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Hearthstone Duels - My best duels run yet!
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  • Too much money to play game, screw playing this game. Say something ffs kripp. I get this is your career but fuck man, I really expected you to say something meaningful.

    Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed4 dager siden
  • first

    Tyler LastnameTyler Lastname26 dager siden
  • What do we learn from this vid about Duel format? - Made any trash deck > pick OP treasure > be success

    Odin sonOdin son28 dager siden
  • Idiot Kripp, missed triple amalgam

    Zillamon AnimuZillamon Animu29 dager siden
  • So double caltrops doesn't work? Bummer.

    danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • @Samuel David Batista Ruiz The minions were only taking 1 damage.

      danielmaster87danielmaster87Måned siden
    • It does.

      Samuel David Batista RuizSamuel David Batista RuizMåned siden
  • 1:30 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Filp NarcosFilp NarcosMåned siden
  • Deck building seems pretty straightforward, just make an anti-aggro deck with 3 or 4 super greedy cards to give direction when transitioning for a longer game.

    Brandon MyersBrandon MyersMåned siden
  • Thats actually pretty good mode now

    Bla zeBla zeMåned siden
  • BeDAH Ehri

    itzFYEBitzFYEBMåned siden
  • 04:30 is that enemy hero just litteraly talking about shrooms? I mean look at his picture, he is clearly not talking about champignons.

    Yannick WeineckYannick WeineckMåned siden
  • really enjoy the duels sprinkled in.

    Torin McKinleyTorin McKinleyMåned siden
  • Stopped watching when battleground videos became popular, so I'm glad there is still other content here!

    PhyloraptorPhyloraptorMåned siden
  • I failed. I thought you needed Silverback Patriarch.

    M L.M L.Måned siden
  • "It's survival of the fitness, boys"

    20x2020x20Måned siden
  • Trust a vegan to like Omu best in both duels and battlegrounds

    Luke OfAzerothLuke OfAzerothMåned siden
  • I can only imagine the numbers of awesome combo deck that got smite in the early 3 round.

    MSQ RMSQ RMåned siden
  • Sometimes all comments will be in kripperinos. Wait... It's always was been

    Aloof WatcherAloof WatcherMåned siden
  • 39:00 don't SUDOKU!!!???

    Maximiliano OrtizMaximiliano OrtizMåned siden
  • You get 12 wins and it really just says "you did your best, go try again"?

    DaBesDaBesMåned siden
  • He just fell in love with omu because she is a plant

    Koksu CynkuKoksu CynkuMåned siden
  • Can someone buy me shadowlands, when it gets released

    Vojin RadonjićVojin RadonjićMåned siden
    • @Thanatos youre crazy bro, people will hack my profile

      Vojin RadonjićVojin Radonjić29 dager siden
    • @Vojin Radonjić Nah, just post your credentials here.

      ThanatosThanatos29 dager siden
    • @Thanatos we must find private chat

      Vojin RadonjićVojin RadonjićMåned siden
    • I'll do it, I just need your account information and I can log in and activate the key.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • @Lunatic41521 but don't you need like my blizzard nick name or something like that, why is my birtgday important

      Vojin RadonjićVojin RadonjićMåned siden
  • The 1 mana innervate steal XD

    PIEMJayPIEMJayMåned siden
  • Do you think my 2014 Undertaker mech deathrattle deck from 2014 would still be viable? :P

    AdamAdamMåned siden
  • would love to see all the gameplay!

    Techno FalconTechno FalconMåned siden
    • He streams on twitch

      Michelle ManleyMichelle ManleyMåned siden
  • "It'd be really nice if I didn't lose" Amen to that, brother

    PlebberPlebberMåned siden
  • Imagine not knowing the sudoku joke in 2020.

    William SouthWilliam SouthMåned siden
  • ...

    Gorderino FreemerinoGorderino FreemerinoMåned siden
  • Harambe jokes in 2020- jesus

    Some Random GamerSome Random GamerMåned siden
  • don't Sudoku? did u mean Seppuku? hhh

    Mohamed BMohamed BMåned siden
    • @Smilinturd is it still legal where you from to not know a meme? like are we supposed to know every silly joke to joke on the internet? toxic 9 year old? sorry I'm old haha

      Mohamed BMohamed BMåned siden
    • my god, imagine not knowing the sudoku joke, how new are you to the internet?

      SmilinturdSmilinturdMåned siden
    • It's a meme you dip.

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
    • No sh*t Sherlock

      Agent CobraAgent CobraMåned siden
  • Dude quit over moving your head. Research the opening.

    Jonathan RogowayJonathan RogowayMåned siden
    • Just messing with you. You move your head a lot while talking.

      Jonathan RogowayJonathan RogowayMåned siden
    • ?

      bmkoreanbmkoreanMåned siden
  • 19:00 That's some next level "BS moment" that the opponent is seeing right there. I wonder if he uninstalls the game after that.

