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Hearthstone Duels - The Rattlegore game you have all been waiting for!
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed4 dager siden
  • I dislike how there is very little gameplay of each game being shown. I would like to watch the full games with minimal editing if possible.

    TheLocoRunnerTheLocoRunner19 dager siden
  • I,agine if you had picked mask o mimickry

    Otto DandenellOtto Dandenell24 dager siden

    Mario RíosMario RíosMåned siden
  • Athletic studies can only get broomstick, fishy flier, or krastinov, so it’s just a krastinov at worst that can also be the other two if you want

    Raphael PisarikRaphael PisarikMåned siden
    • Better than krastinov actually because you can split the cost over multiple turns, so if you’re running krastinov but not athletic studies it’s a mistake

      Raphael PisarikRaphael PisarikMåned siden
  • Its been years since the last time i played this game. How likely is for a player coming back after this long to do well in this game without spending real money for decks? I dont mean go rank , just have a discent win/loss ratio

    Lefteris GiannakosLefteris GiannakosMåned siden
  • 12:15 cracked me up! Does Vegas give you a phone call lol!

    MitchellMitchellMåned siden
  • I like the part where he said RATTLE

    DerpadopholisDerpadopholisMåned siden
  • I finally swatted the fly in my bedroom while watching this video, thanks kripp

    ion3122ion3122Måned siden

    Marcelo BulhõesMarcelo BulhõesMåned siden
  • Fuegen and Stalagg are more like "if this deathrattle activates and Stalagg/Fuegen have also died, summon Thaddius". It's worded badly because it was made in 2014 when there weren't any ways to activate deathrattles besides killing a minion, and if it did require both to die, then copying Fuegen's deathrattle with a different minion with Stalagg already dead would be result in a bug.

    zackolotzackolotMåned siden
  • Seems like a mistake to not attack with the rightmost minion at noworld.info/video/video/tXq2m9-Ou5yeubM.html or am I missing something?

    Nathan YoungNathan YoungMåned siden
  • The coin purse wasn't 6 mana, it was at least 6 mana. The coin purse would give you 6 coins. but then if you used each, as the first spell you could get up to 12 extra mana. Right?

    Nathan YoungNathan YoungMåned siden
  • "Worrier Hurtstone Tools" hehehe

    Jeremiah BellemansJeremiah BellemansMåned siden
  • Why does the 1/1 Rattlegore still cpunt as a 7/7 and spawn a 6/6? Shouldn’t it just get -1/-1 and therefore die?

    RecnidRecnidMåned siden
  • Trump: Releases vid where he gets 12 wins as Warrior Kripp: I don't think I've ever seen a Warrior pass 2 or 3 wins Oof

    TowerTowerMåned siden
  • Hearthstone Duels are going to be frustrating, they seem to be based on the cards that you own.

    foreshadow20foreshadow20Måned siden
  • Rattlegore is a win if your opponent doesn't have: Silence, transform effects, bounce effects, mind control effects, lots of freezes, multiple copy effects like faceless, some attack debuff like humility, and if they're not threatening to kill you in the next couple of turns. And it turns out all of those conditions are fulfilled a lot more often than one might think.

    Wywern291Wywern291Måned siden
  • In Russian version their texts says: "If during this match Stalagg/Feugen has died, summon Thaddius", so it makes more sense.

    Ice pick gamesIce pick gamesMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/tXq2m9-Ou5yeubM.html "He's about to sudoku" lol Kripp, Sudoku is a puzzle game. I think you meant seppku :)

    Faraz QureshiFaraz QureshiMåned siden
  • Really don't like you skipping the games. It's not a lot of fun to just watch you chose the cards. Just my opinion.

    phileophileoMåned siden
  • How do you get HDT to display your base deck for duels?

    jebenkuracjebenkuracMåned siden
  • its called seppuku not sudoku :p

    TheDevilOutside WillGetUTheDevilOutside WillGetUMåned siden
  • They should put the duell heros into the brawl and make it a special arena event

    TheCotziTheCotziMåned siden
  • 5:16 didn´t take Robes smh, heard they were op

    Marcel HerzogMarcel HerzogMåned siden
  • Again Stalag and feugen its boring

    TheCotziTheCotziMåned siden
  • 🍚🤙

    Orichalcum UrusOrichalcum UrusMåned siden
  • I'm just gonna say what the whole comment section is thinking. That 1/1 deathrattle interaction is bullshit.

    Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • So, why the fuck do rattlegore clones read the original stats instead of stats at death? That is very clearly not how that should work.

    Rocket RabbitRocket RabbitMåned siden
  • Oof, that 12/12 silence though

    Reiana CooperReiana CooperMåned siden
  • Does anyone else out of habit go to tap on cards or hero power etc 😅 especially bad when the video is full screen

    Reiana CooperReiana CooperMåned siden
  • I love when you build a deck with death rattle, get deathrattle treasures, then the buckets are like: WhAT iS dEAtHrATtLE???

    charlie.charlie.Måned siden
  • Warrior Class, where you have to choose which treasures or packs are the least terrible x)

    LittleRedBeast7LittleRedBeast7Måned siden
  • Im honestly rly loving this game mode.

    FlapJack67FlapJack67Måned siden
  • I can’t imagine Robes makes it to the open beta, it’s game-winning strong in basically all but one of the good classes

    Your Host Killer MemestarYour Host Killer MemestarMåned siden
    • @Your Host Killer Memestar like 2 days ago bro, the news came out in reddit and out of cards

      Anon 24Anon 24Måned siden
    • @Anon 24 really? When?

      Your Host Killer MemestarYour Host Killer MemestarMåned siden
    • they already removed it from the gamemode

      Anon 24Anon 24Måned siden
  • You were robed.

    Nathaniel PrawdzikNathaniel PrawdzikMåned siden
  • Thank god robes are getting removed, I’m baffled they left it in and nerfed other treasures

    UNholy96UNholy96Måned siden
  • Why would those 1/1 rattlegores turn into 6/6's ?

    Finn TWFinn TWMåned siden

    Abraham AladoAbraham AladoMåned siden
  • stop skipping and skipping its really annoying

    Tan JensenTan JensenMåned siden
  • I might come back playing hs just to play duels

    Abaddon AvernusAbaddon AvernusMåned siden
  • Ah yes, 1/1s that summon 6/6s which is totally -1/-1. I suppose that means there are 9 rattlegores in the game's code instead of an actual formula.

    TinyZuTinyZuMåned siden
    • @TinyZu Yep, that's still a thing, and it would have happened if he silenced one of those guys. They would have wound up as a 6/6

      Zebo12345Zebo12345Måned siden
    • @Zebo12345 Oh right, I rember 1/1 copies getting silenced to regain their og stats. Is that still a thing? Always found that silly.

      TinyZuTinyZuMåned siden
    • Nah, the game can alter base stats on played cards. It's not that it has 9 rattlegores, it's that the copy it summons has -1/-1 base stats, not "temporary" stats (buffs) The card text is ambiguous, but if it worked with debuffs such as being spawned as 1/1 copies, then it would also work with buffs, which could be pretty ridiculous.

      Zebo12345Zebo12345Måned siden
    • Balanced like all things shld be

      Vhacker GamingVhacker GamingMåned siden
  • Warrior is extremely bad unless you run "while damaged" cards.

    CigarCigarMåned siden
  • I was the one who made the comment Kripp read about including Rattlegore, I just gotta admit the fact it was the focal point of a Kripp video made me so happy :)

    iSkillzPTiSkillzPTMåned siden
    • He did say it was too greedy, guess he was right.

      christylbkchristylbkMåned siden
  • 4:15 sudoku? You mean seppuku?

    Karl KosakKarl KosakMåned siden
    • It's a meme...

      iSkillzPTiSkillzPTMåned siden
  • Where are the divine shield poisonous murlocs?

    Billy BegoodBilly BegoodMåned siden
  • This game mode looks like something I'll never play. Most of the time you get smashed by the most absurd things and only being the absurd thing every once in a while.

    KingPopinLockinKingPopinLockinMåned siden
    • You just explained hearthstone.

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
    • So basically its the same as battlegrounds but a bit more like the og hearthstone, lol

      EscartianEscartianMåned siden
  • These were some epic battles

    Nathanael LeeNathanael LeeMåned siden
  • No more robe! Yay!

