SINDRAGOSA = ACTUALLY GOOD NOW?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

2. nov.. 2020
112 533 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - It seems Sindragosa is actually playable in this meta!
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed4 dager siden
  • Hey krip if you're on the subject of movies you should probably look up porko roso i think you'll like it :)

    רון וקסמןרון וקסמן9 dager siden
  • "do your own research" on something that is new and untested... good luck with that lol

    Egg Roll321Egg Roll32114 dager siden
  • Imagine liking Legend of Korra but disliking Berserk :thinking:

    WrathWrath16 dager siden
  • 9:10 "I saw Quora [I've probably spelt that wrong], which is like Avatar 2" .. Which movie is he referring to? I can't find any mention of it from a quick Google.

    aaleveraalever22 dager siden
  • Scripts won...

    Турик 11Турик 1125 dager siden
  • Kripp you haven't watched anime til you've watched hunter x hunter

    TheLonelyETTheLonelyET25 dager siden
  • Kripp stans are weird

    marinecor23marinecor2326 dager siden
  • Planetary Kripp, he is so talented in everything

    Bence SzűcsBence Szűcs27 dager siden
  • Flat Earth is a meme making fun of the 3 people that actually believe it. Thinking its anymore then that is asinine

    JosephJoseph28 dager siden
  • Dragon ball Z is actually an old Chinese story written about 500 years ago, in English called Journey to the west! Haven't read it but I'd still suggest it, if not for anything then just for the sheer cultural value it holds.

    Liam HoodLiam Hood28 dager siden
  • Kripp is anti vax lol

    TheMrffwinnerTheMrffwinner29 dager siden
  • some would say that to yoink is the opposite of yeet. one takes, one throws. The lord yeeteth and the lord yoinketh away

    TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegian29 dager siden
  • the immune system is unbelievably complicated and each human's immune system is unique to them. to create something that works for everyone with so much variance is going to have outliers. said outliers need protection because they cannot and should not get vaccinated. they are protected by you (probably) getting your damn vaccines

    Douglas DavisDouglas Davis29 dager siden

    qwerpoiuROXqwerpoiuROX29 dager siden
  • Hello fam. I enjoyed your vid a lot. The part at 1:28 is too chill. You are low-key like Vennori! His vids really are similar to Dream and he plays Call of Duty! He is a dope content creator in Cali. Go check his page out and give him a subscribe! 👉 #VennoriLive

    Trinity StevensTrinity Stevens29 dager siden
  • 5:15 Heh. It's funny because those people are actually placing their kids in such a huge danger and they can't even see it. Even if their kids grow without a single health issue they're still teaching those kids to not believe in science. That's beyond fucked. I mean, how the fuck can you even think to entrust your child's health to "some shit I found online"? Holy shit I can't even. And let's pretend for a second that the side effects were an actual concern. The smallpox vaccine had a rate of 1-2 people with life threatening side effects in 1 million. Let's say that rate was 1 in 50.000. Now what? What's your alternative? You refuse the shot? Ah yes, it's much better to get fucking smallpox and have a 30% chance to fucking die and even if you don't die there's a high chance of lasting effects and scars on your face for the rest of your life. That's brilliant. And we let these fucking people vote. Democracy has failed.

    Dario FerrettiDario Ferretti29 dager siden
  • failed to think ahead and get a ghoul when he had the chance, although he knew it was highly likely to play against George the match right after. failed to get poison on one more murloc, which would have been nice kept bran for too long no, he did not play that pretty well and he got pretty lucky

    Verde VodaVerde Voda29 dager siden
  • Kripp is 50/50 on anime taste. He liked AoT but not Berserk? Yikes. If it was Berserk 2016 I completely understand

    BioGamer12BioGamer1229 dager siden
  • Should have taken the ghoul, but thats none of my business

    TheGuyWhoCantFlyTheGuyWhoCantFly29 dager siden
  • 3:55 starting to get woried. 4:10 laughing my ass of , lol.

    Ruud DriessenRuud Driessen29 dager siden
  • Kripp don't watch berserk . Read it I guarantee you'll love it.

