LICH KING = ELEMENTAL KING?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

19. okt.. 2020
146 854 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Turns out the Lich King reigns over Elementals as well...
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  • I got 2 amalgams from a golden djinie on one turn, i already had 2 of them and i got another one right after the combat. Which means i had 5...

    Ö_PlexesÖ_PlexesMåned siden
  • Yeah, have to agree with kripps statement at the end, this was not highroll. I had a lich king against me today that ended the game against me on 2 golden Garrs, 1 golden lil rag, golden djinni 1 amalgadon and i forgot the last 2 minions but..... does it really matter with the rest?

    SeekuhificationSeekuhificationMåned siden
  • They can't monetize Battlegrounds so it's been in "beta" for a year and had terrible lag and they make it worse lol, yet still most popular mode

    theresidentonetheresidentoneMåned siden
  • I like how he froze that last Djinni for next game

    OflgnOflgnMåned siden
  • im used to watching in 360p but my internet had an upgrade and seeing kripp move in 720p is fucking with me. its so smooth. this is what I was missing out on

    ParkerParkerMåned siden
  • 5 tier 6 minions before tiering up to tier 6. Nothing wrong with this.

    Thomas PaineThomas PaineMåned siden
  • How to ruin the game for 6 other people. Lich king djini

    Mike HerediaMike HerediaMåned siden
  • Garr should’ve went to 5 instead of djinni bro :/

    Canon CoriellCanon CoriellMåned siden
  • Some of those other boards were the weakest I've seen in awhile

  • >believe it or not, that wasn’t that high roll. Hard rushed tavern 4, gets djinni right away. Rolls two 6 drops off djinni first round. Proceed to LITERALLY kill every single one of his opponent that he faced with avg 20-30 dmg each. Kripp you would be malding your last remaining hair off if you played against that

    Eddie YeEddie YeMåned siden
  • easy nerf make it only drop cards of your tier

    foocastifyfoocastifyMåned siden
  • First world problems: when you can't get value off dijinni because your opponent can't kill anything

    LeCatizationLeCatizationMåned siden
  • There is something stronger than that. Dying a turn or two after.

    Paul RadziievskyiPaul RadziievskyiMåned siden
  • Clearly this is broken and they will nerf it into the ground as they always do lol.

    HellopleeshHellopleeshMåned siden
  • why ni enjoy on the end of the speech? :D

    FiledllFiledllMåned siden
  • Holy F**** your luck krip!

    Nick OldnickNick OldnickMåned siden
  • I got a super early Jenie and baron with the green tree hero. It was basically gg, especially when i got double amalgam the same round from it...

    Alejandro JacoboAlejandro JacoboMåned siden
  • So did they fix Djinny or is it still broken?

    Alexander SolodovnikovAlexander SolodovnikovMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • Minus 500 subs almost daily, feelsbad :/

    TheOmegaCheese GamingTheOmegaCheese GamingMåned siden
  • idk why but i somehow miss kripp playing murlocs

    Wilhelm SkrjabinWilhelm SkrjabinMåned siden
  • Good Kripp face at 0:04

    diavolo sondiavolo sonMåned siden
  • i got a perfect game with this combo and nomi

    Tennyson FaubertTennyson FaubertMåned siden
  • stampylonghead

    Cleide FariasCleide FariasMåned siden
  • Kripp's savage laugh at 14:39

    Josh GrahamJosh GrahamMåned siden
  • It seems a bit broken that Djinni can give you 5*s and 6*s when you're still on 4*!

    J PageJ PageMåned siden
  • These games are so short you should have 2 games in every yt video

    Chirita AlexChirita AlexMåned siden
  • Krip - Have a decent board at turn 12 Everyone else - Dying to it with boards that should get beaten on turn 7-10 (that is literally how all of my matches are :D)

    AldredAldredMåned siden
  • Wtf was that late game? Noone could play in that lobby?! I would've loved to see this build crashing some big boards :'(

    AldredAldredMåned siden
  • Hes not lying, I somehow ended up with double golden lil rags off genie... and 4 amalgadons. Good stuff.

    Jake RabjohnsJake RabjohnsMåned siden
  • -Get's the best card from 5 off a single triple -"That's a lowroll, believe it or not!" Imagine calling the equivalent of getting Brann as Flurgl on 4 a lowroll

    Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen VerschaeveMåned siden
  • dislike for dropping the garr! no respect :(

    moradiehotmoradiehotMåned siden
  • Incoming Nerf: LK power now only activates 1 death rattle

    BobBobMåned siden
  • 13:44 Bigbrain Play from Kripp: Make your Board much weaker so the Djinni dies more often.

    baldawenbaldawenMåned siden
  • I like this mode but i HATE when someone can hit you for more than 50% of your max HP. Thats is just INSANE. Just make tabern up need more gold or give more hp YOU CAN MAKE SO MANY DECISION TO ABOID THIS SHIT.

