THE POISON TRANSITION! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

26. okt.. 2020
101 282 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Stats don't always win.
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed5 dager siden
  • Kripp playing poisonous murlocs again feels like old times & he said ''what's that?'' like 3 times so hopefully Whatthatarrino is having a great day

    Pigmiwarrior GamingPigmiwarrior GamingMåned siden
  • Kripp you should look at getting Ubiquiti. They have a comprehensive system you can use and its easily expandable. Just get yourself a gateway, switch, and as many AP's as you need.

    James ParsonsJames ParsonsMåned siden
  • why do you play with the windfury, poison, divine shield, taunt amalgadon at the back??

    sxychtulhusxychtulhuMåned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video.

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
    • I think you should just give up now

  • By complaining about bad user manuals, Kripp has made the full transition into being my Dad.

    Gage MorrisonGage MorrisonMåned siden
  • You didn't buy a "Router" you bought a home networking multi-function device, which means you bought trash. Go with a Ubiquiti stack or maybe EnGenius, I've been hearing good things about them recently. It should be a separate router, switch and access points (wifi) at least, otherwise you bought trash.

    CutchyacokovCutchyacokovMåned siden
  • I'm actually so old that I remember when pirates came out everybody was like:"OMG GOLDGRUBBER #1 SO MANY TRIPPLES". I miss the old times

    Gruby TVGruby TVMåned siden
    • Old times? You mean Tier-3 Amalgam? Prof. Putricide giving poison (tbh, this one was something like closed alpha/ beta because I don't remember it)? Patchwerk Big Demons being top-tier. "Those weeere the daaaaaays"

      FlyingDwarfmanFlyingDwarfmanMåned siden
    • I remember Gentle Megasaur

      coxie2foxycoxie2foxyMåned siden
    • I'm so old I remember when miracle Rogues spammed 4 mana Leroy Jenkins.

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • You went Poison loooooooooooooooong time before the end... Clickbait title

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuireMåned siden
  • Anyone remember the manual for empire earth? Bigger than some text books ive bought, cheaper too somehow

    firecult1firecult1Måned siden
  • I couldn't find the kripperino but Kripperino does say what's that to Raina in this video

    Pedro SuárezPedro SuárezMåned siden
  • get a few meraki's and mesh them

    NotnventedHereNotnventedHereMåned siden

    MaxMaxMåned siden
  • This is almost as bad as divine shield poison murlocks. Bullshit

    Данил МуромецДанил МуромецMåned siden
  • We need a garrorino sellorino

    James Sta AnaJames Sta AnaMåned siden
    • We had one for a short time

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • Why pass on baron though with the selfless heroes. stats dont matter at the end, so you can stop buffing and replace bran + buff slot with selfless and baron

    Kim LeeKim LeeMåned siden
  • The router talk sounds a lot like China.. everything is optimised for phones but they do such a poor job compared to a desktop experience, just let me used my computer...

    Jordan AultJordan AultMåned siden
  • so fucking tired of losing to an obviously weaker build because they just bought fucking spore and one shot my giant minions

    TheSpoonKingTheSpoonKingMåned siden
  • YEP

    AzurdenAzurdenMåned siden
  • i following your channel for more 5 years ago and i hope you get one million subscribe soon impossible

    Joe TechJoe TechMåned siden
  • Why he plays with bots?

    Melissa MayumiMelissa MayumiMåned siden
  • I totally skipperino'd into what I thought was an Ad for some amazing router, instead Krip shits on a router for a while... pleasantly surprised!

    John CashinJohn CashinMåned siden
  • I like it when kripp talks about random stuff at the beginning of the video

    DarkspaceDarkspaceMåned siden
    • It’s not random he talks about what he does and his options

      CMeltsCMeltsMåned siden
  • 12222 Pog

    Vsevolod Bl.Vsevolod Bl.Måned siden
  • it really wasn't a transition as much of an entire poison game

    Micah StewartMicah StewartMåned siden
  • Poison is so boring

    OahuKanakaOahuKanakaMåned siden
  • Where is galakronderino

    ZnesZnesMåned siden
  • I hate how every new appliance has an app that you have to use

    drpeppydrpeppyMåned siden
  • i did that today!

    MultiArtartartMultiArtartartMåned siden
    • ps. no i didn't.

