THESE DJINNIES ARE SO UNDERRATED! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

11. okt.. 2020
138 327 Ganger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds - It's a whole build in a lamp!
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  • Why they buffed it to 5 star and let it give 6 star cards is ridiculous.

    Thomas PaineThomas PaineMåned siden
  • Why not play macaw with the genies ? :)

    Tomáš KalinkaTomáš KalinkaMåned siden
  • movies 2019 full movies

    Shadow ShadowShadow ShadowMåned siden
  • 09:48 Kripp's sexface

    kyrril crepeelekyrril crepeeleMåned siden
  • "He's not gonna hit an 11 percent" Me: checks length of video

    kairos.kairos.Måned siden
  • 13:40 Then don't drag your cards so freaking slowly once you've decided to do what them.. Maybe those extra 5 seconds will let you finish a turn properly, you doddering, deliberate, boomer.

    Matt MMatt MMåned siden
  • Kripps head looks fucking massive, dude looks like hes aged 20 years in the past 5

    Jonathan HessJonathan HessMåned siden
  • 1:35 demon Kripp

    Pelle PedersenPelle PedersenMåned siden
  • Hey krip, I’ve been around for awhile. But this video sealed the deal, I’m really enjoying your content. Like and subscribe are hereby given :)

    Patrick BennedsenPatrick BennedsenMåned siden
  • Watching kripp play elementals is worse than watching Trump play patron warrior way back then. Choke galore!

    Oscar ToftOscar ToftMåned siden
  • Double rag? what are the friggin odds?

    AlloranAlloranMåned siden
  • funny enough with all the clickbait his first deathrattle from djinni was a t1 minion

    PaarahPaarahMåned siden
  • Kripp: "11% death? That's fine, not gonna hit me with 11%!" vs Me: "How might I die to a 0.1% and over 90% win?" Guess who dies more easily.

    Mirko BerettaMirko BerettaMåned siden
  • Some serious boomer apm ... again

    EdEdMåned siden
  • 9:45-9:50... Kripp's [wet dream] comes true

    Viking CultivatorViking CultivatorMåned siden
  • elementals are stupid OP

    RavangersRavangersMåned siden
  • I think he just came right there 9:46

    Shock MasterShock MasterMåned siden
  • I literally tripled into a zarus and got genie this morning. Game was over haha

    Jonathon StodolaJonathon StodolaMåned siden
  • Kripp goes full boomer and fucks up the end of his turn. "Yeah... the lag was no good there". Ayyy LMAO

    SirMcAwesomeSirMcAwesomeMåned siden
  • Would be cool if the HUD could show avg damage taken/given on win/loss. Eg predicted damage.

    zicadazicadaMåned siden
  • Super lucky with the triple Rag, terrible plays keeping Djinnies all the way back, severely limiting the amount of free random elementals gained. Would have been fair if he got 2nd due to his slow plays that led him to have only 6 minions in the final match where one was useless (zapp), could have had maexxna and a good t6 discover instead.

    Sharlez123Sharlez123Måned siden
  • I am still waiting for a golden djinnie Baron Highlight

    M GM GMåned siden
  • Why isn’t this guy playing faster? Is something wrong with him?

    famousguestfamousguestMåned siden
  • I got a ghastcoiler as my 6 once. It spawned a genie that gave me an amalgadon. That was also the round i died.

    TheShadynorwegianTheShadynorwegianMåned siden
  • Get carried by super early triple rag, djinni underrated ;D

    SynczSynczMåned siden
  • That was one of the luckiest high rolls I've seen in a while. Super fast triple rag, plus those amalgadons

    vidyavidyaMåned siden
  • Boomer -__________-'

    Bekzhan NebitbayevBekzhan NebitbayevMåned siden
  • We need a Kripperino for every time Kripp reads off chat: "weaker?".

    danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • Imagine being such a boomer that 70s is not enough to do that last turn.

    KratatchKratatchMåned siden
  • Kripp: Gets three lil rags in one turn Also Kripp: Guys Dginji is REALLY GOOD

    Michael EnyartMichael EnyartMåned siden
  • I wish I would see the Garr guy a little more in play. It's like a cool new battlemaster

    DarkRevenge07DarkRevenge07Måned siden
  • Djentle Djennie

    Callum RobertsonCallum RobertsonMåned siden
  • It is the tracker that lags the game right? It never lags for me ever or are north America Severs just shit?

    SkyballsSkyballsMåned siden
  • Kripp: Gentle Djinnies are underated Also Kripp: instant triple rag but don't worry about that.

