THE BIGGEST BRANN I EVER HAD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

9. okt.. 2020
147 077 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - In the era of Elementals, Brann takes care of business... personally!
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  • he knows he has boomer apm and lag so why wait until 10 seconds to do your whole play

    PhilgobPhilgob16 dager siden

    Onni SarpoOnni SarpoMåned siden
  • 17:55 "+4/4 for 1 gold, that's worth it", but i guess +12/12 for 2 gold that is right next to it is not. kekW

    JuggerNautJuggerNautMåned siden
  • he plays so slow and blaming lag, feels ignored.

    林仁謙林仁謙Måned siden
  • Kripp always blaming game lag when viewers can see its brain lag.

    joehigh82joehigh82Måned siden
  • Is there a Kripperino for when he has an Amalgadon without poisonous and just doesn't realize until way too late?

    J PageJ PageMåned siden
  • Streamer high roll luck out the ass trumps boomer apm

    m0ntheg3rsm0ntheg3rsMåned siden
  • These are some big Brann plays right here.

    Nathaniel PrawdzikNathaniel PrawdzikMåned siden
  • huge brain=huge brann

    The Great CornholioThe Great CornholioMåned siden
  • God damn boomer

    Chua Seng HanChua Seng HanMåned siden
  • Im gonna guess lil rag is gonna buff the shit outta bran.

    Luckynumber slevinLuckynumber slevinMåned siden
  • i just played vs someone with a 44/48 brann

    anewhope Dawnanewhope DawnMåned siden
  • Kripp is fun and cool but he played terribly this game...even considering the lag and his low speed.

    Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • *looks at the 43-47 brann I had few days ago* Damnit! :D

    tehjochtehjochMåned siden
  • I don't understand why Kripp doesn't see how powerful Garr is. He claims it's just "12/12 in stats" but every elemental after that adds +5 or 6 health to the Garr! Should have put poison on the Amalgadon and sold the murloc.

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
  • You are bad at hearthstone so I liked the video.

    Porkly AklehPorkly AklehMåned siden
  • Comming back to HearthStone after a year. It's like an entirely new game :O

    SodaDKSodaDKMåned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video.

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
  • 2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

    gio gutierrezgio gutierrezMåned siden
  • 21:20 0.2% loss. HOW.

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
  • I thought, this is the first thumbnail I've seen of Kripp's videos without his face on it, but then I looked closer at the Brann... :D

    Tommy CTommy CMåned siden
  • 10:57 " yeah... i miss that... it was...lag" broh. just go playing puzzle...

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataroMåned siden
  • Top damage: 67

    Philerino SwifterinoPhilerino SwifterinoMåned siden
  • People saying Pogos need to be removed from the game outright... Look how easily they get wrecked with poison though...

    socrlaxsocrlaxMåned siden
  • Kripp says “okay dude, okay” at 5:14 after getting roflstomped by Yogg

    Okayduderino KripperinoOkayduderino KripperinoMåned siden
  • This was painful to witness

    Joe HaywardJoe HaywardMåned siden
  • 10:45 dog must have been playing apm pirates in the lobby next door

    fadencefadenceMåned siden
    • @Paul Graton I love how he literally does extra clicks in between his buying, playing and selling too just to up that apm number

      fadencefadenceMåned siden
    • Kripp still trying to figure out how to do in one game what Dog can do in a single turn. the "fuck I'm too slow at 9.34" makes it perfect.

      Paul GratonPaul GratonMåned siden
  • last 5 seconds - not being fast enough - blaming lag. god damn this city needs a blamerinolagerino right now

    Greed1sGoodGreed1sGoodMåned siden
  • is kripp drunk what are these plays ?

    GodplayerGodplayerMåned siden
  • Beautiful mid game transition from Murlocs to menagerie, you’re one hell of a player. Thanks for helping me get some much better, battlegrounds is my favorite game right now and has been for about 6 months. I never realized how much strategy there truly is behind this game until I started watching you and Savjz.

  • Kripp won 8 out of 15 rounds this game which is 53.33% win rate

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Whats the khadgar bug ??

