MY FIRST ZEPHRYS RUN! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

3. nov.. 2020
173 903 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - This boomer took forever to play the new hero Zephrys...
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal MohamedDag siden
  • nice job! but check my channel

    Chr1stofChr1stof3 dager siden
  • Funny when you get this lucky and you still complain all the time, while I’m over here playing Chenvaala not even seeing an elemental until I died on turn 9

    Kevin LeeKevin Lee13 dager siden
  • Krip I don't miss even one of your videos, unfortunately I don't have time to watch your stream alive but I always watch your vids on NOworld and do you mind to tell me when do you stream exactly? That would be nice

    Hany SpartaHany Sparta19 dager siden
  • Zephrys, the Great? More like Zephrys, the horribly bad. Heropowers that cost 2 or more are just automatically bad.

    PoifixPoifix20 dager siden
  • You are fucking luckier! There was a stupid game

    Александр ЯворскийАлександр Яворский22 dager siden
  • Who asked if Kripp was high? Dude lives in Canada and bought $700 worth of weed and HASNT EVEN OPENED IT

    DrummyTDrummyT23 dager siden
  • Domo is a way better cars than bran for ele

    Blake PlaceBlake Place24 dager siden
  • damn, so many misplays in this run

    BuerBuer25 dager siden
  • Why you sellout the major?

    Daco_TVDaco_TV26 dager siden
  • New hero same old elementals

    The ChiefThe Chief26 dager siden
  • When we hitting 1 mil boys?

    T D ThieryT D Thiery26 dager siden
  • New meta *Kappa*

    Odin sonOdin son26 dager siden
  • Immediately selling the 2/6 golden anomoly was atrocious

    Brandon BallBrandon Ball27 dager siden
  • Hey kripp I heard toxfin on amalgadon is pretty good. Could be wrong though

    ErichErich27 dager siden
  • "Top 4": 891. Are you telling me Kripp played just around ~1600 games total? That's just 300h of gameplay. He can cover that in just 2 month or so.. Did he change his account?

    AlexanderAlexander27 dager siden
    • @RYT weird, I don't think I got reset

      AlexanderAlexander26 dager siden
    • No, it was reset not long time ago

      RYTRYT26 dager siden
  • 16h stream.. I am very much concerned. What a workaholic

    AlexanderAlexander27 dager siden
  • Fly away on my Zephyrs I feel it more than ever

    Diário do Fim do MundoDiário do Fim do Mundo27 dager siden
  • Just name it ( Did ANOTHER Elemental Run) Zzzzzzzzzz

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuire27 dager siden
  • Holy crap, this was played really poorly.

    Jessica FoxJessica Fox27 dager siden
  • The moment he sold majordomo for buying brann was AMAZING. Im sure he was top 1 student in math

    Ihsan PradiptaIhsan Pradipta27 dager siden
  • For me zephrys is like the cursed dragon!I always take insane dmg even with good boards!Yesterday I had 2 spawns 2 bombs 2 dragons(double att) and taunt.on turn 6-7,I had 20hp, I tripled all 3 (1 with hero power) got a nomi and 2 djinnis.insane right? I died next turn, cause at 6-7 I lost 2 5% in a row!!and it is always like this for me with this hero!!

    AlexSaba13AlexSaba1327 dager siden
  • I’m yet to get zephris offered

    Madian AntarMadian Antar27 dager siden
  • your first recorded zephrys run ! nice !!! jk

    chris batzischris batzis27 dager siden
  • I played a Zeph run earlier today, ended up being a 9 Gold Grubber game LOL

    Quintin NilsonQuintin Nilson27 dager siden
  • where's your duel long spread? post it on youtube

    HawayioHawayio27 dager siden
  • If I buy the battlegrounds perks, do I have to buy them again when a new expansion comes out or do I keep it?

    dat boidat boi27 dager siden
    • @Yegor Shevchenko k, thanks

      dat boidat boi27 dager siden
    • Quick googling says it lasts until new expansion. Praise the greed

      Yegor ShevchenkoYegor Shevchenko27 dager siden
  • When will kripp understand you always take two nomis and swap them both at the end?

    Hao LuresHao Lures27 dager siden
  • Idk how people play this character i get garbage triples on 5 evertime and end up dying second last

    Alexander GordonAlexander Gordon27 dager siden
    • Isn't that true for every hero?

      NevermindNevermind26 dager siden
  • Naruto dominicano

    Orichalcum UrusOrichalcum Urus27 dager siden
  • FINALLY. I was waiting so long for this video. got no early access on duels, so i don't care much about it... yet.