    LordVLordV29 dager siden
  • You say flat earthers opened up your eyes... and I do agree. What about covid tho? The governments and the media wrecking paranoia??? Not to mention all the people wearing a mask that doesn’t even protect against the virus in fashionable ways... I mean, those flatearthers are sure wearing a mask and not questioning anything they throw at them on tv

    David GsDavid Gs29 dager siden
  • Sindragosa-next nomi

    Pele PelePele Pele29 dager siden
  • That's the definition of karma the last 2 turns

    Tarabas Zi ComradeTarabas Zi Comrade29 dager siden
  • I had been under the impression that was anti-vaxxers were the ultra religious, and if God want their kids to live, he would let them live. I don't really see them as the stereotypical overly protective parent, generally speaking. Then again, I may be thinking about anti-vaxxers from a couple of decades ago, and this new wave is just something new.

    Steve SmithSteve Smith29 dager siden
  • Biden will win

    Freeman GFreeman G29 dager siden
  • FYI: at this moment in time there is no FDA approved or available Covid vaccine because no corners are being cut and all vaccine protocols are being followed.

    Mark JindraMark Jindra29 dager siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video.

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino29 dager siden
  • Flat Earthers are probably the same people that are panic buying because of covid.

    Tommy CTommy C29 dager siden
  • Instagram is 100% factual, I heard it from a Twitch streamer on NOworld so it must be true.

    chiepah2chiepah229 dager siden
  • Liked your vid! 👍 👍 You are similar to Vennori. His streams hella remind me of Dream and he live streams Call of Duty! He is the most insane content creator in America and he always does vibey things in every song! Go see his channel out and give the gamer a like! 👉 #WatchVennoriPlay

    Jacinda Rose SandovalJacinda Rose Sandoval29 dager siden
  • guess you shouldn't have passed up on ghoul and poison.

    BodhisfattvaBodhisfattva29 dager siden
  • Akira isn't even close to the best anime wtf

    4ndyTrout4ndyTrout29 dager siden
  • The rare appearance of Weebarrian

    Vanstrummer33Vanstrummer3329 dager siden
  • dang lich had a HUGE warleader

    EetTheMeakEetTheMeak29 dager siden
  • I gotta ask, was there a consideration for getting the kangor's apprentice thing on the last turn, since both amalgadons are poisonous divine shield mechs? (or do they lose all their buffs, I can't remember)

    SheyD78SheyD7829 dager siden
    • Brings back the amalgadons as a 6 6, they don't keep the buff

      Lewis SimpsonLewis Simpson29 dager siden
  • "I'm going to do something crazy" Does what everyone usually does with Sindragosa.

    nexxoidnexxoidMåned siden
  • People have believed idiotic shit since the beginning of time... Flat earth is just one of the newest examples... It's really no more stupid a theory than any religion, if fact and quantifiable data are your measuring stick. People are mostly delusional, and will believe just about anything that makes them feel better. It's just human nature. You'd think at some point we would grow out of it, but it seems we're now just going backwards.

    blackhawksfan2525blackhawksfan2525Måned siden
  • "Started watching Berserk" Oh god, which one? That could range so much Kripp in bad adaptations you have no idea

    Trevor ElliottTrevor ElliottMåned siden
    • @Tiago Vaz thank you :)

      Liam HoodLiam Hood28 dager siden
    • @Tiago Vaz I did not even know this existed and now I'm going to watch all of them. last one excluded. :)

      Liam HoodLiam Hood28 dager siden
    • @Tiago Vaz Thanks :^)

      Salad DongsSalad Dongs28 dager siden
    • @Salad Dongs 1997 anime is really good (suffers from lack of animation sometimes). The movies are okay, the voice acting is better and the 3rd mpvie is really good. Just be warned DO NOT WATCH THE 2016/7 ANIME. Everything about it sucks. Animation, sound, camera, etc... But if you really want the best experience go read the manga. It's a masterpiece. Hope this helped

      Tiago VazTiago Vaz29 dager siden
    • which one's the good one? I've been contemplating about getting into it but it seems preeetty long and drawn out, idk

      Salad DongsSalad Dongs29 dager siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • Damn I am fine with everything he said about anime, but how do you not like berserk?

    LMIP7777LMIP7777Måned siden
  • Kripp won 9 out of 15 rounds this game which is 60.00% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • "if it wasnt for flat earters i didnt realize people could be so fucking stupid" this is why i love kripp

    sxychtulhusxychtulhuMåned siden
  • I am not a flat earther. antivax or ANYTHING of this sort, but i feel sorry for u-.- i dont understand how u can disgrace people like this, arent they allowed to have their own thinking? if its true or not, all people are allowed to have their own mind, religion etc. im really disappointed in the way u think. Maybe this is why ur luck is bad. its karma.

