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  • barely uses the rags and has 1 elemental for last two rounds, clickbait

    Justin ParkerJustin ParkerMåned siden
  • Finally a hero for Pogos

    Marco Fernandes RodriguesMarco Fernandes RodriguesMåned siden
  • I want to know who told Kripp that module is not worth freezing and kick his ass :P

    Tomáš KalinkaTomáš KalinkaMåned siden
  • These Krupp names are getting out of hand

    Hydrated SpaceHydrated Space2 måneder siden
  • Best build right now seems to be triple righteous protector, baron, a few poisonous murlocs and one or two big minions. Def a poison meta though. They really need to get rid of poison from BG, IMHO.

    aaleveraalever2 måneder siden
  • Wait why listen to chat and not freeze for the Module??

    x10018rox10018ro2 måneder siden
  • stop listening to your Pepeg chat Krip what are you doing

    MedivhMedivh2 måneder siden
  • HA. I tried this build. Same Hero. I got ONE pogo! ONE! Didn't even break top 4. I have better luck with Bigglesworth then Jandice HAHAHAHAHA

    Dave QuaschnickDave Quaschnick2 måneder siden
  • He don't said "enjoy" this time (;_;)

    Daniel ColetteDaniel Colette2 måneder siden
  • is dragon bottom tier in this current patch?

    ErupriorEruprior2 måneder siden
  • today i got perfect jandice game using pogos, ending with full health and 11 win streak. yeah... she is something else with pogos.

    one viewerone viewer2 måneder siden
  • This is why we don't listen to chat

    Ryan OsborneRyan Osborne2 måneder siden
  • I have a love hate with poison, it evens out the insanity of huge stats. But also just feels bad going against.

    Sean IrwinSean Irwin2 måneder siden
    • I think it can be fixed. I like poison, but low health poison feels like cheating. More effects that bypass poison is the solution I think. Cards like cleave and red whelp. Cleave is only good in some builds/heroes. Red whelp is just bad. But I think that would balance out the poison/stat dynamic because buffing your poison minions to higher health will actually matter

      Jonathan HenleyJonathan Henley2 måneder siden
  • Kripp won 6 out of 17 rounds this game which is 35.29% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
  • That annoyo skip was...

    NightNGLNightNGL2 måneder siden
  • Nomi and jandice is busted: Any elemental put back to the shop gets the nomi buff. So putting back amalgadon may give it +20/20

    Ant ManAnt Man2 måneder siden
    • I thought of this when elementals came out but I have yet to see a streamer use it.

      Derek DunbarDerek DunbarMåned siden
  • Didn't actually get, what are the murlocs for?

    Вардгес АмбарцумянВардгес Амбарцумян2 måneder siden
    • It's just super important to have atleast one that costs only one gold

      eltjeaueltjeau2 måneder siden
  • No elementals in the final build btw, and Kripp likely got punished for even trying them here.

    TheStrongestBakaTheStrongestBaka2 måneder siden
  • Anyone else wants Toxfin removed?

    PaliderPalider2 måneder siden
  • PLEASE get rid of POISON... its obviously CANCEROUS to the game.

    ItsneightItsneight2 måneder siden
    • Poison is the only counter to galactic stats.

      skorpiongodskorpiongod2 måneder siden
  • well u are always lucky to the findings

    Serkan TüzünalperSerkan Tüzünalper2 måneder siden
  • time to smash the dislike button

    abody ghgreabody ghgre2 måneder siden
  • Krip deserved to loose for not taking that module.

    Kyle MillerKyle Miller2 måneder siden
  • Why does he always listen to some godawful chat suggestion with 5 seconds left in the turn? "Oh, don't freeze for this crucial unit? Ok" Then at the end of the game: "Both of us played mechs the entire game and neither of us got the most important mech" - I WONDER WHY?

    ThanatosThanatos2 måneder siden
  • Just like when i play mechs, the divine shield magnetic always gets deleted from my tavern

    Lucas RodriguesLucas Rodrigues2 måneder siden
    • but yeah he didn't freeze the only one that appeared because chat said so i did not vibe with that

      Lucas RodriguesLucas Rodrigues2 måneder siden
  • It hurts kripp so much to freeze

    Cameron BishopCameron Bishop2 måneder siden
  • Skipped module, got rect)

    jogaravenjogaraven2 måneder siden
  • remove poison from the game.