    JotoneeeJotoneee27 dager siden
  • The upload changed temporarily? I've shaped my entire life based on this videos pleaskripp

    Mateo VicentiniMateo Vicentini27 dager siden
    • @Renan Gouveia Sameee

      Mateo VicentiniMateo Vicentini27 dager siden
    • ... I don't know what to do now I can't sleep without Kripp's boring plays

      Renan GouveiaRenan Gouveia27 dager siden
  • I find without fail that if I'm ever in last I always face off against the number one spot. Really wish they would fix that or at least not make it the norm.

    k1ng wAk0k1ng wAk027 dager siden
    • @Iris Waldenburger True, but generally the ones at the top are pretty strong.

      joushua 44joushua 4427 dager siden
    • The order doesn’t really mean anything.... It just means they have the highest hp pool left, and not necessarily the best build/board or even any winstreak

      Iris WaldenburgerIris Waldenburger27 dager siden
  • Kripp used to be good at HS, at least in arena and constructed, now he's just an average battleground player, he could have easily won this game if he didn't make so many mistakes

    paulmcpazzipaulmcpazzi27 dager siden
    • And that's a pretty good reason to keep playing battlegrounds

      Renan GouveiaRenan Gouveia27 dager siden
  • what happens if you have multiple pairs

    Abysmal AvocadoAbysmal Avocado27 dager siden
    • @Giordano Santilli I thought maybe you would triple every pair, or maybe a choice would be presented discover style

      Abysmal AvocadoAbysmal Avocado27 dager siden
    • What did you expect? It's hearthstone! Of course it's random!

      Giordano SantilliGiordano Santilli27 dager siden
    • Its random chosen

      Vojtěch NovotnýVojtěch Novotný27 dager siden
  • too bad the "not in this game" isn't visible WHEN IT ACTUALLY MATTERS!!

    EetTheMeakEetTheMeak27 dager siden
  • My First Zephrys Run. Translation = Another Elementals Run on a random character

    CazalooCazaloo27 dager siden
  • sleepy kripp

    Tiago CostaTiago Costa27 dager siden
  • The Kripp bots are getting out of hand. I love it

    Ronald LamRonald Lam27 dager siden
  • Def should’ve gotten the murloc poison. Krip sucks at this game

    Awang333Awang33327 dager siden
    • So you're at least 4k higher?

      Wijnand WetsteijnWijnand Wetsteijn27 dager siden
  • Everyone: Streamer's life is easy. Kripp after 16 hours of working:

    Ayrat KhalikovAyrat Khalikov27 dager siden
    • @mso2013 children dont do security gaurd jobs or any job for 16 hours a day in any first world country

      Geno XflameGeno Xflame20 dager siden
    • @Geno Xflame i guess security guard is not a real job then?

      mso2013mso201320 dager siden
    • @Trojan you know what children dont do actual work dont get me wrong streaming 16 hours gets old but its no burden

      Geno XflameGeno Xflame25 dager siden
    • @Geno Xflame He isn’t a child. He is a grown man with a wife and other things he would probably rather do sometimes than stream.

      TrojanTrojan25 dager siden
    • children stay up that long playing video games

      Geno XflameGeno Xflame25 dager siden
  • I cannot believe kripp skipped a nomi at 16:07

    Gaire FearGaire Fear27 dager siden
    • And with all the gold he was able to get, he could have tripled it, which would have been great.

      botcatmanbotcatman27 dager siden
  • Zephyrino Kripperino?

    TumbleflopTumbleflop27 dager siden
  • Battlegrounds is becoming unplayable. So many performance issues.

    kishobakishoba27 dager siden
  • "zef-reese" my ears, please Kripp, it's "Zeff-riss"

    uh somethinguh something27 dager siden
  • As I mentioned on the last video at this time, I will not be able to comment or record numbers from 2 PM (est) uploads on Mon/Tue and the 2 PM (est) uploads on Thu/Fri may be slightly delayed.

    Where Should Kripperino Have Said JesuserinoWhere Should Kripperino Have Said Jesuserino27 dager siden
  • ⛏⛏⛏

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino Freemerino27 dager siden
    • ... into ⛏⛏⛏ upgrades people upgrades.

      Mauer01Mauer0127 dager siden
  • Kripp does not play at its best this game.

    Ádám MészárosÁdám Mészáros27 dager siden
  • Kripp won 4 out of 13 rounds this game which is 30.76% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • Now that'$ a winrate

      Renan GouveiaRenan Gouveia27 dager siden
  • 13:50 Kripp missed out on the Toxfin for the Amalgadon.

    mudkipsarebluemudkipsareblue27 dager siden
  • 8:17 Kripp hits the single taunt: that was really lucky. Hits it second time: the next best

    Splinter CostromeSplinter Costrome27 dager siden
    • he meant divine shield targets

      asdfghasdfgh27 dager siden
    • Lmao

      PaoloPaolo27 dager siden
  • I remember having my first run with him. Only used his hero power once because I had 2doubles and the game ended too soon because my first triple had Nomi.

