MAJORDOMO IS MY NEW FAV CARD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

24. okt.. 2020
143 456 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Never underestimate the Domo!
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal MohamedDag siden
  • Dat cleave tho, damn. Big boi

    Osric24Osric24Måned siden
  • I don't understand how the first match was 100% tie. Seems to me it should've been 25% win when Kripp attacks first into the 1/1.

    kkme7kkme7Måned siden
  • Majordomo is now everywhere and giant crackling cyclones are decimating everyone not playing elementals.

    LouisLeGrosLouisLeGrosMåned siden
  • Compare Majordomo with Iron Sensei. Sensei gives +2/+2 guaranteed to a random mech each turn, Majordomo gives +1/+1 at least to a target you choose with no tribe requirements, and can give much more. Oh, and it has +4/+1 base stats over sensei. Sensei should probably be a tier 3 unit at this point.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • spoiler - scam is everywhere

    Greed1sGoodGreed1sGoodMåned siden
  • Mojordomo accidentally the entire lobby.

    Yar RoshYar RoshMåned siden
  • Majordomo carried me on many occasions. All you need is Majordom and windfury divine shield elemental.

    Matúš KrškaMatúš KrškaMåned siden
  • Ok what was the baron, djinni 1st place??

    WildbriarWildbriarMåned siden
  • Lol, Kripp saw Dog's video.

    BercilakBercilakMåned siden
  • Slysssa and every one else has been down on majordomo (Including ragnaros), but I’ve always been a fan. You could always pump up a hydra, deflectobit, or majordomo himself. Tons of synergies and you can always just sell him, he’s not something you focus on tripling or leaving in a final build. If he was an elemental he would be ridiculously overpowered.

    DrummyTDrummyTMåned siden
  • That was hella long speech about no no money isnt important :D

    GranataGranataMåned siden
  • How was this game not a highroll, maybe not as hard as other games but come on u got 4 tavern tempest in a row with Brann

    Solaire de AstoraSolaire de AstoraMåned siden
  • I had a run just like this, except a little "better" in that I didn't get a brann, but I had a tripled domo and a 4th as well. Interestingly, in mine, there were a couple of people with genies, but it didn't matter lol

    rageoftyraelrageoftyraelMåned siden
  • Yeah, my last 2 games I won with elementals, 1 of them I had tripled Majordomus and got 3 units with over 100/100 (the 2/3 elemental with taunt, 4/1 divine shield windfury and Gaar) as well as 4 units more around 40/40. I did get Little Rag that match, but Majordomus was defnitely the main carry. I didnt get gennie at all. (Rafaam game) Very next game. Another Elemental domination, tho not nearly as powerful (units at the end were all around 30/30, I had poisonous spore, Lil Rag, Windfury Elemental as well as some taunt boys. Unfortunayely I didnt get geenie this game too, I didnt get Majordomus eather (or rather I did but it was far too late) It was an Al'Akir game, thats why I was running spore. Fun fact, I didnt get a singe Amalgadon and both other enemies in top 3 had 2 Amalgadons each, I won anyway. It was very close tho, as in last fight I had 45% chance to win (and kill) while enemy had 47% chance to win and kill me.

    CairneCairneMåned siden
  • "we played a really cool different version of elementals".... two ds poison amalgadons and a giant ds windfury. Not really that different kripp, or cool

    Shawn AmesShawn AmesMåned siden
  • Full Domo, nohomo

    theresidentonetheresidentoneMåned siden
  • There Is a piece of video in this skills

    Mattia TedeschiMattia TedeschiMåned siden
  • Was turn 1 a 100% tie?

    RaitwallRaitwallMåned siden
  • the real talk at the beginning and usual high quality finally gained my sub =)

    ameansquirrelameansquirrelMåned siden
  • So close to 1 million Kripp! You're a beastt

    Jake the CatJake the CatMåned siden
  • 10:12 I’m pretty sure Kripp has a cracked version of the game.

