PLAYED CAT AND GOT SCAMMED! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

21. okt.. 2020
99 663 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - One would say that playing cat is a scam to begin with, but this is two levels deep!
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  • Damn he gave Rafaam 2 triples :D

    Tomáš KalinkaTomáš KalinkaMåned siden
  • 15:10 Did you notice? The mini bots are golden, but still only 1/1! This is because they spawned out of a golden minion (deflecto) and not from tripling the the magnetic guy :)

    SlorkSlorkMåned siden
  • Just double all the heroes health? It would make the games longer and better imo

    DerekDerekMåned siden
  • I once had a guy denying me by selling his full mid-game board before giving up, so I got nothing :|

    EmserzEmserzMåned siden
  • If he had picked up Selfless Hero every time it showed up, he would have a triple.

    Max ScherzerMax ScherzerMåned siden
  • What I'm getting out of his complaints is that the starting health should be increased.

    CottidaeCottidaeMåned siden
  • Hey Kripp what do you think of the idea to slow down the game by capping the damage taken based on what turn it is, no matter the board (ex: take 10 damage on turn 10 on losing)

    1337skill1337skillMåned siden
  • I'm amazed that Kripp manages to complain in this one lmao

    NordlimNordlimMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • Kripp: They just need to do anything to slow down the game. *devs introduce major lag issues Kripp: *surprised pikachu face

    Pablo OrtegaPablo OrtegaMåned siden
  • Ah, Battlegrounds. The game that feels like total trash and a waste of time 9/10 matches, and YET somehow makes you think "Okay, but maybe NEXT time..." and the cycle continues.

    DayferDayferMåned siden
  • The kriperino account are far funnier than the video itself its funnier

    SkullAssasin GameingSkullAssasin GameingMåned siden
  • More health? Why not just limit damage taken before a certain turn?

    Retica McLovin'Retica McLovin'Måned siden
  • I played bigglesworth and rafaam died. The game didn’t give me the option to pick one of the three cards!! Talk about being jipped

    BunnyBoyBunnyBoyMåned siden
    • He could have selled his minions so you won't get them

      AmandorAmandorMåned siden
  • adding more health is bad business. games will be too long for mobile players

    lucus lopezlucus lopezMåned siden
  • Yeah last time I played cat I got 0 golden minion. Screw that crap

    Leonard YoungLeonard YoungMåned siden
  • Kripp: They could think of the worst way imaginable to slow down the game and I'd be happy. *Blizzard invents lag bug*

    quiksilver10152quiksilver10152Måned siden
  • This happened to me last time I played cat. It isn't fun.

    peterpeterMåned siden
  • Why u never play murloc are they bad?

    Baron MayonnaiseBaron MayonnaiseMåned siden
  • "they could pick the worse way imaginable to slow the game down and id still be happy" ok well heres so much lag that you can't play the game its so slow. happy?

    Kingerino KripperinoKingerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Yeah what if we just double the turn timer and half the animation speed, that would give everyone more time to think! Easy fix

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen VerschaeveMåned siden
  • How the fuck is it possible to complain this much

    KupaCH46KupaCH46Måned siden
  • masked singer

    Abbas JalilvandAbbas JalilvandMåned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video.

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
    • It's like this question they asked a gay artist .... " some people say that you might be gay , what do you think about that ? He replies.... " the obvious needs no explanation. Next question .

      Eman namEEman namEMåned siden
  • These videos are uploaded whilst I sleep so I wake up and watch them every day. My concern is that if I carry on like this, I won't be able to shit without experiencing Krippsalt.

    Jordan AultJordan AultMåned siden
  • Hmmmm. Maybe Blizzard listened to this and quite literally slowed down the game with lag 🤔🤔🤔

    MrDrStevensonMrDrStevensonMåned siden
  • 12:50 rip to the Lich King who took 30+ dmg (assuming didn’t leave/dc)

    roberticle1roberticle1Måned siden
  • I watched Kripp's Sponsored Fminist Star Woke stream last night and got scammed.

    Don WaldDon WaldMåned siden
    • ​@Don Wald Fucking woke shit man...All over the place. Can't hate Kripp though he's living in that Canadian woke stuff.

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
    • @Grom Hellscream He had a sponsored stream to show the Star Woke game.

      Don WaldDon WaldMåned siden
    • What's that about?