    Katekyo504Katekyo50427 dager siden
  • Kripperino plays-ino like a 2-thousanderino MMR-ino player.

    interestinginteresting27 dager siden
  • Kripp played really bad this game

    FeshistFeshist27 dager siden
    • That's an understatement.

      Jessie BatzJessie Batz27 dager siden
  • My first Zeph run was insane only due to the fact I got two kalecs from my wishes once i remembered i had a hp

    Cedric BuschfrersCedric Buschfrers27 dager siden
  • Where is the Galakrond guy? I like him :)

    BeansInASippyCupBeansInASippyCup27 dager siden
    • Probably a little early

      AnchorAnchor27 dager siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video, but he does say that he thinks that "Bran is a little late" at 14:25, and then decides to still get him (A correct choice IMO - If only he would do the same for my favorite minion! ;)

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • Hydra is amazing with Domo builds.

      Chaise MauriceChaise Maurice27 dager siden
  • 18:12 I love how his dogs know when he's ending the stream because he always ends the same way. Kripp: Thank you guys for watching Dogs: *?!!*

    Sakamoto SanSakamoto San27 dager siden
    • @Kenny A So why don't you get another? So many lil ones are waiting their whole lives in cages for someone to adopt them to give him/her all their love. Don't buy though. Pet shops keep female dogs as breeding machines. Fuck that industry.

      Glitch QuitchGlitch Quitch27 dager siden
    • I miss having a dog, they are so smart and just happy to be with you.

      Kenny AKenny A27 dager siden
  • 13:06

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino Golderino27 dager siden
  • I can't believe it took them so long to add the " not in this game" tribes. I always thought it was a bit odd that they listed the things that were in, instead of just listing the one or two things that are unavailable.

    Casey GouldCasey Gould27 dager siden
    • How to do banned from battlegrounds?

      Ahmed ZealotAhmed Zealot25 dager siden
  • Çok iyi bir videoo

    Enes BaturEnes Batur27 dager siden

    Satanrino KripperinoSatanrino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • J

      Pepper PlaysPepper Plays11 dager siden
    • We have successfully gotten to Kripparian recently. I'm glad you can't say the same.

      Where Should Kripperino Have Said JesuserinoWhere Should Kripperino Have Said Jesuserino27 dager siden

      Satanrino KripperinoSatanrino Kripperino27 dager siden

      Satanrino KripperinoSatanrino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • He didn’t say Jesus in this vid, what is your take on that Satan Kripperino?

      VijaygarvVijaygarv27 dager siden
  • give him a break he hasn't played the new meta of two weeks ago yet

    Kingerino KripperinoKingerino Kripperino27 dager siden
  • never in a million years was selling domo for bran a right play

    Тодор НиколовТодор Николов27 dager siden
    • I think he kept Brann because he tripled and was looking for Amalgadon which works well with Brann and is a win condition if you get shield and poison.

      Nabil RahmanNabil Rahman26 dager siden
    • Especially because he kept the 1/2 reborn mech in his hand to then play at the end of the turn, where he could LITERALLY JUST HAVE SOLD THAT INSTEAD >_>

      Jessica FoxJessica Fox27 dager siden
    • So now Kripp loves Brann + Ele combo. These YT clips are so messed up with his feelings towards Brann.

      VampKyivUAVampKyivUA27 dager siden
    • Not to mention him being greedy for elementals, and skipping over toxfin at least once. Couldve poisoned the Amalgadon...

      Scott TomsikScott Tomsik27 dager siden
    • especially with zephrys, who could've tripled the domo easily

      brocolibrocoli27 dager siden
  • Kripp doesn't say Jesus in this video. Satanrino is influencing kripp whether we like it or not. We should just accept our fate that kripp may have turned himself over to Satanrino.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • @Shammo broken streak but restored in the latest video where he played a mage duel

      VijaygarvVijaygarv27 dager siden
    • What is the streak? Is it a broken streak? Streak of 1? 2?

      ShammoShammo27 dager siden
    • The faith dims, but we FIGHT!

      Giordano SantilliGiordano Santilli27 dager siden
    • Don’t be so quick to judge, he’s not done his 40 days in the foresterino yet

      MehYam2112MehYam211227 dager siden
    • I think Zephyrs is a demon luring Kripp by saying “I grant Wishes” this hero and Jaraxxus should be avoided at all costs.

      VijaygarvVijaygarv27 dager siden
  • Last time I came this early my girlfriend left me

    jcantjcant27 dager siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino Awayfromkeyboardino27 dager siden
    • 私も夢の中であなたのことを考えました

      tomas colluritatomas collurita27 dager siden
    • His brain does for most of it

      Shaun HayesShaun Hayes27 dager siden
  • My first time being early to a video

    Aiden RobertsonAiden Robertson27 dager siden
    • Bendiciones

      Lee CrottyLee Crotty27 dager siden
  • I’m at 7k rating and I always pick Zeph. I’m not sure why people under rate him so much.

