THE NEW GALAKROND GALACTIC ROLL! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

7. nov.. 2020
148 509 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Galakrond is not a meme anymore. What a time to be alive.
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  • The Kripples... they’ve outnumbered us!

    Lord NecrobrineLord NecrobrineTime siden
  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed4 dager siden
  • Найс говна поел

    ST ГибискусST Гибискус21 dag siden
  • I used him after the changes I went undefeated with galakrond first time I ever did that

    RC RJ ElectricRC RJ Electric22 dager siden
  • Why do you always reroll 5 tiers into 6 tier, when you could do the same with 4 tier since you needed baron or mama triple to complement your build and there was no 6 tier minion that could be useful for you excelt for goldrinn, naturally, but it was less likely to get triple out of 1 copy than to find at least 1 copy of mama for triple or one baron for double baron value

    Стас КонончикСтас Конончик23 dager siden
  • Waiting for a video where kripp doesnt use the word "literally" wrongly

    Someguy8231Someguy823124 dager siden
  • Nice highroll man

    Nicerino HighrollerinoNicerino Highrollerino24 dager siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video but he does buy a very early hydra at 3:37 to my great delight :D. PRAISE GALAKROND!

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino24 dager siden
    • @Ekki To be fair, I was a bit late posting this comment.

      Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino Kripperino23 dager siden
    • Everyone praising Galakronderino while sleeping on toolaterino smh

      EkkiEkki24 dager siden
  • Isnt this the old galakrond????

    Mike YelnatsMike Yelnats24 dager siden
  • Who else started watching the video and immediately looked for Galakronderino and HydraTooLarerino 😅

    RedForLife68RedForLife6824 dager siden
  • Remember when games used to be 25-30 minutes long? Yeah.

    ForceMonkForceMonk25 dager siden
  • wtf was that goldren

    Jan RadomyskiJan Radomyski25 dager siden
  • Aren't cleaves just so sexy to watch in action

    Reiana CooperReiana Cooper25 dager siden
  • I agree with Kripp... This patch is by far the best one in recent months... Even Queen Wagtoggle is playable now... Loving it

    TheGohaaronTheGohaaron25 dager siden
  • Wow what a game, galakronderino and hydra early is so happy rn

    Mike ArsenMike Arsen25 dager siden
  • If buffed Galakrond exists, why even play toki or malygos?

    Get2DaChopperGet2DaChopper25 dager siden
  • Holy high-roll Batman!

    Leigh TaftLeigh Taft25 dager siden
  • Tenth best is back.

    VulkandracheVulkandrache25 dager siden
  • I usually watch the battlegrounds videos at 2x speed. This time, I will make an exception for Galakronderino.

    Jeff KJeff K25 dager siden
  • That was fast. Too fast.

    Antoine WalkerAntoine Walker25 dager siden
  • It's so funny how they tweak one number and they go from the worst to op lol there really is no solution. You just rotate which heroes are good and bad to keep it fresh

    ErichErich25 dager siden
  • Finally they finally fixed the battlegrounds with this great patch.

  • Galakrond's biggest problem was you had to play a turn behind curve for the most part and then very often your patience didn't even pay off. He's decent now.

    HitchensImmortalHitchensImmortal25 dager siden
  • Basically Toki upgrade

    Jerome Sta AnaJerome Sta Ana25 dager siden
  • Galakronderino's comment deserve to be pinned

    Luigi LombardoLuigi Lombardo25 dager siden
  • "Hydra is a little early"

    LimboxisLimboxis25 dager siden
  • It’s awesome learning from you man! 🤩

    Mauro MulasMauro Mulas25 dager siden
  • Yesterday I went galakrond an got xerus turn 2. It immediately became lil rag and the game was super done from there

    Kirin AshiaKirin Ashia25 dager siden
  • GG 6 minutes in. Landslide

    Adam WoodhouseAdam Woodhouse25 dager siden
  • Relying on attacking first to have a chance....SMART!

    To NiTo Ni25 dager siden
  • What website do you check the battlegrounds meta and winrates?

    The ChiefThe Chief25 dager siden
    • Hs replay

      Julian Fernandez DucaJulian Fernandez Duca25 dager siden
  • “They see me rolling. They’re hating..." -Galakronderino

    Ledor BloodravenLedor Bloodraven25 dager siden
  • Galakrond was asleep, but now he has awakened

    red beardred beard25 dager siden
  • My galactic roll was getting double Kalecgos. Eaaaaasy game!

    trax72trax7225 dager siden
  • Kripp can you make videos reviewing the updates and patch notes so the NOworld frogs know what the major changes are? Love the content thanks :)

    TeflonTeflon25 dager siden
  • Still trying to figure out how a spider is considered a beast.... cause it's not.

