23. okt.. 2020
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Hearthstone Duels - I saw very few people playing Shaman, but somehow it did so well for me!
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed4 dager siden
  • 0 wins with this deck...:(

    DolorMt2DolorMt224 dager siden
  • krip please wear a supermario hat

    Rick NoobjeRick NoobjeMåned siden
  • Wow this guy is the definition of boring

    gypseyDanger22gypseyDanger22Måned siden
  • That 4/2 to RNG face into arcane missions had my booty clenched

    Dane BrumfieldDane BrumfieldMåned siden
  • miss lethal then blame lothab 15:40

    HaniHaniMåned siden
  • I would have had a meltdown.

    Jeff DuttonJeff DuttonMåned siden
  • I love the deck building part. Hearing his thought processes in the building is just fascinating and helps us in our own deck building.

    Osric24Osric24Måned siden
  • he's right... Shaman IS insane in Duels. Insanely shitty.

    ItsneightItsneightMåned siden
  • 8:31 live by the rng 30:31 die by the rng

    FluffyJay1FluffyJay1Måned siden
  • cnn

    Deanne ThompsonDeanne ThompsonMåned siden
  • flavor-wise shouldn't loyal sidekick only get +1/+1 for each win while he was in your deck?

    KTOWNPUNK jr.KTOWNPUNK jr.Måned siden
  • Heathstone is no RNG for a long time.. this ending is BS.

    Ido YakobiIdo YakobiMåned siden
  • Please don't cut out the games

    HellzMVPHellzMVPMåned siden
  • First Kripp-video since a year ago: I see everything is as it was (=luckiest Hearthstone player).

    Endre SebokEndre SebokMåned siden
  • Great content (gameplay, commentary...) Terrible editing Terrible video Please don't post anything with cut gameplay again tyvm

    Lethal PigeonLethal PigeonMåned siden
  • Man the ending is just classic constructed hearthstone in a nutshell.....

    Devilfish6666Devilfish6666Måned siden
  • The shaman hero power in this mode is one of the most broken things in the history of hearthstone. How this was not removed in beta testing is beyond belief. It should be 1 special totem when overloaded and then it would still be OP perhaps

    Jesper 777Jesper 777Måned siden
  • OMG that ending killed me. xD xD xD

    Markus StrobelMarkus StrobelMåned siden
  • Honestly, this mode looks so slow. I can barely stand how slow wild is.

    ___ I3ambi___ I3ambiMåned siden
    • @Patrik pass I guess. BG is more of a roguelike than a tcg. Feels like a dungeon crawl with breaks between. This new mode has whole games to play except the decks are just bad so people struggle to win in any timely manner.

      ___ I3ambi___ I3ambi27 dager siden
    • what? BG is clearly the slowest mode with all the rope burning.

      Patrik passPatrik pass27 dager siden
  • Stop complaining about Battlegrounds videos...Let's enjoy something that resembles real Hearthstone. I'm poor too but at least I can watch Kripp play it.

    Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • This game mode looks infuriating

    scienceboy20814scienceboy20814Måned siden
  • I want Kripp to play lots of Duel mode so I never have to, please and thank you.

    Jeff KJeff KMåned siden
  • Okay dude, okay.

    danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • Anyone else enjoy watching Kripp (and a few others) play HS more than actually playing HS yourself? ive evolved into this class of viewer and hardly play anymore lol

    Oliver McKenzieOliver McKenzieMåned siden
  • I guess this is new Battleground as the Battleground to Arena, and Arena to constructed/how good is x series for Kripp now.

    DixcicoDixcicoMåned siden
  • 30:33 hahahahaha

    Niklas SchwartzerdNiklas SchwartzerdMåned siden
  • 29:33 I'm confused. The Hero Power specifically say to revive a thing with 1 hp. But the thing comes back with 11hp. How dat work?

    thecaneaterthecaneaterMåned siden
    • key text on the card stats=wins oposed to gain battle cry stats = wins

      megalazer100megalazer100Måned siden
  • New way to pay

    LevakinLevakinMåned siden
  • 17:04 You're welcome

    fissan poulsenfissan poulsenMåned siden
  • That last loss was like a 2-percenter

    TowerTowerMåned siden
  • 30:31 LOLLLLLL

    Rowan ReidRowan ReidMåned siden
  • Please play more duels! BGs get boring after a while, so this is a breath of fresh air! :)

    Ranner84Ranner84Måned siden
  • BG?

    al-aurumal-aurumMåned siden
  • Should have called it Clown Duels.