    BamfBamfMåned siden
  • Laughed my ass off when kripp talked about berserk

    diavolo sondiavolo sonMåned siden
  • A like for mentioning Avatar

    Donovan WilburnDonovan WilburnMåned siden
  • u should watch redline, its a masterpiece of traditional animation that you wont regret wasting time on

    Daniele RossiDaniele RossiMåned siden
  • I’m going to try a crazy play here. All of us: straight face 😐 really? That’s a crazy play?

    hades773hades773Måned siden
  • "If not for flat-earthers, I wouldn't realize that people could be so F---ing stupid..." Also a physics major, here, and I've thought the exact same thing. Learning of the popularity of the flat-earth movement is what I credit as the final nail in the coffin of my faith in humanity.

    • I think if i creat a social Media Account and pretend the Earth is a Cube Some People would belive me🤔😆

      backforce backforcebackforce backforce29 dager siden
    • @Ledor Bloodraven many of them say there are no other planets and this whole “story” is a “global government’s conspiracy”. It’s impossible to argue with these people.

      Дмитрий ЧеховДмитрий Чехов29 dager siden
    • @Aveline I see a ball therefore I am a ball.

      Soul's EdgeSoul's Edge29 dager siden
    • @Ledor Bloodraven "What about Mars ?" "Oh Mars is a sphere." "Why not the earth then ?" "The earth is not a planet" That's about it

      AvelineAvelineMåned siden
    • @Ledor Bloodraven Some actually believe the other planets are spherical, just not Tellus.

      KraakesolvKraakesolvMåned siden
  • Super robbed at the end lol.

    AlterworldsAlterworldsMåned siden
  • Hard to justify complaints about 2nd when, statistically, you probably should have been 3rd...

    FunnyManRocFunnyManRocMåned siden
  • Fist of the Northstar is based off of the movie with the same name. Just watch the movie. It's pretty good.

    silvercrosilvercroMåned siden
  • Kripp, if you like anime, check out Sword Art Online on NetFlix, one of the best series I've seen for years. And again on NetFlix, The Irregular at Magic High is another interesting series to watch.

    Ross Cooper-SmithRoss Cooper-SmithMåned siden
    • @Ross Cooper-Smith I see. We disagree, then. That's fine, though.

      Derrick CroweDerrick Crowe29 dager siden
    • @Derrick Crowe Nope, watched both of those series with my daughter, we both love them :-)

      Ross Cooper-SmithRoss Cooper-Smith29 dager siden
    • You're trolling, right? It's so hard to be sure these days...

      Derrick CroweDerrick Crowe29 dager siden
  • Watch Dan Olsen's video about Flat Earth! It's a very good exploration of why people believe such an obvious falsehood it beyond just "they're dumb". Also it has one of the coolest proofs of the curvature of the earth that you'll ever see.

    Minihood31770Minihood31770Måned siden
  • 3:10 krip got some balls disagreeing with religion freaks

    insomnolenceinsomnolenceMåned siden
  • I don't want to be racist but, I kinda assumed krip would like yugi oh

    kaharakaharaMåned siden
    • How is that racism?

      Hendrik BootsmaHendrik Bootsma29 dager siden
  • Wins a 20% meh loses a 15% omg wtf!?

    josef woodendjosef woodendMåned siden
  • Can't believe he has to explain how the earth rotates around the sun

    JulianJulianMåned siden
  • Don't you just hate those fuckin' luckers is all I gotta say.

    TurboPepsiTurboPepsiMåned siden
  • That moment when you think Kripp is a flat earther

    Niroshan DevendranNiroshan DevendranMåned siden
  • i am always fucking sleeping in germany when you are streaming. Thats why i am NOworld only viewer.

    GillbergerGillbergerMåned siden
  • Sindragosa was never bad?

    crunkskunk12crunkskunk12Måned siden
  • Kripp says nothing about winning 26 percent against lich but gets mad about next fight with George lol

    ErichErichMåned siden
  • 20:14 what anime is that?