    Joshua BeattieJoshua BeattieMåned siden
  • imagine putting the djinnis to attack first, so they actually die.

    ArohkArohkMåned siden
    • the repops can't do anything but crush divine shield anyway

      Zeral MahibZeral MahibMåned siden
    • Yep, it’s totally legit if you think it’s too big to die

      Gwydion MLGwydion MLMåned siden
    • Seen him do it in other videos. It's a legitimate strategy with the right setup.

      Osric24Osric24Måned siden
    • I cry every time

      Freeman GFreeman GMåned siden
  • It's crazy to think if you get him with lich king it's two eles a turn

    ErichErichMåned siden

    Quinto BeatleQuinto BeatleMåned siden
  • "This guy sucks!" Instant sad face emoji Stream sniper confirmed?

    Chaise MauriceChaise MauriceMåned siden
  • 9:48 I think Kripp made a mess...

    Nathaniel SmithNathaniel SmithMåned siden
  • Why always genie last? You're not looking to protect any specific minion.

    YJKYJKMåned siden
  • It's not lag when you wait till the last 10 seconds to pull 300apm

    Alex MaatAlex MaatMåned siden
  • Kripp I rly like you and the content but you overthinking like every turn and roping in result of that is sometimes a huge pain in the ass to watch bc it’s so obvious that it’s going to happen again 😂

    Navayo MNavayo MMåned siden
  • Tbf I think the card is pretty interesting. Its not like anyones mad about Gentle Djinni being good, since its not as good on board and makes transitions more interesting. Also is just a consistently good 6 drop which I feel there is a need for, since the only other one is Amalgam, whereas Zapp is just a tech card

    Friendly Neighborhood ChickenFriendly Neighborhood ChickenMåned siden
  • "damn lag".. doesnt do anything for like 20 seconds each round

    eltjeaueltjeauMåned siden
  • has a board with Literally ONE murloc besides warleader: W A R L E A D E R - L A S T

    DayferDayferMåned siden
    • You're trying too hard

      bmkoreanbmkoreanMåned siden
  • triple little rag: *outscalest board stats to outer space* Kripp: "hmmm this DJINNIES ARE SO UNDERRATED!"

    RussianIvanRussianIvanMåned siden
    • The Djin provided fuel for the Rags as well as more Rags and Almalgadongers.

      PopcornMax179PopcornMax179Måned siden
  • I faced an AFKay with a gentle dginni on turn 4, I was so impressed wasn't even mad. Lol

    Karolis NKarolis NMåned siden
  • Ok, Kripp can keep the gentle genies, I'll take the triple lil' rag instead. Sure the amalgadons were nice, but what won the game were clearly all the buffs from rag.

    voo doovoo dooMåned siden
  • Omg the R O P E!

    Olivera TrudicOlivera TrudicMåned siden
  • Is "lag" the new slang for Boomer APM?

    NamelessMinion VeinreaverNamelessMinion VeinreaverMåned siden
  • Thought it was pronounced "Gentle Ginn" not Genie.

    CigarCigarMåned siden
  • I'm gonna report to blizzard for scripting after getting that double lil rag from that stasis🤣

    Mitch NortheyMitch NortheyMåned siden
  • 9:49 That feel when you did a big load.

    KahuiKahuiMåned siden
    • underrated haha

      Patrick HahPatrick HahMåned siden
  • Kripp: * is slow * Also Kripp: yeah the lag is pretty rough

    chumlumchumlumMåned siden
    • I mean it is though you can literally see how laggy it is, hes obviously a boomer but the lag is real lol

      cole ncole nMåned siden
  • Wow nice combo 🤩

    malevolyn83malevolyn83Måned siden
  • Wow nice combo 🤩

    malevolyn83malevolyn83Måned siden
  • Crazy how lich king had a total of 29 minions a true clown car

    NarstotzkaNarstotzkaMåned siden
  • Well my only sucesfull galakrond game was when i go djinne of the hp and up until late game i didnt see any good late game cards but i got rags from djinnes pog

    Ignacy SzlegelIgnacy SzlegelMåned siden
  • 9:55 WTFF

    zxkredozxkredoMåned siden
  • I tripled into zerus into djinni and it immediately gave me a lieutenant garr

    Fangers StankyFangers StankyMåned siden
  • So far my favourite game of the patch has been Galakronding into dginnie turn 5, getting amalgadon turn 7 from dginnie, and absolutely stomping the lobby from there. 100% would recommend.

    7pifer7piferMåned siden
  • Boomer APM like mad.