    Senatus Consultum UltimumSenatus Consultum UltimumMåned siden

    OOMåned siden
  • It's BIG BRANN time

    TeaRed MeetsTeaRed MeetsMåned siden
  • My grandma plays faster than Kripp

    Gaoyuan WeiGaoyuan WeiMåned siden
  • I want golden card animations back in BG ; _ ;

    Ravenous BasiliskRavenous BasiliskMåned siden
  • Holy moly kripp plays slow

    yossiyossiMåned siden
  • Would a similar build with Baron Rivendare and Djinn's to get a bunch of elementals for Rag work?

    BasthordBasthordMåned siden
  • to be entirely honest,my biggest brann was a 87/89 coz of 2 gold lilrags although i was not reno.

    Dhiran RajahDhiran RajahMåned siden
  • At 10:50, why didn't he make a triple? I don't get it

    AshenAshenMåned siden
  • "Lag" yeah... Just concentrate on the game once in a while.

    TecknoVickingTecknoVickingMåned siden
  • I wanna see that prior game where he manages to get 8th place with Jandice lol

    TruePartyKing of the NeoN RevolutioNTruePartyKing of the NeoN RevolutioNMåned siden
  • How the fuck did you play alakir 3 times in the first 10 turns. Fight rng is so retarded.

    Reece BenderReece BenderMåned siden
  • 50sec timer: let me just think about it 20sec timer:.... hmmmm.... 10sec timer: OH SHIT GTG 3sec timer: APM kicking in Turn over: WAAAA Its laaaaaging. So baad at the end KEKW. Classic Kripp

    Malte SreMalte SreMåned siden
  • Old, blind, silly man... I can't watch this so long... 😲

    Kaligula9164Kaligula9164Måned siden
  • 10:45 BBoomer atU

    Don WaldDon WaldMåned siden
  • Kripp you always start your turn being so slow. You move your mouse so slow and you sell so slow. Lately you have been extremely slow

    daedralord1daedralord1Måned siden
  • These were not good plays lmao

    Thomas StrawnThomas StrawnMåned siden
  • y so slow dude

    Xom9kXom9kMåned siden
  • Kripp is too old for this shit

    DayferDayferMåned siden
  • Misread biggest brann as biggest brain when scrolling past video. Lol

    brandon hammerbrandon hammerMåned siden
  • Where is Okduderino Kripperino when you need him? Kripp said the sacred words at 5:13

    XirchXirchMåned siden
    • I’m deployed and off my normal schedule 😭

      Okayduderino KripperinoOkayduderino KripperinoMåned siden
  • ....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • I was playing with rangaros and i get my heroe power 2 turns after 10 gold . 1 guy DC at the start of the game (with 0 minons in play) and i play vs him like 3-4 times (befor my hewroe power). With every other champ i would be sooo happy how this matchmaking is so baaad. But not with ragnaros. I still won bc ragnaros is OP as shit xD

    Roger GuillemRoger GuillemMåned siden

    Nicholas TanNicholas TanMåned siden
  • bruh you havnt repainted that wall in all these years:) let me come hook you up with a different color at least or if you want to pay me some $ ill do a bad ass mural

    DeuceGeniusDeuceGeniusMåned siden
  • HeyKripparianhowsitgoingdeucehere

    DeuceGeniusDeuceGeniusMåned siden
  • It’s boomer o’clock!

    VooseVooseMåned siden
  • I'm thinking about paying an online course to krip. Topic: how to increase your APM and stop being even worst that average boomer.

    Daniel YepesDaniel YepesMåned siden
  • we need a lagerino kripperino

    rest _rest _Måned siden
    • We have 2, actually.

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
    • You are the chosen one

      Okayduderino KripperinoOkayduderino KripperinoMåned siden
  • I hope as I age, my APM doesn't get to Kripp levels...

    Wasiur RahmanWasiur RahmanMåned siden
    • "Just you wait, kiddo. Just you wait," says the Millennial to the Gen Xer.

      FlyingDwarfmanFlyingDwarfmanMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • I'm so sad that he once again didn't take Nomi. Why does he hate winning?