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • The easiest way seems to make the tiering up more expensive so there's more mid game less damage.

    justin webbjustin webbMåned siden
    • The easiest way would be to cap damage somehow, best example I've seen is, "The max damage you can take is equal to the turn timer" (turn 1, take 1 damage max, turn 2, take 2 damage max etc) The earliest you can die is turn 9. But this would be rare as you'd need to take MAX damage for 9 turns in a ROW. Losses where you lose to a 1 star etc would mean the turn timer would be longer too.

      R UR UMåned siden
  • Kripp won 6 out of 13 rounds this game which is 46.15% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Do people think removing / lessening the damage from what level you are would be a reasonable way to slow down the game?

    Matthew MaddockMatthew MaddockMåned siden
    • You rather reduce the token damage, because thats rng based. The tavern tier damage is fully in controll of the player and kind of balanced (strong early game hero secure win but dont overrun people, fast lvlup results in hp loss in early but rewards with strong late game board/damage). You even see your opponents level and can calculate the damage you would get, if you lose.

      CheckDirEinenAbCheckDirEinenAbMåned siden
  • Crap cat lol

    Keith JamesKeith JamesMåned siden
  • Hey Blizzard, just make it a quick Halloween event, for 1 week everyone's HP will start at 60, and Patchwerk at 75. It'd be a great way to get some feedback from players and to see what happens. If it works out, maybe consider making it permanent.

    Lambda FunctionLambda FunctionMåned siden
    • It would make elementals even stronger

      Premium DirektsaftPremium DirektsaftMåned siden
  • they already picked the worst way to slow down the game... Lag... :P

    Shane LemmoShane LemmoMåned siden
  • Not everyone gets token start and that's okay. Battlegrounds is about playing many games

    Roman AnonymousRoman AnonymousMåned siden
  • They should put a cap on the damage. Let's say 20 max. So at least you can't be one shotted

    Freeman GFreeman GMåned siden
  • Where krip find the statistic for the minions in 4:27

    Eden MosanEden MosanMåned siden
  • 2:54 hearing that helps alot, I'm sure some people get frustrated when they watch u get first place every time

    FrozenRapFrozenRapMåned siden
  • I'm quitting Hearthstone until the lag is fixed. Its utterly unplayable now. I just had a game where I maximised my time and still the clock ran down because the animations took so long so I ended up with a nearly full hand and unable to play cards quickly enough. Seriously, I'd rather just have the core battleground experience again then this.

    andromidiusandromidiusMåned siden
  • Kripp, one thing I noticed about really high dmg in latest patches. It usually comes from new tribes (mostly Elems, less so Pirates) bringing their high-star minions as main power on the table. Like late game Elems are pretty much 5-6 stars on every card. Lowest tier minion is windfury one (if it managed to get gold status and 50+ in stats). To compare you can recall Murlocs. Most of their cards are 1-3 stars, only 5 stars are King (he suicides first 100% of time) and 2/4 Brann, who just dies as well. Pretty sure removing Lil Rag's ability to self-buff will greatly lower total dmg from Elems as 1-2 of their 6 stars will be basically one-shot instead of 50/50

    Name SurnameName SurnameMåned siden
  • Kripp keeps begging them to slow the game down. They did. They added lag.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • where is he cheking out the info at 4:50 ?

    GiovanniGiovanniMåned siden
  • the thing about more health though; the person who gets a good head start will always race ahead. it doesnt matter if the life is 30 or 100. more life will just end up prolonging the pain of someone who got a crappy hero and starting minions.

    judgeomegajudgeomegaMåned siden
  • HA! I played the cat and still finished in first place.

  • honestlt they should make all tribe(including no tribe) have both token(sellemental,tidehunter,alleycat),solid early game unit (rockpool hunter,dragonspawn leutenant,vulgar homonculus)and the unique unit that can thing the tribe known for(swabby,red whelp,micro machine)

    Danang M. FauzanDanang M. FauzanMåned siden
  • Missed opportunity for "Played Cat and got BRANNboozled"

    Tikiplayer 26Tikiplayer 26Måned siden
  • I wonder what would happen if they make tavern tiers cost 1 more

    handmadeleader6handmadeleader6Måned siden
    • Well I think second and third tier are pretty balanced but we need to increase cost of transition to tavern 4 5 and 6 by 1

      AmandorAmandorMåned siden
  • At the start, Kripp talk honestly. :/ In my case, a play a lot at start, playing well and hit 1° 1/5 games. After Dragons patch, until now, a play maybe 70 games: 3 first place, then all go to hell. Of 7980 Rank to 4800 in 70 games before reset. "Games" must time just was watching how i loose. Just my thinking and numbers.