    Drknow1984Drknow1984Måned siden
  • I want to see a game where Kripp already has double Amalgadon end game and the Djinn triples it just to fuck up things

    LFKrebsLFKrebsMåned siden
  • Its a video about gentle genie but truly its the near instant triple rag thats the highlight

    Azreen AzizanAzreen AzizanMåned siden
  • Elementals are OP as hell in general. I feel the nerf is close.

    RubberKidney -RubberKidney -Måned siden
    • @lul bin lul That might be true but they kinda make at least Dragons and Mechs obsolete. Lil Rag/Nomi at 5 makes it so much easier to get stats with elementals than dragons with Kalecgos being the only buffer at 6 instead of 5, plus elementals are good early, mid and late compared to dragons which are good early and late only. Beasts also have a real hard time taking on Elementals since you need too many specific cards for Beasts to work.

      Sharlez123Sharlez123Måned siden
  • i once got a dschini on tavern 1 with afk. still went 5th or so

    Silvan StammSilvan StammMåned siden
  • Goes slow as heck, blames the lag....haha

    MessenjaMessenjaMåned siden
  • I'm from Brazil, I love your videos ❤️

    Eric SouzaEric SouzaMåned siden
  • Why is Kripp so angry about the strength of the people who died? That's why they died!!

    ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • @pegusus12346 No, he's angry that the cat was so weak because it couldn't kill his genies. Which seems a strange thing to get mad about.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • He's annoyed that he played the brutally strong Lich King when he could have been playing a guy he'd have dominated.

      pegusus12346pegusus12346Måned siden
  • They used to be videos - murlocs, murlocs, murlocs. Now they are elementals, elementals, elementals. Where are the mech? Where are the beasts?

    Xom9kXom9kMåned siden
  • ....

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • Djinni isn’t gentle, he gets u amalgedon , that’s brutal, just like YOGG

    Yogg's Tavern - Hearthstone Funny VideosYogg's Tavern - Hearthstone Funny VideosMåned siden
  • Underrated? It’s almost a must have card for elemental build, everyone uses it.

    Дмитрий ЧеховДмитрий ЧеховMåned siden
  • You're supposed to keep djinis in the front.... this hurt to watch

    AlexAlexMåned siden
  • I had a lich king run where I hero powered djinn and got 2 amalgadons. It can be pretty op.

    Robert VizzoRobert VizzoMåned siden
  • Why is no one talking abt what happened at 9:47 ?!

    krusherroxkrusherroxMåned siden
  • I think it is pretty safe to say we can call that Lich King board the "Piñata Build"

    RavenousJoeRavenousJoeMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who would've kept the divine shield dude at 14:54?

    Pedro VieiraPedro VieiraMåned siden
    • And the overkill one before that. What was he thinking? Those cards were way more valuable than that 2-star buffer he should have sold already.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
  • "This card is overpowered." "Here's some cards it's not as good as." Also, you mean to say this tier 6 card is good if a Zerus turns into it on turn 6?? You don't say!

    Kevin LeeKevin LeeMåned siden
    • He was saying they aren't as good as a ghast coiler or boat the turn you play them. On the board a ghast coiler will give you a better chance to win the battle. But it's good because it gives you cards that makes your build better in the long run. Lose the battle, but win the war. Try to at least understand what he's saying even a little bit.

      Gopal SGopal SMåned siden
    • @Max Louhio no lol, literally every single one would be decent at the very least

      unluckygamer69unluckygamer69Måned siden
    • Most of the tier 6s are hot garbage when zerus turns to them

      Max LouhioMax LouhioMåned siden
  • Lich king got 4 elementals from ghastcoilers lol

    Pedro VieiraPedro VieiraMåned siden
  • this is more of a high roll on getting gold lil rag than a djinni highlight lmao

    fongeliasfongeliasMåned siden
  • 9:50 kripp just nutted

    Nick BaylisNick BaylisMåned siden
  • 9:45 I've watched some filthy videos in my time, but this necessitated a shower.

    Jordan AultJordan AultMåned siden
  • 1:30 I immediately thought of Robin Williams saying “ixnay on the wishing for more wishes.”

    Paul ChapmanPaul ChapmanMåned siden
  • How insane are the odds to get two little rags off Stasis Elemental? That was nuts.