    G MoneyG Money27 dager siden
  • Jesus is king

    Alexander BrownAlexander Brown27 dager siden
    • Tupac

      FuccleFuccle27 dager siden
    • NO HE ISN'T

      Satanrino KripperinoSatanrino Kripperino27 dager siden
  • Hero Chosen: Zephrys, the Great Hero Power: Three Wishes (4 Gold)- If you have two copies of a minion, find the third. (3 wishes left)

    Heroerino KripperinoHeroerino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • @Raviel it should. here it just was better to play them beforehand (elemental triggers and battlecries)

      Mauer01Mauer0127 dager siden
    • The HP work if you have the minions in hands ? ( Sorry for my English )

      RavielRaviel27 dager siden
    • @lul bin lul he was there even before placerino

      Giordano SantilliGiordano Santilli27 dager siden
    • @Where Should Kripperino Have Said Jesuserino not new just haven’t commented in a while. Thanks though

      Heroerino KripperinoHeroerino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • Are you new here? If so, welcome!

      Where Should Kripperino Have Said JesuserinoWhere Should Kripperino Have Said Jesuserino27 dager siden
  • prefect bruh moment

    אור פאראור פאר27 dager siden
  • I have a feeling they will probably buff the hero power to 3 gold. Seems kinda weak at 4 gold

    a guy from nza guy from nz27 dager siden
    • The way I see it, it’s like refreshing and getting the card you are looking for, I’ve never had a bad time with Zeph honestly

      G MoneyG Money27 dager siden
  • Wow this stream was recorded well over a week ago. Why are we getting old content Kripp?

    daedralord1daedralord127 dager siden
  • nice

    Miś PatyśMiś Patyś27 dager siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... third place. His last non-first video was one video ago, in SINDRAGOSA = ACTUALLY GOOD NOW?! where he got 2nd as Sindragosa. His last bottom four video was 90 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • Kripp will release another non first 4th when that one I gets to 100

      ZnesZnes27 dager siden
  • No complaining at the start of this video from Kripp.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino Kripperino27 dager siden
  • Whoever reading this comment may you have a blessed life full of happiness with your lovely family and may you succeed in your every good aim.. I am also doing much hard work for my this food channel & i hope i can make it a successful channel,,,,,

    Shama's KitchenShama's Kitchen27 dager siden
  • First 100 views! Damn I’m lucky!

    SlorkSlork27 dager siden
  • Been waiting for you to do an epic Zeph run! I’ve been doing tragically with him.

    Joey JamesJoey James27 dager siden
    • I won my first game with him...

      Jeancarlo RodriguezJeancarlo Rodriguez25 dager siden
    • @Jason McFarlane that or triple cards that benefit from golden. Like nomi, lil rag, etc. I wouldn't triple a random.

      Luis MadridLuis Madrid27 dager siden
    • I've had only one game in zephrys and i kicked butts super hard, didnt lose once

      Maxime LeynaudMaxime Leynaud27 dager siden
    • I'm getting bent over a barrel every time I pick him

      Harrison TurnerHarrison Turner27 dager siden
    • Sometimes you gotta take a crappy early triple to stay in the game long enough to pick up better ones. Don't be too greedy

      Manuel MenendezManuel Menendez27 dager siden
  • Let’s go daddy!

    WoodshadowWoodshadow27 dager siden
  • Early squad

    Lil_ Slow97Lil_ Slow9727 dager siden
  • Almost first

    Mats SelboeMats Selboe27 dager siden
  • not first

    Alex ReichAlex Reich27 dager siden
  • So, enjoy, the Zephrys.

    How Does Kripperino End The IntrorinoHow Does Kripperino End The Introrino27 dager siden
    • これは私の好きな俳優です

      tomas colluritatomas collurita27 dager siden
  • Battlegrounds >>> Duels

    Thomas SokoloskiThomas Sokoloski27 dager siden
  • 0:30 Skipperino the Kripperino 0:47 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino Kripperino27 dager siden
    • 🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔🪔

      Troy SnellTroy Snell25 dager siden
    • Benis

      bool.exebool.exe27 dager siden
    • Literally how... might be a bot?

      PandaPanda27 dager siden
    • How...

      WoodshadowWoodshadow27 dager siden
  • Today's fact: As of 1998, over 50% of Iceland's population believed in the existence of elves.

    Facterino CommenterinoFacterino Commenterino27 dager siden
    • Many people see elves during DMT trips so they might be real :)

      Mariuta NicolaeMariuta Nicolae26 dager siden
    • More people don't believe in elves because they're invisible.

      Jason McFarlaneJason McFarlane27 dager siden

    Васил ЕговВасил Егов27 dager siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidk27 dager siden
    • Damn

      Giordano SantilliGiordano Santilli27 dager siden