    Richard JonesRichard Jones2 måneder siden
  • Jandice + Pogos is taking the fun out of the game. Jandice can be high-skill and fun without pogos, but as long as this combination is in the game, it’s just an automatic 1st-3rd finish.

    KleshumaraKleshumara2 måneder siden
  • the elementals seemed really weak in this build in my opinion

    jonant8317jonant83172 måneder siden
  • You absolutely freeze for the module there.

    Benjamin MortonBenjamin Morton2 måneder siden
  • Maexxna should be the only poison in the game

    amindful catamindful cat2 måneder siden
    • @lul bin lul there is a reason blizzard added a neutral 1/1 poisonous card at 4 star with the elemental patch

      skorpiongodskorpiongod2 måneder siden
  • Why do they add more poisons. It is not a fun mechanic....

    ArthenaArthena2 måneder siden
  • I could tell by the look on Kripp's face that he didn't like freezing for the module, which is why one random guy in chat was able to so easily "convince" him to roll out of it. I've noticed Kripp doesn't like picking up the magnetic cards, even though the replicating menace also coulda saved him some damage at one point when he got hit by enemy tokens. Tokens are good!

    Cariss McboberCariss Mcbober2 måneder siden
    • As Jandice with mechs and beasts in game it's best to avoid replicating menace just in case you roll into a selfless Parrot combo with big pogos

      Adam Cinq-marsAdam Cinq-mars2 måneder siden
  • Janice+ lil rag + stasis elemental

    Brendon YocumBrendon Yocum2 måneder siden
  • Who else is under 15 buhh loves watching him playy💀💀

    michael loftonmichael lofton2 måneder siden
  • The Pogo Hopper Rhapsody Only Pogos Matter Anyone can understand this Only Pogos Matter Only Pogos Matter To Jandice ... Just need a couple Pogos ...

    geodesic1974geodesic19742 måneder siden
  • Man, these pogos are doing nothing against all these poisons. *Bounces pogo* Seriously, He could have been bouncing the Tavern Tempest for 20/20 a turn for his other minions plus whatever the battlecry gave him. Even his brann could have been huge. Nope, how about another +20 stats for my already 60/60 pogos?

    MisterProfessorMisterProfessor2 måneder siden
  • Nice haircut Krip.

    TranslucentTranslucent2 måneder siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino Awayfromkeyboardino2 måneder siden
  • should have taken that divine shield module lol dont listen to the stupid chat so much

    beatyouoncebeatyouonce2 måneder siden
  • Dislike not cus u throw that match with no taunt, but cus of last click bait video with murlocs+ "elementals"

    Nil ElderNil Elder2 måneder siden
  • Next videos: Demons and Elementals. Pirates and Elementals. Beasts and Elementals. Mechs and Elementals.

    PopcornMax179PopcornMax1792 måneder siden
  • Imagine losing as Jandice with pogos.

    NamelessMinion VeinreaverNamelessMinion Veinreaver2 måneder siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. He gets brownie points for buying a earlyish hydra at 8:57, but immediately loses them for insulting the overly-sensetive hydra at 22:22

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino2 måneder siden
  • did they even playtest elementals? like they´re so obviously the strongest archetype right now. you can get galactic stats on them way easier than every other tribe it´s crazy.

    wolfernaterwolfernater2 måneder siden
    • And it still loses to a 1/1 poisonous murloc.....

      leurtsleurts2 måneder siden
  • I think hs is in a really bad state atm to many cards in the pool. Its so much up to how good your rng is. Sad times.

    PNTSPNTS2 måneder siden
  • I played against this build today. I took 1st place with demon and six jugglers, how was amazing!

    gamaran 0713gamaran 07132 måneder siden
  • Does Kripp not know Nomi is listed as an elemental ? Also misplayed like crazy in last 2-3 rounds.

    Justin SvenkesonJustin Svenkeson2 måneder siden
  • Unsub, because "Hey, look, guys! 2nd place again!" isn't very exciting. Sorry. That is all.

    Shannon ManningShannon Manning2 måneder siden
  • "What are you gonna do, poison me?" *Quote from man poisoned.*

    Whippy WawaWhippy Wawa2 måneder siden
  • Before I watch this video let it be known im gonna be pissed if the elemental is only included in the last turn... not that Kripp would ever do that. Right?

    Magik MilkMagik Milk2 måneder siden
  • I don’t have a full stat page in the battleground menu and I play pc. I used to have this and now I don’t, does anyone know why?

