SIX LIL RAGNAROS RENO?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

9. okt.. 2020
185 496 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - This was the first game after I started a streaming called Lil Rag waiting room.
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  • 5:25 “kinda of a crappy lightfang” 1 month later “majordomo is my favourite card”

    PhilgobPhilgob15 dager siden
  • Lil' Lagnoros

    AvatarbeeAvatarbee20 dager siden
  • 17:00 There was no lag lol, the game just let Kripp move after time was up for some reason lol.

    MrTnbopp123MrTnbopp12323 dager siden
  • felt bad for kripp here knowing how seriously he takes this game

    Misha BeroevMisha Beroev26 dager siden
  • 20:29 htf are those so big

    GhostGhost29 dager siden
  • The sell-Brann turn seemed highly dubious, bit of a throw to me, was doing just fine cycling ele's

    Justin ParkerJustin ParkerMåned siden
  • 17:56 wtf why not just triple it?

    Guy SmileyGuy SmileyMåned siden
  • this is you clearly torn up

    игорь пакуновигорь пакуновMåned siden
  • once again, oh the lag, 10 seconds left when he tries to do everything.

    David JohnsonDavid JohnsonMåned siden
  • Ffs 17:56 just triple the amalgadon, you get 24/24 in random stats, guaranteed divine shield poisonous, and a chance to discover another amalgadon and/or another 24/24 in random stats.

    Andrew SavAndrew SavMåned siden
  • 14:02 this burns my soul. 65 secs and you slow hover, decide what ANYmental you need to buy, make a sandwich & Then absolutely flop the last 20 secs!

    iAm ExplizitiAm ExplizitMåned siden
  • How did the last guy have such monster elementals at the end?

    Galactic123Galactic123Måned siden
  • This has to be Kripps unluckiest game and yet he won

    Christian RodesChristian RodesMåned siden
  • lol that game mode looks fucking unplayable with so much lag. GG Blizzard

    GamePlayMetalGamePlayMetalMåned siden
  • smh I never lag

    Galin StaykovGalin StaykovMåned siden
  • Does anyone here not skipperino da kripperino?

  • the rag may be little, but the lag isn't

    E_M_E_TE_M_E_TMåned siden
  • I don’t wanna sound like a hater but those face layouts are not coool lol

    Angel TybAngel TybMåned siden
  • if you get late game triples with nomi those sizes are 100% possible

    Brant LunsfordBrant LunsfordMåned siden
  • That was from golden nomi Kripp continues to sleep on nomi

    Ryan CareyRyan CareyMåned siden
  • My first lobby win was as Reno hitting a Nomi the first refresh on 4. My elementals at the end were about 90/90s in the shop.

    Anthony LandrumAnthony LandrumMåned siden
  • i Counted FOUR lil rag, why does the title state SIX?

    Stefan NorlinStefan NorlinMåned siden
  • Kripp: gripes about being near the bottom and going up against undefeated first place, then *takes over half the guy's health...*

    InternetGravediggerInternetGravediggerMåned siden
  • I think it wasn't Khadgar bug, just really lucky to have double Nomi early in the game, going crazy with gigantic elementals

    Vinícius GabrielVinícius GabrielMåned siden
  • Image kripp with buffed hands

    ьтялБ йАьтялБ йАMåned siden
  • Top damage: 72

    Philerino SwifterinoPhilerino SwifterinoMåned siden
  • Kripp won 8 out of 16 rounds this game which is 50% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Haircuts

    BFBFMåned siden
  • 6x Lil Lagnaros... What did you expect? 😁😁😁

    Michal DrabMichal DrabMåned siden
  • Wow, they gotta fix lil' Lagnaros

    Torre DurantTorre DurantMåned siden
  • Double golden Lagneros, pretty good

    Gwydion MLGwydion MLMåned siden
  • when will kripp bless us with the pleasure of triple amalgadon.