      MultiArtartartMultiArtartartMåned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
    • There was a moment where he said "excuse me" or something like that and i thought he would go afk. Unfortunately he didn't

      ZnesZnesMåned siden
  • The poisonous transition is really great when you need it, yesterday one opponent went galactic with djini elementals (surprise surprise) and he had a 120/120ish golden wildfire elemental first so i grabbed a righteous protector and as many poisonous as I could and snagged the first place ;D

    Hudson GroveHudson GroveMåned siden
    • @Eric The Mad scientist Yeah baron minions used to be a thing but it's not reliable enough and doesn't have the power really needed to push through endgame. Elementals, murlocs, pirates, parrot beasts, dragons all outscale tokens of any kind. Like I said, tokens is at best a midgame build but by turn 10+ if you haven't transitioned into a scaling build you will lose to the other 3 archetypes which can be scaled.

      KyleKyleMåned siden
    • @Kyle I mean Ghast Coiler+Baron used to be a build but yea thats a fair point

      Eric The Mad scientistEric The Mad scientistMåned siden
    • @Eric The Mad scientist Tokens are supplementary to a build. They are not the build itself. Even demon juggler builds fall off in power vs the 3 late game ideas. Token builds are midgame at best but you transition out of a pure token build or you lose. Beast tokens was ok before pirates, but a sniped mama bear means an auto lose and tokens just buff pirates which is why parrot, baron, goldrinn rose up as a replacement. Tokens are a gimmick for early/midgame and at most a supplementary addition to a build in the lategame.

      KyleKyleMåned siden
    • @Kyle wat about token

      Eric The Mad scientistEric The Mad scientistMåned siden
    • Galaxy stats countered by poison. Poison countered by divine shield. Divine shield countered by galaxy stats. Everything is working as intended.

      KyleKyleMåned siden
  • Kripp won 9 out of 15 rounds this game which is 60.00% win rate.

    Rounderino Winerino KripperinoRounderino Winerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • "You should have went for the head." - KRIPPTHOS

    BonemanBonemanMåned siden
  • ... but he was already playing poisons what transition..??? You mean that extra 1/1 spore?

    Kizaru KizaruKizaru KizaruMåned siden
  • ggwp!

    PIEMJayPIEMJayMåned siden
  • 12222 nice mmr 😆

    Four24Four24Måned siden
    • I don't know how anyone can be up that high.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • real man dont use manual-less soy man

    flis Flipflis FlipMåned siden
  • I actually got a lovely beast build on al akir today. Just a baron, 5 parrots, a hydra and a goldrinn. My taunt was just an annoy-o-module and in one of the rounds i got a nice 120/120 hydra. 2nd place tho, as the winner had giant elementals and 2 amalgadons. Probably couldve won if i got a 2nd hydra rather than 5 parrots, but alas, the stats were too tempting

    TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegianMåned siden
  • Lajkando...supr...😜👍🧨

    AvesaAvesaMåned siden
  • update on snipers guild?

    August RuizAugust RuizMåned siden
  • All I had 2 do is start watching from here 18:54 gg with ur clickbait

    d7d7Måned siden
  • 6:54 nice prediction

    uchimatanuchimatanMåned siden
  • what a shitty intetnet router

    Danang M. FauzanDanang M. FauzanMåned siden
  • they probs gonna make the other Old Gods come to battlegrounds. Maybe even Priest Galakrond.

    Dr. Terrivian VessDr. Terrivian VessMåned siden
  • Sick Braggerino Kripparino: “I set up a router in three minutes”

    coxie2foxycoxie2foxyMåned siden
    • I can too for real

      Mr CurlsMr CurlsMåned siden
    • Make this a real one pls

      VeganerinoVeganerinoMåned siden
  • Kipp used to be a computer technician? to be honest i had no clue kripp existed before hearthstone and maybe diablo and World of Warcraft tbh

    Juan RojasJuan RojasMåned siden
    • @Bonechip lmao my f*cking ass off

      Juan RojasJuan RojasMåned siden
    • Tbh to be honest

      BonechipBonechipMåned siden
    • @Bartek Zacierka Diablo 2 birthed Kripp. Diablo 3 gave Kripp a name. Hearthstone gave Kripp a career. Battlegrounds made Kripp digestible.

      KyleKyleMåned siden
    • he was born the same day as blizzard realesed D3 trailer

      Bartek ZacierkaBartek ZacierkaMåned siden
  • No

    Did Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoDid Kripperino Wasterino GolderinoMåned siden
    • @Infinity yes

      Miguel Nazar NeivaMiguel Nazar NeivaMåned siden
    • @Miguel Nazar Neiva Because yes

      InfinityInfinityMåned siden
    • No?Why?

      Miguel Nazar NeivaMiguel Nazar NeivaMåned siden
  • Uploaded 1 minute ago? Not bad.