    Rhabcp1Rhabcp1Måned siden
  • Personally I rate nomi the best on 5, with brann I managed to play 28 elementals in one turn. Then you need to find cyclones and its gg.

    Team TayTayTeam TayTayMåned siden
  • BG Player: *skips Majordomo* Majordomo: "Perhaps they need a lesson in pain!"

    DanilegoDanilegoMåned siden
  • Holy shit man, that was one HELL of a turn. Instantly turned that Cleave from a mid game minion into an end game minion with those buffs. So much so that it no longer needed more buffs, and you just moved on to the next minion to strengthen lol. INSANE RNG with those battlecries setting up more insane battlecries. Brann is a fantastic addition to the Elemental builds, but sometimes getting that many support units can weaken you too much to keep up. Gotta high roll to create the situation for crazy builds like this to be an option.

    AlterworldsAlterworldsMåned siden
  • Major domo arigato, Mr. roboto?

    weavergradweavergradMåned siden
  • Just hit the nuts. Good job. Almost makes all the losses worth it

    Travis ChristianonTravis ChristianonMåned siden
  • The argument "Just be happy to be able to earn money playing video games." Sure. But even at a regular job you should be able to(and at least anywhere I have worked you could) suggest changes to the work place or the work enviroment to improve your day to day. So that just seems like a stupid argument.

    TowerofhellTowerofhellMåned siden
  • The way people talk about Majordomo Executus always makes me think that they think that “Majordomo” is his given name, rather than his title.

    ImperialMarchInHumanBowelSoundsImperialMarchInHumanBowelSoundsMåned siden
  • I think what makes majordomo underrated is that on paper he does not seem good. If it was working off of an other tribe (besides murlock) it would probably be quite bad. But elementals are so spamable that majordomo turns out to be good. Let's count the elementals that help the spam: 1. Sellemental(*) : counts twice and only cost 1 gold 2. Anomaly(*) : effective cost: 1 gold 3. Stasis(***) : auto find next elemental 4. Tavern tempest(*****) : counts as two and only cost 1 g. Sometimes cost 0 and counts as 3 5. Djinni: well, most op card in the game, gives you at least one gold every turn and sometimes 3 gold (when you want to keep what he gives you) That's also why Nomi is able to compete with Kalecgos despite there being many more battle cry minions than elementals.

    Ekitchi HoshiEkitchi HoshiMåned siden
  • How come the for reaper got buffed the first then it was played? He didn't play any elemental no?

    Mike LMike LMåned siden
  • I just win with that love it.

    Bann StrBann StrMåned siden
  • Kripp won 10 out of 13 rounds this game which is 76.92% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Kripperdomo Executus "None may challenge the living salt"

    Sindri MyrSindri MyrMåned siden
  • Rag got scammed out of second place

    Jonathan GréenJonathan GréenMåned siden
  • 2:37 not gonna lie but this is some big brain 100iq thinking xd

    Jan_Das_CovesJan_Das_CovesMåned siden
  • Noooo now other people are going to be stealing my majordomo even more

    MangokingMangokingMåned siden
  • Raised my rating significantly because of your videos man

    Grigoriy VasilevGrigoriy VasilevMåned siden
  • This is exactly the problem with Elementals. If you're not scaling with Nomi, you're scaling with Rag. If not that, you scale Majordomo, if not that, you scale Party Elementals and Molten Rocks. So many different ways to grow your board from as low as tier 2 all the way to tier 6. No other tribe has anywhere close to this abundance of major buffs. Hell, Dragons have to get a specific tier 6 or tier 5 to even really scale at all. Never mind the fact that Elementals essentially slap a buff "battlecry" onto every elemental you play with these cards and, as Kripp illustrated, you can play over 10 elementals per turn with the insane economy they give you. They're overtuned in essentially every aspect of the game: scaling, curve from early game to late game, economy.