    Mhuz LordMhuz LordMåned siden
  • Kripp your game volume is too low in these (in comparison to your voice)

    Ramiro JaumeRamiro JaumeMåned siden
  • oh that's ok...WTF! lol

    frank thetankfrank thetankMåned siden
  • I remember watching this on stream, this was when I was procrastinating my essay to watch the new mode instead

    PlebasaurusPlebasaurusMåned siden
  • garbage mode, not a lot of exciting stuff

    Danil VoikoDanil VoikoMåned siden
  • What a clown fiesta of an ending. Salt incoming after that and justly so!

    SheyD78SheyD78Måned siden
  • I mean to be fair to "aggro weapon rogue", whether you "fall flat" after a few wins or not isn't actually that big a deal. They said the prize pool is similar to arena, meaning if you can consistently get 4/3 runs or better it's pure profit. Sure, you're not going to go infinite with such a bad win rate, but if you're just looking to get guaranteed value from your in game gold, it's enough to have value for a new or f2p player. You gotta look at it from a pure value over time perspective and not just a "going for a 12 win run" perspective.

    kingofbudokaikingofbudokaiMåned siden
  • too much cut footage. you should have uploaded the raw footage.

    NameNameMåned siden
  • That ending made laugh so hard I got a headache 😂

    Sasquatch PJsSasquatch PJsMåned siden
  • That is possibly the worse RNG possible lmao

    thi nguyenthi nguyenMåned siden
  • Any chance we will see full unedited duel runs on the channel?

    PlaeyaPlaeyaMåned siden
  • lol that rogue was trying so hard to make it into trolden

    Brandon HarrisonBrandon HarrisonMåned siden
  • "Oh dear God..." I lol'd

    Chris HowertonChris HowertonMåned siden
  • Kripp is playing Shaman in this video

    Duelerino HerorinoDuelerino HerorinoMåned siden
  • Please continue to play duels, I usually fall asleep 10 minutes into a BG video but actually stayed up to finish this. Says something in itself. Also cheers Kripp for being my bed time story for many years now.

    Jake MaxwellJake MaxwellMåned siden
  • That is the most Kripp ending I've seen in a long time.

    NyJoanzyNyJoanzyMåned siden
  • I can use my cards from naxx how great.

    BenW Piano CoversBenW Piano CoversMåned siden
  • Yes shaman is insane in duel and if you play it then you are a cheap pos trashbag player

    William BlackWilliam BlackMåned siden
  • Bei 30:33 habe ich schon etwas schmunzeln müssen. :D

    Jörg AdamJörg AdamMåned siden

    Wo ChanWo ChanMåned siden
  • Please get back to battlegrounds

    KhasidonKhasidonMåned siden
    • It’s boring now.

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
  • This is just a PSA that for any Duels video (Unless it somehow magically involves a Hydra/Cleave) I probably won't be making a comment just wanted to let you guys know. I am really enjoying this new mode however. I miss the ole long-form Kripp arena run videos :D

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden

    Ateka9Ateka9Måned siden
  • Where did all my Kripperinos go. Don't kill them Kripp. Don't abandon battlegrounds

    Freeman GFreeman GMåned siden
  • 30:13 and 30:30 - What are the odds of these events happening in succession? The RNG in this game is a scam. When you're winning a lot, the 'RNG'/algorithm will force you to lose RNG rolls and Blizzard dickriders will accuse you of confirmation bias or 'that's not how statistics work'. This RNG scam is prevalent throughout the game, in Battlegrounds and in Play Mode - the reason I'll never sink money into this game ever again.

    Jonathan FrakesJonathan FrakesMåned siden
  • if you want to play, you have to pay ,,, scam

    Jan HansenJan HansenMåned siden
  • interested in the mode, but not enough to pay 40-80 bucks.