    SQW0SQW0Måned siden
  • Just popped in to downvote this garbage game mode, that is nothing more than a cash grab, lazy and should've just been a tavern brawl! Do better Kripp, don't support this garbage, its the d3 version of PoE.

    EdEdMåned siden
    • Wtf your just mad and want everything to be free. Been playing since 2014 and have a lot of cards and only spent like 200$ because I love the game and want to support the developers. Stop whining and go play a different game then

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
  • Big throw at last game. Should've just not played anything. Priest was overdrawing like crazy and was an easy win. He only had removal and steals. Play nothing and you win like in the good old days when playing against priest.

    lucus lopezlucus lopezMåned siden
    • I think the only way rattlegore backfires that much is that specific card, if it got mindcontrolled again it would be silenced and you would still have your own etc, I dont think you can expect that backfiring that much.

      mixalis295mixalis295Måned siden
  • I'm furious that the interaction works that way. THOSE ARE 1/1 COPIES! They should spawn a 0/0 copy, and the card is coded wrong.

    KelarysKelarysMåned siden
    • its good this way it makes sense when you think about buffed 14/11 rattlegore going 8/8

      your grandpayour grandpaMåned siden
    • Well they are 1/1 copies of the ORIGINAL monster, thus when it dies it goes down to 8/8. If it worked your way, it would go both ways, imagine buffing him to like 20/20 and resummoning down to a 19/19. Basically stat manipulation in both directions doesn't affect the next one that is summoned.

      SanadisSanadisMåned siden
  • Just post the full run! I would watch a longer video and additionally there is less video editing that has to be done

    Kilo FoxtrotKilo FoxtrotMåned siden
  • No matter what game-mode, Priest is always bullshit.

    Anthony TylerAnthony TylerMåned siden
  • Crap Feugen & Stalagg are playable. I just disenchanted them not long ago.

    Alex LegardAlex LegardMåned siden
  • I love the concede emotes of the new heroes. They kinda force the players to say something they really don't want to say. It's like a delicious punishment for pressing the concede button. "I know when I have lost" sounds humilating because most of the time the players concede like 3 turns after they know they are gonna lose lol.

    Mahikan NakihamMahikan NakihamMåned siden
  • I just wanna ask. If you silence a 5/5 rattlegore, does it become 9/9 again? Because if yes, then kripp had lethal on the final turn. 9 plus 6 plus 2 from hero power would be exact lethal, but then again. I dunno if it would work that way

    TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegianMåned siden
    • Silencing rattlegore would not make it a 9/9, each rattlegore is treated like a different card. That's why the rattlegores that the preist summoned turned into 6/6's; the card text is technically a lie.

      SpecOps PopTartsSpecOps PopTartsMåned siden
  • Although Barov is already badass af, he is even MORE cool with that deathrattle ring artifact

    Magma RagerMagma RagerMåned siden
  • unfortunate that this was uploaded on the same day as Trump's 12 win warrior haha, but I'll enjoy it anyway

    KelarysKelarysMåned siden
  • Someone please explain how a 1/1 which resummons with -1/-1 when it dies turns into a 6/6. Absolute state of blizzards spaghetti code and pathetic balancing.

    Herp DerpHerp DerpMåned siden
    • I agree. Rattlegore should produce a -1/-1 based off its maximum stats. If it gets its attack set to 1 by Aldor Peacekeeper, it should produce a 0/8. I hate it almost as much as the old Rogue Quest which should have only transformed minions in your deck, hand, and board instead of being this weird persistent aura that couldn't be silenced.

      DLSacksDLSacksMåned siden
    • @Rathat not really. Since warrior has like 2 buffs.

      Herp DerpHerp DerpMåned siden
    • It's bad wording. The 9/9 Rattlegore should read "Deathrattle: Summon an 8/8 Rattlegore" and then the 8/8 summons a 7/7, ect. If it followed the current wording it'd work with buffs which would be kinda broken.

      RathatRathatMåned siden
  • why can't we see the full games?

    William BlackWilliam BlackMåned siden
  • What even is rattlegore by the lore?