    OneBigBuggaOneBigBugga25 dager siden
  • I’m at the part where you get Goldrinn, are you cheating? I think you’re cheating

    JADE SMITHJADE SMITH25 dager siden
  • Galakrond power 1 mana: Worst hero in the game Galakrond power 0 mana: best hero in the game

    David ComanDavid Coman25 dager siden
    • Much like Lich King?

      TheArmyofHadesTheArmyofHades24 dager siden

    Jeremias SilbermannJeremias Silbermann25 dager siden
  • so fun to see a battlegrounds video not about elementals

    Alex PendzickAlex Pendzick25 dager siden
  • I see we’ve gone back to saying every hero is “top 10”

    Seth LattnerSeth Lattner25 dager siden
  • Is it most lucky game ever maybe ?:)

    özgür eserözgür eser25 dager siden
    • Must be. Whenever i go beasts i rarely find a Hydra or the Wolf as 6 drop with 4 trippled on Tavern 5. And he just get´s it as soon as i´ve never seen someone getting it before.

      Eric OverbeckEric Overbeck25 dager siden
  • sad toki noises

    PiotreusPiotreus25 dager siden

      Lunatic41521Lunatic4152125 dager siden
  • HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a guy from nza guy from nz25 dager siden
  • Great murloc run m8!!

    Darius CodreanuDarius Codreanu25 dager siden
  • they should add saranite chain gang

    yourmomismymom048yourmomismymom04825 dager siden
  • He’s literally just a better toki

    Dr. ClanDr. Clan25 dager siden
  • This video is for you, galakronderino! ALL HAIL OUR LORD AND SAVIOR

    ORipperOORipperO25 dager siden
  • 14:36

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino Golderino25 dager siden
  • And now tell me reasons to have Malygos

    Maroš VargaMaroš Varga25 dager siden
    • If you get a lucky shifter zerus that turns to a tier 6 you can just keep hero powering it till you get what you want from 6

      Wired-UpWired-Up24 dager siden
    • Malygos can be used on your own minions I guess

      mr fishmr fish25 dager siden
    • there isn't... I try thinking about it for like 5 minutes and nothing come up in my mind soo

      Eric The Mad scientistEric The Mad scientist25 dager siden
    • Ew Malygos Baby Galakrond in every way 1. Worse hero that does a similar thing 2. Worse dragon 3. Manages to copy Galakrond’s style and have decks built around it, but those decks are worse than Galakrond 4. U G L Y where as Galakrond is the peak of style

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
  • R.I.P Malygos

    BrazeBraze25 dager siden
  • Lol half the lobby died in a turn

    Martin ChavezMartin Chavez25 dager siden
  • Toss a coin 11 times. Congrats, you've played a match of Battlegrounds

    JesusFallstoHellJesusFallstoHell25 dager siden
    • @Cece of course

      JesusFallstoHellJesusFallstoHell25 dager siden
    • Can you have ties with that coin?

      CeceCece25 dager siden
  • Galakron was amazing after last fix. Even at one gold, being able to get a 6 star by turn 5 was amazing and build defining. Yes, you would lose tempo by hero powering every turn but the gains are way better.

    RaeRae WoolyRaeRae Wooly25 dager siden
  • 4:59 -5 taken "eh, alright" (kripp is confused)

    Puncherino KripperinoPuncherino Kripperino25 dager siden
  • What’s the add in called?

    Joe CoolJoe Cool25 dager siden
    • @dushas what do you mean

      Commander OdinstarkCommander Odinstark24 dager siden
    • @Commander Odinstark does it speeds up the animations like in this video?

      dushasdushas24 dager siden
    • Bob’s buddy

      Commander OdinstarkCommander Odinstark25 dager siden
    • hearthstone deck tracker

      Constantine KasyanovConstantine Kasyanov25 dager siden
  • the old galakrond was my highest winrate hero

    Matthew JensenMatthew Jensen25 dager siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino Awayfromkeyboardino25 dager siden
    • thank you

      RatrujagaRatrujaga25 dager siden
  • What a great match

    Jordan DevitoJordan Devito25 dager siden
  • I like to play with the New galakrond. Had 3 games with him and three times first place :)

    Stefan SchneiderStefan Schneider25 dager siden
    • @TawnyCypress79 but fine for the early, midgame there ;) then you can build around or search for another tier 6

      Stefan SchneiderStefan Schneider25 dager siden
    • @Stefan Schneider but a maexxna conpared to a kalecgos, goldrinn, lightfang, or even amalgadon is pretty weak

      TawnyCypress79TawnyCypress7925 dager siden
    • @TawnyCypress79 i mean maexxna is fine. I had a menagerie build then :)

      Stefan SchneiderStefan Schneider25 dager siden
    • I got 8th with him twice. I keep hiting maexxnas and nadinas with the hero power

      TawnyCypress79TawnyCypress7925 dager siden
  • Just wait until the Wagtoggle video.