    PersonalityWorshipPersonalityWorshipMåned siden
  • should title this video never punished

    Shawn AmesShawn AmesMåned siden
  • Oh, yeah, it's a big Brann time.

    F'edr SatanistF'edr SatanistMåned siden
  • Big Brann Plays.

    Sailor SaturnSailor SaturnMåned siden
  • boomer APM

    ManbuinManbuinMåned siden
  • Beyond boomer and lag this is one of the worst piloted games I've seen from kripp. Cool game still

    Carson KaneCarson KaneMåned siden
  • Did they shorten the turns?

    foreshadow20foreshadow20Måned siden
  • the buff lag is real but this game was boomer-tastic

    J430J430Måned siden
  • The boomer APM is painful

    Some Random GamerSome Random GamerMåned siden
  • 10:50 where’s wasterino golderino when you need him

    Daniel TanDaniel TanMåned siden
    • He's still trying to calculate the waste because god damn this entire game was filled with wated gold

      AvelineAvelineMåned siden
  • Kripp has some sort of pathological fear of Garr, it's like he only plays it if the game makes him.

    Cpt. KiwiCpt. KiwiMåned siden
    • @monkey555554 Yeah because playing to garr's is better then getting a triple and they go back in the pool once sold to play again later.

      Natan thesecondofhisnameNatan thesecondofhisnameMåned siden
    • @monkey555554 Yeah, also a triple wasted with murlocs tokens at 10:36

      Will GrsWill GrsMåned siden
    • He had a triple gar at 13:54 and just threw it away for a different minion that he has literally just sold.

      monkey555554monkey555554Måned siden
    • MisterProfessor, why play pirates ever cause the poisonous exists?? Dragons are bad cause if no Nadina you die to the poisonous. Most elementals are pretty weak to the poisonous but elementals are strong. There’s more to it than just the 1/1 lol Did anyone even have it in this video? I didn’t see it I don’t think

      Barely EditedBarely EditedMåned siden
    • Probably because he knows how easily he gets countered by a 1/1 poison minion.

      MisterProfessorMisterProfessorMåned siden
  • They really need to fix the lag. I mostly play at work on mobile during down time which is already kinda janky. This new lag from too many buffs has gotten really old

    KingPopinLockinKingPopinLockinMåned siden
  • Let's get this man to 1million subs

    Mitchell HaanMitchell HaanMåned siden
  • The missed triple at 10:42 hurt my soul

    Carlos Henrique Braga SilvaCarlos Henrique Braga SilvaMåned siden

    Ming TsaiMing TsaiMåned siden
  • That Brann was bigger than my pogos with Jandice

    coxie2foxycoxie2foxyMåned siden
  • how the hell is it lag when you do everything with 20 seconds left?

    David JohnsonDavid JohnsonMåned siden
  • You notice krip says kaym not okay

    Ihsan MujdeciIhsan MujdeciMåned siden
  • If Garr was played at 11:44 and then the 2nd at 12:00 both Garrs would have had something like 45 to 65 HP each before becoming golden, by the end of the game Garr would have had over 180 HP on top of still giving 36 in stats.

    KirinketsuKirinketsuMåned siden
    • @Blackadder75 can you stop spouting that bullshit when he keeps a weak 1 star minion on board till the end of the game? A golden Garr would have been a billion times better than micro machine. So there is no "there was no space" argument.

      Robin HeinemannRobin HeinemannMåned siden
    • No room, and a big butt minion was not what he needed. You need poison to win VS pogos or opponent 100+ health elems

      Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
  • Stupid question, why doesn’t Kripp always want to triple Amalgadon? It could’ve been a goddamn threat and he could’ve gotten another Amalgadon

    TheBigMan0706TheBigMan0706Måned siden
    • Just try to remember how small 6star unit pool is, its only 7 minions copies, so praying to get another one while u already have 3 is unreasonable and a bad bet in general

      NarstotzkaNarstotzkaMåned siden
    • Because he had one with divine shield and poison and another with divine shield which could be given poison (and was). Having 2 divine shield/poison minions is much, much better than having just 1 with more health and then having to gamble on getting yet another and getting divine shield/poison again.