    Kaioxys DarkMacroKaioxys DarkMacroMåned siden
  • Kripp doesn't say Jesus in this video. The entire first half was just kripp talking about a router! Yes I said a router! Bring back duels please because this is just shameful. The demonic streak is 2 videos in a row without a Jesus exclamation.

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Brilliant

    Christoph SchachlChristoph SchachlMåned siden
  • This is Galakronderino main account the comment is being HIDDEN AGAIN TODAY Firstly day 53 of asking Kripp to play Galakrond for an episode Secondly there were two bots on my comment yesterday. Fuck bots. I reported them both and I hope whoever programmed them is reading this and knows that I think they’re a fucking piece of trash. Go away. Thirdly why am I being oppressed my comments are getting hidden D:

    Caleb MurrayCaleb MurrayMåned siden
  • more duels please

    Clove KlushClove KlushMåned siden
    • Rather less. It's definition of lack of competitiveness.

      DonFreeqDonFreeqMåned siden
  • Day 53 of asking Kripp to play Galakrond for an episode. Yesterday multiple bots were in the replies of my comments. Fuck you bots. If whatever program you’re using can understand text know that you’re not welcome here. I already reported both of them.

    GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
  • I wasn't aware that Kripp wasn't aware that empty cardboard boxes were Netgear's main export.

    Austin MurdockAustin MurdockMåned siden
  • Not first!

    LukasLukasMåned siden
  • Transition from Poisson to Gaussian unitary statistics: The two-point correlation function.

    Azazel The UncannyAzazel The UncannyMåned siden
    • Or as the French say, "la poisson"!

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • We just did poisson distributions in my stats class, lmaoo

      PlaywithKripperino KripperinoPlaywithKripperino KripperinoMåned siden
  • That was fast

    fill vicfill vicMåned siden
  • 🐓🐓🐓

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
    • Wait what

      Alex CAlex CMåned siden
  • 1:31 Kripp doesn't complain about his last game, but involves us in a rant about his router.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Why would a router need 12 buttons?

      AlexanderAlexanderMåned siden
    • Boomerino Complainerino

      theresidentonetheresidentoneMåned siden
    • Guy is SOOOO bad with technology. lol

      Ryoku kunRyoku kunMåned siden
    • ComplainAboutShortManualForRouterino Kripperino.

      Ledor BloodravenLedor BloodravenMåned siden
    • @Ajay Muralidharan Dinner first, then we'll seeerino.

      ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Time to commenterino before the kripperinos

    Peter SlempersPeter SlempersMåned siden
  • How is skipperino so fucking fast

    yeahyeahMåned siden
  • Spoiler for this video: In this video, Kripp gets... first place. His last non-first video was one video ago, in MOLTEN ROCK WORLD RECORD?! where he got 2nd as Jandice. His last bottom four video was 80 videos ago, in IT HAPPENED AGAIN??? where he got 5th as Maiev.

    Placerino KripperinoPlacerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Whoops, my bad.

      Placerino KripperinoPlacerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Placerino Kripperino.exe has stopped working

      HyperShadic1234HyperShadic1234Måned siden
    • His last video was molten rock world record not played cat...

      RocklipinhowRocklipinhowMåned siden
    • Your spoiler makes no sense

      Evan ChristiansonEvan ChristiansonMåned siden
  • I like a poison transition

    A Simple Man Who Likes Simple ThingsA Simple Man Who Likes Simple ThingsMåned siden
    • The Poison transition is simple?

      Miguel Nazar NeivaMiguel Nazar NeivaMåned siden
  • Skipperino the Kripperino 1:25

    GregGregMåned siden
  • 1:24 Skipperino the Kripperino 1:50 Skipperino to Recruiterino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Benis

      bool.exebool.exeMåned siden
    • ☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️

      Troy SnellTroy SnellMåned siden
    • Both this account and my main account have been silenced. Spread the word

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
    • Thanks

      DubraPapiDubraPapiMåned siden
  • first xddd

    BBOBBOMåned siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidkMåned siden
  • Today's fact: In 2015, a silver coin with Superman on the heads side was made which is legal tender in Canada. There was only 350,000 produced.

    Facterino CommenterinoFacterino CommenterinoMåned siden
    • @Infinity my comments were getting hidden. At first I thought it was Kripp, now if I had to guess it was probably some NOworld anti-bot AI or a bug.

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden
    • @Galakronderino really? Wtf

      YellowSnowYellowSnowMåned siden
    • @Galakronderino Wait, what happened?

      InfinityInfinityMåned siden
    • Both this account and my main account have been silenced. Spread the word

      GalakronderinoGalakronderinoMåned siden