    Renan GuzzoRenan GuzzoMåned siden
    • Just a random one I guess, hearthstone is making its own lore now I guess

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
    • It’s a bone golem, they are part of the scourge.

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
  • Oof, that was rough at the end. Can't believe you never drew the Ring earlier. Any draw for that in the previous...20 turns or something, would have been a win.

    AlterworldsAlterworldsMåned siden
  • Rattlegore would be pretty cool in battlegrounds as a 5 star minion

    WisdomWisdomMåned siden
    • Nah rattlegore should be a boss/hero you pick.

      William BlackWilliam BlackMåned siden
  • Honestly why didn't he picked hellscream ??????????? He missed 20 damage ?

    Polaar NamePolaar NameMåned siden
    • He underestimates my power

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • The death rattle reads, if this triggers and thalos also died, so it is correct and plays as expected

    M JohnsonM JohnsonMåned siden
  • No gameplay for 6 minutes, all I saw was Kripp talking and lose screen win screen, and then another ad shows up. ResidentSleeper

    Eddie YeEddie YeMåned siden
  • "No time is better, I guess" - guess again, pal

    Wojciech WilimowskiWojciech WilimowskiMåned siden
  • Trump hit a 12 win warrior arena Kripp where you be lol

    Samuel SheraySamuel SherayMåned siden
  • Would have loved to see how he got 2 health and 28 armour!

    britishhedgehogbritishhedgehogMåned siden
  • Is it Thaddiuses or Thaddii?

    ClickClickMåned siden
    • Thottius

      DubraPapiDubraPapiMåned siden
  • When the priest summons a board of 1/1 rattlegores and everyone needs a moment to check if that was brilliance or if they may as well be wisps

    CouchPotatoCNPBCouchPotatoCNPBMåned siden
    • @Yegor Shevchenko nothing, that's why they're just 1/1s, like wisps. Although maybe they would resummon as 0/0s and insta die. I would enjoy watching that

      KelarysKelarysMåned siden
    • @Yegor Shevchenko nothing, that's why they would've been the same as wisps

      jaaki94jaaki94Måned siden
    • @Kelarys wisps? What would happen if you resummon 1/1 with -1/-1?

      Yegor ShevchenkoYegor ShevchenkoMåned siden
    • They work the wrong way and nobody can convince me otherwise. They should have just been wisps.

      KelarysKelarysMåned siden
    • I expected them to bad play and here is why. Deathrattle is stating "Resummon this with -1/-1" and he makes 1/1 copies of minion. Without any other clues or notes there isn't evidence to not work this way. I know it would be so op with many warrior enrage mechanics, but it is so vulnerable to silence, mind control/steal, evolve/devolve, stat changes. For examble equality would be deadly for it and that would make it much more interesting.

      Radosław SikoraRadosław SikoraMåned siden
  • Missed lethal could have silenced 5/5 rattlegore

    Ali SelamAli SelamMåned siden

    DubraPapiDubraPapiMåned siden
  • Last match you had a possible out with Bomb Wrangler into hero powering her into Ghoul into coerce on a bomb Two hits in a face with total 6 would've do it

    KKMåned siden
    • That's 11 mana, like Kripp says it wasn't lethal.

      RathatRathatMåned siden
  • 80dollars

    SmackU247SmackU247Måned siden
  • Duels just isn’t fun. There is so much RNG around the treasures.

    YoyohannaYoyohannaMåned siden
  • 16:52 Ive got to say Lord Barov has the most bad ass card animation in the game when his deathrattle triggers on play. He crushes the entire board into nothing.

    Reality RogueReality RogueMåned siden
    • "Do TRY to keep yourselves alive." You won't succeed, but do try.

      MisguidedWorm7MisguidedWorm7Måned siden
  • Kripp: Okay, let's get a death rattle trigger and have TWO Rattlegores to go with my Rattlegore. Priest: P A T H E T I C .

    Darkmage1293Darkmage1293Måned siden
  • those 1 1 copies defo die for good, bs interaction!

    Joel MahonJoel MahonMåned siden
  • Overly (and poorly, leaving the boring deckbuilding in of all things) edited content makes for unwatchable trash.