    MarcusTheAbsoluteMarcusTheAbsoluteMåned siden
  • Kripp looks so lively on the intro but so dead on stream

    ForceMonkForceMonkMåned siden
  • Kriperian here hahahahaha

    Matjaž MajesMatjaž MajesMåned siden
  • kripp, the same happened to sc2's co-op and heroes of the storm's balance they become very tone deaf and refuse to balance even if there is input about how could it be balanced, even the attempts are just lost in the echo of all the money that gets made without using any of it back on the product to make it better. im not a ceo, or even a business person, but to me, if a product does well, it should be reinvested in to a reasonble degree to make it even more profitable. seems activision blizzard doesnt think that way. all the profit, with as little costs as possible, and as few employees as possible.

    YetAnotherYoutuberYetAnotherYoutuberMåned siden
  • Missed chance to call this vid "Domo arigato mr roboto"

    C DC DMåned siden
  • Kripp, thank you for honestly evaluating your situation with your work, as it pertains to the player base and yourself. It's very good to hear how you aren't just complaining selfishly but also bring it to the community. I have had the pleasure of listening to a streamer complain about their work with youtube on almost a constant basis despite doing very well.

    Brent BayBrent BayMåned siden
  • Kripp during intro: 😃 Kripp when live streaming at 3AM: 😐

    aleboaleboMåned siden
  • This game is not showing how Majro domo is good, it's about why highrolling constantly is winning the game.

    MsMoebMsMoebMåned siden
  • You are too good @ this 😬

    Robin RademakerRobin RademakerMåned siden
  • Gotta love the way he uses his mouse. Its like he actually throws the cards when he play them, but makes his cursor is way out of position to efficiently buy and sell. Such a boomer

    LLMåned siden
  • More clickbait titles....

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuireMåned siden
  • LOL... Kripp only discovered Majordomo now... joke

    gabaalangabaalanMåned siden
  • I just saw a Jerk beef ad before a Kripp Video.

    LachgummeiLachgummeiMåned siden
  • ....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • i´m drunk right now lol

    Miguel GuerraMiguel GuerraMåned siden
  • Kripp's one of the OG streamers... one of those that stream for a long time, not because it's their "9-5" job, but because they actually like playing that long. Very consistent and smart as well, it's why he uploads daily + on a specific time, it's because he thinks of it as TV... such that if he doesn't upload for that time, you'll be looking elsewhere for content. ^ He shared this tactic to GGG, and that's the reason why PoE leagues start and end at specific dates, like the next league will start either at christmas break or new years, and so you'll have plenty of time to play it. That's why for me, even if he does earn $1m a month, he fucking deserves it. A pioneer in the industry.

    M-TM-TMåned siden
  • the Gentle Genie has been getting out of hand to the point im just taking a break until they fix it, last game i played after tier 4 the last 3 people i played had genies with one being a golden reno genie. they also need to look into buffing some of the tribes, elementals feel good to play but it doesnt feel good to play demons or pirates right now.

    zoltansagedzoltansagedMåned siden
  • So elementals have 3 different methods of scaling that all work well. Can we take one and like split it up so mechs, pirates, and demons aren't so bad?

    Lambda FunctionLambda FunctionMåned siden
    • @NoNamedPleb and they scale health

      Diana skis HsjananajsakaDiana skis HsjananajsakaMåned siden
    • party elem, domo, nomi, ragnaros. that's four methods to scale. and you usually have a mix of two.

      NoNamedPlebNoNamedPlebMåned siden
  • why majordomo isnt an elemental?

    Danang M. FauzanDanang M. FauzanMåned siden
  • Kripp: "Meta today is first person to triple on 4 to get a Genie from 5 and have it deliver a Rag.... that's who wins". :-) He's not lying, I watched exactly that last night! Genie on turn 5, and a 100% chance to win from turn 7! Genie is so broken it's insane.

    Ross Cooper-SmithRoss Cooper-SmithMåned siden
  • Can we talk about how crazy his turn 10 was please 10:59

    SniperSaiyanSniperSaiyanMåned siden
    • Yeah playing all his elementals before trying to discover lil rag... crazy turn but could have been much better.