    HaruHaruMåned siden
  • He only got 4 little rags

    FkdndnkdndndnFkdndnkdndndnMåned siden
  • didn't kripp find a fix for his lag a few vids ago?

    Mista RedMista RedMåned siden
  • Haha lag ruins the turn, not the slow over flourished mouse movements and slow decisions haha

    MessenjaMessenjaMåned siden
  • Lagnaros.

    Ralph van DeursRalph van DeursMåned siden
  • Lagnaros

    Ranjan AcharyaRanjan AcharyaMåned siden
  • Okay 2 golden rags should outscale a 1 golden nomi. (This is yog not even the bounce bitch) from that it looks like wold need 2 golden rags and 2 regular rags and 1 buffer spot (4 spots) vs 1 golden nomi and 1 buffer spot (2 spots) nomi is gona be nerfed no way should they have made one csrd over 2x better than another st same tier.

    what962what962Måned siden
  • Conspiracy Theorino: Blizzard wants games to be short so they don't need to implement nonuples.

    Lambda FunctionLambda FunctionMåned siden
  • I wanna give a shout out to the chat member who had the excellent joke at the start when kripp said "how much is in one pack" to rania about food, and they answered about HS packs. that was pure gold.

    Dreganastra00Dreganastra00Måned siden
  • fastest apm

    Harry LiHarry LiMåned siden
  • You got a potato PC man. Ain’t no one else getting lag like that- probably because your streaming

    xPDoGxPDoGMåned siden
  • how can such a big company have this shitty lag on one of their games, quite unbelievable ngl

    TriceratopsTriceratopsMåned siden
  • It was the triple Nomi. The buff list only says "x3" because that happened while those mobs were in the tavern, meaning they don't account for the remainder of the stats they got beforehand. It doesn't have anything to do with Khadgar.

    PrimEviLPrimEviLMåned siden
  • okay but it was literally nomi. Yog had a golden nomi for like 8 turns and got triples. thats what happens

    Samuel MooreSamuel MooreMåned siden
  • Why do you keep forgetting to hero power? Jebaited

    Don WaldDon WaldMåned siden
  • Blizzard won't fix the lag until people stop playing this shoddily coded game.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • My desktop version does not lag. heck, even my mobile version is better than kripps PC.

      ProfaneMagicProfaneMagicMåned siden
  • Lagnaros

    rpgbusterrpgbusterMåned siden
  • Lil Rag desperately needs to be moved to tavern 6.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • Lil’ Rag? More like Lil’ Lag

    Noah McKayNoah McKayMåned siden
  • You can definitely make those minions at the end with Nomi with double I have made +40 additional stats to all elementals in the Tavern and then tripled the tier one and two ones at the end since they are all still available

    tim jordantim jordanMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who misses Kripp the Hunter? :(

    Vape DaddyVape DaddyMåned siden
  • Golden Lagneros

    smartman 2796smartman 2796Måned siden
  • Lagnaros, haha

    jpotz22jpotz22Måned siden
  • How is the Hearthstone client so buggy with such little load. You wouldn't believe the demented BS I've pulled on MTGA and not had any lag (perspective if you play MTG: I play a Selesnya Scute Swarm + Felidar Retreat + Heliod + Daxos deck with Ancient Greenwarden to double landfall triggers and Conclave Mentor to double counters).

    Joshua SagerJoshua SagerMåned siden
  • I HAD 6 LIL RAGS AS RENO TODAY, damn Kripp why you gotta copy me

    Sonas MacRaeSonas MacRaeMåned siden
  • Kripp has got to be the most negative little bitch on the planet. Probably dead 5 times is too much

    Andy213Andy213Måned siden
  • Tavern feast is nomi buff

    Matthew CarrickMatthew CarrickMåned siden
  • Just update your calc

    Andrei UnuchakAndrei UnuchakMåned siden
  • Sooo... 6 lil rag was 4 lil rag :) nice counting mr (or mrs) editor :)

    jonny1891jonny1891Måned siden
  • this is as close you can get guys, watching a sloth playing a video card game. xD sry Kripp

    You-Top1You-Top1Måned siden
  • Tubearino cliparino VRarino Arcanist VR channel boyz

    John RobertsJohn RobertsMåned siden
  • If you ain’t first you’re last. - Tony Danza 1936

    TermTermMåned siden
  • why is battlegrounds so laggy?