    Rage RunnerRage RunnerMåned siden
    • "Akira" from 1988 if I heard correctly

      Spike SpiegelSpike SpiegelMåned siden
  • 20:10 i can't hear name of anime properly. Can someone write in comments what is was. I'll be grateful

    Aloof WatcherAloof WatcherMåned siden
    • @Spike Spiegel thx

      Aloof WatcherAloof WatcherMåned siden
    • "Akira"

      Spike SpiegelSpike SpiegelMåned siden
  • Anime reccomendation for kripp: Jojo's bizarr adventure Boku no hero academia One piece Death note Tokyo ghoul Mirai nikki Dr. Stone One punch man Rising of the shield hero

    andrás gyeneseandrás gyeneseMåned siden
  • Having your kid walk to school in a helmet is a sure-fire way to get him coming home with a head injury. But it's ok, because it's just as likely the anti-vax kid won't make it home.

    NamelessMinion VeinreaverNamelessMinion VeinreaverMåned siden
  • The earth is not flat!!! What! I love the judgment terms like “anti-vaxxers” that totally doesn’t take into account all the subtleties of the topic. Just call them a term and move on. It’s like any term, you can’t just generalize a group and then move on mindlessly.

    weavergradweavergradMåned siden
  • 10:20 Omae wa, mou..

    Koala BearKoala BearMåned siden
  • Kripp talks about anime for 20 minutes and then dies to a 14% chance for the opponent to have lethal.

    ChannelMinerChannelMinerMåned siden
    • @Ledor Bloodraven The opponent believed in the heart of the cards!

      ChannelMinerChannelMiner29 dager siden
    • I guess his opponent had the POWER OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP.

      Ledor BloodravenLedor BloodravenMåned siden
  • I've had good luck using an aggressive leveling strategy with Sindy. Especially if you get a token minion on turn one, you just keep freezing your board and leveling hard to four. You do take some damage on the way up, but by the time you start filling your board you have really big stats for that part of the game and you've out leveled everyone else.

    Billy BegoodBilly BegoodMåned siden
    • @NANA Toto 9.5k

      Billy BegoodBilly BegoodMåned siden
    • what's ur mmr

      NANA TotoNANA TotoMåned siden
  • Not me, I'm watching your videos :) Greetings from Germany :D

    Tobias FTobias FMåned siden
  • Zzzzz same title used agian

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuireMåned siden
  • ....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • He doesn't like Berserk? Today I put my grasses on and everything will be wong

    VengaardVengaardMåned siden
    • Friendly reminder, read Berserk

      Juan DiazJuan Diaz29 dager siden
    • Pretty sure he was talking about Berserk 2016 since all the Anime except for the fist of the North Star one were relatively new.

      Ledor BloodravenLedor BloodravenMåned siden
    • Wyd? The berserk ANIME is garbage

      Juan DiazJuan DiazMåned siden
  • Pls watch Deathnote !!!! Or Tokyo Goul !!! they r 10/10

    Gammelpeter LPGammelpeter LPMåned siden
    • @Derrick Crowe ahhhh nononoonnonono but SAO is something that u can only love or hate so its not good to start with!

      Gammelpeter LPGammelpeter LP29 dager siden
    • Don't trust the guy with an SAO profile picture.

      Derrick CroweDerrick Crowe29 dager siden
  • 15:50 "Should be a win unless he gets a mech there" From Djinni, on tavern 5, sure

    VampKyivUAVampKyivUAMåned siden
    • @VampKyivUA it’s before when broken George got rag on tier 5 in one of the rounds idiot

      Shavit ZurShavit Zur29 dager siden
    • @Andrew Kim It's really hard to say how old this game is. But I would think that's post-patch game, cause' before you were always seeing rag being dropped. And yes, I know about amalgadon, so made an explicit tavern 5 note.

      VampKyivUAVampKyivUA29 dager siden
    • amalgadon will refresh and i think this is the unpatched broken djinni we are seeing

      Andrew KimAndrew KimMåned siden
  • I just HAVE to say: GO WATCH BERSERK AGAIN, dude give it a go, it has a slow start but it's one of the best anime's ever (the original one of course)

    Lev ZhitnikLev ZhitnikMåned siden
    • @diavolo son Which one is on the US-Netflix? The 2016 one? Then we all know why he didn´t like it...

      Ledor BloodravenLedor BloodravenMåned siden
    • He probably started watching the new one on Netflix

      diavolo sondiavolo sonMåned siden
  • Hey, Kripparrian. Check "Last man" anime.