    Roger GuillemRoger GuillemMåned siden
  • Should have been Garr they moved down not like there isn't enough poison in tavern to deal with mega taunt.

    Leon HunterLeon HunterMåned siden
  • Uuuuh "somebody" watched the EMEA Cup and learned !

    Sascha LiebrichSascha LiebrichMåned siden
    • And then even really badly executed ...

      Sascha LiebrichSascha LiebrichMåned siden
  • " *laughter* That's kinda busted " Really Kripp? "Kinda" busted?

    DatKraZ CanadianDatKraZ CanadianMåned siden
  • I mean they make bgs worse, I'm not starting the blizzard app anymore.

    zxkredozxkredoMåned siden
  • i got the same cards on the same turn right now...lmao

    Carl LandsbergCarl LandsbergMåned siden
  • The only thing I dislike about nerfing OP heroes is that I never get to play them in their OP form.

    Tom van DalenTom van DalenMåned siden
  • I saw RDU's tournament and I have to say the meta seems to be all about the Djinni

    Andrei ManeaAndrei ManeaMåned siden
  • Blizzard really fucked up big time here.

    Tom van DalenTom van DalenMåned siden
  • golden djinni, golden rivendare lich king, kgo

    firecult1firecult1Måned siden
  • My favorite part of the video is when he picked imp mama instead of nadina to get 1 extra adapt instead of the divine shield and divine shield reset ..... i mean he complained about the game with ragnaros , granted ragnaros was lucky but Kripp makes so many terrible moves and still his RNG carries him ( in his youtube videos at least )

    nikolas tapakkisnikolas tapakkisMåned siden
  • Stop making other taunt with the gini Kripp. You always do it. You actually go out of your way to screw your self over

    daedralord1daedralord1Måned siden
  • The delectable baby rage!

    John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden
  • Kripp's "low roll" vs everyone else's scuffed mid-game builds. Only the last guy spamming divine shields stood a chance

    vidyavidyaMåned siden
  • Maybe next battleground minions should be dinosaurs

    Samir LuqmanSamir LuqmanMåned siden
    • Or treants!

      John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden
  • BUt the divine poison murlocs are stronger....#george

    hv sdhv sdMåned siden
  • Well, that's what we wanted: late game rather than early game being a problem. But I admit, games are mostly super fast right now. I'd love to see damage by tavern tier halfed or something (except 1).

    signofastormsignofastormMåned siden
  • "Not that high roll" ... gets Djinni from first golden on 4, gets garr and amalgadon from his FIRST match with Djinni (at 9 gold, still on tavern FOUR), amalgadon adapts into poisonous in a game without murlocs, murozonds into second Djinni, gets lil' rag from Djinni, gets second amalgadon from Djinni which adapts into poisonous with a game without murlocs... Kripp got his first Djinni on turn 7 and not ONCE did it give him an elemental under tavern tier 3. Not ONCE. The game ended on turn 13. That's 6 turns and 11 minions from Djinni and not a single one was below 3 stars. FOUR of them were 6-star. Not a high roll my ass. The more I watch him, the more I wonder how good of a grasp he actually has on the game. Maybe just sleep deprivation?

    peterpeterMåned siden
    • @peter Nah, you went too far to keep at trolling and went straight into just expressing idiocy. Intent doesn't matter if it wasn't conveyed well.

      CyrylCyrylMåned siden
    • whats your problem dude? :D

      Artem GoldbergArtem GoldbergMåned siden
    • @Don Darko /r/woosh/woosh

      peterpeterMåned siden
    • /r/woosh

      Don DarkoDon DarkoMåned siden
  • Is it just me or is the audio in the intro rather left side heavy?

    James MuiJames MuiMåned siden
  • Not a highroll: get an amalgadon and a lil rag on turn 9

    yavetil asyavetil asMåned siden
    • hehe yep... but it gets way worse, trust me. had a lich game today where i started off with triple tidehunter in the first shop just to triple into a zerus on turn 3 -> turn 4 djinni which gave me lil rag+random low tier elemental and lil rag+amalgadon next turn... thats that was djinni + 2 lil rags + amalgadon on turn 6 (or just djinni on turn 4, depends on what u think sounds more busted^^) LMAO

      peter lusstigpeter lusstigMåned siden
  • first time I did this combo I ended up with 7 lil rags

    Gautham DixitGautham DixitMåned siden
  • This is the first time i havent seen krip insta-sell garr

    bmkoreanbmkoreanMåned siden
  • Sheervala is elemental king... If you are lucky, you invest 10 gold to get to T4 by 7 gold and 4-5 gold to get to T6 by turn 7-8 (or for free, if you roll a bit) - so you save like 21 gold to upgrade to 6? It is absolutely insane.