    Sean OakeySean Oakey2 måneder siden
    • I think the tavern pass expired with the expansion

      Adam Cinq-marsAdam Cinq-mars2 måneder siden
    • If so, please help me find out why

      Sean OakeySean Oakey2 måneder siden
  • why is he doing the skipperino for golden pogo at 12:05 ?

    PlumbusPlumbus2 måneder siden
    • Can't use hero power on it anymore.

      Rah BRah B2 måneder siden
  • When the pogo's are already 100+/100+ why keep hero powering them? Seems like a waste when you keep saying how they have poisonous

    Mike EstvanikMike Estvanik2 måneder siden
    • Aran-Fey but he also needed the space to play other buff cards, meaning he could hero power another minion to buy again and play after playing his buff minions, but at that point you might as well hero power the pogo instead and gain some stats. He had to hero power anyway and pogo was the best to hero power

      TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegian2 måneder siden
    • @TheShadynorwegian Because it costs him 2 gold per turn. There's no way that's worth it, considering how many times he did it in that game.

      Aran-FeyAran-Fey2 måneder siden
    • It creates a buff slot without having to sell anything.

      ThanatosThanatos2 måneder siden
    • He kinda needed the board space to play buffing cards like elementals and menagerie mugs. Why not get the extra stats from replaying pogo? While lowering the odds of rag stat buffs hitting pogos.

      TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegian2 måneder siden
  • Gotta love how they took out megasaur cause of divine shield poisonous murlocs only to be replaced by random poison bullshit into selfless heroes for the same exact effect. Hahaha

    BonemanBoneman2 måneder siden
    • Sounds good to me. Instead of 5-6 poisonous DS murlocs you get 2 and maybe up to 5. You also need 1 or 2 slots for selfless hero and an optional baron.

      skorpiongodskorpiongod2 måneder siden
  • I exclusively tripple on 4 to get rag cho and stuff intant top 3

    Ari Ari Ari ViderciAri Ari Ari Viderci2 måneder siden
    • @lul bin lul ah lul i mean nomi

      Ari Ari Ari ViderciAri Ari Ari Viderci2 måneder siden
  • I just ran a pogo/elementals with Janice literally minutes ago and I see this video 😂

    Carlos MedinaCarlos Medina2 måneder siden
  • Kripp you need to stop listening to advice from your chat. It's always HORRIBLE.

    blackhawksfan2525blackhawksfan25252 måneder siden
    • @Ander Fu yeah right. Kripp values rolling very highly, rarely see him freezings with 1-2 gold left. While that may be good for buffs, but when you find what you’re looking for, it’s worth it. Im sure he was looking for module while rolling after that turn.

      Swapnil KashyapSwapnil Kashyap2 måneder siden
    • Yeah, not freezing for the module was a huge mistake.

      Ander FuAnder Fu2 måneder siden
    • Says the guy in the Chat 🤦🏻

      matchimatchi2 måneder siden
  • I honestly have 0 clue how to play with elementals around

    Storm BladeStorm Blade2 måneder siden
  • lmao how did sky capn lose to the ghost.

    Scatter TheWindsScatter TheWinds2 måneder siden
    • He probably took some tech card to try to beat the others, weakening himself that turn, it's only a ghost after all...... that sometimes goes wrong

      Blackadder75Blackadder752 måneder siden
  • The addition of another poisonous minion was pretty bad to be honest.

    MrJoshosaurusMrJoshosaurus2 måneder siden
    • No it wasn't. It was perfect. It stops the bullshit stat rolls that are guaranteed early game from certain heroes. Getting to 4 is easy. Getting to 5/6 is the hardest part of the game of you don't roll well. The amount of games I lost having lost just two fights because of high rolls at tier four is insane.

      abacusiteabacusite2 måneder siden
    • @Brandon Stadelman I think he's talking about the poisonous 1/1 added this patch, not the the minions actually played in this game.

      ッM vGッM vG2 måneder siden
    • I'm not sure if it was absolutely worse, but placing the two Maexnas next to each other where they're cleave vulnerable was definitely a bad move.

      Brandon StadelmanBrandon Stadelman2 måneder siden
  • 14:27 how is it not worth freezing for divine shield pogo?? :o

    kerbaton batonkerbaton baton2 måneder siden
    • Gopal S gotta please the people

      Dane BrumfieldDane Brumfield2 måneder siden
    • he wanted to, but decided to listen to a random idiot in chat saying not to.