    Lethal PigeonLethal PigeonMåned siden
  • Why are you skipping all the fights and treasures? No fun in watching

    gogohi978gogohi978Måned siden
  • I feel like it's just always correct to never play any other minions in paladin if you get the 4/2 divine shield early enough. A 4/1 divine shield every single turn is too strong to mess with.

    John GleemanJohn GleemanMåned siden

    Guiih NaibertGuiih NaibertMåned siden
  • Duels sucks. Please just play BG.

    Jack DanielsJack DanielsMåned siden
    • Battlegrounds is beyond stale. Please play anything but BGs.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • guys just asking.... but rania married kripp just for the money right?

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
  • I'd rather see full videos than the edited versions where all you see is the concede

    MeaftuckMeaftuckMåned siden
  • Necrotic Geist, came back to delete the value ❤️

    kevanboikevanboiMåned siden
  • More duels and longer videos plsss

    Jinstronda 2Jinstronda 2Måned siden
  • Please do not stop playing duels for some time please. I think this mode has a LOT of potencial, they just have to balance it. I dont want it to die, and you are one of the biggest HS ytbers, pls dont stop

    existence is painexistence is painMåned siden
  • Why rattlegores didnt die??? They were 1/1, but not 7/7, thats so broken.

    Александр ЧебобаковАлександр ЧебобаковMåned siden
    • they weren't 1/1s , they were debuffed copies with 7/7 base stats, rattlegore doesn't look at buffs / debuff for deathrattle

      arnaud thouvenotarnaud thouvenotMåned siden
  • Sudoku, insted of sepuku, well that's funny

    Turda MariusTurda MariusMåned siden

    CircleToonsHDCircleToonsHDMåned siden
    • If only I could afford to play it....

      caleb williamscaleb williamsMåned siden
    • @Sami I was talking about the pre-expansion locked content. Not the new content being added much later

      Reality RogueReality RogueMåned siden
    • @Reality Rogue Blizzard said in their website that new heroes and treasures are being added or rotated at the end of season 1

      SamiSamiMåned siden
    • @Sami I thought all the treasures and hero powers will become unlockable once the new expansion drops, since a lot of them will be unlocked through achievements or certain criteria

      Reality RogueReality RogueMåned siden
    • @Reality Rogue i dont think there are never going to be final version if blizzard keeps updating it, they can make new heroes with new hero powers or anything else

      SamiSamiMåned siden
  • duals is just constructed with extra steps..;/.

    Rezoanur RahmanRezoanur RahmanMåned siden
    • It’s the solo adventures with another player

      DubraPapiDubraPapiMåned siden

    Max UhlMax UhlMåned siden
  • 32:12 priest: i used the stones to destroy the stones

    marco visallimarco visalliMåned siden
  • Noice

    Shamlise GShamlise GMåned siden
  • Loving this game mode lol

    Sebastian BSebastian BMåned siden
  • That priest was disgusting, double mind control and then the sumon one one copies card.

    Augusto VeigaAugusto VeigaMåned siden
    • @אור פאר it’s not bad coding but rather bad writing. The card would be broken if you could constantly buff it and it would just keep staying alive. A 20/20 should not summon a 19/19 but rather an 8/8.

      Cmk 908Cmk 908Måned siden
    • Also by the fact that the card text is false, it should have summoned a 0 0 copies and just killed them. It said -1, -1 , it's a buff basically just negetive one, so why the fuck it summons in sequence, just bad coding or design in my eyes.

      אור פאראור פארMåned siden
    • jeah but tbh that it resumones the rattlegore with 6/6 is BS they are 1/1 and the deathrattle says "get resummoned with -1 -1" they should just die

      SomeoneX64SomeoneX64Måned siden
    • usbabe.buzz/AqvVeWuMkPi 당신은 정말 환상적으로 보입니다!

      Breitenberg OlsonBreitenberg OlsonMåned siden
    • @Thomas Stroucken I'd say the only thing Kripp did wrong was playing his Rattlegore. He should have known that the priest didn't have any good options when it came to playing cards and that his deck was almost entirely reactive by the turns where he did nothing but hero powering and playing shit like mind control on nothing

      CalimanCalimanMåned siden
  • Duels is boring :(

    Bryan QuezadaBryan QuezadaMåned siden