    Jyles the ButlerJyles the ButlerMåned siden
  • In the last round those could 100% be from nomi. I have had ones that big from nomi and I’m not even a crazy good player. All it takes is a late game triple which isn’t that uncommon. Theoretically you could have late game elemental triples that are 150/150 if you have an early golden nomi. late triples with nomi are insane.

    Ross BroussardRoss BroussardMåned siden
    • Actually I just got a 150/150 and the minions were up to 80/80 so a last turn triple would have been like 240/240.

      Ross BroussardRoss BroussardMåned siden
  • ketgar bug? - could someone explain it?

    the Lurkerthe LurkerMåned siden
    • Khadgar* It might be fixed already but basically if you had Nomi + golden Khadgar after using Stasis elly you were getting 3 summoned minions to tavern, all 3 buffing via Nomi and second and third being free on top. Of course strat is/was broken but kinda dubious as you must have exactly golden khadgar + Nomi + roll some Stasis. I think Kripp was right and it was bug abuse as dude had Khadgars earlier.

      DonFreeqDonFreeqMåned siden
  • Nomi > little rag every time

    Morgan BMorgan BMåned siden
  • What khedgar bug?

    Daniel HDaniel HMåned siden
  • 17:58 pretty sure it’s better to take the amalgam, you need to get and buy a module and toxifin to get it

    MintedMintedMåned siden
  • Blizz can't make a simple card game not lag omegalul

    AvelineAvelineMåned siden
  • Noumi to 40 health, than you collect tripples: 40*3=120

    Александр ЧебобаковАлександр ЧебобаковMåned siden
  • 17:07 I lost it there xD.

    Black PlatedBlack PlatedMåned siden
  • 100% the Yogg had Nomi, I've had the same board with early golden Nomi

    RetroFritterRetroFritterMåned siden
  • Vegan food AHAHA. Why people don't even consider being vegetarian? It's healthier then vegan and still no animal die and food is much more varied and tasty. But no for vegans it's nerf or nothing,

    Артём СавостинАртём СавостинMåned siden
  • What is the khadgar bug??

    The Weekly GouigoarThe Weekly GouigoarMåned siden
  • I just subscribed, really awesome video hope you keep making more videos like this one.

    Epic ReelsEpic ReelsMåned siden
  • Sachbuch

    Hank BellowsHank BellowsMåned siden
  • Was the Khadgar bug fixed?

    foreshadow20foreshadow20Måned siden
  • The lag appeard right after u lol to 6:/

    atps89atps89Måned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. That lag is atrocious though it was even pissing me off! I guess they're just a small indie developer. P.S. I did eventually get around to commenting on last video; if you didn't see it initially feel free to go back and check it out.

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Bruh I was disappointed you weren't there

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
    • Too late for Toolaterino kripperino on the previous video :^)

      southpark9550southpark9550Måned siden
  • "no elementals" he says after passing on a 6star elemental that has a discover which has a high chance of giving him another 6 star elemental...yep

    MabujoldMabujoldMåned siden
    • Are you that stupid?

      Sturla MoltzauSturla MoltzauMåned siden
  • Creperian here

    Sindri MyrSindri MyrMåned siden
  • that’s definitely nomi. i got a 230/230 with golden nomi

    A L X-gamesA L X-gamesMåned siden
  • What’s the Khadgar bug?