      A YouTube AccountA YouTube AccountMåned siden
    • Robert Malone he could’ve gotten another Toxfin

      TheBigMan0706TheBigMan0706Måned siden
    • because 2 divine shield posionous > 1 divine shield poisonous regardless of the stats

      Robert MaloneRobert MaloneMåned siden
  • Triple garr missed, doesnt buy the toxfin, 2 gold left every turn. My head hurts

    BilalBilalMåned siden
    • @Bilal no it’s not? He’s going against 150/150 pogos the garr dies in one hit. Yea sick play man you would’ve lost that game

      Dominick LonghiDominick LonghiMåned siden
    • @Dominick Longhi a 40-130 Garr is better than a 30/30 poison murloc

      BilalBilalMåned siden
    • @Bilal none of those stats matter when his board is divine shield pois with refreshes. It was the right play to not triple the Garr. However yea the rest was rough

      Dominick LonghiDominick LonghiMåned siden
    • @K- Boy The Garr got like +8 health for every elem he would have played, on top of the rag. He was already spamming elementals, dont even remember how many sellementals he bought after that. each of them would be +2/+9 stats, it would have scaled crazy fast.

      BilalBilalMåned siden
    • But true apm was soo bad

      K- BoyK- BoyMåned siden
  • 10:00 why did he skip the nomi....

    Robert MaloneRobert MaloneMåned siden
    • Yeah he has no idea just how ridiculously good the card is. It's frustrating to watch him right now.

      PersonalityWorshipPersonalityWorshipMåned siden
    • It's like he's really convinced games are fast and he doesn't try any scaling cards because of that

      Mateo LemesMateo LemesMåned siden
    • I've watched alot of kripp and can safely say he doesn't know what nomi actually does. Kripp can't figure out how to play nomi, like what it actually does escapes him.

      Dreganastra00Dreganastra00Måned siden
  • Kripp is hella funny blaming lag for his end of turns when he tries to 400 apm with 10 seconds left.

    clawer626clawer626Måned siden
    • If you're annoyed and find him obnoxious then you're a moron for watching his videos.

      GilsworthGilsworthMåned siden
    • Kripp peaks at vegan apm.

      VodkainumVodkainumMåned siden
    • If he can do that turbomode apm but the literal lag you can see in the videos won't let him, I think it's fair to blame it

      Max LouhioMax LouhioMåned siden
    • "hella funny" thats a weird way of saying annoying and obnoxious

      Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
    • @UnseenIncognito Animations do get ridiculous at times, but you can queue them up. Kripp sits around and waits for animations to finish before making his next move. It's like watching my dad play. Kripp is good at the strategy, but it feels like he's moving the mouse with his left foot or something.

      MazraMazraMåned siden
  • 10:57

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoMåned siden
  • That misplay though, it hurt my eyes

    Hashim IniestaHashim IniestaMåned siden
    • Simon M True, thats why i love watching dog

      Hashim IniestaHashim IniestaMåned siden
    • @Hashim Iniesta yeah it was pretty bad. to be honest the vid had so many misplays it hurt

      Simon MSimon MMåned siden
    • Simon M Yes

      Hashim IniestaHashim IniestaMåned siden
    • The murloc one?

      Simon MSimon MMåned siden
  • soooo good ~Kripp 2020

    Trump 2020Trump 2020Måned siden
  • Hey uh whats going on with him fighting Jandice, her having no minion, then being 1st after losing on turn 2?!?

    Hunter ChewningHunter ChewningMåned siden
    • @Alex Miller I was wondering if it was a syncing error and she on her end had beat him. It was so weird she didn't have any cards on board that is what made sense to me. Like what happened with Lich king and his hero power a few times.