    Damián Jesús Rafael PereyraDamián Jesús Rafael PereyraMåned siden
  • seems simple... 1 damage per minion left on the board + your tavern tier. 7-13 damage at tavern 6. would also slow the game down enough to allow the people that don't get nuts RNG early to catch up.

    tubetrollintubetrollinMåned siden
    • Or don't include tavern tier in the damage amount. Even a small reduction would improve the game. After the fix the fucking lag, though.

      andromidiusandromidiusMåned siden
    • The issue with this is the damage could be so low that the meta could just be press tavern up whenever it's green because you have enough HP To tank a lot of losses. IMO, flattening the damage curve should be the goal, trying to bring the early game damage higher, so there's meaningful choice in staying at a low tavern to build a board, but lower high tavern damage so you cant randomly explode people. So maybe it's increase the damage of your hero by 1, so 2 damage at tavern 1, 3 at t2, etc. And make spawned minions do 0 damage regardless of whether or not they're real tavern minions, to stop the whole, "Oh I lost, but Pirate Ship dying did 18 damage to me LUL"

      ZyroZyroMåned siden
  • Here is idea to slow down the game: remove the dmg minions do to face but double the dmg tavern tier does. So you still need to lvl up to get the higher tier minions but a 5 star minion won’t add 5 dmg to your face attack. With double tavern tier I mean on 1 you do 2 dmg. On 2 you do 4dmg and 3 = 6 so forth. I think this can slow down the game by 4 a 5 rounds Opinions?

    Joost TiemstraJoost TiemstraMåned siden
  • Can’t believe he skipped two branns

    Jonathan WongJonathan WongMåned siden
  • I only watch the matches on YT. I tried watching live and he doesn't win.

    DudeDudeMåned siden
  • Kripp, don't you know they are slowing down the game by introducing lag?

    silvergenerationsilvergenerationMåned siden
  • Serious question : are mechs viable? I almost never see someone win with mechs.

    LePlusBeauLePlusFortLePlusBeauLePlusFortMåned siden
    • Mechs are extremely good in the mid game, like on tier 4 tavern they're the best tribe If you pick up divine shield mechs you can deal some substantial dmg and win unwinnable rounds But they scale badly further game goes and at this moment elementals>anything else rly

      AmandorAmandorMåned siden
  • I am so damn good at playing as Bigglesworth that I successfully make him trigger his hero power on himself every time!

    Mahikan NakihamMahikan NakihamMåned siden
  • i really enjoy your videos,regardless of i'm not playing battlegrounds for months now, thanks for the content Kripperino, appreciated

    Александр СавченкоАлександр СавченкоMåned siden
    • Bruh I've never even downloaded Hearthstone and I watch this stuff religiously Something about skilled players doing skilled things is just really nice to watch There was the journey mode catacombs thing a while back where you fought 8 bosses in a row and each time you won you chose some cards buffed them with Bob and sometimes got a relic God I loved that but no one seems to play it anymore Makes me sad

      MrPotatoFudgeMrPotatoFudgeMåned siden
    • Я вообще не разу не играл в battlegrounds

      Necron LordNecron LordMåned siden
  • Where can one find these stats that he is quoting

    jossjoss40jossjoss40Måned siden
  • Awww yeahhhh! Now THAT'S a build!

    Tony MioniTony MioniMåned siden
    • @Matuscara ت Hi, Mother. Your spankings have been weak lately. Mind turning it up a notch? Thanksssssss

      Tony MioniTony MioniMåned siden
    • I'm your mother

      Matuscara تMatuscara تMåned siden
  • Such enjoyable content to listen to someone complain for 20 minutes every day...

    Kevin LeeKevin LeeMåned siden
    • I ran out of salt for my soup, so i put this on and placed my phone on top of the pot and it turned out perfect

      Major AasumMajor AasumMåned siden
    • Do you come to Kripp for anything else except salt?

      Drew CookDrew CookMåned siden
    • That's what I'm here for!

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
    • But we keep coming back

      king shamashking shamashMåned siden
  • The fact that you casually take 20+ dmg against a high roller guy or even 10+ (which is quarter or more of total health) against mid range build is just bad. No time to do late game build unless you get lucky and if you get really unlucky you just get robbed of your 2nd, 3rd place because highrolled 1st placer can insta nuke you with 30+ dmg.

    all hail derpfestorall hail derpfestorMåned siden
  • Even Kripp is tired of this patch

    Vítor2814Vítor2814Måned siden
  • 2:34 the worst way imaginable? Your wish is my command: Animation times now last 100 times longer. Also, there is an unskipable add after each attack during combat. Oh, and you have to sacrifice a puppy at the end and start of each turn. All combined, this should stretch each game to a few hours, EXACTLY as you wished!