    Howlett200699Howlett200699Måned siden
    • @Thanatos he also plays literally 30/40 games a night and picks out best ones. He gets runs where he doesn't get a single amalgam. So taking stats from only his videos makes no sense. Even in this game, he rolled 19 times and didn't get another lil rag after the stasis elemental triple. Also you seem to have misread somewhere. The cards still pull from the pool (as far as I know), so they'd inherently have a lower chance of higher tiers. The only way the weight wouldn't count is if it created a card outside the pool, which would be actually game breakingly overpowered and removed day 1

      R UR UMåned siden
    • @R U Discover, yes. But cards that "generate" a random unit where the random unit is unaffected by your tavern tier don't seem to obey this. Over the last few videos Kripp has repeatedly gotten amalgadons and lil rags from genies, when the chances of this should be minuscule.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • Fuckin' Kripp. WOAH CHECK OUT THIS DJINN GAME (instantly gets triple rag right after that carries him)

      Joshua BeattieJoshua BeattieMåned siden
    • No idiot it was the djinni that was nuts, didnt you read his (always relevant) title??

      Jssisis AkaiaisJssisis AkaiaisMåned siden
    • @Thanatos the "weighted" calculation is inherently built into the card, since it pulls cards from the pool. There's less higher tavern tier cards to pull from. So higher tavern tiers will appear less often no matter what. The "weighted" calculation only doesn't come into account for some hero powers (as far as I know, no cards do this) that generate the cards outside of the pool.

      R UR UMåned siden

    Mr WatermeloMr WatermeloMåned siden
  • No wishing for more wishes, huh? Too bad.

    Nathaniel PrawdzikNathaniel PrawdzikMåned siden
    • zinaar throwback

      ChromaxD DimiChromaxD DimiMåned siden
  • We need a Kripperino for everytime Kripp skips Garr, the same way we have one for when he skips Hydra.

    Carlos Henrique Braga SilvaCarlos Henrique Braga SilvaMåned siden
    • That will be a very busy Kripperino

      Grom HellscreamGrom HellscreamMåned siden
  • That double Lil Rag is the first time I've ever audibly said "what the fuck" in reaction to a video

    SprogA_2SprogA_2Måned siden
  • kripp does not go afk in this video

    Kripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoKripperino AwayfromkeyboardinoMåned siden
  • I cant keep watching kripp with these boomer turns

    Alejandro JacoboAlejandro JacoboMåned siden
  • 9:45 WOWZA

    Dane BrumfieldDane BrumfieldMåned siden
  • Kripp does not say this hydra is a little late in this video. That 9:50 stasis elemental battlecry tho wowwowow

    Cleaverino KripperinoCleaverino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Gasped in unison with him

      Warren KinnamanWarren KinnamanMåned siden
    • Pretty sure he needed to change his pants after that one.

      psykohamsterpsykohamsterMåned siden
  • I think Djini is one of the better 6 drops it can give you other 6 drops.

    Hatts HarbringerHatts HarbringerMåned siden
  • Wow, THAT Brann turn though

    Madmeerkat55Madmeerkat55Måned siden
  • Not really underrated. Get one of these bad boys early enough and it will carry

    Gamer without SkillGamer without SkillMåned siden
  • What would be really crazy is if you combine it with Baron Rivendare or Khadgar. Then things will get nuts.

    Abaddon BlackAbaddon BlackMåned siden
  • Aren't Djinnies basically value versions of Gascoiler?

    Alexp1202Alexp1202Måned siden
    • No because the card that goes on the board also goes in the hand. Value!

      BobyLeTerribleBobyLeTerribleMåned siden
  • Kripp is obv a good player but his boomer movement speed makes me wanna REEEEE xD

    Brad AllenBrad AllenMåned siden
    • @Vodkainum We're all waiting for your detailed strategy guide to Battlegrounds with the top-tier tactics from a grand master, oh revered one.

      Bad WulffBad WulffMåned siden
    • its so painful

      cluelessme7cluelessme7Måned siden
    • Kripp is obv NOT a good player. I can only assume you're also bad and therefore are blind to his numerous misplays.

      VodkainumVodkainumMåned siden
    • I had an insane game were I got djinni off shifter, so I bought a macaw and destroyed the entire lobby actually did 40 damage to someone and killed over half the lobby. And mostly of the game I just had a garr or two macaw and djinni. Actual insane pull getting djinni Wow I almost forgot the cherry on top, I was playing reno so I had a gold djinni on turn 4

      axemonkey99axemonkey99Måned siden
    • @lul bin lul Savjz was watchable when he ws playing standard. When he is playing BG's he is unwatchable. I am feeling that Kripp is starting to slowly fall in to that category as well.

      KratatchKratatchMåned siden
  • Last time I got a very early golden 1 Gold minion. Then I discovered Shifter Zerus. And directly in his first round he transformed into Djinni. This way I got a lot elementals for free. (Also elementals above my tier, like an early Lil Rag)

    Markus StrobelMarkus StrobelMåned siden