    Alex ZlojAlex ZlojMåned siden
  • Look up the vaccine compensation program. How are people so smart but such braindead zombies at the same time?

    bob barkerbob barkerMåned siden
  • Kripp gaining with 24% is nothing for him, but losing with 10% less than that is an absurd

    Tenshi堕落Tenshi堕落Måned siden
  • Hooray, Kripp liked The Last Airbender!

    kkme7kkme7Måned siden
  • If a flat earther and an anti-vaxxer get married, they unlock the cow level.

    Jordan AultJordan AultMåned siden
    • I don't believe flat earthers exist, I think they're just pretending.

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
  • 27 Flat Earthers disliked this video.

    Nathan Davis-DearNathan Davis-DearMåned siden
  • instant karma for winning a fight he should have lost

    Geno XflameGeno XflameMåned siden
  • He win a 22% and he lose a 85% thats Karma

    Roger GuillemRoger GuillemMåned siden
  • you know i knew kripp could be a moron at times but imagine thinking anti vaxxers were better than flat earthers. one is harmless and the other makes the active choice to kill their children and anyone around them

    Jack HartwegJack HartwegMåned siden
  • Thumbed up for the Princess Mononoke love.

    Roman HolidayRoman HolidayMåned siden
  • I actually stopped using the tracker, cause it just made me rage so hard when I saw just how little chance I had of losing some of those matches lol

    rageoftyraelrageoftyraelMåned siden
  • That last combat rng was so bs

    Max LouhioMax LouhioMåned siden
  • if not for flat earthers the Sovereign Citizens/Moorish Americans would have no one to point at and accuse of being stoopid

    OtakuryogaOtakuryogaMåned siden
  • Thumbs up for Princess Mononoke best Ghibli film

    Alexander LAlexander LMåned siden
  • "I started watching Berserk but I didn't like it that much" - saddest thing I herd from Krip :(

    YamiYamiMåned siden
    • Understandable,most of the adaptations are crap aside from godlike music they all have in common

      AvelineAvelineMåned siden
    • @diavolo son shit, yea, oof no wonder he didn't like it xD

      YamiYamiMåned siden
    • Kripps not watching these on kissanime lol he’s watching on Netflix. He probably saw the new one

      diavolo sondiavolo sonMåned siden
    • @Tomtenisse Powercool I guess that's also true, I'm lucky that I have the SOS bros to enjoy Berserk with someone.

      YamiYamiMåned siden
    • @Yami Honestly, knowing that he's not really well versed in movies, I wouldn't really wanna hear his opinion about it.

      Tomtenisse PowercoolTomtenisse PowercoolMåned siden
  • German Here for the Timezone stuff. Technically correct but... Who is sleeping anyway through a kripp Stream?

    joshua dworschakjoshua dworschakMåned siden
  • Finding out that Kripp watches anime has made me very happy

    fluxy888fluxy888Måned siden
  • Wait there are really ppl who think the earth is a disk? Are they not trolling?

    fev0rfev0rMåned siden
    • Check the comments of this video. Ive found at least 2 people so far trying to defend it.

      a guy from nza guy from nzMåned siden
  • flat earth argument not valid, the sun can be much smaller and round close to the flat earth , so is day in um half because the sun light light is just not stronh enought and close enought to light the other side

    Lucas BoleliLucas BoleliMåned siden
    • @a guy from nz ok so just answer me how we can see (with a binocular) an island 20 meters high that is 30 kilometers away from the beach. if you are interested do the math of the difference in curvature, you will see that it would be impossible. in fact I don't know the shape of the land, but there are unanswered questions that draw attention

      Lucas BoleliLucas BoleliMåned siden
    • Lol this dude is legit subbed to flat earth channels. Your argument doesn’t even make sense How does it feel that people 2000 years ago figured out the earth wasn’t flat but you cant?

      a guy from nza guy from nzMåned siden
  • 4:08 music to my ears, made my morning so much better KEKW Thanks kripp!

    Major AasumMajor AasumMåned siden
  • Ah.. the mexican anime... the best kind of anime.... :)

    Apophis051Apophis051Måned siden
    • El Cazador de La Bruja is what I think he may have watched, its been 10 years since I watched it it. Pretty decent IMO

      TurbotefTurbotef26 dager siden