so I’m definitely down for more content like this

    Jacob McGuireJacob McGuireMåned siden
  • You should be a HS trainer 😜

    Alex FilAlex FilMåned siden
  • I would suggest they make you play a number of games, record total wins vs. losses, and give rewards based on that. Like play the current 12 games with a score of 6-6 giving the equivalent reward of a current 3 win run. that way you could still let aggro play (picking up wins early and losing later games). It would make the mode more centered on deck choices. The best records would be to those players who could transition a early focused deck into a later game focused deck. the downside being that those playing bad decks (unlucky card/treasure offerings or bad synergy) get stuck slogging through extra games with a deck they don't like.

    Benjamin MathenyBenjamin MathenyMåned siden
  • Love the talking vids!

    Steven BassSteven BassMåned siden
  • The balance in this gamemode is horrendous, I don't see how you can fix this... even if you remove or balance the op treasures, you still have to deal with imbalanced hero powers and hero treasures. The RNG in getting them decides how far you will go in the run rather than how well you played. The other issue is MMR rating, right now playing at 5K+ mmr I only meet Shaman, Hunter, Demon Hunter and Mage. You can't test anything, try different builds or play less good heroes without getting destroyed. It's fun for a few games, and quickly becomes frustrating.

    TheJahzzTheJahzzMåned siden
    • There's also a problem that no one seems to talk about: dungeon run was initially meant to be a mode that's unfair to your opponent so you can have fun with your op treasures, and that's ok because your opponent is a robot and no one gets hurt. But when you make it pvp, the fact that you need to balance everything sort of takes some of the purpose out of this dungeon run-like mode. It becomes more like a weird alternate constructed format with less diversity and higher power levels.

      Nameless LibertyNameless LibertyMåned siden
  • i disagree, everyone not having full collection puts a gap in place, between those that play fulltime or paid so much to have all the cards, vs those who play in the spare free time or dont invest into the game as much. having an inherent disadvantage because of those things, in a new gamemode with new heroes and new concepts, which is there to make the experience different, yet have the same problems that ranked play has (same decks dominate, same problems of p2w vs f2p), that just feels extra shitty and poor on the design part. it automatically increases winchance for those with all cards that can adapt to the changing meta, and increases lose chance for those who dont.

    YetAnotherYoutuberYetAnotherYoutuberMåned siden
  • The whole netdecking thing would not be an issue if they instead just gave you like 50 random cards from Neutral/your class and let you create a 15 card deck from that original set.

    S1ethS1ethMåned siden
    • That wouldn't allow Blizz to sell more packs, so you can count on it never happening.

      Random411Random41128 dager siden
    • Lol... did he just say that if you have all the cards it leads to diverse game play? It will, but let me just take a dump on those people without the full collection. Haha

      R SR S29 dager siden
    • That's a great idea. Wild draft! :3

      John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden
    • @blahthebiste It'd probably drop rating a bit, but the big change would be for paid runs. Want to waste 150g to restart the run? Be my guest lmao.

      ZérodaimZérodaimMåned siden
    • @NestedQuantifier The real play would be dusting every card except the ones you want in your duels deck

      KleyguerthKleyguerthMåned siden
  • Maybe before you go into arena format in the duels, you have to go through a couple of trial runs or AI mini games to build your deck and artifact into a worthy deck before you face the other players.

    Cody BakerCody BakerMåned siden
  • I like your words magic man

    Devils KissDevils KissMåned siden
  • Eh, I like your talking vids. It’s nice that an expert like you speaks his mind on stuff

    Okurin GamingOkurin GamingMåned siden