    Brent BayBrent BayMåned siden
    • It will be free, it’s just pay for early access

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
  • Pliiiiis battlegrounds!!

    Reinis VegnersReinis VegnersMåned siden
    • That’s boring now

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden

    legendkiller625legendkiller625Måned siden
  • I like seeing him put thought into deck building, he is a very smart player when it comes to that. lot of experience

    OrsonOrsonMåned siden
    • @Albert S. You will get your rent when you FIX THIS DAMN DOOR!

      Be GeBe GeMåned siden
    • @Albert S. Orange?

      OrsonOrsonMåned siden
    • Rent?

      Albert S.Albert S.Måned siden
  • I understand cutting out the first couple games because they'll be uneventful, but can you please show us the treasures and cards you add to the deck as you go in future vids? You used to do that with dungeon run content so how come you forgot this time?

    GameGod7GameGod7Måned siden
  • Trickster totem, tricky indeed

    Luckynumber slevinLuckynumber slevinMåned siden
  • He doesn’t Arena, but he duels. That’s my Kripperino!!

    RudyDaBerryRudyDaBerryMåned siden
  • So they really put in entry hazards from Pokémon in this game huh

    Î_ĪÎ_ĪMåned siden
  • game mode sucks big time

    Leonardo DantasLeonardo DantasMåned siden
    • Better than stupid auto chess bettlegrounds.

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
  • 26:44 he should have played the rager first and then if it is mirror entity he can poly missle it and if not do the other play to not give his opoonent an active windfury unit. Well i probably would have missed it too^^

    VonTimmelandDer42VonTimmelandDer42Måned siden
  • What a fitting ending.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • 21:14 Casual trick totem board wipe

    BobWillGetYouBobWillGetYouMåned siden
  • Oof, that ending!

    kkme7kkme7Måned siden
  • I love your content Kripp, but I feel a duty to comment that I can't support these Duel Mode videos. It's ridiculous that they make you have wild cards to play. I don't think this game mode should be supported this way, and I think not supporting streamers playing it is the only way to get it done. I don't think people should watch Duel Mode videos and I don't think people should play it so Blizzard adjust the modes and doesn't force you to have your wild cards to play the game. Especially after they heavily incentivized dusting wild cards through the promotion of standard play and a three month expansion cycle.

    Ryan ToscanoRyan ToscanoMåned siden
    • It's pretty clear this mode exists for streamers, and not for the average player. Hence the huge power levels and RNG variance. It's designed explicitly for highlights.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • Isn't that just aggro meta with extra steps, though.

    Koala BearKoala BearMåned siden
  • Please show draft with commentary

    ialreadyloveyouialreadyloveyouMåned siden
  • The chances of that rag and lighting bolt both hitting you in the face alone had a 1.8% chance of happening. And that’s not even factoring in the chances of you getting a spell that could kill you

    Tony OttosonTony OttosonMåned siden
  • The title of the video in pretty great!

    DanilegoDanilegoMåned siden
  • Every thumbnail looks like kripp is just waiting some bbc to suck

    Be GaBe GaMåned siden
  • It'd be nice if his face wasn't blocking his record.

    Casey GouldCasey GouldMåned siden
  • 31 minute videos are back baby!!!!!

    WatermelonWatermelonMåned siden
  • Uh oh, it’s happening again. Kripps going to quit battlegrounds to become a duels streamer

    Lee JoshuaLee JoshuaMåned siden
    • No way. Duels is just another hearthstone mode. Battlegrounds is just so much more different than the rest of HS, which is why it‘s so much fun.

      Be GeBe GeMåned siden
    • @rageoftyrael yes, but i don't think it will happen :(

      Tamás SzendiTamás SzendiMåned siden
    • It would be more interesting to watch, imo

      rageoftyraelrageoftyraelMåned siden
    • I'd be happy :)

      Tamás SzendiTamás SzendiMåned siden
  • 8:08 holy Random.. genius calculated this pretty early (6:49) 30:30 [SPOILER!] best dumb way to die so staged and scripted..