    Alan DuncanAlan Duncan25 dager siden
  • No its way too overpowered now, its miles better then toki and malygos (not even sure they are in the game anyore) but getting a 2 on tevern 1 is insane on its own. Then you have to think about at 6 gold you get maybe 1 6 drop a roll on average? So you get that while on tavern 5, without having to level up. Surely he is the best hero in the game now!

    general Partridgegeneral Partridge25 dager siden
    • Gala might end up #2 but Wagtoggle is the one breaking the game right now.

      Alan DuncanAlan Duncan25 dager siden
  • Galakronderino fucking did it, what a mad man

    Arif ÇakırArif Çakır25 dager siden
  • This comment section is gold

    POLARPOLAR25 dager siden
  • At 4:47 kripp says Jesus! We got the best of both worlds... Galakrondrino got his Galakrond run and I got my Jesus exclamation. Everybody is happy! Sadly that will not be the case when you die... Some go to hell while others go to heaven and I hope everyday that we can send Satanrino back to hell.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino Kripperino25 dager siden
    • jesus gave kripp all this luck everyone is in peace cause KRIPP found jesus

      Lunatic41521Lunatic4152125 dager siden
    • And never forget that hydra was just on time and not late! What a day!

      Luke KlimaLuke Klima25 dager siden
  • wow i never seen such a good murlocs team

    Shalin DragonShalin Dragon25 dager siden
  • 1,370th

    Prod by. KingProd by. King25 dager siden
  • Criparian here

    Sindri MyrSindri Myr25 dager siden
  • Enjoy.

    How Does Kripperino End The IntrorinoHow Does Kripperino End The Introrino25 dager siden
    • Short and sweet

      TawnyCypress79TawnyCypress7925 dager siden
  • Galakronderino you can rest in peace now...

    Hen nekoHen neko25 dager siden
    • @YellowSnow I’m not going!

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
    • @Galakronderino please dont go, you are one of my Favorites! And cg mate

      YellowSnowYellowSnow25 dager siden
    • Uh no I don’t wanna die

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
  • I thought this day would never come

    RodrigoRodrigo25 dager siden
  • WHERE IS HE? Don't disappear on us like Battlemasterino. :(

    Anubhav BanerjeeAnubhav Banerjee25 dager siden
  • Nope, no complaining, and I congratulate my brother Galakronderino

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino Kripperino25 dager siden
    • @JustChad same

      POLARPOLAR25 dager siden
    • @Galakronderino damn this is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in the HS community.

      JustChadJustChad25 dager siden
    • Thx big bro!

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
  • Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme shit

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuire25 dager siden
  • 🪓🪓🪓

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino Freemerino25 dager siden
  • I saw this game on stream KEKW

    VijaygarvVijaygarv25 dager siden
  • All of the galakronderino wishes have been fulfilled

    __Robson ____Robson __25 dager siden
    • first thing i thought XD

      Abdulaziz AlmubarkAbdulaziz Almubark24 dager siden
    • @Daniel O'Neill thanks for the vote of confidence pal. At least I contributed something to the community and united people instead of being toxic and sitting around insulting something people like.

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino24 dager siden
    • Now it just has to fade into obscurity. Lamest meme on this channel, just trying to get itself over.

      Daniel O'NeillDaniel O'Neill24 dager siden
    • @TheGamingWolf good

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino24 dager siden
    • @Galakronderino how do you feel now?

      TheGamingWolfTheGamingWolf24 dager siden
  • Galakrond Kripperino you did it!