      Gopal SGopal S2 måneder siden
    • Then at the end he talked about how neither he or his opponent got one lol

      Dane BrumfieldDane Brumfield2 måneder siden
  • I return to the game like 2- days ago and i'm speechless how can krip say things like no luck when he get 2 lil ragnaros and a bran .... when i play i get shit and if i get 1 good card i die instanly to some OP character. It's like Hello it's me a OP heroe get 25 YOUR WELCOME.

    Roger GuillemRoger Guillem2 måneder siden
    • @Martin Håkanson i don't get your point. He's "bad luck" it's just my "good luck" so i don't get it why playing more is a counterargument.

      Roger GuillemRoger Guillem2 måneder siden
    • u realize he plays for like 8+ hours a day right?

      Martin HåkansonMartin Håkanson2 måneder siden
  • you passed the magnetic mech no cappp

    KillerZombie525KillerZombie5252 måneder siden
  • I left hearthstone 2 years ago because it seems boring after almost 3 years of playing... Do you guys think i should try playing again... I mean is there new stuff

    عصام SNIPERعصام SNIPER2 måneder siden
    • Try it. It's free.

      Chip JamesChip James2 måneder siden
    • No

      Mike EstvanikMike Estvanik2 måneder siden
    • I play BG and I find that it’s better than the hearthstone card game

      Michael AMichael A2 måneder siden
    • Play battlegrounds not hearthstone

      EGGMANGROWEGGMANGROW2 måneder siden
    • I did same after kobolds expansion, now i just play bg. Superfun.

      NAH SUKNAH SUK2 måneder siden
  • You take pogo -> you take tokens and module's... (On both pogo's!)

    Viking CultivatorViking Cultivator2 måneder siden
  • Poison in battlegrounds is so fucking dumb. The whole concept of battlegrounds is to buff minions and poison just ruins it.

    Erik ZilinskasErik Zilinskas2 måneder siden
  • Poison is so boring

    Matthew EdwardsMatthew Edwards2 måneder siden
  • Is it same as earlier murlocs + elementals?

    gromaxegromaxe2 måneder siden
  • I wish they would change poison to reduce the health of the defending minion by 50% before dealing damage instead of instantly killing it. Then big stats would still matter, while keeping poison strong.

    John GleemanJohn Gleeman2 måneder siden
    • @leurts A dose of poison as it were.

      John GleemanJohn Gleeman2 måneder siden
    • Make poison like divine shield. Take damage or give damage = poison gone

      leurtsleurts2 måneder siden
    • @Alessio Bubbles That can help, but not all tribes have easy access to divine shield for their minions. It places undue importance on Selfless Hero, and to a lesser extent Baron Rivendare. Even then, you need to be killing the poison minions in a single swing for that strategy to work, which is tricky when two of your board slots are dedicated to even give you a chance of trading with the enemy.

      John GleemanJohn Gleeman2 måneder siden
    • @John Gleeman divine shield

      Alessio BubblesAlessio Bubbles2 måneder siden
    • @abacusite Poison solves the endgame of BG too narrowly. There should be some counterplay to it, and there currently is none.

      John GleemanJohn Gleeman2 måneder siden
  • Can't wait till they nerf this, it sucks running into pogos on this bitch every game.

    Cazz StrewCazz Strew2 måneder siden
  • crazed alchemist would be an awesome addition to hearthstone BG

    ninjaong87ninjaong872 måneder siden
    • As a Minion or Hero?

      Mr KnarfMr Knarf2 måneder siden
    • billi catato - i guess just dont use it on that lol

      Edison DiIorioEdison DiIorio2 måneder siden
    • So if you could get a golden battlemaster and crazed alchemist at low hp would be so fun a huge battlemaster with high attack

      ArthenaArthena2 måneder siden
    • @billi catato - I assume it would destroy it. Given how hero powers have handled destroying deathrattles in the tavern, you'd get nothing but an extra board space.

      Justin WilderJustin Wilder2 måneder siden
    • How would it interact with mechano egg tho

      billi catato -billi catato -2 måneder siden
  • No real complaining, although the "Ah, my turn!" when selecting Jandice at 0:56 could be interpreted as him having lost a game to Jandice previously. This is an assumption, though, so it doesn't really count.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • That is a fair assumption.