      Hunter ChewningHunter ChewningMåned siden
    • Noticed that too. She had 37 HP, 1 less than kripp and she's still first. I guess the placement is a bug

      Alex MillerAlex MillerMåned siden
    • I call it the "Team5 hero balance" aka "Jandice pogo shenanigans"

      Дмитрий ИльясовДмитрий ИльясовMåned siden
  • Months ago i saw an 80 80 bran no joke

    tumenbayar odnasantumenbayar odnasanMåned siden
  • I got Brann to 66 without taunt & triple.. ur always like "this is biggest" but nope x)

    TheBjartulfTheBjartulfMåned siden
  • How did Jandice go to 1st place after being knocked down to 37 HP when Krip was at 38?

    William MWilliam MMåned siden
    • she was on tier 2 in this moment so i gues he sell everything to roll for pogos?

      Adrian FriedrichAdrian FriedrichMåned siden
    • because battlegrounds knows that jandice is op

      Sam FedorkaSam FedorkaMåned siden
  • spoilers god damn

    Ethan HarkinEthan HarkinMåned siden
  • Kripp does make the face at the end of the intro in this video

    Facerino KripperinoFacerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Welcome new guy. I think there was another Kripperino some years ago with a similar idea...Good to have you.

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
    • Galekronderino is slightly above you in my eyes, I’m sorry

      Michelle ManleyMichelle ManleyMåned siden
    • I demanda you start time satmping the exact moment he makes the face😡

      Twitcherino Pastarino KripperinoTwitcherino Pastarino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Jesus Christerino Kripperino thank you holy one, you were an inspiration :)

      Facerino KripperinoFacerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • This is already my favorite krip. Thank you for the laugh.

      Jonathon KelleyJonathon KelleyMåned siden
  • Why does Kripp hate garr? It would have outscaled the murloc and mech in 1 turn

    Robert MorenoRobert MorenoMåned siden
    • @Kirinketsu 180hp Garr was useless in this situation, it's poison / offense you need to beat pogos

      Blackadder75Blackadder75Måned siden
    • Notice how the murloc traded with the 120/120 pogo, and the divine shield mech can tank a hit from a poisonous minion?

      IphrogetIphrogetMåned siden
    • Yeah if he played Garr as soon as he got the first two they would have been over 45hp before becoming golden and Golden Garr would have been over 180HP by the end of the game, and he still would have gotten his 36 worth of stats

      KirinketsuKirinketsuMåned siden
    • Laughs in divine shield and infinite attack

      SONSON -SONSON -Måned siden
    • I understand the need for immediate stats from Lil Rag but big boi Garr is the way

      AzaleaAzaleaMåned siden
  • Ha! 20 mins ago

    Oleg PopovOleg PopovMåned siden
  • Kripp doesn't say Jesus in this video. It may be the big brann leading kripp down an evil path. Elementals were present so I have to blame something for this demonic video. The demonic streak is now 3.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • You‘re so annoying. The kripperinos who just handle pure stats and observations and don‘t try to be funny are much more entertaining to read than your weird rp comments.

      Be GeBe GeMåned siden
    • Smh

      David LeeDavid LeeMåned siden
  • It's BOOMER timer!

    SQW0SQW0Måned siden
    • It's Boom'O'Clock!

      Calvin YeCalvin YeMåned siden
    • @Kevin Schwarz sometimes dog also has lags but usually dog is an apm God compared to kripp, that's why kripp is so painful to watch sometimes

      Alex MillerAlex MillerMåned siden
    • Sure... lags 😂 when i watch dogs videos i cant see any lags. Ever since the pirates patch krip gets at least 50% slower at his game. But yeah... it's always the lags to blame 😏

      Kevin SchwarzKevin SchwarzMåned siden
    • *"it's boom o clock"

      Ry-7hymRy-7hymMåned siden
    • Dude its lagging

      TheKole 1TheKole 1Måned siden
  • Nice game

    SehrSehrMåned siden
  • crazy that brann used to be a real card i played in my decks

    robert crobert cMåned siden
    • you have guessed right, cool to know that hes still good enough in wild tho! thought he'd be outclassed by now

      robert crobert cMåned siden
    • I guess you don't play wild? Brann is used in Reno hunter and reno quest mage as of most recent data reaper. Used in some reno priest according to hsreplay.

      Sam FedorkaSam FedorkaMåned siden