      Schmiddi8Schmiddi8Måned siden
    • modnesss

      Anmol TumberAnmol TumberMåned siden
  • 18:15 what is that rafam board xD

    red beardred beardMåned siden

    G EG EMåned siden
  • I knew Domo was good when i got Bran to 213 attack

    SSAngelusx7SSAngelusx7Måned siden
  • A

    Bruno SilvaBruno SilvaMåned siden
  • Today I accidentally sold an analgadon instead of a party elemental. I s h I t my pants. I still won. Yes it was lag.

    meLikeSalad_meLikeSalad_Måned siden
  • Me to

    Kerem AtanKerem AtanMåned siden
  • Aww :3

    Majordomo ExecutusMajordomo ExecutusMåned siden
    • You new?

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • APM wasn’t too bad today

    Robin LundqvistRobin LundqvistMåned siden
  • I mean... the ele cards have pretty much ruined the game even more in terms of balance. Maybe blizzard will actually properly balance stuff eventually but probably not lol

    thatepicwizardguythatepicwizardguyMåned siden
  • Have they hot fixed Djini yet? Just played a game tonight and got him on tavern 4, never got anything above my tavern tier. Still got an easy second place with a shitty hero though lol.

    Zach ThomasZach ThomasMåned siden
    • Yeah. The Patch notes said it's fixed.

      Eric OverbeckEric OverbeckMåned siden
  • RIP. There goes my win condition

    Niroshan DevendranNiroshan DevendranMåned siden
    • Saame

      ZycronZycronMåned siden
  • OH! I didn't understand the buff. I thought it was effectively the same as before and therefore not very good.

    Kun KodiikKun KodiikMåned siden
  • How was everyone's builds so slow and weak that you played lol I don't get it. I've done the same exact build he did in this vid at the same rounds and got smoked. Seems like everyone else low rolled a bit too and that helped

    ErichErichMåned siden
  • He’s like trump “I’ve seen the stats” lmao

    Connor KelleherConnor KelleherMåned siden
  • I thought it was trash, I mean it still kinda is but if you don’t have any other scaling it’s a really good choice... I got a 90/90 Foe reaper just earlier by buffing with majordomo, good ending card good scaling card... Recommend!

    MonsterMonqueyMonsterMonqueyMåned siden
  • I had an Omu run yesterday where I got to tavern 6 on turn 7 and was still winning every round. That fucken deck swabbie absolutely sling-shot me into the stratosphere.

    HitchensImmortalHitchensImmortalMåned siden
  • very real talk in the beginning of the episode and it's really awesome to see a person being honest rather than just trying to satisfy others. I'm relatively new to your channel but you are quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

    NLTrue GamingNLTrue GamingMåned siden
    • Welcome to the Kripp community dude

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • TFW I knew how good domo was before the buff, and now everyone will take him now

    CapitalDColenCapitalDColenMåned siden
    • that was my first thought too, domo + any cleave/divine shield was already insane

      ChriswagonChriswagonMåned siden
    • Fr used to always take it whenever i didnt get lucky as fuck and get lil rag or sum

      MoleassMoleassMåned siden
  • Kripp. This was my secret. Take it all the time. Now all plebs take my card.

    Vinnie KaneVinnie KaneMåned siden
    • my thought exactly.

      M GroenM GroenMåned siden
  • I' m interested in that only Djinnhi-baron 1st place, though...

    Chachos92Chachos92Måned siden
  • Krip just wanted to say that when I was big into Hearthstone You and Toast were my 2 favorite youtubers. Haven't watched in awhile but I still like to watch a video of yours every now and then. Keep it up my guy!

    Mr. TowelsMr. TowelsMåned siden
  • Agreed. All the Elemental builds feel good to play, but this is my personal favourite.

    JustSomeDamnGingerJustSomeDamnGingerMåned siden
  • Making gentle djinni a tier 5 minion was a mistake. Its so hard to find normal games like these now. Theres always that one highroll garr.