      TygrestTygrest2 måneder siden
  • If this is another clickbait im unsubbing AND reporting AND disliking AND starting a racist rant on the comments

    Twitcherino Pastarino KripperinoTwitcherino Pastarino Kripperino2 måneder siden
  • Kripp says jeez at 9:56 . It doesn't count for the holy streak but doesn't end it either. Why oh why Kripp must you not finish the holy name? It's almost like he's scared to finish the full name. The holy streak stays at 1.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • @Jesus Christerino Kripperino its like a tie in bg. Doesn’t affect your win streak

      Swapnil KashyapSwapnil Kashyap2 måneder siden
    • @adg135876 no, I decided it shouldn't count as half but just keep the streak going by not adding anything to it.

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • Does it not count as half the holy streak like last time?

      adg135876adg1358762 måneder siden
    • @Michelle Manley Yes, it is an example of what is called a "minced oath".

      lbb2rlbb2r2 måneder siden
    • @Michelle Manley yeah I think so

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
  • No

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino Golderino2 måneder siden
  • Too early to learn from the comments if its a clickbait again or genuine video...

    Kizaru KizaruKizaru Kizaru2 måneder siden
    • Based on comments it's click bait but I'm only 4 minutes in hahaha

      Karolina StochlakKarolina Stochlak2 måneder siden
  • I skipped to the end of the video because kripp likes to clickbait his titles now apparently after his last video. Kripp only has 1 elemental in his warband at the end of the game.

    1999worldjacob1999worldjacob2 måneder siden
    • Yeah, but he used mini-rags a lot to stack stats, so I wouldn't call it clickbait. It's like saying you played a brann game but at the end you don't have brann since you sold it for something more useful.

      Mr. KirkelajnenMr. Kirkelajnen2 måneder siden
  • Pogomentals.

    slenderman merrymanslenderman merryman2 måneder siden
  • Lajkando.....🤣🎈👍🧨

    AvesaAvesa2 måneder siden
  • Elementals + anything = kripp video

    HindSighterinoKripperinoHindSighterinoKripperino2 måneder siden
    • Except he didnt even end with a single elemental KekW

      mike smithmike smith2 måneder siden
    • Or amalgam

      Daniel NolanDaniel Nolan2 måneder siden
  • ....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino Freemerino2 måneder siden
  • Is this another click bait like the last vid?

    daedralord1daedralord12 måneder siden
    • Not really. It’s still mainly a pogo build, but the filler cards are a lil rag elemental based build until the very end

      Evan ChowEvan Chow2 måneder siden
    • Technically no. He did use a few about halfway through. But they were more of a side thing than a central point of the build

      SeanSean2 måneder siden
    • yes

      1999worldjacob1999worldjacob2 måneder siden
    • I was wondering the same thing as soon as i saw the title. Last videos clickbait was the worst I’ve seen on this channel. This one isn’t though, although he did end up having to sell all his elementals to try to win

      a guy from nza guy from nz2 måneder siden
    • yes

      EpholosEpholos2 måneder siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... second place. His last non-first video was three videos ago, in MEGA WINDFURY CLEAVES?! where he got 2nd as Al'Akir. His last bottom four video was 37 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev. This game, Kripp plays pogos/menagerie. His last murloc video was one video ago in MURLOCS CAN FUSE WITH ELEMENTALS?! where he played murlocs as the Lich King.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • @Bilal Rafique Sorry, I was just being dumb.

      Placerino KripperinoPlacerino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • Why do you keep lying to us placerino, why have you become so spiteful?

      Bilal RafiqueBilal Rafique2 måneder siden
  • 👍

    Marcin SikorskiMarcin Sikorski2 måneder siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidk2 måneder siden
    • Damn

      Freeman GFreeman G2 måneder siden
    • nope

      Xom9kXom9k2 måneder siden
  • To the person that’s reading this: You’re a very beautiful and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine ❤️ My dream is to hit 8K, I’ve been struggling to get there. ☘

    ProSoulProSoul2 måneder siden
  • 0:56 Skipperino the Kripperino 1:09 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino Kripperino2 måneder siden
    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Troy SnellTroy Snell2 måneder siden
    • Benis

      bool.exebool.exe2 måneder siden
  • Pog

    Skeleton432Skeleton4322 måneder siden
  • Today's fact: Even though Froot Loops are different colors, they all have exactly the same flavor.

    Facterino CommenterinoFacterino Commenterino2 måneder siden
    • reporting this propaganda

      ScaryScarab21ScaryScarab212 måneder siden
    • Is this some KKona food joke that i’m too KKomrade to understand?

      Kurfürst 64Kurfürst 642 måneder siden
    • LIES! LIES I SAY!!

      1Reptile11Reptile12 måneder siden