    Talk3rsTalk3rsMåned siden
  • So you literally need 1 Djinni to get an Elemental build...

    PIEMJayPIEMJayMåned siden
  • "MORE Power! Give me MORE POWER!" -The Elemental King

    Ledor BloodravenLedor BloodravenMåned siden
  • i like how the second place was simply decided by who had to go up against him last.

    meistersammeistersamMåned siden
  • Kripp: 'I think I have to drop the Djinni' * Immediately sells Garr and Majordomo * 13:40

    chumlumchumlumMåned siden
  • This video is brought to you by ( I cry alot to get cards nerfed) thanks....

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuireMåned siden
  • Kripp always gets rid of Garr it's annoying af

    Will SmithWill SmithMåned siden
  • I came here after quitting back when they implemented the wild gamemode... miss dr.boom , face hunters, gvg, sylv.. etc. :'(

    seaborne summerseaborne summerMåned siden
  • Just found out that 100% of people with a Parrot and beast build gets to attack first. Never in my 100 rounds did i win the 50/50 of who attacks first.

    Eric OverbeckEric OverbeckMåned siden
  • 19:45 "Not that highroll, only got 1 Rag". Yes, and 3 Amalgadons..

    Stefan de JongStefan de JongMåned siden
  • Well that was disgusting...

    Matúš KrškaMatúš KrškaMåned siden
  • Dunno why he kept hero powering the bigger doesn't have the same chance to die...

    Cristi CiupeCristi CiupeMåned siden
  • To really abuse this get khadgar as well. When a reborn minion resurects you get 2 of them, plus extra deathrattle minions (though you don't get any extra minion cards next turn). The problem is then board space.

    David LawrenceDavid LawrenceMåned siden
  • Got djinni. Gave me golden rag. Got golden dinner and 2 2nd to divine shield poisonous murlocs

    Leighton DoddLeighton DoddMåned siden
  • Djinni on 4 last game from a triple, by the end of the game it had given me 9 little rags and 2 amalgadons.... Just a little bit busted

    PeterPoundsPeterPoundsMåned siden
  • Try Kadgar and Baron it up 😉

    Christoph LütkemeyerChristoph LütkemeyerMåned siden
  • What if the only was to get 6-drops was being at tavern 6? No getting them from stuff like the Genie or even through tripling at tier 5? It's kinda out there I know.

    KaloKaloMåned siden
  • Top damage: 31

    Philerino SwifterinoPhilerino SwifterinoMåned siden
  • "I think your brain is poking out of your tinfoil hat, sir"

    Johnny RayJohnny RayMåned siden
  • Idk I’m kinda on board with that guys theory that they are making BG worse so people either go back to standard and buy packs, or go back to arena and buy entrance.

    a guy from nza guy from nzMåned siden
  • Whenever he gets an amalgadon from a djinni without being on tavern 6, an angel gets it’s wings.

    PrimalPrimalMåned siden
  • Please do lich king djinni baron please

    Brayden TappaBrayden TappaMåned siden
  • They had no chance

    DavidDavidMåned siden
  • Well... The highroll was getting Gentle Djinny off of a tripple on Tavern Level 4. Everything after was kinda "meh" roll.

    Rut VenRut VenMåned siden
  • Turns out passive value generators are pretty broken when you get them early, who knew

    Tiger the LionTiger the LionMåned siden
  • I had 6 ragnaros from Djinni, 2 before 5th rank 😂🤣🤣

    Silviu ggSilviu ggMåned siden
  • Kripp pls

    CiroCiroMåned siden
  • No Khadgar? lost potential there!

    PiotrPiotrMåned siden
  • Every time I hear Selfless Hero, I hear “Nothing scares me 😎! Except the wife...” I know that’s not what it actually says, but I keep hearing it 😳🙄🤪

    Boomkruncher325 ZzshredBoomkruncher325 ZzshredMåned siden
  • Bruh I’m sorry but a golden djinni on turn 6 with a reno beats all. It is The Nuts.

    pig pottypig pottyMåned siden
  • Kripp!! Test IT pls GOLD BARON AND GOLDEN DJINI 😂😂

    Howard SteelyHoward SteelyMåned siden
  • I laughed a little to hard on the tinfoil hat joke🤣

    ItsChefMcItsChefMcMåned siden
  • this video was like competing in an archery tournament with a gun

    amindful catamindful catMåned siden
  • can someone explain how battlegrounds "was"? kripp was talking about it around 3:00

    amindful catamindful catMåned siden
  • How on earth do you sell a 8/64 with massive scaling potential?