    ScherzoScherzoMåned siden
  • why play so slow kripp. it's very frustrating

    ウマイシウマイシMåned siden
  • you should buy a new pc

    HoriaHoriaMåned siden
  • Blizzard: Lil' Rag Kripp, an intellectual: Little Ragnaros.

    J PageJ PageMåned siden
    • Me, a bigbrain: Lagnaros

      Blobbyo25Blobbyo25Måned siden
  • 8:39 two nomis on yoggs board

    Sean MillerSean MillerMåned siden
  • Blizz plz

    Blitz GordonBlitz GordonMåned siden
  • 15:22 yog already has golden nomi, golden t1 and double t3. All that yog has to do until last round is find 2 t3s and 3 t1s. doesn't really sound like a bug to me.

    AmbroslaAmbroslaMåned siden
  • What is this lag? Unwatchable :( Is that even a word?

    biogoobiogooMåned siden
  • Lagnaros the Lagger Lord

    defdendefdenMåned siden
  • i've had 160/160 minions with nomi, getting them 50+ in shop and trippling them

    CrazyWizzleCrazyWizzleMåned siden
  • 17:08 "WHAT!" - You literally moved it after the rope had burned completely burned away. Why do you keep getting surprised when you keep trying to do moves when your turn is OVER?

    Jay JonesJay JonesMåned siden
    • The lag is a known quantity, he's knows it's coming yet plays just as slowly as he usually does and then complains as if it's never happened before, adjust your play so you don't rope

      Justin ParkerJustin ParkerMåned siden
    • @manaquri Literally the only lag that dog complains about are the elemental animation lag, which I mentioned.

      Jay JonesJay JonesMåned siden
    • ​@Jay Jones I've looked at dog playing elems, and he's complaining about the lag too. imo kripp is just complaining about everything a lot because that's what he does. dog is like "oh, I couldn't play those, this lag is annoying" kripp is like "totally unfair, this lag makes the game absolutely unplayable." I don't know if the cards being picked up incorrectly is the same problem or another.

      manaqurimanaquriMåned siden
    • @manaquri I watch a few other streamers and none of them have the lag issues that Kripp has. The elementals do have the animation lag, but his excessive lag is his alone. Dog and Kibler for instance, they never run into these 5-10 secs to play a card situations.

      Jay JonesJay JonesMåned siden
    • @Jay Jones hs gets really laggy and it can take like 5-10sec to play a card, so roping is something that can happen quite often.

      manaqurimanaquriMåned siden
  • What is khadgar bug ?

    Sati VaSati VaMåned siden
  • Holy fucking boomer

    Mario MoralesMario MoralesMåned siden
  • Golden 120/120s when you see the regulars are 40/40s "No, that's too big for Nomi". No, he just tripled the 1 tier 40/40s

    Ithu HalinquaIthu HalinquaMåned siden
  • Okay, so, is the lag not affecting everyone! Because I’ve never experienced this level of lag in a game, and I’ve played da one pretty big elemental games

    Stoner SudowoodoStoner SudowoodoMåned siden
    • Sati Va That is really weird. It makes me wonder what makes the different for the lag levels (besides buffs$

      Stoner SudowoodoStoner SudowoodoMåned siden
    • Lucky you, I've experienced waaaay more laggy game than kripp to the point when it's litteraly unplayable (and not unplayable the way Kripp says : unplayable to the point when you can't even put a monster on board) I hope blizzard shall fix this soon cuz' the problem is damn hard (I can play on 25 ping each game I want, but hearthstone is laggy as fuck when I go battleground that's upsetting)

      Sati VaSati VaMåned siden
  • Was pretty infuriating when he had 5 rags and was still spending all his gold trying to get a good amalgadon

    MittensMittensMåned siden
    • tbf it's not a +12/+12 that would've changed the outcome, especially if the top guy's playing ele, getting those poisonous divine shield is better quite often.

      manaqurimanaquriMåned siden
  • A true Rags-to-Riches tale.

    LexxBMLexxBMMåned siden