    Carlos Henrique Braga SilvaCarlos Henrique Braga Silva25 dager siden
  • Here before Galakronderino

    LemmHMG - Heavy Metal GamingLemmHMG - Heavy Metal Gaming25 dager siden
    • Galakronderino was hidden for me, but congrats! The wait is over! 🐉

      LemmHMG - Heavy Metal GamingLemmHMG - Heavy Metal Gaming25 dager siden
    • No I got here 34 seconds after it was posted Edit: aw crap please tell me my comment isn’t being hidden today of all days Edit: it isn’t

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... first place. His last non-first video was seven videos ago, in MY FIRST ZEPHRYS RUN! where he got 3rd as Zephrys. His last bottom four video was 97 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino Kripperino25 dager siden
    • @Galakronderino mind revealing your plan 😏 I’m curious, I promise I won’t tell anyone

      VijaygarvVijaygarv25 dager siden
    • 3 for the countdown

      VijaygarvVijaygarv25 dager siden
    • Spoiler for this video; in this video Kripp gets: Hard carried by Galakrond

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
  • I am early , but i have classes , i hate myself

    Disaster_7_kingDisaster_7_king25 dager siden
  • Praise Galakronderino

    ZnesZnes25 dager siden

    Satanrino KripperinoSatanrino Kripperino25 dager siden
    • Saterino Satanarino would have been a better name

      Isaac GutierrezIsaac Gutierrez25 dager siden
    • top ten anime battles

      kekechkekech25 dager siden
    • You’re still gaining possession on Kripp albeit slowly as Kripp played a demon in this game.

      VijaygarvVijaygarv25 dager siden
    • Haha no. I already stated I’m not leaving this community after I get played, and besides, I need to keep the balance with *you* Satanrino.

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden

    FireballzoraFireballzora25 dager siden
  • Finally!!!!!

    ZnesZnes25 dager siden
  • And thus, it has happened

    RichardTheSlothRichardTheSloth25 dager siden
  • Glad to see this hero played again

    Brian ZouBrian Zou25 dager siden
  • YESSSS ON DAY 69 THIS IS BEYOND NICE *insert dancing meme here* LETS GO BOIZ!!!!! I AM INEVITABLE!!!!! TOP 10 MAYBE EVEN TOP 5!!!!! Edit: no wait guys I don’t wanna die now that I’m in the limelight My dudes (and dudettes don’t @ me) I intend to _bask in the spotlight_

    GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
    • Nice

      MSQ RMSQ R23 dager siden
    • Gratz, krondparrian!

      Osric24Osric2424 dager siden
    • day 69 nice

      Abdulaziz AlmubarkAbdulaziz Almubark24 dager siden
    • Kripp 100% did that on purpose

      SeanSean24 dager siden
    • As soon as I saw the patch notes I knew this moment would come. Congratulations brother. Your patience has been rewarded.

      RedForLife68RedForLife6824 dager siden
  • galakronerino will be happy

    SinbadSinbad25 dager siden
    • あなたは世界で最も美しい女の子だと思います!

      Connelly HoweConnelly Howe25 dager siden
    • I am 😁

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
  • 1:38 Skipperino the Kripperino 1:51 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino Kripperino25 dager siden
    • 🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲

      Troy SnellTroy Snell24 dager siden
    • Benis

      bool.exebool.exe25 dager siden
  • Today's fact: Some areas in Scotland and Japan switched to blue street lights at night, and saw a decrease in crime & suicide rates.

    Facterino CommenterinoFacterino Commenterino25 dager siden
    • @Thanh Bui you can't be going into winter this heated bro. Cool off.

      GregGreg23 dager siden
    • @HYAA_AA 0254 you downplay the seriousness of my comments, so one would think that in your eyes it wouldn’t even be worth it to reply, and yet it’s some nerve you have to keep coming back here with such a condescending attitude, when it seems that, despite having a “life” , you simply just can’t let go of trying to one up me. Isn’t that right?

      Thanh BuiThanh Bui24 dager siden
    • @HYAA_AA 0254 if you think you’re so high and mighty and have a life, then why do you keep coming back to a few silly NOworld comments huh? What hypocrisy.

      Thanh BuiThanh Bui24 dager siden
    • @HYAA_AA 0254 Oh back again are you? And look at you downplaying the seriousness of my comments again, claiming you have better things to do, and yet here you are unable to let go of a few said NOworld comments.

      Thanh BuiThanh Bui24 dager siden
    • @Thanh Bui I don’t understand how me replying a day later has got anything to do with you acting like a keyboard warrior and a douchebag on the internet? Sorry I have a life and do other shit besides checking youtube all day lmfao

      HYAA_AA 0254HYAA_AA 025424 dager siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidk25 dager siden
    • @idk resistance is futile!

      Glitch QuitchGlitch Quitch25 dager siden
    • @A i will not be assimilated

      idkidk25 dager siden
    • Yeah he is so sexy

      Andrei ManeaAndrei Manea25 dager siden
    • Yeah I know I am, but thanks 😏

      GalakronderinoGalakronderino25 dager siden
    • change your name to Damnerino he’s Gooderino

      AA25 dager siden