    Billy BegoodBilly BegoodMåned siden
  • ...

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • Tried the lich genie today. Got the early one. Had 3 other taunts. Got snipped every single turn till I was dead

    NickNickMåned siden
  • Why ever bother goin to 6 when you can just get 6 drops from 5 drops?

    Hashashin455Hashashin455Måned siden
  • What about Reno early djinni? It’s the same right?

    יאיר דנינויאיר דנינוMåned siden
  • Aw man Blizzard is gonna end up removing the Djinni card :(

    JLL MJLL MMåned siden
  • When Battlegrounds was super crazy popular, you could eventually unlock everything by playing the mode Then, they put a $5 per month sub fee on the mode that you could skip if you grinded an insane amount of Battlegrounds games and spent the gold on nothing else. Then they removed the ability to pay for Battlegrounds perks by playing battlegrounds and I'm thankful because it allowed me to uninstall bnet

    R LeeR LeeMåned siden
    • Exactly. Tavern pass gives a tangible gameplay advantage in doubling the amount of hero choices since more than half the heroes are garbage tier. Activision's greed killed their own game, AGAIN.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • @Александр Чебобаков imagine defending activision blizzard, the beloved company that ran their franchises into the dirt with greed. Remember diablo mobile? Remember WC reforged? Remember BFA and it’s epic cool new mounts that they added to the in game shop? Imagine defending all of this. Stockholm syndrome is real.

      МаксимМаксимMåned siden
    • @Александр Чебобаков I'm not sure you understand the concept of "wages", but Blizzard pays their employees (poorly i've heard, but pay them nonetheless) a wage for working there. They aren't like waiters and do not get tips; they are not like car salesmen who gets commissions.

      Detton30Detton30Måned siden
    • @Александр Чебобаков lmao if you think even a modest percentage of these microtransactions are going to game devs at Blizzard. I'm literally a tutor at a daycare and I earn more than the average Blizzard dev. There are reports of Blizzard employees skipping meals.

      R LeeR LeeMåned siden
    • If you know where to get developers, artists, servers for the game and many other people and things for free, plz leave me a contact of this altruistic team. All of people that I met want to eat and work for money, not for free. Damn griddy basters.

      Александр ЧебобаковАлександр ЧебобаковMåned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. I did super enjoy seeing that mega cleave included in his elemental roster however :)

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
    • 내가 가장 좋아하는 소녀 목록입니다

      Алексей БогачевАлексей БогачевMåned siden
  • Djinni is such a stupid card, this shit is ruining games as much as holy mackerel

    Anthony Josh DerAnthony Josh DerMåned siden
  • Can you stop selling your garr’s? You have always had this mentality of deciding something is bad in your head, more and more people realize the power of garr with Omu, or how fast it can scale with Baron. Its tilting af to see you downgrade and make yourself scale less and become weaker

    SkurkSkurkMåned siden
    • Oh and SURPRISE, the last one missing on the board is a divine shielded minion, an elemental actually

      Quentin BAROTTEQuentin BAROTTEMåned siden
    • @Anik Talukder Because every other minions that Kripp had in the end game were : Amalgadons (divine shield + poisonous) / Cleave (divine shield)/ Lil'rag to keep buffing everyone (no divine or poison but it buffs the divine shielded ones) / Djinni (no divine/poisonous) but can give good elementals like Lil'rag or more Amalgadons / One slot for a random elemental that give buff because of the Lil'rag / I actually forgot the last one Garr isn't useful at all in this comp, does not have divine shield or poisonous or does not buff the minions that have divine shield poisonous

      Quentin BAROTTEQuentin BAROTTEMåned siden
    • @Anobeus that one word posion applies to every other minion he buffed, what makes garr different?

      Anik TalukderAnik TalukderMåned siden
    • One word Poison

      AnobeusAnobeusMåned siden
    • @Skurk 1) Games don't last long enough for everscaling to actually matter. 2) If they did, then Poisonous makes Garr useless. 3) Garr is horrible unless it gets attack to make it relevant. 4) He sold it when he got Lil' Rag, which makes his entire board everscaling (Provided he doesn't get unlucky with the proc going onto the buff slot minion)

      TarilleTarilleMåned siden