    Dracosia BoccanegraDracosia BoccanegraMåned siden
    • @Jeroen Verschaeve AAAAH KILL IT WITH FIRE HELP!!!!!

      Major AasumMajor AasumMåned siden

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen VerschaeveMåned siden
    • As long as its not ads for idle heroes or/and afk arena

      Major AasumMajor AasumMåned siden
  • How hasn't Garr being nerfed? Like it's just so easily buffed and scales crazy for a 6

    AdamShifnalAdamShifnalMåned siden
    • Not to mention poison, a 6 with 8 atk and only health buff is not worth it, too slow. The insane cards are djinni and lil rag

      Trương ThắngTrương ThắngMåned siden
    • Cuz it's so easily countered by poison

      simonbas6simonbas6Måned siden
  • lmfao furry kripp

    Turgut Ege ÖztürkTurgut Ege ÖztürkMåned siden
  • On a recent game as the cat, a Reno player made a Sellemental golden on turn 1 and conceded, so I got a golden Sellemental on turn 2. Pretty sure I got 1st just because of that.

    PabloPabloMåned siden
  • Kripp you move your mouse so slow. You have to be two moves ahead all the time

    daedralord1daedralord1Måned siden
  • They should increase the health pool, 60 or 80 health seems like it might prolong the games a couple more turns and allow adjustments to be made instead of getting rolled one round and being completely fucked or dead

    H C T I MH C T I MMåned siden
  • The Lag spikes were their worst way to slow down the game...

    DJMack64DJMack64Måned siden
  • Total over value of spawn again

    Nick PNick PMåned siden
  • >Be me >Pick Cat >Play >First death at turn 10 >Finish 5th >Fell Sad

    MASON PolandMASON PolandMåned siden
    • - be me - pick cat - play - get mega low roll - finish 8th

      VL (YBlvr)VL (YBlvr)Måned siden
  • Blizzard doesn't want to buff health because then they'd have to consider changing patchwork again, and that'd be too much work.

    Second AliasSecond AliasMåned siden
    • It would, in fact, be a lot of patchwork..! *ba-dum-tsss!*

      Major AasumMajor AasumMåned siden
  • I had crisps with this video, but that was a mistake. Kripp made them way too salty...

    JespersgaardJespersgaardMåned siden
    • @crunkskunk12 oi mate it's bwitish 3Head

      R UR UMåned siden
    • @R U oii mate im brimbish

      crunkskunk12crunkskunk12Måned siden
    • @crunkskunk12 whats a brimbish

      R UR UMåned siden
    • crisps lmao spotted a brimbish person

      crunkskunk12crunkskunk12Måned siden
  • Can anyone tell the lose scenario at 3:00

    Swapnil KashyapSwapnil KashyapMåned siden
    • Spawn attack reborn mech then bomb attack demon and spawn , buffing the 1/1 demon to 2/2 and the 2/2 atacks the 1/1 mech that remains = kripp lose

      Adrian UmpireAdrian UmpireMåned siden
  • Taverning up shouldnt do more damage

    the end of the startthe end of the startMåned siden
    • @Fangers Stanky how so? explain yourself

      the end of the startthe end of the startMåned siden
    • Thats a terrible idea

      Fangers StankyFangers StankyMåned siden
  • So so tru, damage is too easily dealt in battlegrounds. We need a different way to deal damage, its a good mode tho best if i have an opinion. Apart from playing my quest mage tho

    420Priest420PriestMåned siden
  • That's why I stopped playing months ago. Why bother? It's just a slot machine. Combat is already RNG. The fun is in influencing your board to put yourself in the best position to overcome it. When you can't even do that because you're at the mercy of either high rolling a strong start or losing at 8 gold, there's no more fun.