    DibieroDibieroMåned siden
  • I think the comment about liking the new mode but not that you have to have a starting deck is totally fair for 2 reasons. 1: IT HAS WILD SETS!!! For YEARS we've been told that if we don't intend to play wild (or care too much about brawls that use wild sets) then it's safe to dust our old stuff to craft the currently relevant cards. But all of a sudden there's a new game mode that uses wild cards! What the heck!? Like, at least give us a standard option or something! This is supposed to be their big new thing for old and new players alike, but it's just... not, and it never can be as long as it uses wild sets on a regular basis. 2: The person may not like the idea of this game mode having an established meta with minor variations depending on what you're offered. I personally would be fine with it either way, but I can see someone having a preference for one way or the other. P.S. Don't get me wrong, I love playing with wild cards, like in arena, but having to have the wild cards in your collection to play this game mode (unless you want to have a serious disadvantage right off the bat), is a horrible idea.

    Aw3som3-117Aw3som3-117Måned siden
    • I don't think it's supposed to be their new big thing for new and old players It looks like it's just their last resort to milk non-ladder players

      Renan GouveiaRenan GouveiaMåned siden
  • so guessing you have to actually own the cards to make your starting deck and i would love to play this mode but i am not going to spend 10 years grinding gold to get packs and not going to spend hundreds of $$$ to be competitive much less be able to compete at all...

    BodhisfattvaBodhisfattvaMåned siden
  • I picked shaman just because, drafted a deck without thinking too much of it, and I've got to admit, it really snowballs easily. I had a cult master in the deck because I was afraid it wouldn't cycle enough. Turned out to be too much and a dead weight almost every game. That stuff is bonkers. The only hope to win against it is to have a lot of burn damage.

    Tywin LannisterTywin LannisterMåned siden
  • Twitch chat in 8:33: KEKWait so laki

    Lucas MartinsLucas MartinsMåned siden
    • Twitch chat in 9:04: KEKW DED

      Lucas MartinsLucas MartinsMåned siden
  • .

    Shamlise GShamlise GMåned siden
  • The trickster

    Kirill KovalyovKirill KovalyovMåned siden
  • Hey, found your actual first time duel experience as shaman:

    VampKyivUAVampKyivUAMåned siden
  • 30:34 MechaKripparrian

    MrQweftyMrQweftyMåned siden
  • This is boring AF

    DayferDayferMåned siden
  • Lol...when that happens just type IDDQD and you'll be fine

    defdendefdenMåned siden

    Isaac RoyIsaac RoyMåned siden
  • What is this strange game and what happened to my daily dose of battlegrounds?

    Benedict_ArnoldBenedict_ArnoldMåned siden
  • and you are dead like always... 😂😂😂😂😂

    vezpovezpoMåned siden
  • WTF this content is ridiculous boring... is this really all blizz has left?

    Michael DudleyMichael DudleyMåned siden
    • Better than battlegrounds, that shit isn’t even hearthstone, go play auto chess games lol

      FrostyEmberFrostyEmberMåned siden
    • It might be their last resort to milk money out of non-ladder players

      Renan GouveiaRenan GouveiaMåned siden
  • I get cutting uneventful games to keep the vid shorter, but can you keep all the drafting between games so we see how the decks are built? ♥️

    Connor MackayConnor MackayMåned siden
    • Here is the link to the full twitch VOD:

      GullffossGullffossMåned siden
    • @Jebu911 dekkster too

      doug lycettdoug lycettMåned siden
    • Also a link to the twitch VOD with a timestamp for people who want to watch the whole thing would be great.

      NyundaaNyundaaMåned siden
    • I miss Kripp's old full Arena run vids. I get cutting the fat to appease NOworld's engine, but I wish he made a second channel with just uncut runs

      Shaheed K.Shaheed K.Måned siden
    • @melker svensgård True thats why trumps video is better even tho its over an hour.

      Jebu911Jebu911Måned siden
  • 30:33 Me chanting hoping Rag will do his job: get snipe, get snipe, get snipe, get snipe, get... 30:35 Me: I will accept that.

    Ling GuanLing GuanMåned siden
  • Why every1 complains In comments when kripp plays once A different game Mode than bg? I found it refreshing

    wikbe2wikbe2Måned siden