    David XiaoDavid XiaoMåned siden
  • Majordomo buffed a minion for me 55/55 in one game... It is crazy good

    karmichelkarmichelMåned siden
  • Isn't it fun to always play elementals because they are busted, and have more than half the lobby do the same? No? Oh well, we here at Blizzard don't really care about that

    Mark DombrovanMark DombrovanMåned siden
    • Blizzard does care, however their way of communication is really bad they fixed djinni but didn't care to say a word whatsoever until the patch came. They really have to work on communication.

      Eric OverbeckEric OverbeckMåned siden
  • Can you imagine Holy Mackerel in this meta?

    WachascacamuiWachascacamuiMåned siden
    • There's a reason he got removed from the game and we're seeing it

      skorpiongodskorpiongodMåned siden
  • HaRdCoRe and Hearthstone isn't really something to put in the same sentence.

    John DoeJohn DoeMåned siden
  • I won my first battleground today using Renos hero power on majordomo. Super under rated card.

    ValterriiValterriiMåned siden
  • Thumbnail>>> kripp is Luzifer confirmed 😈

    Mac MoeMac MoeMåned siden
  • I have always played majordomo since he released, super underrated card

    Pastafarian ProphetPastafarian ProphetMåned siden
    • Majordomo fits pretty well in mechs as well. Buff up the deflect o bot

      flyingporygonflyingporygonMåned siden
    • of course,it overshadowed by both rag and nomi

      Danang M. FauzanDanang M. FauzanMåned siden
    • Only downside is the laggg

      Mith RandirMith RandirMåned siden
    • @Erich honestly i would make space to fit a nomi if you can! Use majordomo to stay strong while u buff with nomi. Then you can transition out of both around the same time honestly

      reagan mullinsreagan mullinsMåned siden
    • Yeah I just finished a game with him. Got 2nd place. The only tough part is figuring out when to eventually get rid of him. Most of the time you can't fit a nomi at the same time so you kinda have to triple into him on tier three or he's not worth it imo. You'd rather start nomi cycling on tier 4. But then again like I said before it depends

      ErichErichMåned siden
  • first interesting 'elemental' game from anyone for a few weeks

    Kane StuartKane StuartMåned siden
  • Stop playing duels!

    GC TacosGC TacosMåned siden
  • 10:28 And 12:25 but not really his fault

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoMåned siden
  • More battlegrounds, less duels please.

    Luis Fernando Jiménez LópezLuis Fernando Jiménez LópezMåned siden
  • Kripp doesn't say Jesus in this video. We got a short holy stint with a Paladin duels video but was quickly squashed with this demonic BG video. Kripp is torn between good and evil almost like how he is torn between BG and duels.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Thank You. You're doing gods work, friend.

      Known asKnown asMåned siden
  • "Domo, arigato" - Mr. Roboto.

    TheIcyLindersTheIcyLindersMåned siden
  • yasss mah boi finally receiving the love he's been denied all previous patch

    galdranorn vikingsdottirgaldranorn vikingsdottirMåned siden
  • Where’s Jesus Christerino? I need to know if kripp was holy today or if the demonic streak continues.

    Michelle ManleyMichelle ManleyMåned siden
    • @Jesus Christerino Kripperino This is true. We cannot expect the Jesus Christerino comments to appear in front of us, we must sometimes seek them out, and through perseverance we may be blessed.

      Costumed CreeperCostumed CreeperMåned siden
    • I'm here... you just have to look for me. The holy video he had with a Jesus exclamation wasn't able to develop into a full blown holy streak of 2 as this video yielded 0 Jesus exclamations.

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • 初日のようにいつも寂しい

      Sharleen Pyarali dyhiiSharleen Pyarali dyhiiMåned siden
    • gone reduced to atoms

      Costumed CreeperCostumed CreeperMåned siden
  • Damn, when I saw the notification I thought for a moment it was a Silas+Domo combo in Wild that puts your opponent at 8 health and makes them an easy target

    Arseny RArseny RMåned siden
    • but silas has no good stats for cost

      Giordano SantilliGiordano SantilliMåned siden
    • Who are you and what have you done with boulderfist ogre?

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Major Bromo

    Rise !Rise !Måned siden