    Oh look It is a catOh look It is a catMåned siden
  • 40 minutes??!!!? I'm erect!

    WatermelonWatermelonMåned siden
  • Not Sudoku, Kripp. It's Seppuku!

    SerialSebSerialSebMåned siden
    • @SerialSeb Ultimate dunk would be to reply in Latin.

      Necron LordNecron LordMåned siden
    • @SerialSeb Best way to win an Internet argument and prove how smart you are, is to replace every common word to it's uncommon form.

      Necron LordNecron LordMåned siden
    • @Smilinturd I guess you must be pretty new to the world then to not recognize a platitude when it stairs you in the face. But I guess it makes you feel good to attack someone from your lofty internet "knowledge".

      SerialSebSerialSebMåned siden
    • my god, imagine not knowing the sudoku joke, how new are you to the internet?

      SmilinturdSmilinturdMåned siden
    • Why does this one meme always cause more idiot Captain Obvious types to show up than any other?

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
  • "nooo dont sudoku" -Kripp 2020

    Valdeli VazValdeli VazMåned siden
    • @Valdeli Vaz If you don't know the Sudoku meme, you're a boomer by default regardless of age.

      AmplifyAmplify27 dager siden
    • @Amplify ye, im the boomer, your videos are older than me

      Valdeli VazValdeli Vaz27 dager siden
    • @Valdeli Vaz You might wanna brush up on your memes, boomer.

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
    • @Valdeli Vaz r/woosh

      cinetic_ clipscinetic_ clipsMåned siden
    • the right word is sepukku

      Valdeli VazValdeli VazMåned siden
  • Why is this video a repeat of the one a few days ago?

    TamerTamerMåned siden
    • It's not, it's even better ! :D

      Tristan BauchetTristan BauchetMåned siden
  • Nooo, he sudoko'd. ..😭

    HyzaynHyzaynMåned siden
  • almost died laughing when said "noo dont sudoku!"

    Ji Hwan ChoJi Hwan ChoMåned siden
  • rofl... "NOOO.. Don't Sudoku!!!..." I think the word you are looking for is Seppuku.

    Jacob JohnsonJacob JohnsonMåned siden
    • @Amplify Is that right? Oh forgive me great meme junky. You seem to be intimately familiar with the pathetic, so we can all trust your judgement in that regard.

      Jacob JohnsonJacob JohnsonMåned siden
    • @Jacob Johnson You already looked pathetic with your original post, but the reply takes it to a new level.

      AmplifyAmplifyMåned siden
    • Hilarious how mad every single person got who commented about this trying to correct Kripp like they were so smart, only to get smacked down with decade old common internet knowledge.

      ThanatosThanatosMåned siden
    • @Smilinturd I'm actually quite proud I don't know it... what a colossal waste of space in your brain. I prefer knowing more important things... like what Seppuku actually means.

      Jacob JohnsonJacob JohnsonMåned siden
    • my god, imagine not knowing the sudoku joke, how new are you to the internet?

      SmilinturdSmilinturdMåned siden
  • No! Don't sudoku!

    Harry StoddardHarry StoddardMåned siden
  • Is it just me that heard sodoku instead of seppaku at 38:54

    Marcus EppersonMarcus EppersonMåned siden
    • Actual hearthstone newfrogs KEKW

      OG SolmyrOG SolmyrMåned siden
    • That'sthejoke.png

      Brenden TheriauBrenden TheriauMåned siden
    • That is indeed the meme.

      Christopher KendallChristopher KendallMåned siden

    Satanrino KripperinoSatanrino KripperinoMåned siden
    • This is biggest crossover since marvel endgame

      Freeman GFreeman GMåned siden
    • Nooo, you must be saNTarini, not saTaN, but the evil keyboard broke you!!

      Александр ЧебобаковАлександр ЧебобаковMåned siden
    • @ Jesus Christerino Kripperino Call an exorcist. Now!

      Nolley RamdeerNolley RamdeerMåned siden
    • That picture is nightmare fuel.

      PixelBrummagemPixelBrummagemMåned siden
    • @Satanrino Kripperino Thank you dark lord.

      Vitor SamuelVitor SamuelMåned siden
  • "No! Don't SODOKU!" lol

    SQW0SQW0Måned siden
    • yes that is what he said, i did watch the video

      jagvillinte göradetjagvillinte göradetMåned siden
  • why does he have so many extra copies of cards

    Taurus TongTaurus TongMåned siden
    • @Cambria oh ok

      Taurus TongTaurus Tong29 dager siden
    • When cards get changed dusting them gives the full value. He doesn't need dust to craft cards so he has no reason to dust quintuples.

      CambriaCambriaMåned siden
  • Kripp doesn't say Jesus in this video. I predicted this spiritual slump last video and I didn't want to be right. This is just sad that he went 40 minutes without saying Jesus, like who does that?!

    Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Julian Fernandez Duca May Jesus bless you.

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • @Julian Fernandez Duca I wake up every 15

      Michelle ManleyMichelle ManleyMåned siden
    • Come on, his opponent received a 1 mana innervate at 26:20 26:23

      Vhacker GamingVhacker GamingMåned siden
    • When i sleep i wake up every 30 min to say the name of the lord..

      Julian Fernandez DucaJulian Fernandez DucaMåned siden
    • Vegan christianity

      Filip KarlssonFilip KarlssonMåned siden
  • I only really think 18:07 counts. You probably disagree. Tell me if you do! I am open to any and all feedback. *Average Duels missed Jesus exclamations* - (note: not sure how I marked this as 1.75 other times) Week: ~0.6667 Month: ~0.6667 *Average battlegrounds missed Jesus exclamations* Week: 2.7 Month: 2.7

    Where Should Kripperino Have Said JesuserinoWhere Should Kripperino Have Said JesuserinoMåned siden
    • @RudyDaBerry I would never turn evil like that demonic Satan account! Mark my words!

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Sooo I’m going to assume that you own the satanerino account too? What in the Sam Davis is going on in the comments lately LUL

      RudyDaBerryRudyDaBerryMåned siden
    • We both posted at the same time! Coincidence? I think not!

      Jesus Christerino KripperinoJesus Christerino KripperinoMåned siden
  • Kripp , i now Duels is the new hotness and stuff and you want to make new content with it , but from what i see you are better off just not even touching the mode until full release as most of us cant play it as we arent paying to play a half finished mode and dont really care too much about it as of right now until it fully releases in a playable state

    Arron O' NeillArron O' NeillMåned siden
    • I left hearthstone Twitch streams on in the background for 5, maybe 6 hours before getting the drop, only had to switch channels once when Swaguar stopped streaming (then I switched to Kripp)

      Solomon GumballSolomon GumballMåned siden
  • Can t wait for more kripperinos

    yu chengyu chengMåned siden
  • love these videos octavian

    OrsonOrsonMåned siden
    • Great video, TSM Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan

      QuaaludeQuaalude29 dager siden
    • Creepy

      Fangers StankyFangers StankyMåned siden
  • Duelerino Kripperino: Battlegrounderino Kripperino next video

    coxie2foxycoxie2foxyMåned siden
  • 0:50 Skipperino the Kripperino 2:18 Skipperino Deck Builderino

    Skipperino KripperinoSkipperino KripperinoMåned siden
    • Can we add a Skipperino to the Sudokurino?

      Jiang Hong QuanJiang Hong QuanMåned siden
    • Thanks

      dave mestdave mestMåned siden
    • 🧸🐆🐂🐅🐗🐯🐻🐺🦍

      Troy SnellTroy SnellMåned siden
  • That was the coolest duels run so far!

    Salt Chronicles - Hearthstone ArenaSalt Chronicles - Hearthstone ArenaMåned siden
    • Are you still hostage?

      Tamerlan BurgumbayevTamerlan BurgumbayevMåned siden
  • xd

    Sauron MordorSauron MordorMåned siden
  • Druid seems super fun in duels, but really hit or miss

    Sam SkovranSam SkovranMåned siden
  • not first 3 seconds after video posted and not first

    Jared WoolseyJared WoolseyMåned siden
  • Eyyy i beat most of the krip bots. facterino still beat me to the punch though

    Pro DecksPro DecksMåned siden
    • Beaterino the boterino

      Jeremy WJeremy WMåned siden
  • No complaining at the start here - Kripp even sounds like a live human being for once.

    ComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoComplainAboutLastGamerinoAtStarterino KripperinoMåned siden
    • lmao

      Hassan FaidHassan Faid29 dager siden
    • @Vijaygarv true, but the human likeness is incredible

      Michelle ManleyMichelle ManleyMåned siden
    • @ElegantBright nah he’s an elemental evolved from a murloc

      VijaygarvVijaygarvMåned siden
    • No, he is a lizard still

      ElegantBrightElegantBrightMåned siden
  • Heya

    Alex GAlex GMåned siden
  • no

    Muhammad ShafiqueMuhammad ShafiqueMåned siden
  • Early gang arise

    Zeigler_Zeigler_Måned siden
  • damn he's good

    idkidkMåned siden
    • Yeah he is so hot

      Andrei ManeaAndrei ManeaMåned siden
  • Today's fact: Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was not a man in a suit, it was actually a giant puppet.

    Facterino CommenterinoFacterino CommenterinoMåned siden
    • It's a trap!

      M L.M L.Måned siden
    • What's the difference?

      Chaise MauriceChaise MauriceMåned siden
    • Holy shit the practical effects in Star Wars are insane to that point? Thats so cool.

      Vitor SamuelVitor SamuelMåned siden
    • Woa How did i never notice that by its mouth movement

      Renan GouveiaRenan GouveiaMåned siden