    Jarekx2007Jarekx2007Måned siden
  • the last fun game with someone that had cat I was sure i was gonna lose next round I picked up a golden morizond deleted all my other minions and died. Hope he enjoyed that

    Brent BayBrent BayMåned siden
    • Lmao. Last game I knew I was going to die, was up against stacked Rafaam, and I had just received my li’l rag. Could have gotten top 4 if not for that match up. Sold my entire board but li’l rag. Rafaam tripled Ragnaros and probably destroyed the rest of the lobby

      L EL EMåned siden
    • you deserve a medal!

      minshou yukidaminshou yukidaMåned siden
    • Did that with a friend of mine but with tess and 2 murazond this was quite funny as well since I could watch him do crazy triples :D

      Venom _Venom _Måned siden
  • I think I've had one cat game this patch where I wasn't first dead or 2 people leave the game with empty boards. Need to fix BG cuz highroll elementals on turn 7 ain't a healthy meta

    JesusFallstoHellJesusFallstoHellMåned siden
  • Krip, are u sure its not your comp thats lagging? All the other guys that play BG dont lag like you.

    Mircea PaunMircea PaunMåned siden
    • I think it’s just him too. Nothing on the forums. It’s got to be his software setup

      daedralord1daedralord1Måned siden
  • ignore how elementals are broken on the stats, but it is still a joke that how much damage they bring after a round, i had a lich king game which i was having a solid dragon build and was still 40 hp at turn 9, and a cat who plays elementals just oneshotted me out of nowhere and i got 7th place, it is just being ridiculous

    vqeujfckl ntbvqeujfckl ntbMåned siden
    • @Fraser Hood yeah dragons are soooooo sad compared to any other build. U are shit early and even if u rly highroll a kaly elementals hardoutscale u

      Hansim GlückHansim GlückMåned siden
    • Its every game elementals take 1st for me. I'll have a great build and then theyll have elementals and I'll take upwards of 30 dmg from turn 8 and up. It's either divine shield bullshit with posion or elemental or bust

      Tyler LeeTyler LeeMåned siden
    • Yeah they do need some sort of nerf, like maybe instead of Rag or Majordomo's or Nomi's +1/+1 they give +1 attack OR +1 HP instead and Triple guarantees both, but that's also another thing. late elemental roster is like giving Dragons 3 kinds of Kalecgos that buff shit in different ways and 2 of those are not on tier 6. I say make one of em be a traitor and only buff another race.

      Fraser HoodFraser HoodMåned siden
  • kripp gave raffam 2 triples this game, wtf

    the end of the startthe end of the startMåned siden
  • Kripp gave Rafaam 2 triples

    PIEMJayPIEMJayMåned siden
  • It’s really annoying to have to play around the lag in BGs.

    Aaron NobleAaron NobleMåned siden
    • Yeah what's up with that. I thought my PC was in need of new hardware.

      Eman namEEman namEMåned siden
  • Why does Kripps game Lag so much? Almost never happens for me

    PapaPoroPapaPoroMåned siden
    • @Tawnos Wins That is true. Sometimes it only takes one. When I queue with a friend, i lose and afterwards try to spectate the game it is also very noticeable

      WampowWampowMåned siden
    • From what I hear, it generally takes 2-3 games to really kick in and be noticeable.

      Tawnos WinsTawnos WinsMåned siden
    • happens to a few people, including me. Blizzard fuk'd up when introducing elementals and they don't seem to find a solution, even though they're trying appearently.

      WampowWampowMåned siden
  • If cat is in game and i am below 20 health, I sell everything and concede.

    Zassou JulyZassou JulyMåned siden
    • Done it

      Justin BlechingerJustin BlechingerMåned siden
  • At 12:30 kripp says Jesus Christ! It was an exclamation of surprise for the distribution of bombs throughout the battlefield. I wanted to see a 2nd Jesus exclamation off of the bad luck cat steals but I guess it is what it is.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Kripp says Cheez-Its not Jesus.

      Don WaldDon WaldMåned siden
    • It even had the "Christ" in it this time! We are blessed.

      Costumed CreeperCostumed CreeperMåned siden
    • @eternal pain I am just a messenger of Jesus so I can't actually do anything on the behalf of your children.

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • The bad RNG got him to call the holy name

      VijaygarvVijaygarvMåned siden
  • I think they should lower damage to solely level. This would actually benefit strategy, as well as minor risk/reward boost for leveling early.

    Not ImportantNot ImportantMåned siden
    • @Not Important that is LITERALLY what the meta would be if damage would only be your tavern tier, BUT EVEN WORSE! I tell you, it would be just a case of who can get kaly, lil rag, goldrinn etc meta. It would be literally the current situation but even worse because people would be at tavern tier 5 by like turn 6. Do you really want that?

      Siiike WSiiike WMåned siden
    • @Siiike W Current meta requires ZERO strategy. It's just a grabass for specific cards on your way to either lose or place. You can pretty much tell the ending order around turn 2-3, based off the first three creatures they were given. In this meta, it's honestly more fun to play auto chess than hearthstone.

      Not ImportantNot ImportantMåned siden
    • @Not Important so? The hyper aggressive levelling and getting key cards, and probably having the game more focused on RNG is not great either, that would become quickly stale too

      Siiike WSiiike WMåned siden
    • @Siiike W It's stale now, to the point where if i don't find an interesting hero, i just concede and try again. It's not power CREEP, it's power LEAPS... There is ZERO sense in receiving over ten damage on any round....

      Not ImportantNot ImportantMåned siden
    • To expand on my thoughts. To lower the dmg of minions Blizzard simply needs to introduce Tier 0 and adjust the minions/game accordinly. I don't think that is too hard to implement or too much of a change for players

      WampowWampowMåned siden
  • Kripp was not carried by Garr this game, however, he did get owned by the opposing Garr securing him only third place. Should've gone with the Garr Kripp!

    Garrarino Carryrino KripperinoGarrarino Carryrino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Mauer01 oh 😐

      Garrarino Carryrino KripperinoGarrarino Carryrino KripperinoMåned siden
    • you mean third

      Mauer01Mauer01Måned siden
  • 0:47

    Anahi KramerAnahi KramerMåned siden
  • 4:25 what are those numbers? Like, I got they have something to do with winrate, but what exactly do they represent?

    Mr Fock1eMr Fock1eMåned siden
    • @Mr Fock1e no clue :S

      WampowWampowMåned siden
    • @Wampow thanks, but where to find those numbers?

      Mr Fock1eMr Fock1eMåned siden
    • example: when a player/hero on average ends the game on place 4, when he gets a murloc tide hunter on turn 1 his average placing will be raised to 3.7-ish. That is indeed pretty much, as you can't really decide what you get on turn 1.

      WampowWampowMåned siden
    • I guess it‘s for average placement Meaning that (e.g) ragnaros places 0.09 (on average) higher when he starts with alley cat

      Das MaxDas MaxMåned siden
  • ......

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • You call this unlucky? The one time I played cat after 50+ games, first guy dies on turn 10. 4 people die on turn 11 including me when I had a 70+% chance to win and 50+ to kill my opponent. Kripp needs to see real bs.

    Joshua SeeJoshua SeeMåned siden
    • the real unlucky cat is having 2 people dc before ever buying a minion. they die and you never even get a minion

      bbigman76bbigman76Måned siden
    • Unluckyness don't depend on how other people are unlucky

      Fellipe CauFellipe CauMåned siden
  • One time I played Bigglesworth and I didnt recieve a discover from 1 player that died(he had minions in play), and later I picked card ONLY bcs it was golden, but in fact when i picked, it turned normal... even tho I won that game lol

    Clint SouthwoodClint SouthwoodMåned siden
  • 0:44 Yes, Kripp does greet us in this video reminiscing about a game that he is very salty about, but that we cannot witness.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Day 49 of asking Kripp to play Galakrond for an episode. This episode brings up an idea I’ve been toying with for a while. Would y’all be interested in me also keeping a counter for other fun, low tier heroes that Kripp hasn’t played in a while?

    GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
    • @Ajay Muralidharan WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN 🐧

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
    • We love you. Waddle on.

      Ajay MuralidharanAjay MuralidharanMåned siden
    • Yeah some heroes are plain boring like mech lady, daryl jaraxxus etc. Plus don't think they'll be consistent like you

      Swapnil KashyapSwapnil KashyapMåned siden
    • I think it will lose the charm if you do other heroes tbh

      a guy from nza guy from nzMåned siden
    • galakrond is alot better now actually

      the end of the startthe end of the startMåned siden
  • Greetings fellow gentleman Kitty is bad apparently

    Genji Main 544Genji Main 544Måned siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... third place. His last non-first video was five videos ago, in DJINNI VS DJINNI! WHO WINS?! where he got 2nd as Kael'thas. His last bottom four video was 75 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Earlyy

    Josiah PriceJosiah PriceMåned siden
  • Hello world!

    Enri ViļgertsEnri ViļgertsMåned siden
  • 0:44 Skipperino the Kripperino 1:14 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Benis

      bool.exebool.exeMåned siden
  • Damn I’m early

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